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Result and details of the Monday October 14, 2013 CSL Quarterfinal game between Brampton City United and SC Waterloo played at Terry Fox Stadium in Brampton at 7:00pm.

Brampton City United (all white, gold numbers, blue trim)

....................1 Camilo Benzi
12 Donovan Wilson...18 Rejsandri Fernandez-Cervantes...3 Mirko Medic (cpt)...16 Tarik Robertson
9 Marcos Nunes...11 Oscar Cordon...22 Adrian Tismenar...2 Thomas McLean...10 David Velastagui
.....................7 Milos Scepanovic

Subs:...00 Euloge Awitor Kodzo (gk)...4 Mark Jankovic (def)...8 David Guzman (mid)...14 Cameron Medwin (def)... 19 Olamilekan John Fatoki (mid)
...20 Quante Abbott-Hill-Smith (def)...21 Leaford Allen (fwd)
team officials:...manager MIchael DiMatteo...assistant coach Juan J Barreto

SC Waterloo (all navy, white numbers)

.....................1 Imad Hakura
20 David Muir...5 Dado Hadrovic...3 Nemanja Simeunovic...7 John Inglis (def)
14 Adis Hasecic...6 Vladimir Zelenbaba...4 Harris Fazlagic...8 MIrza Colic
............10 Drazen Vukovic (cpt)...11 Ranko Golijanin

Subs:...12 Zoran Pusica (gk)...13 Dale Cudmore (def)...15 Erwin Uzunovic (mid)...16 Thomas Sackor (def)...18 Zoran Kukic (def) ...19 Mohammad-Ali Heydarpour (mid)
team officials:...head coach Lazo Dzepina...director Tony Kocis...massage therapist Bojana Loncovic...manager Vojislav Brisevac

Game officials:...referee Ramee Arbaji....referee's assistants MIchael Bradley and Niquita Amirkhanian...fourth official Lubisa Vrljes ...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:06pm...BCU defends south end on this cold night.
2 min...SCW player's 50 yard freekick from left over players and caught by goalie.
3 min...BCU goalie out of box to boot away through ball pass.
6 min...SCW Golijanin 20 yard low shot from left has sliding defender save at 8 yards.
9 min...SCW goalie gets to centering chip to catch sent in from right.
10 min...BCU YELLOW card...Medic earns it on delayed call for tripping SCW Hasecic breaking out at SCW 30 yards.
10 min...BCU goalie jumps to catch 30 yard freekick from left.
15 min...BCU YELLOW card...Tismenar earns it for tackle on SCW Golijanin injurying him at SCW 50 yards.
19 min...BCU Velastagui 50 yard freekick from left has defenders clear on edge of box.
19 min...BCU Scepanovic 25 yard freekick down middle is blasted just over net.
21 min...SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from left has defender boot away at 12 yards in center of box.
23 min...SCW Golijanin wins freekick on edge of BCU box when pushed over.
24 min...SCW Golijanin blasts 20 yard freekick down middle that dips and lands on top of net.
25 min...SCW Golijanin is tapped pass forward and his 20 yard shot from left is batted down by goalie and picked up.
26 min...SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from right has defender chest down and goalie picks up.
26 min...SCW Hasecic is injured at BCU 50 yards when knocked down.
27 min...SCW Simeunovic 55 yard freekick has defenders clear from edge of box.
28 min...SCW Vukovic 40 yard freekick from right has ball knocked for cornerkick.
28 min...SCW Colic cornerkick fromleft has defender clear ball from box.
30 min...SCW Colic cornerkick from left has SCW Hadrovic head from right end line has ball cleared at 10 yards in middle that's booted out of bounds.
30 min...SCW Harris Fazlagic GOAL...SCW Nemanja Simeunovic takes long throw-in from near right cornerflag that has Fazlagic flick backwards header behind him from 3 yards into top left corner of net.
31 min...SCW YELLOW card...Inglis earns it for grabbing a BCU player.
32 min...BCU Tismenar flicks 12 yard head over net after BCU player sends in forward chip from 30 yards that was over defenders.
33 min...BCU goalie outjumps SCW Vukovic for through ball header.
35 min...SCW Fazlagic rolls pass forward and loft to BCU Golijanin and his rolling of cross to center has BCU Medic slide to give up cornerkick.
36 min...SCW player's cornerkick from left has BCU Simeunovic head 6 yarder off bar.
36 min...SCW Golijanin short pass tapped forward to BCU Colic but his 25 yard roller up middle that's picked up by goalie.
37 min...SCW Colic is injured at center line.
39 min...SCW Vukovic rush on right and rolls cross into middle but defender clears at 20 yards.
41 min...SCW Vukovic 35 yard freekick from right is eventually cleared from box.
42 min...SCW Muir clears ball before BCU Velastagui can get shot at 12 yards in SCW box.
43 min...SCW Adis Hasecic GOAL...SCW Hasecic gets ball at 65 yards to start rush on right and defender puts offside trap on a 2 on 1 rush near center line but other SCW player holds back his run so Hasecic can proceed as long as he doesn't pass over. Hasecic runs down right and shoots low 20 yard roller past goalie Camilo Benzi at 10 yards towards left corner of net and retreating defender BCU Donovan Wilson slides and connects at 3 yards but pushes ball into center of net.
44 min...BCU player's cross from left when goalie misses cross from right.
45 min...SCW Hasecic short pass to SCW Vukovic who chips 25 yarder from left straight to goalie to catch near left post.
47 min...half ends 7:53pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:10pm.
47 min...BCU YELLOW card...someone earns this for injurying SCW Simeunovic in player wall waiting for BCU Wilson's freekick.
48 min...BCU Wilson 40 yard freekick from right has BCU player shoot over net and crowd of players from 20 yards.
49 min...BCU goalie 60 yard freekick has SCW player punch balll away behind crowd of players.
51 min...BCU McLean 35 yard freekick from left has BCU player get foot to it but defender clears.
52 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from left has defender head out right side of box.
52 min...BCU YELLOW card...McLean earns it for argueing SCW player's winning freekick call at BCU 35 yard line.
54 min...BCU Nunes rush on right on 3 on 2 and 20 yard centering pass has defender knock down and goalie steps forward to pick up ball at 5 yards.
56 min...BCU McLean clears ball a split second before SCW Inglis gets to it and Inglis is injured.
60 min...BCU goalie's 53 yard freekick wins cornerkick off SCW Inglis's backwards header.
61 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from right is whistled down in box after ball is kicked around.
63 min....SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from right at 30 yard line has SCW Vukovic blast 30 yarder up middle that deflects off defender at 20 yards and deflects for goalie to save on dive to right post.
66 min...BCU Velastagui 40 yard freekick from right has BCU player pop up header at 10 yards and ball bounces wide left for goalkick.
68 min...BCU Velastagui 45 yard freekick from left has ball land in box but defender clears.
70 min...SCW Zelenbaba pushes centering cross along left end line and goalie dives to smother ball.
73 min...BCU Scepanovic one-touch blast up middle from 25 yards has goalie save.
74 min...BCU Nunes cross from 30 yards on far right has defender pop up header and goalie punches away but whistle already blown.
75 min...BCU player's quick short cornerkick from left has BCU Scepanovic head 8 yarder off right post and ball is cleared.
76 min...BCU sub...Guzman replaces Tismenar.
77 min...BCU Guzman 22 yard freekiick from left has defender clear.
77 min...BCU Wilson blasts partial clearance from 35 yards down middle well over net. SCW 11 is injured on play at SCW 30 yards.
80 min...BCU RED card...Goalie Camilo Benzi draws it from referee Ramee Arbaji when SCW Adis Hasecic crosses ball over to open right wing and charging SCW Drazen Vukovic is pulled down by Benzi at 25 yards on right.
81 min...BCU sub...Euloge Awitor Kodzo comes in to play goal while BCU subs out forward Oscar Cordon.
82 min...SCW Simeunovic heads 12 yarder wide right on freekick from 30 yards.
85 min...SCW Hasecic is given pass on left by SCW Vukovic and rush forward to have 15 yard kick that's stopped.
85 min...BCU Guzman 15 yard shot from left is batted away by goalie.
85 min...SCW Golijanin is checked off ball on rush into box at 7 yarder by retreating defender.
86 min...SCW sub...Sackor replaces Golijanin.
87 min...SCW Sackor centers pass to SCW Zelenbaba who tips ball forward from 22 yards to BCU goalie.
88 min...SCW Drazen Vukovic GOAL...SCW Mirza Colic passes from 40 yards in middle over to 30 yards on left where Vukovic gets pass on left and rushes to chip 18 yard shot over goalie Euloge Awitor Kodzo at 8 yards and into right side of net. [A split second confusion reigned because the ball found a hole in the net so it looked like it must have gone through].
89 min...SCW sub...Cudmore replaces Inglis.
90 min...SCW sub...Kukic replaces Vukovic.
91 min...BCU goalie dives forward to stop 22 yard shot from left.
92 min...SCW sub...Uzunovic replaces Muir.
93 min...BCU player slips in SCW box without getting away shot.
93 min...SCW Hasecic rushes through defenders on edge of BCU box and backheels pass that SCW player missed and defender clears.
94 min...SCW Zoran Kukic GOAL...SCW Vladimir Zelenbaba gives tap over pass to Kukic who shoots low 10 yarder into center of net under goalie.
94 min...game ends before restart.

Final Score:........Brampton City United.......0.................SC Waterloo.........4...........

Attendance was about 150 on this cold night with it being dark by the time the game started.

I'd never been to the Terry Fox Stadium in Brampton before. (Victoria Park with its natural grass field has been closed by the City of Brampton for the season). This stadium which is part of Chinguacousy Park. It is field turf surrounded by an 8 lane track and three segmented aluminum stands all on the west side. The 20 yard separation from stands to the sideline seemed like a long way and with BCU dressed in white with gold numbers, it made it hard for me to tell the players apart on the far side of the field.

This was a battle between the 4th seeded Brampton and 5th seeded Waterloo although by momentum in the last month Waterloo had been closing the gap. Waterloo is a hot team with now five wins in a row with scores of 2-0, 9-0, 2-1, 5-0, and now 4-0 while BCU had a slumping 1 win, 5 loss, 1 tie record up until tonight.

This was a rough game with lots of tackles causing injuries on both sides although every player could eventually continue after a visit by the trainer. Referee Ramee Arbaji from my count gave out four Yellow cards to BCU and two to Waterloo and all the Yellows were given out before the Red card.

Best non-scoring chances were at 24 minutes when SCW Ranko Golijanin blasted a 20 yard freekick down the middle that dipped and landed on top of the net. A minute later Golijanin was tapped a pass forward and his 20 yard shot from the left was batted down by the goalie and picked up. At 32 minutes a BCU forward chipped from 30 yards over defenders and BCU Adrian Tismenar flicked a 12 yard header over the net. 36 minutes had a BCU player's cornerkick from left have BCU Mirko Medic head 6 yarder off the bar. 54 minutes had BCU Marcos Nunes rush on the right on a 3 on 2 rush and his 20 yard centering pass had a defender knock the ball down and the goalie stepped forward to pick it up at 5 yards. 63 minutes had SCW Nemanja Simeunovic take a long throw-in from the right from the 30 yard line and SCW Drazen Vukovic blasted a 30 yarder up the middle that deflected off a defender at 20 yards and the goalie dived to make the save on the right post. 73 minutes and BCU Milos Scepanovic's one-touch blast up the middle from 25 yards had the goalie save. 75 minutes had BCU players take a quick short cornerkick from the left and the cross in had Scepanovic head an 8 yarder off the right post and the rebound was cleared. 82 minutes had SCW Simeunovic head a 12 yarder wide right upon receiving a freekick from 30 yards.

SC Waterloo now travels to play #2 ranked Toronto Croatia in one of the semi-finals in Etobicoke this weekend. If Croatia doesn't win their appeal for the fight late in their quarterfinal game against Windsor they will be without two of their offensive stars which sets up another upset in the making.

Rocket Robin

Brampton City United starters

SC Waterloo starters

SCW Drazen Vukovic (10) and BCU Mirko Medic (3) at coin toss.

BCU Oscar Cordon (11) and Milos Scepanovic (7) take opening kickoff.

SCW goalie Imad Hakura has dived to smother ball.

SCW Ranko Golijanin (11) take freekick.

SCW Drazen Vukovic (10) takes freekick.

BCU Donovan Wilson (12) waits to take freekick.

SCW players cheered by remaining fans.

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