Result of the Wednesday July 18th, 2012 MLS game between Toronto FC and Colorado Rapids played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers, black shoulders and sleeves)

........................30 Milos Kocic
4 Doneil Henry...27 Richard Eckersley...2 Logan Emory...5 Ashtone Morgan
19 Reggie Lambe...23 Terry Dunfield...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...8 Eric Avila
.............11 Luis Silva...9 Ryan Johnson

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...13 Keith Makubuya (fwd)...15 Matt Stinson (mid)...16 Oscar Cordon (mid)...21 Aaron Maund (def)
31 Dicoy Williams (def)...32 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

Vancouver Whitecaps (all white, black names and numbers, maroon shoulders)

........................18 Matt Pickens
2 Hunter Freeman...22 Marvell Wynne...3 Drew Moor (cpt)...8 Tyson Wahl
11 Brian Mullan...10 Martin Rivero...4 Jeff Larentowicz...15 Wells Thompson
............14 Omar Cummings...9 Conor Casey

Subs:...31 Steward Ceus (gk)...5 Joseph Nane (mid)...13 Kamani Hill (fwd)...20 Jamie Smith (mid)...32 Tony Cascio (mid)
32 Tyrone Marshall (def)...37 Edu (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Oscar Pareja

Game officials:...referee Ismail Elfath...referee's assistants Peter Manikowski and Craig Lowry...fourth official Geoff Gamble
...(all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 7:07pm...TFC defends north end on this hot, early evening with a bright sun shining in the north west.
1 min...TFC Avila cuts around sliding defender and 12 yard shot is blocked by another defender at 6 yards.
1 min...TFC Henry pushes pass forward from 25 yards that finds TFC Silva behind defender and goalie holds on to him from 7 yards onward in box as he runs past him and CR Wynne slides to left post to block 2 yard shot. Referee signals for Penalty kick.
3 min...TFC Ryan Johnson Penalty kick hits the right post about 5 feet up and deflects wide for goalkick. Goalie dives low to right.
4 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick has TFC Johnson on left at 12 yards cross ball across 6 yard box and defender heads ball away.
5 min...TFC Johnson leaps and heads 7 yarder down middle over net when crossed ball from right by TFC Frings.
7 min...CR Larentowicz blasts 25 yard shot down middle well over net.
9 min...TFC Frings 25 yard freekick from right is low and stopped by defenders on deflection at 8 yards on right.
11 min...TFC Eckersley ensures CR Casey can't get around him when he bumps him over on right edge of box. TFC goalie picks up rolling ball.
13 min...TFC Frings chip from 35 yards called offside with two players caught inside CR box.
15 min...CR Mullan cross from 35 yards on right is too high for CR Rivero to turn header at 15 yards but ball pops over to left for CR Thompson who rolls low cross from 12 yards near end line and TFC Eckersley stops and clears from edge of 6 yard box.
16 min...CR Rivero rush on left and rolls centering pass but TFC Morgan ensures CR player won't get ball. CR Larentowicz wins freekick when TFC trips him on sliding tackle at 30 yards.
17 min...CR Larentowicz receives 35 yard freekick tap over and blasts low shot up middle that TFC player blocks. CR player crosses into box from 25 yards on right and TFC Lambe runs it out left side of box.
17 min...CR Mullan is rolled a pass by CR Cummings from left and he takes 28 yard blast down middle that's off left post.
19 min...TFC Morgan rush down left and 25 yard cross is high and behind net.
22 min...CR Thompson low cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Eckersley dive to head ball through TFC box for throw-in on right.
22 min...CR Conor Casey GOAL...CR Hunter Freeman short throw-in from right at 20 yard line has CR Mullan tap him back ball and Freeman crosses from 28 yards has Casey between TFC Henry and TFC Avila head 10 yarder on left to right side of net beyond flying goalie Milos Kocic.
24 min...CR Mullan low 30 yard shot up middle has diving goalie save on left side of net at 8 yards.
25 min...TFC Silva takes 28 yard shot that pops up off defender at 20 yards and deflects back on bounce for goalie.
26 min...TFC Johnson is booed for a bad pass.
26 min...CR Wynne slides to poke ball away from TFC Lambe down middle at 12 yards for cornerkick.
27 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has TFC Emory pop header from 5 yards in middle across box and out left side.
28 min...TFC Henry gets ball tapped back to him after his throw-in and he crosses over CR box for throw-in on left.
29 min...TFC Lambe dekes two defenders on run down middle but third one clears ball from CR box.
31 min...CR Thompson blast from 12 yards on extreme right is caught by goalie.
33 min...TFC Avila low 28 yarder up middle through players on edge of box is smothered by goalie.
33 min...TFC Johnson on breakaway has CR Moor slide to deflect 12 yard shot from left.
34 min...TFC Frings low cornerkick from left is into side webbing of net.
35 min...CR player's low cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Emory stop on edge of TFC 6 yard box.
36 min...TFC Avila cross from near right cornerflag has leaping TFC Johnson on left head ball down from 8 yards for goalie to dive on and smother.
37 min...TFC Eckersley at 8 yards heads away CR Freeman cross from 20 yards near right end line.
42 min...TFC Frings 22 yard freekick from right has goalie on left post punch ball up and out of box.
43 min...CR Freeman cross from 45 yards on left sideline is well over box and cleared from right.
45 min...CR Wahl 40 yard cross from left sideline has TFC Emory head away from 8 yards inside TFC box in front of CR forwards.
46 min...half ends 7:53pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There's a Carlsberg Crossfire Challenge contest. Three contestants are given three Penalty kicks in 20 seconds to hit the crossbar. All three contestants miss. They then string another crossbar (like a police tape barricade) about halfway down the net and let the contestants try again. Two of them hit one of the bars this round to win a gift certificate.

2nd Half:...starts 8:11pm. The weather is unchanged from the first half but the sun is below the stands so is no longer a factor.
45 min...A tap back pass from TFC Johnson for TFC Morgan to cross from 25 yards is out of bounds before he can play it.
46 min...CR Freeman freekick from 65 yards is into TFC box and is off CR Casey's hand as he runs with TFC Eckersley for a whistle.
48 min...CR Rivero cornerkick from right has leaping TFC Henry head away and he's injured as he falls over TFC Emory at 6 yards.
49 min...TFC Johnson flicks header up middle from 25 yards that rolls to goalie ahead of TFC Silva.
49 min...CR Cummings on right edge of box rolls cross to center for CR Rivero at 18 yards and he rolls left to CR Thompson who takes 12 yard shot is low and saved by goalie after two passes over from right.
50 min...TFC Ryan Johnson GOAL...TFC Luis Silva on edge of CR box in middle taps short pass to right over to Johnson and he runs in after CR Drew Moor clearance attempt deflects off him to 8 yards and runs past CR Tyson Wahl and rolls ball under sliding CR goalie Matt Pickens at 6 yards to left side of net.
52 min...CR Wynne clears ball away from TFC Johnson on edge of CR box.
53 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has TFC player at 15 yards on right flick header into 6 yard box where goalie punches ball away before TFC Emory can connect at 6 yards on right. Frings eventually gets ball back on pass upfield on right side and crosses over goalie but wide left of net.
55 min...TFC Frings 18 yard freekick from extreme left has CR Larentowicz head ball across box to right. TFC Johnson tries short centering pass to TFC Henry but defender clears at 15 yards up middle.
56 min...TFC Silva rolls pass up middle to left and CR Mullan slides to poke away ball from TFC Frings at 6 yards on left conceding cornerkick.
56 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has charging TFC Henry run to middle and head ball wide right from 6 yards.
58 min...TFC sub...Wiedeman replaces Avila.
60 min...TFC Dunfield slides at 15 yards on left but control through ball pass.
61 min...TFC Frings slides at 12 yards on left and can't get to through ball pass from 35 yard pass from left by TFC Morgan.
63 min...CR Thompson on left centers to CR Rivero who blasts 28 yarder down middle over net.
64 min...CR Cummings turns and fires 18 yarder well over net.
65 min...TFC Henry long cross from 40 yards on right is wide left for goalkick.
66 min...TFC Johnson at 35 yards on left crosses into box and CR Wahl heads it to right side where TFC Silva gets to it and runs to right edge of box near end line pursued by Wahl. Silva crosses but CR defender clears ball from 8 yards.
67 min...TFC Andrew Wiedeman GOAL...TFC Doneil Henry on run on right sideline to cornerflag where he eludes CR Omar Cummings and starts running toward goal along end line. Henry passes out to TFC Luis Silva at 15 yards on right and he shoots low and ball tipped by defender at 10 yards and ball skids past CR Drew Moor and through to Wiedeman on left sends ball straight from 6 yards in front of sliding CR Marvell Wynne and ball deflects in off inside of right post.
68 min...CR Freeman rolls ball from 35 yards on right forward for CR Thompson to stop, cut around TFC Eckersley and roll 15 yard shot wide right.
68 min...CR sub...Cascio replaces Thompson.
70 min...TFC Morgan cross from 28 yards on left sideline has CR defender head away from 6 yard box and TFC Dunfield receovers ball up middle, elude sliding defender, and shoot low 22 yard that's stopped by goalie diving to right post.
71 min...CR sub...Edu replaces Cummings.
72 min...CR sub...Smith replaces Mullan.
74 min...CR Wahl 45 yard cross from left is wide right for goalkick.
75 min...TFC Johnson cross from 25 yards on right has CR Wynne head ball at 7 yards up past flying TFC Silva but concedes cornerkick.
76 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has defender at 8 yards head ball away.
77 min...CRS player cross from 28 yards on left has TFC Eckersley head ball across box and TFC Frings kick ball out of box.
77 min...CR Freeman chips ball from 30 yards down middle to left end line but too far for CR Cascio so it's a goalkick.
79 min...CR Wynne heads ball back to goalie from 15 yards to beat TFC Silva from making play.
79 min...CR Freeman 35 yard chip from right into box has defender head ball away.
81 min...CR Edu can't win cornerkick of Penalty kick when he tangles with TFC Morgan on race for ball across right of box.
82 min...TFC Lambe down with a leg cramp gets TFC Henry to help him while play is still on.
83 min...TFC Lambe down again after conceding cornerkick with TFC Henry and CR Cascio and he tangle near left cornerflag.
84 min...TFC sub...Stinson replaces Lambe who exits behind end line.
84 min...CR Rivero cornerkick from left has defender head ball out of box.
84 min...TFC Eckersley long run down right but 30 yard shot is tipped off CR Wynne and deflects on bouncer too goalie.
85 min... CR Edu 18 yard shot up middle after give and go with CR Smith is caught by goalie.
87 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick has goalie save on diving catch of 8 yard header by TFC Henry in crowd of players.
89 min...TFC Frings 45 yard freekick is short to TFC Stinson who sends it back to Frings at 25 yards on right is bumped over by CR Rivero for freekick.
91 min...CR Freeman given back short throw-in from right and crosses into box which has defenders clear.
91 min...CR YELLOW card...Larentowicz earns it for injurying TFC Dunfield at TFC 15 yards inside box as they jump for ball just inside box.
93 min...TFC Silva blasts low 35 yard shot up middle that goalie blocks then picks up in front of charging TFC Johnson.
94 min...CR Rivero 25 yard freekick up middle is well over net.
94 min...game ends 8:58pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......3..........Vancouver Whitecaps...........2........

Attendance was announced as 18225. The stadium started out pretty empty but filled in as people got here after work.

The weather was hot, sunny, and humid with no noticeable wind. TFC practised on the west side of the south end so they could stay in the shade.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was announced as midfielder Reggie Lambe.

Fan support started off slow with many fans not even here when Ryan Johnson missed his Penalty kick. Fans booed him on a bad pass at 26 minutes that killed off a scoring chance. It was important for his own confidence that he scored the tieing goal.

TFC have won every home game against the Rapids since they entered the league. That's a 6-0-0 record. This is TFC's third win in a row. Rapids lose their fourth game in a row. It's the third time this season they've lost when they've held the lead.

The game program still has player bios on Efrain Burgos Jr, Julian de Guzman, and Nick Soolsma who have been traded or released. Joao Plata is also listed but he's been sent on loan back to Ecuador.

This was only the third MLS game for referee Ismail Elfath but he never lost control of the game. He only gave out one Yellow card.

Rapids have five former TFC players on their roster. Defenders Marvell Wynne, Hunter Freeman and Tyrone Marshall, midfielder Joseph Nane, and forward Conor Casey are the players.

Toronto FC's next game is on Saturday afternoon against Liverpool FC from England played at The Rogers Centre in Toronto at 4:00pm. TFC could use a rest. This date was orginally scheduled as an MLS game against Chicago Fire. A banner in the south stands was unfurled after the game which read "Silverware Not Friendlies".

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Major Events

Goals and Assists
COL  23'  Conor Casey  (Hunter Freeman, Brian Mullan)
TOR  51'  Ryan Johnson  (Luis Silva)
TOR  67'  Andrew Wiedeman (Luis Silva, Doneil Henry)

Match Info
Referee: Ismail Elfath
Attendance: 18225

Misconduct Summary
90+2' Jeff Larentowicz (caution)
Colorado - Matt Pickens; 
Hunter Freeman, Marvell Wynne, Drew Moor, Tyson Wahl; 
Jeff Larentowicz, Brian Mullan (Jamie Smith 73’), Wells Thompson (Tony Cascio 69’), Martin Rivero; 
Conor Casey, Omar Cummings (Edu 72’) 
... Substitutes Not Used: Steward Ceus; Tyrone Marshall, Joseph Nane, Kamani Hill
Toronto - Milos Kocic, 
Doneil Henry, Richard Eckersley, Logan Emory, Ashtone Morgan, 
Reggie Lambe (Matt Stinson 85’), Terry Dunfield, Torsten Frings, Eric Avila (Andrew Wiedeman 59’), 
Luis Silva, Ryan Johnson 
... Substitutes Not Used: Quillan Roberts; Dicoy Williams, Aaron Maund, Matt Stinson, Oscar Cordon, Keith Makubuya

Match Stats
Toronto FC              Colorado Rapids
 14   Attempts on Goal     12
  6   Shots on Target       5
  4   Shots off Target      6
  4   Blocked Shots         1
  5   Corner Kicks          2
 12   Fouls                14
 22   Open Play Crosses    14
  3   Offsides              3
  0   First Yellow Cards    1
  0   Second Yellow Cards   0
  0   Red Cards             0
 52   Duels Won            54
 49%  Duels Won %          50%
378   Total Pass          335
 71%  Passing Accuracy %   73%
 52.8% Possession          47.2%

TFC starters

Rapids starters

TFC Terry Dunfield (23) and Luis Silva (11) take kickoff.

TFC Ryan Johnson hits post on this Penalty kick.

TFC Ashtone Morgan (5) on rush with Rapids Hunter Freeman (2) getting ready to challenge.

Rapids Jeff Larentowicz kicks.

TFC Torsten Frings takes low freekick into box.

Rapids Conor Casey (9) and Omar Cummings (14) take second half kickoff.

Rapids Martin Rivero jumps to make header.

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