Result of the Sunday July 28, 2013 CSL game between York Region Shooters and SC Waterloo played at St Joan of Arc CHS in Vaughan at 6:30pm.

York Region Shooters (sky blue socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

..................00 Adrian Ibanez
5 Gerard Ladiyou...3 Ricky Herron...4 Marcelo Capazzolo...6 Fitzroy Christey (cpt)
.........99 Ryan Dummett...7 Matthew O'Connor...15 Francisco Javier Perez
.........20 Richard West...16 Matthew Rios...19 Ali Hanam

Subs:...1 Adam Majer (gk)...8 Dino Gardener (def)...12 Vasileios Liagkos (fwd)...14 Tristan Jackman (def)...21 Darryl Gomez (mid)
...23 Mario Orestano (mid)...77 Desmond Humphrey (mid)
team officials:...head coach John Pacione...president Tony DiThomasis...medical staff Erin Weitzaik

SC Waterloo (white socks and shirts, black shorts, blue numbers)

...................1 Imad Hakura
9 Shawn Brown...5 Dado Hadrovic...3 Nemanja Simeunovic...4 Predrag Papaz
.........6 Vladimir Zelenbaba...19 Mohammad-Ali Heydarpour...8 Mirza Colic
........14 Adis Hasecic...10 Drazen Vukovic (cpt)...11 Ranko Golijanin

Subs:...13 Dale Cudmore (def)...15 Thomas Sackor (def)...16 Darragh Roe (mid)...17 Erwin Uzunovic (mid)...20 Mohamed Aborig (mid)
team officials:...head coach Lazo Dzepina...manager Vojislav Brisevac...director Tony Kocis

Game officials:...referee Ramee Arbaji...referee's assistants Blake Williams and Fabrizio Stasolla...fourth official David Barrie
...(all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 6:33pm...YRS defends south end on this warm evening.
2 min...YRS Dummett 40 yard freekick from right has YRS Hanam on left head 15 yarder which defender head away in front of goalie.
7 min...SCW Vukovic on rush up left takes low 22 yard shot that diving goalie pushes to right and defender clears.
9 min...YRS Capazzolo is injured in header with SCW Hasecic when Hasecic flips him over.
12 min...YRS West is fed pass up right and 10 yard shot has sprawling goalie push wide right of net.
12 min...YRS player's cornerkick from right has YRS player get 18 yard shot that defender partially clears.
13 min...YRS Hanam bicycle kick of crossed pass is wide right from 15 yards from left.
19 min...YRS Christey long throw-in from left has defender head away.
21 min...YRS goalie out to 22 yards to chest away SCW players pass.
22 min...SCW Vukovic tapped over freekick and 25 yard blast down middle is just wide right.
23 min...SCW Golijanin is injured near left end line but wins cornerkick.
24 min...SCW Hadrovic cornerkick from left is low and out to SCW Vukovic who blasts skyball from 28 yards well high and wide right.
27 min...YRS Christey long throw-in from left has defender head across and out of box.
28 min...YRS Capazzolo 55 yard freekick up middle has YRS Rios head from 18 yards on left and defender knocks away at 10 yards.
29 min...YRS Hanam pushed ball in crowd of players and low 10 yard shot has SCW Brown clear at 4 yards on right post.
32 min...YRS Dummett cross from 40 yards on right has YRS Perez head 12 yarder on left across box but defender clears.
33 min...YRS YELLOW card...Perez earns it for complaining after whistle for SCW freekick at SCW 40 yards.
35 min...SCW Vukovic low 18 yard blast from left has sprawling goalie block. Vukovic runs in for rebound and kicks goalie as he smothers ball.
.........SCW YELLOW card...Vukovic earns it for his part in last play.
37 min...YRS West 25 yard freekick from extreme right has SCW player head away.
38 min...YRS Christey shoots 30 yard roller up middle wide left.
39 min...SCW YELLOW card...Golijanin earns it for compaining when SCW Vukovic ran into box on left for ball rolling over end line and trips over sliding YRS Capazzolo.
41 min...SCW YELLOW card...Hasecic earns it for pushing YRS Capazzolo from behind at SCW 45 yards.
42 min...YRS O'Connor 45 yard freekick from left has defender head away at 15 yards on right.
45 min...YRS Capazzolo clears ball off SCW Vukovic and deflects for goalkick.
46 min...YRS Perez 40 yard freekick from left has defender head away.
47 min...YRS Dummett 50 yard chip down middle has goalie jump to catch.
48 min...half ends 7:19pm.

2nd Half:...starts 7:38pm...the sun has come out.
halftime sub:...YRS Gardener replaces Capazzolo.
49 min...SCW Colic 40 yard freekick from left drops for goalie to catch.
51 min...YRS Rios 45 yard pass attempt from left rolls over end line.
52 min...SCW Vukovic rolled long pass and charges up left to get it but YRS Herron clears for throw-in.
53 min...SCW Hasecic cross from 25 yards left end line is over box.
54 min...YRS sub...Humphrey replaces O'Connor.
54 min...SCW Simeunovic is injured at SCW 25 yard line in collision.
55 min...SCW goalie's punt has YRS goalie get to on edge of box to smother and survives SCW Heydarpour knee to the head.
60 min...SCW Simeunovic gets back to check YRS West off ball at 7 yards on right but gives up cornerkick.
61 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right is whistled down in box.
62 min...YRS sub...Liagkos replaces Rios.
63 min...SCW Zelenbaba chips 45 yard pass from left too far for SCW Vukovic and ball bounces to goalie.
65 min...YRS Ali Hanam GOAL...Hanam blasts 25 yard shot from left that deflects off SCW defender Dado Hadrovic at 12 yards and pops over goalie Imad Hakura at 6 yards and drops into right side of net.
68 min...YRS YELLOW card...Ladiyou earns it for delaying SCW freekick.
68 min...SCW Vukovic 40 yard freekick from left has goalie catch.
69 min...YRS West rolls ball forward for YRS Hanam and defender blocks 15 yard shot.
71 min...SCW Colic 60 yard freekick from right has charging goalie catch ball in front of SCW Zelenbaba at 15 yards on right.
72 min...YRS goalie beats SCW Vukovic to high through ball pass.
73 min...SCW goalie out of box to clear YRS player's charge for ball.
75 min...YRS YELLOW card...Dummett earns it for kicking ball away before SCW player can pick it up for a throw-in.
76 min...YRS sub...Jackman replaces Dummett.
76 min...SCW Colic 55 yard freekick from left has YRS goalie punch ball away before SCW Hadrovic can get head to it at 12 yards.
76 min...SCW Vukovic charge for pass on left and cross from 20 yards has defender head ball through box.
79 min...SCW Golijanin 25 yard freekick has goalie palm ball up and catch when it comes down.
80 min...YRS West taps ball to charging YRS Ladiyou up middle and shoots 8 yarder wide right of post.
81 min...YRS Jackman has 15 yard shot blocked by defender.
82 min...YRS West in open takes 22 yard shot from left and goalie catches.
84 min...YRS West pass to left for YRS Liagkos who shoots low 22 yarder wide right of post.
88 min...YRS sub...Gomez replaces Perez.
90 min...SCW Brown 40 yard shot from right deflects off defender and goalie dives forward to catch pop up.
91 min...YRS Liagkos low 20 yard shot from left has sprawling goalie stop.
92 min...SCW Papaz 60 yard cross from left is caught by goalie.
93 min...SCW Hasecic 35 yard freekick down middle is blocked by head in player wall.
93 min...SCW Shawn Brown steps around one defender on right side of YRS box and another brings him down. Referee Ramee Arbaji awards SCW a Penalty kick.
94 min...SCW Drazen Vukovic blasts low Penalty kick that hits the left post and deflects to 18 yard line where a defender clears.
94 min...game ends.

Final Score:......York Region Shooters.......1..........SC Waterloo........0........

Attendance was about 100 on this warm early evening with the sun coming out at the start of the second half and the game ending before it got dark.

Adrian Ibanez earned the shutout for the Shooters having to provide a few key saves but mostly chances were minimized by the defenders Gerard Ladiyou, Ricky Herron, Marcelo Capazzolo, and Fitzroy Christey with Dino Gardener replacing Capazzolo at halftime.

Waterloo's defence of Shawn Brown, Dado Hadrovic, Nemanja Simeunovic, and Predrag Papaz kept the Shooters chances down until the last 20 minutes when they had to open up. They made a lot of clearing headers from their box. Hadrovic had the ball deflect off him and get by the goalie somewhat like the MLS Chivas USA vs Toronto FC game almost two weeks ago.

Referee Ramee Arbaji gave out six Yellow cards that I counted--three to each team. All the Shooters cards were for complaining or time wasting. This was a very rough game with Waterloo players trying to draw fouls early and Arbaji waving play on. At most they would be awarded freekicks. There were a number of fans on both teams complaining about every bit of contact and call.

Waterloo did not use any of their substitutions. They had five players listed and warming up during halftime plus an entire team because their Reserves Division team had just finished playing Shooters Reserves before this game started. Shooters won 3-1. Waterloo was tiring in the second half while Shooters had refreshed with five subs working their way into the game from halftime onward. Poor Darazen Vukovic was limping back towards his end to avoid being called offside and wasn't playing possum because when he did get the ball on a pass, a swarm of defenders did check him off the ball or intercepted his pass attempts. Captain Vukovic is second in team scoring with five goals while Adis Hasecic has ten and was still on the field. I don't follow the team close enough to know who takes the Penalty kicks.

After the Shooters goal when Waterloo had to open up to get the equalizer, shooters had two good chances to put the game away before they conceded the Penalty kick. 80 minutes had YRS Ricky West tap a pass to the charging Gerard Ladiyou as they'd worked their way up the middle and Ladiyou shot wide right from 8 yards. 84 minutes had YRS West pass to the left for YRS Vasileios Liagkos to shoot a low 22 yarder that was just wide right of the post.

Shooters earn their 8th win in a row and lead the league with a 9 win, 2 loss, 1 tie record and a leading goals against of 8 in 12 games played. Waterloo's record falls to 5 wins, 3 losses, 3 ties and after other results this weekend should be in 5th place.

Jamaican international midfielder Ricky Edwards has signed with the Shooters and is currently in New York City waiting for Canadian visas/permits before he can play.

Rocket Robin

York Region Shooters starters

SC Waterloo starters

SCW Drazen Vukovic (10) and YRS Fitzroy Christey (6) at coin toss.

YRS Matthew Rios (16) and Richard West (20) take kickoff back to Matthew O'Connor (7).

SCW Ranko Golijanin (11) rushes to ball.

YRS Gerard Ladiyou (5) works ball forward.

YRS Richard West (20) surrounded pokes pass to YRS (6).

SCW Drazen Vukovic (10) takes freekick.

SCW Ranko Golijanin (11) takes freekick.

SCW Drazen Vukovic (10) takes Penalty kick that hits the left post.

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