Result of the Saturday March 30th, 2013 MLS game between Toronto FC and Los Angeles Galaxy played at BMO Field in Toronto at 2:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.................12 Joseph Bendik
16 Darel Russell...3 Danny Califf...48 Darren O'Dea (cpt)...27 Richard Eckersley
7 John Bostock...25 Jeremy Hall...23 Terry Dunfield...19 Reggie Lambe
..........31 Hogan Ephraim...10 Robert Earnshaw

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...6 Gale Agbossoumonde (def)...11 Luis Silva (fwd)...17 Justin Braun (fwd)
...21 Jonathan Osorio (mid)....32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
head coach Ryan Nelsen

Los Angeles Galaxy (all white, navy names and numbers)

..................1 Carlo Cudicini
20 A J DeLaGarza...4 Omar Gonzalez...22 Leonardo...2 Todd Dunivant (cpt)
5 Sean Franklin...19 Juninho...8 Marcelo Sarvas...26 Michael Stephens
.............32 Jack McBean...18 Mike Magee

Subs:...12 Brian Rowe (gk)...10 Landon Donovan (fwd)...11 Colin Clark (mid)...16 Hector Jimenez (mid)...21 Tommy Meyer (def)
...25 Rafael Garcia (mid)...33 Jose Villarreal (fwd)
head coach Bruce Arena

Game officials:...referee Hilario Grajeda...referee's assistants Bill Dittmar and Jason Cullum...fourth official Sorin Stoica ...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 2:10pm...TFC defends south end on this cold day with a bright sun in the south.
2 min...TFC goalie 75 yard freekick bounces wide right of LAG net for goalkick.
3 min...TFC Eckersley cross from 25 yards on far left is well wide right and bounces for goalkick.
5 min...TFC O'Dea jostles LAG forward off ball at 15 yards on right. LAG Franklin crosses into box where TFC Califf stops and TFC Hall clears from box.
8 min...LAG Dunivant cross from 35 yards on left that goalie leaps at 7 yards to swat to right side of box. LAG Magee receives short back pass from LAG MacBean and takes 15 yard shot midair shot that's caught by goalie at 4 yards.
10 min...TFC goalie charges forward to grab bouncer from LAG Magee chip from 40 yards on right before LAG Stephens can get to ball.
12 min...TFC Dunfield 55 yard freekick from right bounces well wide left of net for goalkick.
13 min...LAG Sarvas 25 yard shot down middle is over net after receiving ball from TFC Califf heading down ball from 20 yards.
13 min...LAG Franklin stops after getting short pass from LAG Sarvas and takes 30 yard shot that's deflected off TFC Eckersley at 25 yards wide right for cornerkick.
14 min...LAG Juninho cornerkick from right has LAG Stephens head pop up at 20 yards on left and TFC Eckersley clears ball on bounce from 7 yards in middle of box.
15 min...LAG Mike Magee GOAL...LAG Juninho long pass from LAG 30 yards finds LAG Sean Franklin at 25 yards on right sideline. Franklin at 7 yard sideline rolls cross back to LAG Jack McBean at 20 yards on right edge of box. McBean turns around defender and rolls centering pass to LAG Marcelo Sarvas who spins and shoots low 18 yarder that would have rolled wide left but LAG Magee steps forward around TFC Darel Russell and shoots low 7 yard shot from left into right corner of net.
16 min...TFC Bostock bursts through on right for ball but goalie clears for throw-in.
17 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right is over heads of players on right and bounces to to goalie on short side.
17 min...LAG goalie rushes to edge of box to grab bouncing through ball.
18 min...LAG Dunivant cross from 35 yards on left has TFC Califf pop up header. Scramble in box has TFC Eckersley head ball forward from 8 yards up middle and LAG Magee shoots down middle well over net from 15 yards.
19 min...TFC Dunfield injures LAG Sarvas on high foot to midsection near center line.
20 min...LAG DeLaGarza cross from 22 yards on right has LAG Magee leap and make 8 yard header up middle that flying goalie pushes wide left of post and crawls over to gather it in.
22 min...TFC Ephraim called offside on pass to 25 yards on right sent forward by TFC Lambe.
23 min...LAG Juninho 40 yard chip from left has TFC Eckersley at 8 yards concede cornerkick on right to stop LAG player charging into box.
24 min...LAG Juninho cornerkick from right is short and LAG Sarvas crosses from 22 yards into box and TFC Dunfield in middle of box heads ball away back to LAG Sarvas who recrosses and ball headed by TFC Lambe out left side of box.
25 min...LAG Juninho 30 yard freekick from left has LAG Magee on right sweep midair kick from 15 yards back across box and defenders clear.
26 min...LAG DeLaGarza throw-in from right near cornerflag is knocked over end line for goalkick by LAG McBean.
27 min...TFC Eckersley long run on left for ball but can't win cornerkick call with LAG Franklin shielding ball.
28 min...TFC Robert Earnshaw GOAL...TFC Earnshaw intercepts bad backpass by LAG Leonardo made poor cross from right across field. TFC Earnshaw rounds charging goalie Carlo Cudicini at 30 yards on right and chases left to gain control of ball and chips between retreating defenders LAG Leonardo and LAG Omar Gonzalez into open net from 25 yards.
29 min...TFC Lambe cross from 22 yards on left is cleared by defenders at 12 yards in box.
30 min...TFC Bostock 40 yard freekick from right is just over head of charging TFC Earnshaw at 8 yards on left for goalkick.
33 min...LAG Juninho 45 yard freekick up middle is cleared just inside box by defenders.
34 min...TFC Eckersley long run up left wing and 15 yard shot is wide left of net.
35 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right is cleared on defender's header.
35 min...TFC Bostock passes to left for charging TFC Lambe who shoots from 12 yards into outside webbing of net.
37 min...LAG Juninho long cross from 35 yards on right is caught by goalie leaping at left edge of 6 yard box.
38 min...LAG Franklin rush from 50 yards on right side and cross from 25 yards on right has TFC O'Dea pop up header at 15 yards on right in box and another defender clears when ball comes down.
41 min...LAG Stephens passes forward from 40 yards into box that TFC O'Dea chests down and clears from just inside box.
42 min...LAG Magee chips low 35 yarder on rush on right side into box where LAG McBean rushing down middle is jostled by TFC Russell and flies forward where he can't get to connect on header at 5 yards and and goalie picks up ball on left end line.
43 min...LAG Dunivant cross from 25 yards near left end line has TFC O'Dea twist header in crowd of players at 10 yards in box behind own net for cornerkick.
43 min...LAG Juninho cornerkick from right has LAG Gonzalez at 12 yards on left head bouncer through crowd of players wide right for goalkick on right.
44 min...TFC Bostock can't keep long cross from TFC Lambe in on right end line so goalkick is called.
45 min...LAG goalie makes block at 10 yards on TFC Lambe charging to ball on left side of box sent in from 30 yards from right sideline by TFC Dunfield.
46 min...half ends 2:56pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There was no halftime entertainment.

2nd Half:...half starts 3:12pm.
45 min...LAG Stephens cross from 28 yards on left into middle of box has TFC O'Dea kick ball away from 15 yards.
46 min...LAG Magee misses strong connection on scissor kick at 16 yards on cross from right sent in from LAG Franklin that TFC O'Dea heads from right across box.
50 min...TFC YELLOW card...Califf earns it for shoulder grab on LAG McBean running down left wing at TFC 45 yards.
50 min...LAG Juninho 50 yard freekick from left has TFC O'Dea leap to head ball down and another defender clears on right side of box. O'Dea is injured on play but gets up and continues.
51 min...LAG Stephens cross from 25 yards on left has defenders clear on edge of box.
52 min...LAG Stephens in middle feeds ball upfield to charging LAG Juninho on left and he wins cornerkick when his low cross from 15 yards on left has TFC Califf deflect ball over end line.
52 min...LAG Dunivant short cornerkick from left touched back to him by LAG Magee and his pass out to LAG Juninho has Juninho cut low 20 yard shot up middle wide left of net.
53 min...TFC Bostock cross from 30 yards on right is into box where TFC Dunfield heads ball down and back to TFC Earnshaw for quick 20 yard shot from right is well over net.
54 min...TFC Lambe cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Bostock twist 8 yard header from right that's caught by goalie.
56 min...LAG Juninho cornerkick from left has LAG Magee knock ball down at 15 yards and kick shot high and wide right from 8 yards on right.
58 min...LAG Dunivant cross from 20 yards on left has TFC Eckersley racing back chest ball from 5 yards to TFC goalie catches ball and holds on near right post when Eckersley crashes into him.
59 min...LAG Juninho cornerkick from right is cleared from box as ball settles in middle of box.
60 min...LAG sub...Donovan replaces McBean. (Donovan takes over as captain).
61 min...LAG Magee threads through ball pass up middle from 35 yards and LAG Donovan gets away weak 20 yard shot that's smothered by goalie.
63 min...TFC sub...Osorio replaces Dunfield.
64 min...LAG Gonzalez rolls cross into TFC box from right and eventually ball is cleared.
65 min...TFC Earnshaw rolls pass to TFC Ephraim who bends 25 yard shot from left wide right of post.
67 min...LAG Dunivant on run up left pushes ball too far forward for LAG Magee and that lets TFC goalie rush forward and smother.
69 min...LAG sub...Villarreal replaces Stephens.
70 min...LAG Donovan freekick from 35 yards on right has LAG Magee on left at 20 yards settle ball down and cross into box where TFC O'Dea at 5 yards twists header over end line on right for cornerkick preventing Gonzalez from getting to ball on right post.
71 min...LAG Donovan cornerkick from right is over players in box and play whistled down for LAG player's push in box.
71 min...TFC sub...Silva replaces Ephraim.
72 min...game stopped temporarily as there are two balls are on field.
73 min...TFC Russell 25 yard shot from right is caught by goalie.
74 min...TFC Eckersley 50 yard freekick from right is cleared on left just inside box.
75 min...LAG YELLOW card...Sarvas earns it for grab tackle on TFC Osoario at LAG 40 yards in middle.
76 min...TFC Eckersley 40 yard freekick down middle has TFC Califf twist header down at 10 yards but ball is cleared by defenders.
77 min...TFC Jonathan Osorio GOAL...TFC Jeremy Hall at TFC 40 yards kicks ball down middle for TFC Robert Earnshaw on run with TFC Luis Silva pops up ball from back of heel at 35 yards and Silva dribbles on left to left edge of box and rolls cross from 20 yards that TFC Osorio redirects from 6 yards into right corner of net.
78 min...LAG Juninho 30 yard shot down middle is over net.
82 min...LAG Donovan cornerkick from left has defender head ball from box. LAG Magee gets to headed backpass from LAG Franklin after LAG Juninho crosses into box from 30 yards on left ball and 20 yard midair shot is just over net.
84 min...LAG Dunivant receives pass on left from LAG Magee and ends rush with 20 yard cross from left through box and wide right of net.
84 min...LAG sub...Clark replaces Leonardo.
85 min...LAG Clark 25 yard shot from left is well over net.
87 min...LAG Clark charges forward to left end line to get to LAG Donovan's forward pass from 25 yards and low cross is behind net.
89 min...LAG Clark beats TFC Russell on ball near right corner and chip into box from 20 yards is headed away by defender.
89 min...LAG Magee backheel on edge of box has LAG Franklin chip wide right as LAG DeLaGarza step behind getting to it.
90 min...TFC defenders make clearances twice on edge of box.
91 min...LAG Jose Villarreal GOAL...LAG Omar Gonzalez crosses from 40 yards on right that sails over to left side of box. TFC Darel Russell pops up header at 10 yards on left and Villarreal makes back scissor kick from 7 yards in center of box past flying goalie Joseph Bendik into left side of net.
92 min...TFC Russell crosses 30 yarder from near right sideline that LAG defender heads away from box at 8 yards.
92 min...TFC Bostock wins ball on left sideline and crosses over head of TFC Earnshaw and defender at 7 yards heads ball out of box.
92 min...TFC Bostock wins another ball on left near end line and low cross is deflected out by defender.
93 min...TFC player's cornerkick from left has nearest defender on left head ball out of box.
93:31 min...game ends 4:00pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........Los Angeles Galaxy...........2........

Attendance was announced as 18355. This was low for the season opener (at BMO Field which now as been expanded to 21000). There looked like a lot of empty seats in Sections 219 and 222 to 224 that never did fill in. The weather was cold and sunny but not windy. It was the middle of the Easter holiday weekend. There must be a lot of people that remember TFC's troubles in their first six years. The Galaxy have been the MLS Champion team for the last two years and this should have been a sell out!

I was down here after the season ended to choose another seat in Section 108. I'm back one row but not so close to the aisle and so far I'm enjoying it.

Budweiser Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as forward Robert Earnshaw. He scored one goal and had a part in setting up the second goal.

I was surprised to see Landon Donovan being subbed in at 60 minutes. I'd read earlier in the week that he was going to be trained in time for the Galaxy's CONCACAF Championship match next week. He'd been on hiatus since the MLS Championship game recovering from years of playing non-stop through MLS, US National team games and off season loan spells with foreign teams. I'd seen a list of six Galaxy players who would miss the game through injury including Robbie Keane who'd injured his calf while playing for Ireland in their World Cup qualifier. David Beckham is not with the team any longer so their star power is reduced. Donovan had a weak shot up the middle and a too powerful cornerkick over the box to mark his return.

MLS goal leader Mike Magee scored his fifth in his fourth game of the season for the Galaxy. Robert Earnshaw scored his fourth of the season in four games to stay one goal behind.

TFC defender Richard Eckersley has been given the freedom to race forward usually on the wing and get some crosses into the box.

TFC let an old habit creep into their playing today and that was giving up a late lead near the end of the game. This one was in injury time.

Galaxy players Chandler Hoffman, Charlie Rugg (both forwards), and Greg Cochrane (defender) jogged around the field from an hour before the game started but were not even on the bench.

The Bank of Montreal gave out fridge magnets on the way out as has been their custom on the first BMO Field home game of the season. New beer sponsor is Budweiser so the jacket colours of the vendors have been changed. The price of game day programs have been reduced this season for the first time ever to $3.00 (from $5.00). Season ticket prices were rolled back to their 2007 price for this year.

TFC next game is on next Saturday April 6th against FC Dallas who later in the day beat New England Revolution 1-0 on the road to push their record to 4 wins, 1 loss. They are first place in the Western Conference which is a surprise from the experts predictions in the pre-season.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.co
Major Events

Goals and Assists
LA   16'   Mike Magee   (Marcelo Sarvas)
TOR  29'   Robert Earnshaw
TOR  78'   Jonathan Osorio  (Luis Silva)
LA   92'   Jose Villarreal

Match Info
Referee: Hilario Grajeda
Attendance: 18355

TOR   51'  Danny Califf   Foul   YELLOW card
LA    76'  Marcelo Sarvas Foul   YELLOW card

Match Stats
Toronto FC                LA Galaxy
  7    Attempts on Goal      14
  4    Shots on Target        5
  3    Shots off Target       8
  0    Blocked Shots          1
  1    Corner Kicks           8
  9    Fouls                 10
 12    Open Play Crosses     22
  2    Offsides               1
  1    First Yellow Cards     1
  0    Second Yellow Cards    0
  0    Red Cards              0
 56    Duels Won             50
 52%   Duels Won %           47%
380    Total Pass           366
 70%   Passing Accuracy %    69%
 49.4% Possession            50.6%

Lineups Toronto FC – Joe Bendik; Darel Russell, Danny Califf, Darren O’Dea ©, Richard Eckersley; John Bostock, Jeremy Hall, Terry Dunfield (Jonathan Osorio 64’), Reggie Lambe; Hogan Ephraim (Luis Silva 72’), Robert Earnshaw Substitutes not used: Stefan Frei, Gale Agbossoumonde, Ashtone Morgan, Andrew Wiedeman, Justin Braun

LA Galaxy – Carlo Cudicini; Leonardo (Colin Clark 85’), Omar Gonzalzez, A.J. DeLaGarza, Todd Dunivant ©; Juninho, Sean Franklin, Marcelo Sarvas, Michael Stephens (Jose Villarreal 70’); Mike Magee, Jack McBean (Landon Donovan 61’)

Substitutes not used: Brian Rowe, Rafael Garcia, Tommy Meyer, Hector Jimenez

TFC starters

Galaxy starters

LAG Jack McBean (32) and Mike Magee (18) take opening kickoff.

TFC John Bostock (7) waits to receive pass.

TFC Jeremy Hall runs by fallen referee Hilario Grajedo.

TFC Robert Earnshaw (10) charges forward to intercept poor pass by LAG Leonardo (22) and score.

LAG Juninho (19) passes to LAG Michael Stephens (26) while on rush.

LAG Todd Dunivant (2) takes throw-in.

LAG Mike Magee (18) makes leaping header in TFC box on cornerkick but sends ball over the bar.

TFC Robert Earnshaw (10) pushes ball past LAG AJ DeLaGarza (20) and Sean Franklin (5).

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