Result of the Tuesday August 28th, 2012 CONCACAF Championship League game between Toronto FC and Santos Laguna (Mexico) played at BMO Field in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Toronto FC (all white, black names and numbers, red shoulders and trim)

....................41 Freddy Hall
25 Jeremy Hall...27 Richard Eckersley...48 Darren O'Dea...5 Ashtone Morgan
32 Andrew Wiedeman...22 Toronto Frings (cpt)...23 Terry Dunfield...9 Ryan Johnson
................11 Luis Silva...29 Eric Hassli

Subs:...30 Milos Kocic (gk)...2 Logan Emory (def)...8 Eric Avila (mid)...12 Adrian Cann (def)...18 Quincy Amarikwa (fwd) ...21 Aaron Maund (def)...31 Dicoy Williams (def)

team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

CD Santos Laguna (lime green socks and names and numbers, green shorts and shirts)

.....................1 Oswaldo Sanchez
23 Felipe Baloy...38 Cesar Ibanez...2 Oswaldo Alanis...57 Kenyi Adachi
7 Edgar Lugo...6 Marc Crosas...8 Juan Pablo Rodriguez...10 Daniel Luduena
...........24 Oribe Peralta...16 Herculez Gomez

Subs:...25 Miguel Becerra (gk)...3 Carlos Quintero (fwd)...15 Alejandro Martinez (mid)...17 Rodolfo Salinas (mid)...19 Rafael Figueroa (def)
...37 Candido Ramirez (mid)...65 Jesus Escoboza (mid)
team officials:...head coach Benjamin Galindo

Game officials:...referee Walter Lopez (Guatemala)...referee's assistants Gerson Lopez (Guatelmala) and Ronaldo de la Cruz (Guatemala)
...fourth official Jeffrey Solis (Costa Rica)...lime green shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:06pm...TFC defends south end on this mild night with a gusty wind from the north and the sun already below the stadium lines.
1 min...TFC Frings cross from 28 yards on right has SL Ibanez chest ball down on left post and clear from 5 yards in middle of box.
4 min...TFC O'Dea 55 yard freekick is cleared at 22 yards on right.
5 min...SL player's 35 yard freekick from 35 yards on right has TFC Dunfield head away.
7 min...TFC Hassli cuts around defender and shoots 15 yarder from left well high and wide left over net.
8 min...SL Luduena chips 55 yard ball from left downfield and TFC goalie beats SL Gomez to through ball pass to grab ball on bounce on left side of box.
9 min...SL Peralta gets around TFC Morgan and rolls 15 yard shot from right through legs of TFC O'Dea and goalie smothers.
11 min...SL Luduena at 25 yards on left shoots low and wide right of net.
12 min...SL Luduena drops off ball on give and go with SL Peralta and shoots 22 yarder up middle that goalie flies over to left to catch.
14 min...TFC YELLOW card...O'Dea for pushing SL Peralta in SL box while they wait for cornerkick. Referee had let them off with a warning a few seconds earlier.
14 min...SL YELLOW card...Peralta earns it for pushing TFC O'Dea in box.
15 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has goalie punch away. TFC Hassli cross from 18 yards on right has defender head away from 10 yards on right.
15 min...TFC Silva can't get away shot in SL box at 15 yards.
16 min...SL Gomez beats TFC Hall to ball on left on rush and shoots wide left and TFC Morgan slides to connect and send ball wide right but keeps ball in play. SL Crosas runs in from right and cuts 22 yard shot up middle that deflects wide right for cornerkick.
17 min...SL player's high cornerkick from right out to SL Rodriguez at 25 yards who curves in shot up middle that deflects into box but ball is cleared at 8 yards.
17 min...TFC Frings concedes cornerkick when surrounded near right end line.
18 min...SL Luduena cornerkick from right is partially cleared and SL Ibanez blasts shot from 30 yards down middle well over net.
18 min...TFC Wiedeman 35 yard shot up middle is low and just wide left of post.
20 min...SL Luduena chip from 40 yards on left has SL Peralta volley 20 yard shot up middle that goalie catches at 8 yards.
21 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from left is over heads of players in box and wide right for goalkick.
22 min...SL Peralta misses tap in from 8 yards up middle when centered short pass from SL Lugo on right in long sequence of SL ball control.
25 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from right has TFC Silva pop 12 yard header up middle over bar.
26 min...TFC Frings blasts 35 yard shot from left well wide right of goal.
27 min...TFC Dunfield is injured away from play at SL 40 yards with back problem.
30 min...TFC YELLOW card...Dunfield earns it although it was TFC Morgan who jumped on back of Lugo to make header and cause whistle. Appears Dunfield earns it for complaining.
31 min...TFC Frings 50 yard freekick down middle is headed away on edge of box.
32 min...SL Gomez flicks ball but noone is there at 12 yards to get to ball.
33 min...SL Ibanez cross from right is high and too far over box for anyone to make a play.
36 min...TFC Frings rushes and blasts 35 yarder up middle low and wide right.
37 min...TFC Hall cross from 30 yards on right has TFC Hassli flick 10 yard header from left wide left of net.
38 min...SL Luduena flicks 15 yard chip from left over net after SL Lugo sends cross over from 30 yards on right.
39 min...TFC Johnson 25 yard cross from left end line is caught by goalie on right side of goal.
41 min...SL Adachi shoots 35 yarder from left well over net.
42 min...TFC goalie runs forward to edge of box to beat SL Gomez to through ball of long chip pass.
45 min...TFC goalie to edge of box to catch 55 yard chip.
46 min...half ends 8:52pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There is nothing on the field but the video board plays the Top 10 Goals and Top 10 Saves of the 2011 to 2012 CONCACAF Championship League season. A Joao Plata goal against FC Dallas was shown. Right now he's on loan to a team in South America for the rest of this season.

2nd Half:...starts 9:08pm.
Halftime subs:...TFC Amerikwa replaces Hassli.
.............SL Quintero replaces Lugo.
45 min...SL Peralta shoots 40 yard roller up middle wide right.
45 min...TFC Wiedeman rush up right and 15 yard shot near end line is just wide left of post.
46 min...TFC Johnson slides on right of TFC box to make check and prevent SL Quintero shot.
48 min...SL Carlos Quintero GOAL...TFC Ryan Johnson has ball stolen from him at TFC 30 yards by lunging SL Oribe Peralta from behind. SL Marc Crosas scoops pass from 25 yards in middle over to right and Quintero at 15 yards and he shoots 10 yarder from right to center of net over sprawling goalie Freddy Hall under the bar.
50 min...TFC Wiedeman rolls pass from 10 yards over to left and TFC Amerikwa hits left post on 3 yard shot that deflects for goalkick.
52 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has defender head away and other defenders head away two more TFC chips into box.
53 min...SL Peralta cross from 25 yards on right is caught on bounce by goalie.
54 min...TFC Frings 35 yard freekick from right has TFC Hall blast partial clearance well over net to back row from 30 yards up middle.
55 min...TFC Morgan slides to break up pass to SL Quintero at 15 yards up middle in TFC box.
56 min...SL goalie runs to edge of box to beat TFC Amarikwe to through ball pass sent long by TFC Frings.
56 min...SL Quintera trips up on ball at TFC 20 yards and goalie picks it up.
58 min...TFC Morgan cross from 30 yards on left has goalie punch ball wide right for throw-in.
60 min...SL Peralta cuts 20 yard shot up middle high and wide left of net.
60 min...SL goalie boots away defender's backpass after TFC Silva and TFC Wiedeman multi pass play on right side of box.
61 min...SL Rodriguez cross from 20 yards on right has SL Gomez head 3 yarder on right post but goalie saves. SL Gomez is injured on the play.
64 min...SL Gomez 30 yard freekick up middle is just wide left of post.
65 min...SL Luduena receives tap back pass and 28 yard low shot up middle is wide left.
67 min...TFC Quincy Amarikwa GOAL...TFC Torsten Frings 25 yard freekick from right is popped up header by SL Oribe Peralta and SL goalie partially Oswaldo Sanchez swats away but Amarikwa 12 yard low shot up middle through crowd of players and bounces into left side of net past sliding SL Kenyi Adachi on goalline.
68 min...SL Gomez crosses from right through TFC 6 yard box unplayed.
69 min...TFC Hall wins cornerkick when he's checked off ball in SL box on right end line by SL Alanis.
70 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has SL Baloy head away by SL make three more headers to clear chips into box.
72 min...SL Quintero give and go but trips on edge of TFC box and ball is cleared.
75 min...SL Gomez cross from 25 yards is over players charging into box.
75 min...SL sub...Ramirez replaces Gomez.
77 min...SL Adachi blasts 30 yarder from left that goalie pushes wide left for cornerkick.
77 min...SL player's short cornerkick from left has SL Rodriguez blast 30 yarder that flying goalie pushes wide left for cornerkick.
78 min...TFC Dunfield slides to clear SL Quintero run on edge of TFC box.
80 min...SL Ramirez steals ball back off TFC Hall who'd checked him on edge of box and centers pass into box where SL player taps ball back for SL Luduena 18 yard shot up middle that sprawling goalie pushes over net from 8 yards.
80 min...TFC goalie catches cornerkick from left on right side of box in crowd of players.
81 min...SL goalie catches high cross from left by TFC Morgan from 45 yards.
81 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right has TFC Amarikwa flick weak header backwards from 10 yards on right that goalie catches on bounce.
83 min...A black cat runs across the field and disappears into the south west corner of the stands. TFC goalie makes stop on SL Ramirez 22 yard rolled shot from left.
84 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right has TFC Wiedeman eventually cross well over net from 20 yards on right.
85 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right has defenders clear.
86 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right is cleared.
86 min...SL Peralta rolls weak 20 yard shot up middle for TFC goalie to save after receiving low cross from left.
87 min...SL Luduena cornerkick from left is headed away by TFC Johnson in crowd of players at 6 yards in middle of box.
87 min...SL Luduena crosses from 22 yards on left that finds SL Baloy at 10 yards who heads ball that hits left goal post and bounce wide left but stay in play.
88 min...SL Daniel Luduena GOAL...Luduena on give and go with SL Oribe Peralta on edge of box runs into left side of box to receive return pass and takes low 6 yard shot from left is past sprawling goalie and sliding TFC Richard Eckersley into right side of net. Luduena had pulled away from TFC Torsten Frings shirt grab and TFC Terry Dunfield had tried to kick ball away but flubbed ball into his path.
91 min...SL Candido Ramirez GOAL...SL Daniel Luduena in middle after turn to 20 yards passes left to open Ramirez who rushes to pass on left and low 10 yard shot from left has sprawling goalie get hand to but ball bounces into low right corner of net.
92 min...TFC Amarikwa bashes up left but 22 yard cross has TFC Silva not able to turn header and ball bounces through box.
92:35 min...game ends 9:55pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Santos Laguna (Mexico)...........3........

Attendance was announced as 10951. This was not part of the season ticket package but was built up by saying it would be revenge from the Concacaf Champions League semi-final earlier this year carried over from the 2011 season. In that game TFC tied 1-1 at home and got blown out 6-2 in the return game in Mexico during a second half meltdown. The game was built up as a 'must-win' game before it took place. TFC's remaining games are the two on the road against Aguila in El Salvador then Santos Laguna. Since TFC beat Aguila 5-1 here at BMO Field, Santos Laguna beat Aguila 5-0 in Mexico. Although Aguila will probably play tougher at home, it is not expected they'd beat Santos Laguna which made tonight's game all the more critical.

The Santos Laguna players passed a lot better and more elaborately than TFC. I felt like they were the better team. Their winning goal continued non-stop after hitting the goal post a full minute earlier. All TFC players could do was try to clear the ball but SL players kept regaining possession and continueing their pressure.

Oribe Peralta had scored two goals in the final of the Olympic games a few weeks earlier to ensure that Mexico won the gold medal.

The cat that ran across the field was a surprise to all. I noticed it running across the field and first thought it was a squirrel because that has happened here before a few seasons back. Then I realized it was bigger than a squirrel but still couldn't be sure what it was. It ran through the 6 yard box behind TFC goalie Freddy Hall. Hall immediately made an important save on a shot from the left but soon two goals were scored from about the same position. So television revealed it was a black cat and the bad luck stories started! I don't know where the cat would have come from. There is a Humane Society Adoption Centre only 500 yards away which operates year round. I went over to ask their office the next time I was in the area (the Canada vs Panama World Cup qualifier on September 7th. The staff there had not heard of the incident (although it made newscasts everywhere) and one double checked that no black cats were adopted on that day or turned in the next day (it looked from television replays like a few security guards were near to catching it). The woman who looked up the info on her computer said there were quite a few feral cats living on the grounds. The night of the game the Canadian National Exhibition was going on so there had been noisy crowds for almost a week by that time. I still think it was suspititious that the cat conveniently decided to run across the field at exactly that time.

Andrew Wiedeman, Ashtone Morgan, and Terry Dunfield were the only TFC players who came over to salute the fans in the south end. Maybe the rest of the team was shell shocked by their collapse in the last few minutes.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Match Stats

Major Events
Scoring Summary

Goals and Assists
CSL  49'  Carlos Quintero  (Marc Crosas)
TOR  68'  Quincy Amarikwa
CSL  90'  Daniel Ludueña  (Oribe Peralta)
CSL  92'  Candido Ramirez  (Daniel Ludueña)
Match Info
Referee: Walter Lopez

TOR  15'  Darren O'Dea  Argument
CSL  15'  Oribe Peralta  Foul
TOR  32'  Terry Dunfield  Dissent

Match Stats
Toronto FC             Santos Laguna
 12   Attempts on Goal    22
  1   Shots on Target     11
 10   Shots off Target     9
  1   Blocked Shots        2
  3   Corner Kicks         6
 11   Fouls               10
 22   Open Play Crosses   17
  1   Offsides             3
  2   First Yellow Cards   1
  0   Second Yellow Cards  0
  0   Red Cards            0
 40   Duels Won           50
 44%  Duels Won %         55%
318   Total Pass         462
 76%  Passing Accuracy %  81%
 41.9% Possession         58.1%


Toronto - Freddy Hall; Jeremy Hall, Richard Eckersley, Darren O'Dea, Ashtone Morgan; Andrew Wiedeman, Terry Dunfield, Torsten Frings, Ryan Johnson; Luis Silva, Eric Hassli (Quincy Amarikwa 45') ... Substitutes not used: Milos Kocic; Adrian Cann, Dicoy Williams, Logan Emory, Aaron Maund

Santos Laguna - Oswaldo Sanchez; Oswaldo Alanis, Felipe Baloy, Cesar Ibanez, Kenyi Adachi; Edgar Lugo (Darwin Quintero 45'), Marc Crosas, Daniel Luduena, Juan Pablo Rodriguez; Herculez Gomez (Candido Ramirez 76'), Oribe Peralta ... Substitutes not used: Miguel Becerra; Alejandro Martinez, Rodolfo Salinas, Rafael Figueroa, Alonso Escoboza

TFC starters

Santos Laguna starters

SL Herculez Gomez (16) and Oribe Peralta (24) take opening kickoff.

TFC Eric Hassli (29) rushes to take shot.

TFC goalie Freddy Hall beats SL Hercules Gomez to through ball pass.

SL Daniel Luduena (10) looking to dribble through players.

SL Kenyi Adachi (57) takes throw-in.

TFC Torsten Frings (22) and Luis Silva (11) take second half kickoff.

TFC Torsten Frings takes cornerkick.

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