Result of the Saturday July 20, 2013 MLS game between Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.................12 Joseph Bendik
27 Richard Eckersley...13 Steven Caldwell (cpt)...4 Doneil Henry...5 Ashtone Morgan
21 Jonathan Osorio...20 Matias Laba...25 Jeremy Hall...15 Bobby Convey
............17 Justin Braun...22 Jeremy Brockie

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...6 Gale Agbossoumonde (def)...8 Kyle Bekker (mid)...16 Daryl Russell (def)...18 Michael Thomas (mid)
...19 Reggie Lambe (mid)...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
team official:...head coach Ryan Nelsen

New York Red Bulls (navy socks and shirts, yellow shorts, white names and numbers)

.................31 Luis Robles
25 Brandon Barklage...4 Jamison Olave...5 Markus Holgersson...27 Kosuke Kimura
12 Eric Alexander...17 Tim Cahill...11 Dax McCarty...22 Jonny Steele
..........9 Fabian Espindola...14 Thierry Henry (cpt)

Subs:...18 Ryan Meara (gk)...13 Marius Obekop (mid)...15 Andre Akpan (fwd)...20 Matt Miazga (def)...23 Michael Bustamante (mid)
...32 Ibrahim Sekagya (def)...88 Peguy Luyindula (fwd)
team official:...head coach Mike Petke

Game officials:...referee Jorge Gonzalez...referee's assistants Claudio Badea and Gianni Facchini...fourth official Silviu Petrescu ...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...starts 4:09pm...TFC defends south end on this hot and humid afternoon with a bright sun in the south west)
2 min...TFC Brockie rush down right and cross from 22 yards near right end line is over head of TFC Braun at 7 yards and defender heads ball out of box.
3 min...NYRB Espindola rolls pass up on left wing and NYRB Kimura rushes to rescue ball on TFC left end line and crosses into box and ball deflects off TFC Laba and NYRB Steele and falls for NYRB Henry to take 10 yard shot is stopped by sprawling goalie in center of net.
3 min...NYRB Cahill 50 yard shot down middle bounces well wide left of net.
9 min...NYRB Steele cross from 20 yards on left is deflected over to NYRB Alexander at 10 yards who can't win Penalty kick call when he trips too easily when TFC Morgan gets foot in to knock away ball.
10 min...NYRB Henry flicks pass too far ahead on right and NYRB Barklage doesn't run for it so ball rolls for goalkick.
12 min...TFC Convey at 35 yards on left rolls ball forward for charging TFC Morgan. Morgan runs to the 10 yard line and rolls in cross as he slips. Charging TFC Braun slides and misses ball but TFC Brockie knocks it in at 2 yards on right side of net. The offside flag is up so the goal is called back.
13 min...NYRB Barklage chips 30 yard cross from right that finds NYRB Cahill in alone and he heads in 10 yarder from left to right side of net but play is called offside.
15 min...TFC Braun cross from 25 yards on right is caught by goalie stepping forward.
16 min...TFC Brockie just steps behind getting to pass sent in by TFC Convey at NYRB 10 yards and ball bounces for goalkick.
18 min...NYRB Henry taps pass from left and NYRB Steele blasts 35 yard shot down middle just high and wide right of net.
20 min...TFC Convey low cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Brockie run towards ball to receive it and NYRB Holgersson gets foot in to knock him over at 5 yards wide of left post and clear for fast break.
22 min...TFC Henry dives forward to head away at 8 yards in TFC box cross sent in by NYRB Espindola from 22 yards on right.
23 min...NYRB Henry cornerkick from right is through box and NYRB Cahill on left one-touches low 8 yard shot wide left of post.
25 min...TFC Eckersley 55 yard freekick from left is headed away from edge of box by NYRB Olave. TFC Eckersley receives ball and chips 45 yard ball from left that's caught by goalie.
26 min...TFC Caldwell at 6 yards heads away NYRB Alexander 22 yard chip from right into box.
27 min...TFC Brockie chips pass from 30 yards on right that sliding TFC Braun misses along left end line.
27 min...TFC Osorio rolls pass from 25 yards right that NYRB McCarty clears away at 15 yards in middle of box.
28 min...TFC Convey rolls cross from 18 yards right that goalie picks up.
28 min...TFC Hall and TFC Braun on left side of box give and go has Hall cross 15 yarder that NYRB Holgersson at 10 yards heads out left side of box for throw-in.
29 min...TFC Osorio freekick from left edge of box has NYRB Olave at 5 yards on left post head ball out of box.
29 min...TFC Morgan is injured on jump for header with NYRB Henry at NYRB 30 yard line and wins freekick.
30 min...TFC Osorio 35 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie coming forward at 6 yards.
31 min...TFC Eckersley rush with ball up right and low cross from 22 yards is through box unplayed.
33 min...TFC Convey 35 yard freekick from right is in front of players charging in and bounces wide left for goalkick.
34 min...NYRB Henry wins cornerkick off cross deflection off sliding TFC Eckersley at 8 yards near left end line.
35 min...NYRB Henry cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball through box and out right side of box.
35 min...NYRB Kimura 40 yard chip from right has goalie catch in crowd of players.
36 min...NYRB Henry 45 yard freekick from left has NYRB Holgersson in middle head ball over net from 17 yards.
38 min...NYRB Alexander is checked off ball in TFC box by TFC Henry after NYRB Henry passes to him.
39 min...TFC Braun crosses from 25 yards on right over box and bounces wide left for goalkick.
40 min...NYRB Cahill is checked off ball before final shot just inside TFC box after TFC Osorio is knocked off ball.
41 min...TFC Brockie rolls cross from 20 yards on right that goalie dives forward to smother before it gets to TFC Braun.
44 min...NYRB Steele receives pass from NYRB Henry and chips 18 yarder from right that goalie catches.
45 min...half ends 4:54pm.

Halftime Entertainment:...Home Depot (hardward chain) was the sponsor of today's game. There are two men inside two giant transparant balls that can just fit under the cross bar in the net. The rules were they had to run from the center line into the net while weaving through cardboard power drills held by staff members. This was just slightly more fun than watching the staff get drenched by the sprinklers watering the field before the event get started.

2nd Half:...starts 5:11pm...the weather stayed the same except the sun is now more in the north west.
46 min...TFC Convey freekick from 22 yards on right is around four man wall and caught by goalie under bar on left side of net.
47 min...NYRB Kimura is injured at NYRB 40 yard line when pushed over by TFC Convey.
48 min...NYRB Holgersson checks TFC Brockie off ball after long run up right wing and into right side of box.
50 min...NYRB Henry 30 yard freekick from right has TFC Eckersley head pop up but play is whistled down in box for pushing.
52 min...TFC Laba pushes ball forward from 22 yards down middle and TFC Osorio at 15 yards is checked off ball from behind by NYRB Kimura and NYRB Olave clears. NYRB McCarty is injured at NYRB 30 yards. TFC Eckersley blasts partial clearance from 40 yards on right low and through crowd of players and goalie smothers.
55 min...NYRB Alexander cross from 25 yards on left just a step ahead of charging NYRB Henry on left and TFC Eckersley chests ball over end line.
55 min...NYRB Henry cornerkick from left has TFC Caldwell head away.
56 min...TFC Eckersley chip from 35 yards on right is over players on edge of box and goalie catches on left near post.
57 min...TFC Eckersley 55 yard freekick down middle has ball headed away just inside box.
57 min...TFC Morgan blasts 30 yard shot on rush on left off NYRB Olave injurying him and winning cornerkick.
58 min...TFC Osorio cornerkick from left is over goalie in crowd of players at 5 yards and TFC Brockie has shot blocked by defender at 6 yards on right.
59 min...TFC Convey cross from right is over to TFC Braun who takes 22 yard shot from left but can't bend ball and shot is wide right.
63 min...TFC Osorio chase for high through ball down middle sent in by TFC Hall but NYRB Olave even with him clears on edge of box. TFC Braun wins cornerkick with deflected cross from 25 yards on far left.
64 min...TFC Osorio cornerkick from left has NYRB Henry as closest player on left head ball away.
64 min...TFC Eckersley 50 yard blast down middle is high and wide right of net.
65 min...NYRB Henry in middle at 50 yards passes to NYRB Kimura at 35 yards on left and he passes ahead to NYRB Steele to take a 22 yard shot from left is well over net.
68 min...NYRB sub...Obekop replaces Steele.
70 min...A small Dora The Explorer helium balloon drifts over the stadium from the north. Little kids are pointing and calling it so I know I wasn't seeing things.
72 min...TFC Caldwell sends long cross from 55 yards on right that NYRB Barklage at 18 yards on left chests ball back to goalie to prevent TFC Osorio from getting to ball.
72 min...TFC Eckersley long run from 50 yards on right has his 15 yard shot tip off leg of NYRB Olave at 12 yards and goalie palms ball over net from 4 yards.
73 min...TFC Convey cornerkick from right has NYRB Cahill head ball away from middle of box.
74 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right has NYRB Cahill heads ball up on right side of box and a defender kicks away.
74 min...TFC Convey 40 yard freekick chip from right has defender head ball away from 12 yards.
75 min...TFC Osorio 35 yard shot from left is high and wide right of net.
75 min...NYRB Obekop cross from 25 yards on right is high and and over left end line.
78 min...NYRB sub...Luyindula replaces McCarty.
81 min...TFC Braun wins cornerkick when NYRB Kimura panics and clears on left behind end line.
82 min...TFC Osorio cornerkick from right has leaping NYRB Cahill head away on right.
82 min...TFC Convey 30 yard freekick from right has NYRB Cahill at 10 yards in middle of box head ball away.
83 min...TFC Osorio gets away low 18 yard shot around defender on left and NYRB Holgersson kicks away from center of box starting quick break out.
83 min...NYRB Henry rolls pass from 40 yards on right to NYRB Luyindula but through ball pass is offside.
85 min...TFC Convey 25 yard freekick up middle hits head of NYRB Olave in player wall and pops over to far left side of box where TFC Laba upends NYRB Luyindula who's jumping for ball and NYRB wins freekick.
85 min...NYRB sub...Bustamante replaces Espindola.
86 min...TFC sub...Lambe replaces Braun.
87 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right is headed away by defender from 12 yards in middle of box.
91 min...NYRB Obekop runs into box on rush on left and cuts behind TFC Eckersley but TFC Laba checks him at 7 yards on left.
92 min...NYRB Henry short run up middle and 25 yard low shot deflects off TFC Eckersley at 20 yards for cornerkick.
92 min...NYRB Henry cornerkick from left has NYRB Olave leap and head ball over net from 6 yards in crowd of players in box.
93 min...game ends 5:59pm.

Final Score:...Toronto FC..........0.......New York Red Bulls.......0.......

Attendance was announced as 19444. The corners of the stadium were filled but there were a lot of seats in the center that were empty of season ticket holders.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as Bobby Convey. In a scoreless game and the goalie not having to do much it must have been a hard choice. I might have given it to Richard Eckersley who played well defensively and offensively.

Joseph Bendik earned the shutout for TFC and Luis Robles for Red Bulls. Neither goalie had very difficult saves to make--just a few crosses that both caught and Bendik had a few balls that he punched away.

I was surprised and disappointed by the Red Bulls in the second half. They had no real scoring chances in that time. I read later their road record this season was only 3 wins, 5 losses, 2 ties until today (including a 2-1 victory here when they met on April 27th.

TFC players put lots of high ball into the box that defender would head away whether sent in by cornerkicks, freekicks, chips, and crosses. Forwards Robert Earnshaw and Danny Koevermans were not even on the bench today. TFC only made one of their three allowed subs with their depleted lineup. Fans have been promised some new players will be signed after the salary dumps of the last few weeks. Since the last home game earlier this year against Montreal Impact Luis Silva has been traded to DC United, Danny Califf has retired, and Darren O'Dea has been transferred to a team in Ukraine.

TFC was defensively sound. Both Doneil Henry and Ashtone Morgan were starters in defense and made no major mistakes. Steven Caldwell is now the captain of the team after Darren O'Dea was dealt away in a salary dump. Richard Eckersley was also on defence but he played almost as much upfield on long runs up the wing.

Passes by both teams to their forwards were a step or two off.

The referee gave out no Yellow cards the entire game. Just a few warnings kept the game under control. Local official Gianni Facchini was one of the referee's assistants taking the place of the scheduled Matthew Kreitzer. I have watched Facchini referee for years in the Canadian Soccer League (CSL). MLS 2012 Official of the Year Silviu Petrescu (also from Southern Ontario) was the fourth official today. Only memorable thing the officials did tonight was call back a goal from each team at 12 and 13 minutes for offside.

TFC's next home game is next Saturday against Columbus Crew who are also making their second visit of the year to this city.

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Major Events

Goals and Assists


Match Info
Referee: Jorge Gonzalez
Attendance: 19444

Match Stats
Toronto FC                  New York Red Bulls
 10       Attempts on Goal           8 
  3       Shots on Target            1 
  3       Shots off Target           5 
  4       Blocked Shots              2 
  4       Corner Kicks               4 
  8       Fouls                     16 
 21       Open Play Crosses         13 
  5       Offsides                   4 
  0       First Yellow Cards         0 
  0       Second Yellow Cards        0 
  0       Red Cards                  0 
 46       Duels Won                 41 
 52%      Duels Won %               47% 
342       Total Pass               377 
 73%      Passing Accuracy %        75% 
 47.5%    Possession                52.5% 



New York Red Bulls 
Luis Robles, 
Brandon Barklage, Jamison Olave, Markus Holgersson, Kosuke Kimura, 
Eric Alexander, Dax McCarty (Peguy Luyindula 80’), Tim Cahill, Jonny Steele (Marius Obekop 69’), 
Fabian Espindola (Michael Bustamante 86’), Thierry Henry

Substitutes Not Used: Ryan Meara, Matt Miazga, Ibrahim Sekagya, Andre Akpan, 

Toronto FC 
Joe Bendik, 
Richard Eckersley, Steven Caldwell, Doneil Henry, Ashtone Morgan, 
Jonathan Osorio, Matias Laba, Jeremy Hall, Bobby Convey, 
Jeremy Brockie, Justin Braun (Reggie Lambe 87’)

Substitutes Not Used: Stefan Frei, Gale Agbossoumonde, Andrew Weideman, Kyle Bekker, Darel Russell, Michael Thomas

Referee: Jorge Gonzalez
Referee’s Assistants: Claudio Badea, Matthew Kreitzer* [*no it was Gianni Facchini]
4th Referee: Silviu Petrescu
Attendance: 19,444

TFC starters

Red Bulls starters

Red Bulls Fabian Espindola (9) and Thierry Henry (14) take first half kickoff

TFC Matias Laba (20) take kick.

TFC Steven Caldwell (13) works ball out of own end.

TFC Justin Braun (17) and Jeremy Brockie (22) take second half kickoff.

TFC Bobby Convey (15) take freekick.

Red Bulls Thierry Henry (14) has taken freekick.

Red Bulls Dax McCarty (11) gets ball.

TFC Matias Laba (20) is chased by Red Bulls Thierry Henry (14).

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