Result of the Wednesday August 15, 2012 MLS game between Toronto FC and Portland Timbers played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm.

Toronto FC (all white, black names and numbers, red shoulders and trim)

....................30 Milos Kocic
20 Ty Harden...27 Richard Eckersley...12 Adrian Cann...5 Ashtone Morgan
19 Reggie Lambe...21 Aaron Maund...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...8 Eric Avila
............11 Luis Silva...29 Eric Hassli

Subs:...41 Freddy Hall (gk)...13 Keith Makubuya (fwd)...16 Oscar Cordon (mid)...18 Quincy Amarikwa (fwd)...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

Portland Timbers (dark green socks and shirts, white shorts, sleeves, names and numbers)

................1 Donovan Ricketts
15 Kosuke Kimura...33 Hanyer Mosquera...12 David Horst...14 Steven Smith
7 Sal Zizzo...13 Jack Jewsbury (cpt)...21 Diego Chara...6 Darlinton Nagbe
...........9 Kris Boyd...22 Rodney Wallace

Subs:...23 Joseph Bendik (gk)...2 Mike Fucito (fwd)...10 Danny Mwanga (fwd)...16 Brent Richards (fwd)...17 Eric Alexander (mid)... 19 Bright Dike (fwd)...98 Mamadou Danso (def)
team officials:...head coach Gavin Wilkinson

Game officials:...referee Geoff Gamble...referee's assistants Claudio Badea and Kevin Klinger...fourth official Abbey Okulaja
...(gray shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:38pm...TFC defends south end on this warm evening with the setting sun behind the clouds.
1 min...PT Zizzo gets to long cross on right and taps ball back and over from 12 yards to PT Boyd whose 15 yard shot up middle is blocked by TFC Eckersley.
2 min...TFC Frings 35 yard freekick up middle is caught by goalie in center of net.
3 min...PT Zizzo cross from 25 yards on right is headed by PT Wallace on right side from 15 yards through box wide of net for goalkick.
4 min...TFC goalie beats PT Wallace to pick up bouncing ball on left side of box.
7 min...PT Smith cornerkick from right has defenders head ball on left side of box for cornerkick.
7 min...PT Zizzo cornerkick from left has PT Horst jump and head 8 yarder down middle onto top of net.
8 min...TFC players Frings and Lambe and have two shots blocked on edge of box and cleared for fast break.
9 min...TFC Morgan slides to clear ball on right edge of TFC box before PT Zizzo can get to it.
10 min...PT Wallace 18 yard low cross from left is through box and wide right for goalkick.
12 min...TFC Cann clearance is blocked by PT Boyd at 22 yards but recovers and passes back to goalie for him to clear.
14 min...TFC goalie 75 freekick deflects through to goalie off head of TFC Silva at 25 yards.
15 min...PT goalie beats TFC Silva to catch defenders pop back header.
17 min...TFC Avila skips 40 yard shot from left that bounces to goalie.
17 min...PT Wallace 40 yard chip from right is caught by goalie wide left of net.
18 min...TFC Hassli blasts 18 yard shot from left that goalie pushes onto top of net on fumble.
18 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball up and defender clears.
19 min...TFC Morgan gets back to knock ball away from PT Zizzo before he can cross in from 25 yards on right but gives up cornerkick.
20 min...PT Sal Zizzo GOAL...PT Steven Smith takes cornerkick from right that has PT David Horst on left head ball across box from 8 yards and Zizzo sidefoots shot from 3 yards in middle of box past goalie Milos Kocic on left and ball hits TFC Eric Avila on goal line and Zizzo boots in 2 yard rebound into right side of net.
21 min...TFC Hassli called on offensive push on defender at PT 18 yards.
23 min...PT Smith cornerkick from right has defenders pop up ball and PT Jewsbury cross from 15 yards has goalie catch ball on right side of net.
26 min...PT Wallace 30 yard roller up middle between defenders is picked up by goalie.
27 min...PT Smith 40 yard freekick down middle has TFC Eckersley head ball away at 15 yards and PT player can't get away shot on rebound from 22 yards.
28 min...TFC Frings 35 yard freekick down middle is wide to TFC Lambe at 22 yards and his kick is stopped by second defender at 12 yards.
30 min...PT Zizzo run on left cutting towards goal and rolls cross that defender slides to clear at 12 yards.
33 min...TFC Silva gets fed pass up middle at 22 yards but has ball knocked away by sliding PT Kimura before he can get away shot.
35 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has PT Wallace on right side of box head ball away.
36 min...PT Smith 60 yard cross up left bounces through crowd of players at 30 yards for goalie to pick up on left side of box.
37 min...TFC Frings 50 yard freekick chip from left has TFC Cann make backward header shot wide right from 12 yards.
38 min...TFC Avila low 25 yard blast is blocked at 15 yards by teammate and deflects away from goal.
38 min...After TFC players have good passing sequence on edge of PT box, TFC Morgan cross from left at 22 yards has defender head ball away at 5 yards even with left post.
Nothing but passing around between players on both teams until they get to the defender's 25 yard line when they lose possession.
46 min...half ends 8:24pm.

Halftime entertainment: There's a Timbits mini game between kids from York Jets Soccer Club in the north end that lasted about three minutes. There was an Expendables Boot Camp Challenge between two adults in the center circle that had the contestants dribble a soccer ball around a few pylons between doing situps and jumping jacks then kick the ball into a mini-net. They had already ran five commercials for the new movie 'The Expendables 2' before the game started tonight.

2nd Half:...half starts 8:42pm.
halftime sub:...TFC Wiedeman replaces Lambe.
47 min...TFC Silva rolls 30 yard shot from right wide right of net.
49 min...PT Zizzo 40 yard freekick from left bounces through box wide right for goalkick with both PT Jewsbury and flying PT Horst a step slow to connecting to header at 8 yards.
50 min...TFC Silva misses pass behind him on edge of PT box and defenders clear ball.
53 min...TFC Frings gets rush up left eludes defender but sliding PT Jewsbury concedes cornerkick at 5 yards.
53 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has PT Wallace head ball away. Frings gets ball back and chips in from 25 yards on left has TFC Harden head ball from 10 yards that's caught by goalie under bar.
54 min...TFC Wiedeman eludes defender to cut 22 yard roller that's wide left of net.
56 min...TFC Eric Hassli GOAL...TFC Richard Eckersley takes 70 yard freekick from right that has TFC Adrian Cann flick header forward from 20 yards on right and TFC Luis Silva shoots 15 yarder that has diving goalie Donovan Ricketts make save and Hassli on left kicks in rebound from 8 yards into empty net.
57 min...PT Zizzo is injured in heel clip at TFC 50 yard line and wins freekick.
58 min...TFC sub...Amarikwa replaces Avila.
60 min...TFC Silva chips from 25 yards has PT Kimura concedes cornerkick on left.
61 min...TFC Silva cornerkick from left has defender head ball away.
62 min...PT Nagbe is pushed over by TFC Amarikwa at TFC 40 yards on run but no call is given.
62 min...TFC Luis Silva GOAL...TFC Ashton Morgan runs down left and cuts towards goal beating PT Kosuke Kimura and crosses low 18 yarder that TFC Eric Hassli flicks header on dive from 5 yards and Silva slides on right and foots in from 3 yards on left.
64 min...PT Chara recovers ball at 22 yards on left stripped from TFC Eckersley and run to 7 yards but TFC Harden checks him off ball.
64 min...TFC Hassli blasts 22 yarder up middle well high and wide right of net.
65 min...PT sub...Fucito replaces Zizzo.
67 min...TFC Harden throw-in near right cornerflag has TFC Amarikwa run ball over right end line.
67 min...PT Smith cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Eckersley head ball away at 10 yards in middle.
68 min...PT Wallace cross from 20 yards on far left has TFC player head ball away. 69 min...PT Fucito has TFC Eckersley pull him over but pushes pass to PT Boyd who kicks low 12 yard shot that sliding goalie deflects with his leg wide right for cornerkick.
70 min...PT Smith cornerkick from right has PT player on left head ball across 6 yard box but TFC Hassli boots ball clear from near right end line.
71 min...PT Mosquera heads away TFC Hassli cross into box from 22 yards on right.
72 min...TFC Hassli cuts 25 yard shot from right high and wide left of net.
73 min...TFC goalie rusn to left beats PT Boyd to bouncing ball.
74 min...TFC Hassli recovers partial clearance and shoots 28 yarder down middle well wide left of net.
76 min...PT sub...Alexander replaces Wallace.
77 min...TFC Frings 28 yard blast up middle deflects off PT Horst at 15 yards for cornerkick on right.
77 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is over players and through box unplayed.
79 min...TFC sub...Makubuya replaces Hassli who gets a hug from coach Mariner.
80 min...PT Smith cornerkick from right has goalie leap to catch in crowd of players in center of box.
81 min...PT Darlington Nagbe GOAL...PT Steven Smith throw-in from 50 yards on left side down is downfield and PT Fucito taps ball back to PT Smith at 35 yards for rush on left and plays give and go with PT Eric Alexander then he chips cross from 10 yards over sliding goalie to right and Nagbe heads 8 yarder from right into open net.
83 min...PT Fucito can't win Penalty kick when TFC Eckersley grabs him at 12 yards.
83 min...PT YELLOW card...Mosquera earns it for push on TFC Makubuya at PT 25 yards on left.
85 min...TFC Silva taps a freekick from 25 yards on left and charging TFC Frings takes low shot that deflects off foot of PT defender in player wall and has TFC Makubuya deflect 6 yard shot just wide left of post with goalie moving right.
86 min...PT goalie leaps higher that TFC Makubuya to catch cross from 40 yards from right sent in by TFC Maund.
87 min...TFC Silva in center turns and shoots 20 yarder over net.
88 min...TFC Frings 35 yard cross from right is caught by goalie.
90 min...PT Smith slides on TFC Amarikwa on run at 25 yards on right and gives up cornerkick.
91 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has PT goalie bat down and eventually pick up ball after scramble. PT goalie then throws the ball out of bounds and falls over injured.
92 min...TFC Frings kicks ball back to goalie in sportsmanlike move after restart.
93:25 min...game ends 9:30pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........Portland Timbers...........2........

Attendance was announced as 18773. The crowd filled in by the end of the first half on this warm evening with the sun setting in the north west. TFC warmed up their entire roster on the west side which was in the shade.

The game programs on sale at the game today have finally been updated with the new players TFC has acquired in the last month. Before the game tonight it was announced that the Esquire (watch company) Player of the Month winner (awarded for community service) for July is defender Jeremy Hall who was not in tonight's game because of injury.

The game program says that the Timbers let in late goals and they've only scored two road goals all season while conceding twenty. Not mentioned was TFC's record.

Both teams were missing players because of international callups. TFC had defender Doneil Henry and midfielder Terry Dunfield playing tonight for the Canadian national team. Canada beat Trinidad & Tobago 2-0 in a friendly game in Florida tonight. Defender Dicoy Williams and forward Ryan Johnson were playing for the Jamaican national team tonight. They won 2-0 against El Salvador in Washington DC. Newly acquired defender Darren O'Dea who hasn't played for TFC yet was away playing for Ireland in a 0-0 tie against Serbia in Belgrade. Defender Logan Emory was also missing serving a suspension for picking up a Red card in TFC's last game in Chicago. He was scheduled to miss last Saturday's game against Columbus Crew except that game was postponed until next Wednesday after the death of Crew player Kirk Urso. Yet another TFC defender, Jeremy Hall, did not play because of injury as did midfielder Matt Stinson. Timbers were missing midfielder Franck Songo'o through suspension and defender Lovel Palmer (Jamaica) and Steve Purdy (El Salvador) were away on international duty while defender Chris Taylor was injured.

That adds up to three players away on the two teams for Jamaica so it was ironic that there was a short performance by the Jamaica Military Band to salute the 50th year of Independence before the game. Timbers newly acquired goalie (from Montreal Impact) Donovan Ricketts is from Jamaica but the players were back in the dressing room while the band was playing.

TFC only listed four outfield subs for tonight's game and none of them were defenders so it was if they had to go for the victory at the end. TFC had the best chance for a late winner when at 85 minutes rarely used forward Keith Makubuya deflected a Torsten Frings freekick wide left from 6 yards.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as forward Eric Hassli. He had a goal and an assist in his first home game so there was really no other choice. He was acquired in a trade with Vancouver last week.

TFC next game is this upcoming Saturday against Sporting Kansas City at 4:30pm. The Canadian National Exhibition starts on Friday so fans will have to allow more time to get to the stadium.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Match Stats

Major Events

Goals and Assists
POR  21'  Sal Zizzo
TOR  57'  Eric Hassli
TOR  63'  Luis Silva  (Eric Hassli, Ashtone Morgan)
POR  82'  Darlington Nagbe  (Steven Smith, Eric Alexander)

Match Info
Referee: Geoff Gamble
Attendance: 18773

POR  85'  Hanyer Mosquera  Foul YELLOW card
Toronto – Milos Kocic; 
Ty Harden, Richard Eckersley, Adrian Cann, Ashtone Morgan; 
Reggie Lambe (Andrew Wiedeman 46’), Aaron Maund, Torsten Frings, Eric Avila (Quincy Amarikwa 59’), 
Luis Silva, Eric Hassli (Keith Makubuya 80’) 
... Substitutes not used: Freddy Hall, Oscar Cordon
Portland – Donovan Ricketts; 
Kosuke Kimura, Rodney Wallace (Eric Alexander 77’), Hanyer Mosquera, David Horst; 
Sal Zizzo (Mike Fucito 66’), Diego Chara, Jack Jewsbury, 
Darlington Nagbe, Kris Boyd 
... Substitutes not used: Joe Bendik, Danny Mwanga, Bright Dike, Mamadou Danso, Brent Richards

Match Stats
Toronto FC               Portland Timbers
15      Attempts on Goal   10
 6      Shots on Target     5
 5      Shots off Target    3
 4      Blocked Shots       2
 6      Corner Kicks        6
 9      Fouls              12
15      Open Play Crosses  13
 1      Offsides            1
 0      First Yellow Cards  1
 0      Second Yellow Cards 0
 0      Red Cards           0
44      Duels Won          39
53%     Duels Won %        46%
330     Total Pass        446
72%     Passing Accuracy % 81%
42.4%   Possession         57.6%

TFC starters

Timbers starters

TFC Luis Silva (11) and Aaron Maund (21) take kickoff.

TFC Torsten Frings lines up freekick.

TFC Luis Silva (11) battles PT Jack Jewsbury (13) in center circle.

PT cornerkick

That cornerkick is headed through the box.

PT Kris Boyd (9) and Darlinton Nagbe (6) take second half kickoff.

TFC players celebrate second goal.

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