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Result and details of the Wednesday June 18, 2014 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Ottawa Fury played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 2:00pm.

Toronto Lady Lynx (gray & black hooped socks, black shorts and numbers, gray shirts)

....................26 Carissa Miller
3 Keshia Wallin...4 Melanie Pickert...21 Vanessa Korolas...19 Olivia Lukasewich (cpt)
..........5 Madison Solow...2 Paige Culver...22 April Syme
..........13 Jordyn Listro...17 Monica Monsivais...16 Heather Lund

Subs:...1 Patricia Koutoulas (gk)...6 Kendra Prince (def)...8 Rio Speller-Drew (mid)...15 Kelsey Seleido (mid)...18 Rebecca Pongetti (mid)
...20 Veronica Johnson (fwd)...23 Shauna Gilpin (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde

Ottawa Fury (all black, white names and numbers, one red stripe on chest, one red stripe on back)

....................0 Jilliann McVicker
..........34 Danielle Hubka...11 Annie Steinlage...5 Shelina Zadorsky
14 Lydia Hastings...2 Courtney Raetzman...9 Lisa-Marie Woods (cpt)...6 Laura Stockdale...3 Bryanna McCarthy
................23 Kristy Moore...10 Christabel Oduro

Subs:...12 Maryse Bard-Martel (gk)...25 Teresa Rynier (mid)...7 Jessie Bujouves (mid)...16 Arin Gilliland (fwd)...18 Lauren Hughes (fwd)
...21 Kayla Adamek (fwd)...24 Taylor Townsend (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Dominic Oliveri

1st Half:...game starts 1:59pm...TLL defend north end on this hot, humid, and overcast afternoon.
1 min...OF Hastings 12 yard shot is caught by goalie after tapped back pass by OF Oduro.
2 min...TLL Pickert 45 yard freekick from right is over players and caught by goalie on left post.
10 min...OF Moore rush from 35 yards on left cuts to center and 22 yard shot is caught overhead by goalie.
11 min...TLL Listro cornerkick from right has TLL Monsivais not able to turn header on leap at 6 yards has bounce well wide left for goalkick.
12 min...OF McCarthy throw-in near left end line has OF Woods flick 18 yard kick from left that bounces to goalie.
13 min...OF Woods cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away in crowd of players.
14 min...TLL Monsivais is injured at center line.
20 min...TLL Solow makes key clearance of cross into 6 yard box from right.
21 min...OF Woods 25 yard freekick from left has OF player pop up header at 5 yards and ball is cleared.
21 min...OF player's cross from 25 yards on right finds OF Oduro offside antough she misses connecting with ball anyway.
24 min...OF Woods 45 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away in crowd of players on edge of box.
25 min...OF Hastings is injured in collision at TLL 45 yard line and needs to be helped from field.
26 min...OF sub...Rynier replaces injured Hastings.
28 min...OF Woods 45 yard freekick from left has defender head pop up at 12 yards behind own net.
29 min...OF Woods cornerkick from left has OF Rynier kick 6 yarder from near end line into right webbing of net.
32 min...TLL Lukasewich 48 yard freekick from left sideline has charging goalie catch at 12 yards on left.
33 min...OF Oduro rush to 28 yards on left then bends low shot wide right.
34 min...TLL YELLOW card...Listro earns it for knocking over OF Hubka at TLL 40 yards.
34 min...OF Stockdale blasts partial clearance of 45 yard freekick off target.
35 min...OF Moore pushes 12 yard ball too far forward for goalie to grab.
36 min...TLL Monica Monsivais GOAL...TLL Olivia Lukasewich at 50 yards sends pass forward for Monsivais to receive at 35 yards on left on rush and she shoots low 20 yarder from left into short side of goal over sprawling goalie Jilliann McVicker.
39 min...TLL Listro rush up left but pushes ball over end line while shadowed by defender.
40 min...OF Moore cross from 25 yards on right has goalie catch.
43 min...TLL Listro blocks ball at TLL 50 yard line and chips through ball pass that charging teammate can't quite get to.
44 min...TLL Monsivais on 1 on 2 rush from 50 yards has 20 yard shot blocked by defender.
45 min...OF Oduro rolls pass from left and OF Raetzman blasts 8 yarder from left that goalie bats down. Raetzman then crosses from 5 yards on end line and defender heads ball out right of box.
48 min...half ends 2:47pm.

2nd Half:...starts 3:02pm.
49 min...OF goalie charges right to grab through ball before TLL Listro cant get to it.
50 min...OF Woods taps ball forward to OF Moore on left and TLL Pickert keeps her from shooting and goalie dives on ball at 5 yards on left.
51 min...OF Woods chips 35 yard cross from left that OF Moore can't get to.
52 min...OF sub...Gilliland replaces Moore.
53 min...OF McCarthy cross from 30 yards on left has defender head away.
53 min...OF Raetzman deflects cross from 7 yards that goalie catches.
55 min...TLL Solow cornerkick from left finds TLL Culver on right post to head ball that goalie bats down.
57 min...OF Woods blasts 30 yard freekick over net with players waiting on left.
58 min...OF Gilliland burst through middle but passes off at 12 yards and defends block.
59 min...TLL Syme 22 yard shot in crowd of players is well over net.
61 min...OF Woods 40 yard shot from right is high wide left of top corner.
62 min...TLL sub...Johnson replaces Monsivais.
63 min...OF Raetzman pushes pass too far forward for OF Oduro on left and is over end line before she could cross.
64 min...TLL Johnson rush from 50 yards on left and with defender keeping her wide shoots 15 yarder that goalie stops.
65 min...OF Rynier cornerkick from right has TLL Korolas head away from 8 yards and OF Woods has shot blocked.
66 min...OF Gilliland cross from 35 yards on far right is just a step ahead of OF Oduro charging to 10 yards.
67 min...OF Raetzman overhead kick backwards at 15 yards has goalie catch.
68 min...OF sub...Townsend replaces Stockdale.
69 min...OF Townsend kicks 15 yarder wide left on quick chip down middle.
70 min...OF Hubka cross from 25 yards near right end line has OF Oduro get ball at 12 yards on left but has shot blocked.
71 min...OF Oduro chip from 18 yards on on left end line after pass from OF Townsend in center has goalie catch.
72 min...TLL defender heads away cross from left at 5 yards.
73 min...OF Steinlage 50 yard chip from right is over players and goalie catches.
74 min...OF Townsend rush between three defenders and chips wide left from 20 yards.
75 min...TLL sub...Prince replaces Pickert.
78 min...OF Woods cornerkick from left is low and nearest defender clears.
80 min...TLL sub...Saleido replaces Syme.
........TLL sub...Gilpin replaces Lund.
80 min...TLL Solow cornerkick from left is bent wide right of net.
81 min...OF players have two shots blocked on edge of TLL box.
81 min...OF Oduro steals ball from defender waiting for ball to roll over sideline and cross from 25 yards finds OF Stockdale charging and she kicks 8 yarder wide left.
82 min...OF sub...Hughes replaces McCarthy.
85 min...OF Hughes pushes pass too far forward for OF Oduro and goalie smothers it at 5 yards on right.
87 min...TLL sub...Speller-Drew replaces Culver.
88 min...Fury Taylor Townsend GOAL...Fury Teresa Rynier takes cornerkick from right that has ball fall in crowd of players in 6 yard box and Townsend boots 5 yarder into center of net just under bar and beside goalie Carissa Miller.
90 min...OF Gilliland is bumped on left corner of box and no call is given.
92 min...TLL Lukasewich 55 yard freekicdk from left has OF Zadorsky head through edge of box.
93:15 min...game ends 3:50pm.

Final Score:......Toronto Lady Lynx.......1.......Ottawa Fury........1.....

Attendance ended up at about 50 on this hot, humid, and overcast afternoon. There were no groups of schoolchildren at this year's matinee game although I realize it's been a few years since that's happened.

The Fury had a record of 5-0-0 entering this game but today was the day to beat them as a few of their players are away with the Canadian National team—Kadeshia Buchanan will definitely play tonight against Germany so a sports story in today's Toronto Star mentioned. She played for the Lady Lynx last year.

I looked at the Fury starting 11 (after I got home to check) and counted 5 Americans, 2 English, and 1 Norwegian. That left 3 Canadian starters. Defender Shelina Zadorsky, midfielder Bryanna McCarthy, and forward Christabel Oduro—and the three of them played for Lady Lynx within the last three years. [Lady Lynx had two USA and one Mexican (the goal scorer) starters].

The game was not rough at all and I only counted one Yellow card given out by referee Fabrizio Stasolla to TLL Jordyn Listro. Only worry was a bad leg injury to Fury Lydia Hastings who had to be helped off the field and was subbed at 26 minutes.

The Fury had most of the chances in the first half until the Lady Lynx goal and from that point on the game was even until it ended.

Fury Christabel Oduro must have been called offside about five or six times.

The goalie on each team wore the same neon green coloured kit. It would have been interesting to see one team behind by a goal and win a late cornerkick and have their goalie come into the box to add an extra man. How would the referee tell who got in a hand ball if the ball was swatted into the net?

Lady Lynx record is 2 wins, 1 loss, 3 ties which is not good enough right now for a playoff spot. (the four other teams in the Central Conference play later tonight).

Next Lady Lynx game is on Sunday at 3:30pm against Quebec Dynamo ARSQ at Centenial Stadium.

Rocket Robin

Toronto Lady Lynx starters

Ottawa Fury starters

TLL Olivia Lukasewich (19) and OF Lisa-Marie Woods (9) at coin toss.

TLL Jordyn Listro (13) and Mondica Monsivais (17) take opening kickoff.

TLL April Syme (22) passes forward to TLL Monica Monsivais (17).

OF Courtney Raetzman (2) with ball has TLL Paige Culver (2) make challenge.

TLL Monica Monsivais (17) taps ball for TLL Paige Culver (2).

OF Lisa-Marie Woods (9) and Kristy Moore (23) take second half kickoff.

The ball above the Fury box.

OF Lisa-Marie Woods (9) freekick is into TLL box.

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