Result of the Saturday April 20th, 2013 MLS game between Toronto FC and Houston Dynamo played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

............................12 Joseph Bendik
33 Ryan Richter...6 Gale Agbossoumonde...48 Darren O'Dea (cpt)...2 Logan Emory
19 Reggie Lambe...25 Jeremy Hall...11 Luis Silva...31 Hogan Ephraim
............17 Justin Braun...10 Robert Earnshaw

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...3 Danny Califf (def)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...7 John Bostock (mid)...8 Kyle Bekker (mid)
...21 Jonathan Osorio (mid)...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
head coach Ryan Nelsen

Houston Dynamo (all white, black names and numbers, orange trim)

...........................1 Tally Hall
8 Kofi Sarkodie...32 Bobby Boswell...4 Jermaine Taylor...26 Corey Ashe
20 Andrew Driver...13 Ricardo Clark...16 Adam Moffat...11 Brad Davis (cpt)
...........23 Giles Barnes...12 Will Bruin

Subs:...28 Erich Marscheider (gk)...2 Eric Brunner (def)...5 Warren Creavalle (mid)...14 Jason Johnson (fwd)...17 Luiz Camargo (mid)
...25 Brain Ching (fwd)...27 Boniek Garcia (mid)
head coach Dominic Kinnear

Game officials:...referee Drew Fischer...referee's assistants Joe Fletcher and Claudio Badea...fourth official Mathieu Bourdeau ...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

Before the national anthems were played a moment of silence was held for the victims in Boston and Texas. (Earlier in the week Boston had bombs go off during their marathon and in West, Texas, a fertilizer plant exploded)

1st Half:...game starts 4:09pm...TFC defends south end on this very cold and cloudy day).
20 sec...TFC Agbossoumonde makes a bad backpass which forces TFC goalie to clear out of bounds.
It starts to snow again as it had overnight.
2 min...TFC Lambe cuts back after run down right and bends 15 yard kick from right wide left of net.
2 min...HD Driver cross from near right end line drifts behind net.
3 min...TFC O'Dea 55 yard freekick has defender fall back on edge of box but head ball away. TFC players can't work ball back into box.
4 min...TFC Ephraim cross into box from 28 yards on left has defender head forward out of box from 6 yards.
4 min...TFC Lambe rushes into right side of box and dribbles to end line and rolls ball into 6 yard box but defender clears it away.
4 min...HD Bruin long run down left wing on 1 on 3 rush. He holds up and rolls cross along edge of 18 yard box to HD Driver but TFC Emory steps in front to break up pass and clear ball.
5 min...TFC Hall rolls pass from 30 yards on right that finds TFC Earnshaw who shoots 12 yarder from left off the bar and ball deflects out of box to right but still in play. HD defenders prevent ball from being worked back into right side of box.
6 min...HD Driver cross from 25 yards near right sideline has TFC Agbossoumonde block at 12 yards in middle of box and dribble ball out of danger.
7 min...TFC Earnshaw makes long run up left wing then cross from 20 yards drifts behind net.
8 min...HD Barnes crosses from 25 yards near left sideline over players in box and TFC Emory on right post heads ball out for cornerkick.
8 min...HD Davis cornerkick from right has defender just outside 6 yard box on right head ball out right side for throw-in.
8 min...HD Sarkodie cross from 30 yards on right has TFC Richter chest ball down on left side of box but deflects for cornerkick.
9 min...HD Davis cornerkick from left has leaping HD Bruin at 10 yards on left head ball across box to right where TFC player clears.
10 min...HD Davis 35 yard freekick from right has TFC Agbossoumonde head ball away at 8 yards preventing HD players behind him from making play.
10 min...HD Davis cornerkick tap out from right with HD Driver is wasted when Davis runs ball over sideline for TFC throw-in.
11 min...TFC O'Dea 60 yard freekick from left has TFC Agbossoumonde head ball down at 15 yards in middle over to left where TFC Silva charges over to shoot 18 yarder that deflects off defender and diving goalie smothers ball wide right of net on right end line.
13 min...TFC O'Dea 50 yard freekick down middle has TFC Richter pop up 22 yard header that goalie catches.
16 min...TFC Richter long run on right has HD Taylor kick ball over sideline.
16 min...TFC Richter long throw-in from right has defender head away from 12 yards but play had been whistled down in box.
17 min...the sun now comes out for a short time.
19 min...TFC Braun receives short flick pass from TFC Silva and blasts 22 yard shot well high and wide right of net.
20 min...TFC Earnshaw cuts 22 yard shot from left that deflects off defender and wins cornerkick as ball bounces wide left of net.
20 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from left is over box and TFC Lambe receives short pass and chips 25 yard shot that bounces through defenders and TFC Braun pops up 8 yard kick to wide right where charging goalie knocks ball away as he falls on right end line and HD Ashe runs ball out of danger.
21 min...HD Boswell pops up kick and HD goalie outjumps TFC Earnshaw for ball at 8 yards and survives collision with him.
22 min...HD Bruin rush on left wing and cross from near end line has HD Clark stop ball in middle and shoot low and wide left from 22 yards.
23 min...HD Barnes bloops 25 yarder from left that goalie dives and catches on bounce.
27 min...TFC Braun wins cornerkick on right after run when his cross from right end line deflects out off HD Taylor.
28 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from right has charging TFC Richter at 10 yards on right flick header across box. TFC Earnshaw saves ball on left end line but pulls down HD Clark to allow HD freekick.
30 min...HD Davis 30 yard freekick from left has TFC O'Dea head ball away from 12 yards in box.
31 min...HD Barnes on rush on left sends 25 yard low cross meant for HD Bruin at 12 yards but sliding TFC Emory clears ball.
32 min...HD Davis 35 yard freekick from right has ball stopped by HD Bruin at 15 yards in box but defenders clear.
32 min...TFC goalie catches 30 yard chip on left post sent in from HD Sarkodie on right.
33 min...HD goalie outjumps TFC Braun at 5 yards to catch TFC Earnshaw cross from 28 yards on far left.
34 min...TFC Richter long throw-in from right is headed away on edge of box by HD Clark.
38 min...TFC Braun flicks pass forward and TFC Earnshaw shoots 10 yarder into outside webbing of right side of net. HD Moffat is injured upfield.
40 min...HD sub...Creavalle replaces Moffat before play resumes.
41 min...TFC Silva 35 yard freekick from left is low and blocked on edge of box.
43 min...TFC Ephraim rush up left and centers pass from 30 yards but HD Ashe pokes ball away from TFC Braun at 15 yards and goalie dives on ball on right side of box.
45 min...HD Boswell 35 yard shot up middle over crowd of players is high and wide left of goal.
46 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from right has defenders clear ball after TFC players missed headers.
46 min...half ends 4:56pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There was no halftime entertainment.

2nd Half:...half starts 5:12pm. The weather is still very cold, windy, and overcast.
halftime sub:...HD Camargo replaces Davis.
50 min...TFC Earnshaw called offside on TFC Silva pass forward to right that Earnshaw kicks low into net from 15 yards.
51 min...TFC Silva shoots from 15 yards wide left after receiving short pass from TFC Ephraim.
52 min...HD goalie catches TFC Richter 30 yard chip over crowd of players down middle wide left of goal.
53 min...HD YELLOW card...Camargo earns it for pulling down TFC Lambe on rush up middle at HD 50 yards.
57 min...TFC Effraim 35 yard shot from left has goalie punch ball away from crowd in box at 7 yards.
57 min...TFC Jeremy Hall GOAL...Hall takes possession of high clearance that falls to him at 30 yards and he dribbles up middle eluding HD Luiz Camargo and shoots low 25 yard shot between crowd of players and the ball rolls into the left corner of net past the diving goalie Tally Hall.
59 min...HD Driver retakes 30 yard freekick from right and leaping goalie punches ball down at 8 yards. HD Creavalle blasts 12 yard shot from right that goalie blocks and ball rolls for a throw-in near right cornerflag.
61 min...HD RED card...Jermaine Taylor earns a direct ejection for a hand to the face to TFC Robert Earnshaw as both players are rushing even at HD 40 yard line to get to loose ball that TFC Luis Silva had chipped upfield from 65 yards up middle.
62 min...TFC O'Dea low 45 yard freekick has TFC Emory flick up ball at 20 yards and TFC Agbossoumonde heads ball from 18 yards to right where TFC Earnshaw bicycle kick lands on top of net.
63 min...HD sub...Brunner replaces Barnes.
64 min...HD YELLOW card...Ashe earns it for clipping heels of TFC Hall on right.
64 min...TFC O'Dea taps 28 yard freekick from right forward to charging TFC Silva who saves it on end line and low cross deflects off defender for a cornerkick.
65 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from right has TFC Emory flick 7 yard header that HD Boswell heads wide right for another cornerkick.
65 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from right is over players in box and TFC Earnshaw is checked off ball on left side of box.
68 min...TFC Emory runs on left cutting towards goal and chips 28 yard shot that has TFC Braun make flying header up middle from 7 yards that goalie knocks at 3 yards on left post for cornerkick.
68 min...TFC Silva gets cornerkick back eventually on left and his low 12 yard shot is smothered by goalie guarding left post.
70 min...HD Boswell cross chip from 38 yards on right is wide left too far for charging HD Bruin on right post so ball flies for goalkick.
72 min...TFC YELLOW card...Lambe earns it on a delayed call for pushing over HD Ashe who'd already passed away the ball at TFC 35 yards.
72 min...TFC sub...Osorio replaces Silva.
73 min...HD Ashe chips 50 yard pass from left sideline that HD Bruin between two defenders gets 20 yard head flick is to TFC goalie on bounce.
76 min...TFC Earnshaw low 28 yard shot from right is wide right.
78 min...HD Sarkodie cross from 25 yards on right working overlap is high and TFC Lambe heads ball out of box at 15 yards.
79 min...TFC Braun long run on and low cross from 18 yards on right wins cornerkick when sliding HD Brunner deflects ball from 15 yards over end line.
80 min...TFC Osorio cornerkick from right lands in box. TFC Ephraim steps forward and 12 yard chip has HD goalie catch just under bar.
82 min...TFC Ephraim rolls 25 yard shot from left through crowd of players hitting defender and hits right goalpost and ball rolls wide right for cornerkick.
82 min...TFC Ephraim receives short cornerkick from TFC Osorio and cross from 22 yards drifts behind net.
84 min...TFC Earnshaw can't win freekick on rush to HD 22 yards when he bumps with HD Sarkodie.
85 min...TFC sub...Wiedeman replaces Earnshaw.
86 min...HD YELLOW card...Creavalle earns it for sliding tackle on TFC Emory as both went for ball at HD 40 yards. Emory is injured on the play.
88 min...TFC sub...Henry replaces injured Emory before play resumes.
89 min...HD Driver 40 yard freekick from right has TFC Agbossoumonde head ball forweard and out of box at 15 yards.
90 min...TFC goalie catches short headed popped up backpass by TFC Henry.
93 min...HD Warren Creavalle GOAL...HD Andrew Driver cornerkick from right is high to middle of box and HD Ricardo Clark leap to head ball forward from 8 yards and Creavalle with back to net in middle ducks and heads 3 yarder to left just under bar beyond reach of goalie Joe Bendik.
94:30 min...game ends 6:02pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Houston Dynamo...........1........

Attendance was announced as 15973. That number was down almost 200 from the game two weeks ago but this game was also affected by the weather. The weather was very cold--3 degrees Celcius with a wind chill making it feel like minus 4--compared to the other days earlier in the week. There was a bitter gusting wind from the west that effected play. Although it was mostly overcast, there were a few patches of sunny breaks and even a short outbreak of flakes of snow.

Some players on each team were wearing gloves and most were wearing long sleeves.

Toronto FC should have won this game. They certainly had the advantage of being used to playing in the cold and windy weather almost identical to the game two weeks ago against FC Dallas. Dynamo goalie Tally Hall had maybe four goalie kicks and freekicks caught in the wind and blow out of bounds in the second half when they defended the south goal. TFC took the lead at 57 minutes and then within four minutes they played up a man when Jermaine Taylor was given a Red card. That gave them a man advantage for the last half hour and should have been able to hang on and/or score an insurance goal. Dynamo didn't have any great scoring chances the entire game (TFC played much better than their game against FC Dallas when they were outplayed for the first 3/4's of the game). TFC goalie Joe Bendik had to make one after another spectacular saves in last week's game in Philadelphia but in this game he didn't have much to do. Two Dynamo forwards--Calen Carr and Omar Cummings were out of the lineup with injuries. Dynamo came into the game with a 4 win, 2 loss record and all their wins were at their warm weather home.

Budweiser Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as midfielder Jeremy Hall. He scored the TFC goal so waa the obvious choice.

TFC's backline was makeshift because of the suspension of defender Ashtone Morgan and the injuries to Darel Russell and Richard Eckersley. Eckersley was injured celebrating Russell's tieing goal against FC Dallas two weeks ago. Ryan Richter, Gale Agbossoumonde, captain Darren O'Dea, and Logan Emory played efficiently. Their only mistake led to the goal when O'Dea wasting time on the clock deep in his own end near the cornerflag carried the ball over his own end line rather than deflecting it off the Dynamo player threatening him. This led to that final cornerkick that the Dynamo turned into the tieing goal.

Robert Earnshaw had a few chances that weren't goals. He remains tied for the league lead with five goals.

TFC use up another home game. Their start of '7 points in 7 games' is certainly better than their 0-9 start last season but their history and that of most MLS teams is earning points away from home is a tough task. Their publicity department so far hasn't trumpeted the fact that they are undefeated in four games (all ties though) and they haven't lost to an American based team.

TFC next game is in the Canadian Championship on Wednesday at BMO Field at 7:45pm. This is the first game of their semi-final with Montreal Impact. TFC are the four time champions of this competition. This year though the first leg is in Toronto (same for the final if they advance). Winning should be the bare minimum expected for the first leg and they can make it much easier if they can roll up the score. Weather may effect that game too as it will be the only day of the week with rain in the forecast.

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stats from MLSsoccer.co

Major Events

Goals and Assists
TOR  58'  Jeremy Hall
HOU  94'  Warren Creavalle (Ricardo Clark)

Match Info
Referee: Drew Fischer
Attendance: 15973

HOU  54'  Luiz Camargo     Foul     YELLOW
HOU  62'  Jermaine Taylor  Foul     RED
HOU  65'  Corey Ashe       Foul     YELLOW
TOR  73'  Reggie Lambe     Foul     YELLOW 
HOU  87'  Warren Creavalle Foul     YELLOW

Match Stats
Toronto FC              Houston Dynamo
 16   Attempts on Goal      7
  4   Shots on Target       2
  8   Shots off Target      3
  4   Blocked Shots         2
  8   Corner Kicks          4
 13   Fouls                11
 18   Open Play Crosses    18
  2   Offsides              1
  0   First Yellow Cards    3
  0   Second Yellow Cards   0
  0   Red Cards             1
 62   Duels Won            58
 51%  Duels Won %          48%
406   Total Pass          346
 72%  Passing Accuracy %   65%
 53.4% Possession          46.6%

TFC starters

Dynamo starters

TFC Robert Earnshaw (10) rolls ball back after TFC Justin Braun (17) starts the game.

Dynamo players set up an early corner kick.

TFC Justin Braun (17) crosses into box.

Dynamo Ricardo Clark (13) takes throw-in.

Dynamo Ricardo Clark (13) kicks ball between players.

TFC Gale Agbossoumonde (6) dribbles ball.

Dynamo (11) Brad Davis takes freekick into box.

TFC Logan Emory (2) is helped off the field late in the game by TFC Darren O'Dea and trainer Carmelo Lobue

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