Result of the Saturday July 21st, 2012 MLS International Friendly game between Toronto FC and Liverpool FC (England) played at The Rogers Centre in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all white, black names and numbers, red shoulders and trim)

....................41 Freddy Hall
4 Doneil Henry...27 Richard Eckersley...2 Logan Emory...5 Ashtone Morgan
19 Reggie Lambe...23 Terry Dunfield...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...8 Eric Avila
..............11 Luis Silva...9 Ryan Johnson

40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...12 Adrian Cann (def)...13 Keith Makabuya (mid)...15 Matt Stinson (mid)...16 Oscar Cordon (mid)
...18 Quincy Amarikwa (fwd)...20 Ty Harden (def)...21 Aaron Maund (mid)...31 Dicoy Williams (def)...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
...33 Sergio Camargo (fwd)...34 Roberto Galle (def)...35 Ryan Sciacchitano (fwd)...36 Joshua Janniere (mid)...38 Tyler Pasher (def)
team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

Liverpool FC (all red, white names and numbers)

......................1 Bradley Jones
47 Andre Wisdom...45 Stephen Sama...23 James Carragher (cpt)...3 Jose Enrique
44 Jordan Ibe...26 Charles Adam...20 Jay Spearing...18 Alberto Aquilani
.......48 Nathan Eccleston...12 Daniel Pacheco

Subs:...42 Peter Gulacsi (gk)...?? Daniel Ward (gk)...21 Lucas Leiva...22 Daniel Wilson (def)...30 Suso (fwd)...31 Raheem Sterling (mid)
...33 Jonjo Shelvey (mid)...37 Martin Skrtel (def)...38 Jon Flanagan (def)...49 Jack Robinson (def)...50 Adam Morgan (fwd)
...51 Krisztian Adorjan (fwd)...?? Bradley Smith (def)...?? Ryan McLaughlin (def)
team officials:...head coach Brendan Rodgers

Game officials:...referee Paul Ward...referee's assistants Bedik Charchafian and Richard Gamache...fourth official David Barrie
...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:06pm...TFC defends east end on this hot day with a bright sun from the south. The roof was retracted during the pre game warm ups.
2 min...Liv Pacheco cross from 12 yards on left is headed back to Pacheco by TFC Emory at 6 yards and his recross is over players wide right for goalkick.
5 min...TFC goalie picks up roller on right ahead of charging Liv Adam after Liv Wisdom long roller forward from 60 yards.
6 min...TFC Henry long throw-in from 35 yard line on right has TFC Johnson not able to get away shot on edge of box.
6 min...TFC Frings chips ball forward from 55 yards up middle that has TFC Silva on left side flick centering header across box and TFC Johnson takes a low 18 yarder that diving goalie pushes wide right of post at 6 yards.
7 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has Liv Sama head ball away at 6 yards before leaning TFC Henry can connect with his head.
9 min...TFC Frings 45 yard freekick down middle is cleared on edge of box.
10 min...TFC Morgan 35 yard cross from left is over box and over line for goalkick.
11 min...Liv Ibe runs down right wing and wins cornerkick when checked by two players.
12 min...Liv Adam cornerkick from right has TFC Johnson as nearest man head away from near right post.
12 min...Liv Pacheco steps around TFC Henry to cross from 15 yards along left end line is caught by goalie at 3 yards in front of players waiting to try and head ball.
14 min...TFC Eckersley 55 yard freekick has TFC Henry head ball down on right edge of box but Liv Spearing gets back to clear away.
16 min...Liv Enrique rolls cross inside left side of box after receiving short tapped pass and TFC Dunfield clears from 7 yards.
16 min...Liv Ibe has play whistled for hand ball when he tries to dribble into right side of TFC box between three defenders.
18 min...TFC Henry rushes around defender to get away low cross from 12 yards at right end line that's cleared in 6 yard box.
18 min...Liv Adam chips pass from 60 yards on right that Liv Eccleston charges forward up middle to head 18 yarder wide right of net.
21 min...TFC Frings 50 yard freekick down middle has Liv defender head ball down at 14 yards on left and TFC Morgan whiffs on 20 yard shot when checked by another defender.
23 min...TFC Morgan gets away with tackle that knocks down Liv Ibe near right end line 20 yards from goal and ball rolls for goalkick.
24 min...TFC Morgan clears ball off Liv Eccleston to win goalkick on right.
25 min...Liv Pacheco low cross from 15 yards along left end line has goalie dive forward to catch ball.
27 min...TFC sub...Pasher replaces Morgan.
28 min...Liv Spearing chips 50 yarder up middle that bounces to goalie on edge of box.
30 min...TFC Dunfield can't win Penalty kick call when TFC Johnson flicks pass over to him on right and he on flops inside edge of Liv box in race for ball with Liv Enrique who pushes him over.
31 min...TFC Johnson at 18 yards in middle on edge of box rolls pass at 18 yards too far right for TFC Silva who does get to it but crosses from 18 yards along right end line which goalie makes overhead catch but play was flagged down as ball had bent out of play on cross.
32 min...TFC Pasher makes sliding leg check on right edge of box to stop Liv Ibe and gets up and clears ball.
33 min...Liv Enrique dekes defenders on left and then plays give and go with Liv player and when he gets ball back shoots 20 yard blast that can't win hand ball call on left off TFC Dunfield at 17 yards.
34 min...TFC Eckersley long rush on right sideline includes give and go with TFC Lambe and his cross from 25 yards on right is partially blocked and ball is cleared from inside box.
35 min...TFC Henry rush back for sliding check on Liv Pacheco on left and wins goalkick on deflection.
36 min...Liv Pacheco rolls ball from 18 yards while just inside left side of box has retreating TFC Frings in middle get back to tap back ball for goalie to make clearance kick.
38 min...TFC Johnson cross from 25 yards on left has Liv Sama clear ball 7 yards.
39 min...Liv Sama checks TFC Lambe off ball on right side of box and ensures goalkick.
40 min...TFC Pasher trips up Liv Ibe for freekick at 30 yards on right side.
40 min...Liv Adam low 35 yard freekick from right is cleared in box.
40 min...Liv Adam cross from 35 yards on right is well high and wide left of net.
42 min...Liv Pacheco blasts 22 yard shot from left that TFC Eckersley slides to block at 15 yards. Liv Pacheco pushes way through for rebound and blasts 12 yard shot from left that sliding TFC Henry deflects wide left for cornerkick.
43 min...Liv player takes short cornerkick from left and Liv Aquilani sends low bending shot from left that's saved by goalie on right post.
44 min...TFC Johnson passes forward from 22 yards on right from 18 yards and charging TFC Dunfield crosses from 10 yards on end line is caught by goalie flying forward.
45 min...Liv Wisdom cross from 22 yards on right has TFC Dunfield head away ball at 10 yards in middle of box.
46 min...half ends 4:52pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There were lots of children on the field. Two games were played widthwise in the east end. One game had Under 12's and the other with Under 9's.

2nd Half:...starts 5:11pm.
halftime subs:...both teams flip their entire teams (except TFC Pasher who had subbed in at 27 minutes.

TFC line-up:......40 Quillan Roberts
34 Roberto Galle...31 Dicoy Williams...20 Ty Harden...38 Tyler Pasher
36 Joshua Janniere...15 Matt Stinson...21 Aaron Maund...32 Andrew Wiedeman
...........33 Sergio Camargo...18 Quincy Amarikwa

Liverpool line-up:....42 Peter Gulacsi
38 Jon Flanagan...37 Martin Skrtel...22 Daniel Wilson...49 Jack Robinson
.......51 Krisztian Adorjan...33 Jonjo Shelvey...30 Suso
.......31 Raheem Sterling...50 Adam Morgan...10 Joseph Cole

46 min...Liv player's cornerkick from left has Liv Skrtel not able to turn header in crowd.
47 min...Liv goalie leaps to catch long 50 yard freekick from right.
48 min...Liv Sterling cross from 25 yards on left is over players in box and out right side.
49 min...Liv Shelvey cross from 10 yards on right end line has TFC Williams clear away from 3 yards.
49 min...TFC Amarikwa rush down right and chips 25 yards shot is high and wide left.
50 min...Liv Shelvey 45 yard chip down middle has goalie charge forward to 12 yards to catch ball.
51 min...TFC Stinson blocks ball from Liv Robinson and rolls pass from 28 yards on right to center where TFC Maund has ball deflect off Liv defender and roll wide left but goalie charges over to dive on endline for ball to save cornerkick.
54 min...the roof overhead is being closed!
57 min...TFC Quicy Amarikwa GOAL...TFC Sergio Camargo rushes down middle and takes 25 yard blast down the middle through defenders and has goalie Peter Gulacsi dive to block at 6 yards and Amarikwa gets to rebound on left at 8 yards and shoots low and over goalie into center of net.
59 min...Liv player gets to long bounced pass and his 22 yard shot on right is high and wide right of net.
59 min...Liv Suso 40 yard shot from extreme left is rolled through box wide right.
61 min...Liv Cole cross is blocked by TFC Pasher for cornerkick on right.
61 min...Liv Cole cornerkick from right has TFC player head ball away from center of box.
62 min...TFC Camargo low 28 yard blast from right is through by defender wide left of net.
64 min...Liv Suso eludes defender cutting in from right and cuts 20 yard shot that's caught by goalie on right post.
66 min...TFC Harden kicks ball wide left when charging TFC goalie looks like he might not make it out for clearance at 22 yards.
67 min...TFC defenders kick ball wide left to stop Liv Shelvey on cross from on left.
68 min...Liv Adam Morgan GOAL...Liv Raheem Sterling gets to ball at 25 yards on left steps around TFC Roberto Galle and runs forward slides ball from 6 yards even with left post under TFC Dicoy Williams and Galle and past goalie Quillan Roberts' hand for Morgan who'd ran by TFC Tyler Pasher to tap-in from 1 yard into middle of open net.
69 min...TFC sub...Cann replaces Harden.
71 min...Liv Shelvey 35 yard freekick up middle hits TFC Cann behind player wall and he deflects clearance.
72 min...Liv Cole low cross from right has TFC Williams slide at 8 yards and deflect ball to left past Liv Morgan waiting for pass and gives up cornerkick.
73 min...Liv sub...Leiva replaces Adorjan.
73 min...Liv player's cornerkick from left to right and Liv player crosses into box over to left where Liv Wilson heads from 10 yards on left that's caught by flying goalie on right.
74 min...TFC Stinson cross from 22 yards on right has Liv Skrtel at 8 yards concede cornerkick.
75 min...TFC Camargo cornerkick from left is high and over players in box. TFC Williams eventually wins throw-in on right in battle with Liv Shelvey near cornerflag.
76 min...TFC sub...Makubuya replaces Janniere.
78 min...TFC sub...Cordon replaces TFC Camargo.
80 min...TFC Pasher rolls pass to center from 30 yards on left to TFC Amarikwa who rolls pass forward and TFC Wiedeman slides to kick 12 yarder that's smothered by sliding goalie.
81 min...TFC Amarikwa is injured trying to cut in on edge of Liv box. TFC Stinson blasts 22 yard blast from right well over net from right.
83 min...TFC sub...Sciacchitano replaces limping Amarikwa.
84 min...TFF Galle makes sliding tackle on Liv Sterling rush on left sideline at 25 yard line.
86 min...TFC YELLOW card...Williams earns it for sliding tackle near left edge of TFC box to trip up charging Liv Robinson on rush.
87 min...Liv Cole 22 yard freekick from left is high and wide right.
89 min...Liv Shelvey chips in 60 yard kcik that TFC goalie beats Liv Flanagan to through ball on right and survives bump.
90 min...Liv Cole cross from 30 yards on rush on left is high and wide right.
91 min...Liv Suso cornerkick is worked out from right and Suso blasts low 28 yarder that diving goalie saves on right post.
92 min...game ends 5:57pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Liverpool FC (England)...........1........

Attendance was announced as 33087. The stadium filled in by the end of the first half but the Level 500 seats (the cheapest) were very empty in this 50000+ seat stadium. The roof was opened during the warm ups. It was was closed at 56 minutes so the last part of the game was played 'indoors'. The reason I read later was that there was a threat of a storm blowing into this area. I didn't see any rainfall when I came out of the game. The stadium which usually hosts baseball and Canadian (gridiron) football had 'real' grass laid for this one special game by a company named 'Just Sod It.com'. Real grass was the reason why a team like Liverpool would play a game in Toronto.

There were compromises to Liverpool. It was Liverpool who were allowed to wear their red kit. The piano music was played and Liverpool fans started singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. The crowd was overwhelmingly pro-Liverpool. Toronto FC fans were scared off by the high ticket prices.

Toronto wore their road whites. All uniforms had names on them. That meant even to players from the Academy team and Quincy Amerikwa, the player TFC just traded for earlier in the day. Only the Canadian national anthem was played although after that was played there was a moment of silence for the victims of shootings in Scarborough (Toronto suburb) and Colorado.

Liverpool FC were missing players due to FIFA regulations: Steven Gerrard (English national team captain), Glen Johnson, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, Martin Kelly, Fabio Borini (Italy) and Pepe Reina (Spanish goaltender). The unclear rules state that any player who played in the Euro 2012 tournament a few weeks ago need a certain time for vacation. This fact was NOT revealed to the ticket buying public until the day of the game. Gol TV had filmed a bunch of interviews with TFC players like Terry Dunfield saying how much he was looking forward to meeting his idol Steven Gerrard. These missing players headed to the team camp in Boston. I wonder if next week they will be playing against AS Roma?

This was the first game for new Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers.

Liverpool dominated possession throughout the game. The stats published them at 70% but that's only 10% more than some of TFC's MLS competition.

Toronto FC used a regular first team starting lineup today except for goalie Milos Kocic who was given the day off after playing every minute of every MLS and Amway Canadian Championship game. I was worried that the TFC second half subs wouldn't be able to compete. I noticed that Academy players were given preference over some of the first team players like Oscar Cordon and Keith Makubuya but all got into the game.

I was watching the game from the 5th row right near the center line but on the aisle (about as bad as my BMO Field near-aisle seats). The rows were quite flat to the ground near where I was and the near sideline couldn't be seen. These tickets were about double the price of what I usually pay to see and wasn't worth the price. If the game had been Liverpool vs some European team, I wouldn't have gone as I always leave chances of buying tickets to those kind of games go as I'm not interested. I used to follow Liverpool in the 1980s in weekly magazines like Match and Shoot but I just follow North American teams now.

This game was put on the schedule after a home game against Chicago Fire originally scheduled for this date was moved to September 12th. I wonder if the team regrets breaking up the MLS league momentum of winning three games in a row for the first time in years? Next game for TFC is Saturday July 28th at home against Houston Dynamo.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Major Events

Goals and Assists
TOR  58'  Quincy Amarikwa
LPL  69'  Adam Morgan  (Raheem Sterling)

Match Info
Referee: Paul Ward
Attendance: 33087

TOR  88'  Dicoy Williams  Foul  Yellow card
Lineups First Half:
Toronto - Freddy Hall; 
Doneil Henry, Richard Eckersley, Logan Emory, Ashtone Morgan (Tyler Pasher 28'); 
Reggie Lambe, Terry Dunfield, Torsten Frings, Eric Avila; 
Luis Silva, Ryan Johnson.
Liverpool - Brad Jones; 
Andre Wisdom, Stephen Sama, Jamie Carragher, Jose Enrique; 
Jay Spearing, Alberto Aquilani, Charlie Adam, Jordan Ibe; 
Nathan Ecclestone, Dani Pacheco.
Lineups Second Half: 

Toronto - Quillan Roberts; 
Roberto Galle, Dicoy Williams, Ty Harden (Adrian Cann), Tyler Pasher; 
Josh Janniere (Keith Makubuya), Aaron Maund, Matt Stinson, Andew Wiedeman; 
Sergio Camargo (Oscar Cordon), Quincy Amarikwa (Ryan Sciacchitano)
Liverpool - Peter Gulacsi; 
John Flanagan, Martin Skrtel, Danny Wilson, Jack Robinson; 
Krisztian Adorjan, Jonjo Shelvey, Suso, Joe Cole; 
Raheem Sterling, Adam Morgan 
... Substitutes: Danny Ward; Brad Smith, Ryan McLaughlin, Lucas

Match Stats

Toronto FC            Liverpool
 8   Attempts on Goal      10
 4   Shots on Target        4
 2   Shots off Target       2
 2   Blocked Shots          4
 2   Corner Kicks           6
 8   Fouls                  9
 8   Open Play Crosses     14
 0   Offsides               3
 1   First Yellow Cards     0
 0   Second Yellow Cards    0
 0   Red Cards              0
46   Duels Won             44
51%  Duels Won %           48%
277  Total Pass           660
72%  Passing Accuracy %    92%
30.2%  Possession          69.8%

TFC starters

Liverpool starters

TFC Terry Dunfield (23) and Ryan Johnson (9) take kickoff.

Liverpool Alberto Aquilani (18) with ball.

TFC Doneil Henry (4) gets ready for throw-in.

Liverpool gets ready to start second half.

TFC Sergio Camargo (33) on rush which resulted in goal.

Liverpool Jonjo Shelvey (33) freekick at 71 minutes.

Liverpool Joseph Cole (10) freekick at 87 minutes.

Liverpool players lap the field after the game.

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