Result of the Wednesday September 12th, 2012 MLS game between Toronto FC and Chicago Fire played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:00pm.

Toronto FC (all white, black names and numbers, red shoulders and trim)

....................30 Milos Kocic
25 Jeremy Hall...27 Richard Eckersley...48 Darren O'Dea (cpt)...2 Logan Emory
19 Reggie Lambe...11 Luis Silva...21 Aaron Maund...32 Andrew Wiedeman
........18 Quincy Amarikwa...29 Eric Hassli

Subs:...41 Freddy Hall (gk)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...8 Eric Avila (mid)...12 Adrian Cann (def)
...15 Matt Stinson (mid)
team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

Chicago Fire (all navy, white names and numbers)

...................25 Sean Johnson
6 Jalil Anibaba...23 Arne Friedrich...22 Austin Berry...13 Gonzalo Seganes
14 Patrick Nyarko...12 Logan Pause (cpt)...18 Chris Rolfe...17 Pavel Pardo...4 Alvaro Fernandez
.................7 Sherjill MacDonald

Subs:...70 Paolo Tornaghi (gk)...2 Wells Thompson (mid)...3 Dan Gargan (def)...8 Dominic Oduro (fwd)...19 Corben Bone (mid) ...21 Michael Videira (mid)...71 Alex (mid)
team officials:...head coach Frank Klopas

Game officials:...referee Edvin Jurisevic...referee's assistants Joe Fletcher and Claudio Badea...fourth official Drew Fischer
...(gray shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:08pm...TFC defends north end on this mild evening.
1 min...CF Segares low 15 yard shot on left is stopped in box by goalie blocking it at 7 yards and defender clears.
4 min...TFC Hassli 20 yard shot up middle is blocked and popped up but cleared from box.
6 min...CF Pardo cornerkick from left is headed away by defender. CF Nyarko blasts 30 yarder down middle over net.
7 min...CF Nyarko cross from 25 yards on right curls through box wide left for goalkick steps ahead of charging CF players.
12 min...CF Alvaro Fernandez GOAL...CF Pavel Pardo hits left goalpost when he receives rolled pass from Fernandez from 10 yards on right and rolls ball forward on shot from 8 yards. Ball deflects back off post directly to fallen goalie Milos Kocic but he can't squeeze it and Pardo chases ball off deflection to left and turns with ball at 12 yards near left end line and crosses into 6 yard box where Fernandez leaps to head 6 yarder down middle over flying goalie into left side of net.
13 min...TFC Wiedeman rolls loose 10 yard shot up middle that's picked up by goalie after TFC Amarikwe is knocked over by CF Berry in check in box.
14 min...TFC Silva 35 yard freekick from left has TFC Hassli at 15 yards flick header that goalie flies to top right corner to tip ball over bar.
14 min...TFC Amarikwa cornerkick from right has CF Alibaba in crowd of players head ball over net for another cornerkick from right.
14 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from right has TFC Hassli head ball from right through box and TFC Wiedeman on far left sends high cross over players in box from 25 yards and TFC Silva on right steps around defender at 10 yards and rolls pass into middle of box that defender clears.
15 min...TFC Hassli receives pass at 22 yards on right and sends low cross into 6 yard box from 15 yards where CF goalie dives to push ball forward where TFC Wiedeman shoots low 20 yard shot up middle that CF Friedrich clears at 6 yards.
16 min...CF player crosses into box from 28 yards on right is headed away in box.
17 min...TFC Hall chips ball into CF box from 25 yards on right and CF Friedrich at 6 yards heads it away.
18 min...TFC Emory rush to ball on left end line and cross is dropped by goalie behind leaping players but defender clears ball from box.
20 min...CF Rolfe rolls 25 yarder up middle for goalie to pick up wide right of net.
21 min...TFC Hall throw-in from right is headed across box and TFC Silva bicycle kick attempt from 12 yards has ball fly over to left side of box where it's cleared.
22 min...TFC Emory cross from 35 yards on left misses TFC Hassli head in box.
23 min...TFC Hall throw-in from right is headed away on right side of box.
24 min...TFC Hall crosses 25 yarder from right that TFC Hassli heads 15 yarder down middle that's caught by goalie.
25 min...CF Anibaba chips ball from 30 yards on right that TFC O'Dea heads back out of box from 12 yards.
25 min...CF Segares rolls cross from 18 yards on left that retreating TFC Eckersley concedes cornerkick on kick from 8 yards.
25 min...CF Pardo cornerkick from left is caught by goalie in crowd of players.
28 min...TFC Hall chips 30 yarder from right that TFC Amarikwe misses heading at 15 yards and ball bounces wide left for throw-in.
29 min...TFC Hall on run down right and cross from 22 yards has defender clear ball with kick at 8 yards.
30 min...CF Rolfe takes short tap-over pass from CF MacDonald and shoots 18 yarder from left is high and left of net.
33 min...CF Rolfe can't draw Penalty kick on left when TFC Eckersley pushes him over on edge of box and play carries on.
35 min...TFC Amarikwa rush into box to get to long pass but CF Friedrich clears ball before he can control it at 8 yards.
35 min...TFC Hall shoots 30 yarder down middle well wide right of net.
36 min...TFC Amarikwa falls on edge of CF box running for long pass but CF Friedrich controls and ball bounces to goalie.
37 min...TFC Amarikwa cross from 25 yards on right is over players in box and bounces out left for throw-in.
40 min...TFC Emory loses ball at 30 yards to CF Nyarko who passes forward and left to charging CF MacDonald at 20 yards. TFC goalie slides out at 12 yards on left to make save before he can make shot. CF Rolfe dribble to left with rebound but TFC O'Dea slides at 8 yards on left to knock away ball for throw-in.
41 min...CF Chris Rolfe GOAL...CF Pavel Pardo cornerkick from left has TFC Eric Hassli pop up header at 6 yards on left side of box and TFC Jeremy Hall pops out header at 10 yards on right side of box. Ball lands at 18 yards on right and charging Rolfe one-times low shot through crowd of players in box into left corner of net.
43 min...TFC Silva 30 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away at 12 yards.
44 min...TFC Hassli swings around and cuts 22 yard shot from right that's stopped by TFC player's leg at 15 yards and ball cleared for fast break. CF Nyarko rushes on right and eludes falling TFC Eckersley at TFC 45 yards and on 2 on 1 with CF MacDonald and rolls 20 yard kick just wide right of post.
45 min...CF MacDonald 30 yard shot from left is caught by goalie on left post.
46 min...half ends 7:54pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There's a cheque presentation from Purolator for 8500 lbs of food for the food bank.
There's also the Carlsberg Crossbar Challenge has two winners out of three contestants for the first time as a girl and a guy hit the crossbar within their three shots.

2nd Half:...starts 8:10pm.
Halftime subs:...TFC Morgan replaces Wiedeman. (Morgan plays on the wing in Wiedeman's position rather than on his usual defender position).
45 min...CF MacDonald trips but recovers and shoots 25 yard chip down middle well high and wide right.
48 min...CF Rolfe and CF MacDonald work play up middle and Rolfe low 22 yard shot has diving goalie push wide left for cornerkick.
49 min...CF Pardo cornerkick from left is out to 28 yards where CF Rolfe blasts shot from left over crowd of players in box and goalie catches on left side of net.
49 min...CF defender checks TFC player off long ball into CF box.
51 min...TFC Morgan low 28 yard cross from left has TFC Hassli touch at 10 yards but goalie charges left along end line to pick up ball.
52 min...CF MacDonald has 15 yard shot from left blocked by TFC Eckersley.
53 min...CF MacDonald taps ball over to CF Fernandez on left who rolls ball across box but ball is cleared by defender.
53 min...TFC O'Dea is injured at TFC 30 yards.
55 min...TFC Lambe cross from 35 yards has TFC Morgan head 22 yarder on back of defender wide left.
55 min...TFC sub...Avila replaces Emory. Morgan drops back to defence.
60 min...TFC Avila cross from 35 yards on left is over heads of TFC player too far forward and ball bounces to goalie.
61 min...CF Rolfe 20 yard shot up middle is blocked and deflects off TFC Eckersley for cornerkick.
61 min...CF Pardo cornerkick from left has CF Friedrich head ball over net from 12 yards on left.
62 min...CF sub...Thompson replaces Fernandez.
62 min...CF MacDonald runs in from 40 yards up middle in alone and shoots 20 yarder over net while TFC Eckersley pushes him from behind.
63 min...CF Pardo is tapped ball on left and 18 yard shot is over net wide right.
64 min...TFC Amarikwe cross from 15 yards near right end line is caught by goalie.
65 min...TFC YELLOW card...Morgan earns it for sliding tackle at TFC 25 yards that injures CF Thompson.
66 min...CF Pardo 30 yard freekick from right is headed away by nearest TFC Amarikwe at 15 yards on right.
67 min...TFC Silva low 45 yard freekick from left is cleared before it gets to box.
68 min...CF Thompson on right shoots wide right from 15 yards.
70 min...CF sub...Oduro replaces MacDonald.
72 min...TFC Morgan cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Hassli head down at 8 yards but CF Alibaba clears.
74 min...TFC Morgan holds on to possession after falling on dribble to left cornerflag and crosses from 25 yards that goalie catches and is injured on bump at 5 yards from TFC Silva.
74 min...TFC sub...Stinson replaces Amarikwe.
75 min...CF sub...Alex replaces Pardo.
76 min...TFC Avila cross from 30 yards on right has jumping CF Friedrich head away in box at 5 yards.
76 min...CF goalie catches 40 yard cross from left sent in by TFC Morgan.
78 min...TFC Eric Hassli GOAL...TFC Reggie Lambe rolls ball up middle from 30 yards to TFC Luis Silva who taps over pass at 20 yards to left for Hassli who rolls 12 yard shot into right side of net past diving goalie Sean Johnson.
80 min...CF Nyarko rolls pass and CF Alex shoots low 10 yarder taken from sliding TFC Stinson and goalie smothers. TFC O'Dea is injured on play.
81 min...CF defender concedes cornerkick on cross from left.
81 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from left has defender head ball away. TFC Avila gets two shots and blasts his second a low 20 yarder that diving goalie pushes wide right of post.
82 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from right has defender clear with header on right side and second header clears chip back into box.
83 min...TFC Avila 35 yard cross from right has TFC O'Dea head 10 yarder down middle that goalie saves.
84 min...TFC Morgan bumps over CF Nyarko who was splitting defence up middle at 15 yards and concedes cornerkick when both players recover.
84 min...CF Alex cornerkick from right has defender head away.
85 min...CF Alex 30 yard freekick from right is blocked by TFC Silva. CF Alex recovers ball and chips and CF Friedrich heads 12 yarder from left down and across from left end line but goalie dives forward to block and TFC Eckersley clears.
86 min...CF Alex rush on right and shoots wide right from 20 yards.
88 min...TFC Eckersley 35 yard freekick from right is low and cleared by nearest defender.
89 min...TFC YELLOW card...Avila earns it for trip on CF Nyarko at CF 45 yard line.
90 min...TFC Hassli pops up header at 22 yards on right that bounces wide left for goalkick.
94:10 min...game ends 9:59pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Chicago Fire...........2........

Attendance was announced as 14623. This is the lowest attendance of all MLS regular season games in the six years of this team that I can remember. This game had been rescheduled from earlier in the year. It was originally listed as to be played on Saturday July 21st but that had already been altered by the time our ticket packages arrived. OK that would break up some fixture congestion during a particular busy spell. Then surprise--management suddenly scheduled a friendly on that vacated day with Liverpool FC from England. They got the Rogers Centre to play in and charged double the usual ticket prices and mostly filled the place with fans of Liverpool supporters and TFC fans. That was fine but this MLS game had to be played at some time and this date was chosen (well before the Liverpool game was announced). This wasn't a bad time to play it except that it was the day after a FIFA international date and the team was missing some of their starters who hadn't yet returned or were too tired to play.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as Eric Hassli who scored their only goal so he was the obvious choice. The TFC players didn't come over to salute the fans in the Southeast corner after this game.

The TFC missing players were defender Dicoy Williams and forward Ryan Johnson away with Jamaica, defender Ashtone Morgan and midfielder Terry Dunfield away with Canada, and midfielder Reggie Lambe and goalie Freddy Hall away with Bermuda. Surprise then that starting was defender Darren O'Dea who cut his FIFA week short by skipping the previous night's game for Ireland. Ashtone Morgan was on the bench and came into the game as a substitute (he was not used in the Canada national games). Freddy Hall was listed as the back up goalie for tonight's game and did warm up pregame. Goalie Quillan Roberts was also taking shot practice so must have returned from the Canada Under 20 training camp.

With the team playing so poorly, there were louder boos at the end of this game with yet another loss. The team was still pressing the point before the game that the team still had a slim chance of making the playoffs. The Toronto Star was one media outlet that bought it. A website that I follow had TFC being eliminated two games ago because it realised that the other teams would play each other and someone had to earn the points. Oh well this result ends any doubt and now they can build up "playing for pride, next year's contracts" as their mantra.

Possession was listed as even but to me it seemed like the Fire controlled the game in the first half.

Matt Stinson scored in the TFC Reserves game 2-1 victory away in New England and earned some playing time with the main team.

Ashtone Morgan came into the game at halftime to replace midfielder Andrew Wiedeman and played his spot on the wing instead of his usual spot on defence. I've wanted to see that as Morgan being able to make his long runs and sending in crosses without the worry of abandoning his defensive spot and the team being vulnerable to counterattack. His Yellow card ensures he misses Saturday's game.

With tonight's result the Fire finish with a perfect 3 wins in 3 games for the season. All the wins came by one goal but this is the first time they didn't have to come from behind to win.

The TFC players didn't come over to salute the fans in the south east side at the end of the game.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Major Events

Goals and Assists
CHI  13'  Alvaro Fernandez  (Pavel Pardo)
CHI  42'  Chris Rolfe
TOR  79'  Eric Hassli  (Luis Silva, Reggie Lambe)

Match Info
Referee: Edvin Jurisevic
Attendance: 14623 

Misconduct Summary
66' Toronto - Ashtone Morgan (caution - misses next match)
90' Toronto - Eric Avila (caution)


Toronto – Milos Kocic; Jeremy Hall, Richard Eckersley, Darren O’Dea, Logan Emory (Eric Avila 56’); Reggie Lambe, Luis Silva, Aaron Maund, Andrew Wiedeman (Ashtone Morgan 46’); Quincy Amarikwa (Matt Stinson 75’), Eric Hassli ... Substitutes not used: Freddy Hall, Adrian Cann, Ashtone Morgan, Doneil Henry

Chicago – Sean Johnson; Jalil Anibaba, Arne Friedrich, Austin Berry, Gonzalo Segares; Pavel Pardo (Alex 76’), Logan Pause, Patrick Nyarko, Alvaro Fernandez (Wells Thompson 63’), Sherjill MacDonald (Dominic Oduro 71’), Chris Rolfe ... Substitutes not used: Paolo Tornaghi, Dan Gargan, Corben Bone, Michael Videira Match Stats Toronto FC Chicago Fire 17 Attempts on Goal 22 6 Shots on Target 7 6 Shots off Target 10 5 Blocked Shots 5 4 Corner Kicks 6 12 Fouls 5 26 Open Play Crosses 12 0 Offsides 0 2 First Yellow Cards 0 0 Second Yellow Cards 0 0 Red Cards 0 45 Duels Won 61 42% Duels Won % 57% 383 Total Pass 404 76% Passing Accuracy % 80% 49.5% Possession 50.5%


TFC starters

Fire starters

TFC Luis Silva (11) and Reggie Lambe (19) take opening kickoff.

Fire cornerkick from left.

Fire Jalil Anibaba (6) takes throw-in.

TFC Eric Hassli (29) and Fire Arne Friedrich (23) battle for ball.

TFC Eric Hassli (29) is surrounded by four players.

TFC Luis Silva takes freekick.

Fire Sherjill MacDonald (7) and Chris Rolfe (18) take second half kickoff.

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