Result of the Wednesday July 11th, 2012 MLS game between Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers, black shoulders and sleeves)

........................30 Milos Kocic
25 Jeremy Hall...27 Richard Eckersley...2 Logan Emory...5 Ashtone Morgan
23 Terry Dunfield...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...11 Luis Silva...6 Julian de Guzman
.............9 Ryan Johnson...14 Danny Koevermans

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...3 Miguel Aceval (def)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...8 Eric Avila (mid)...15 Matt Stinson (mid)
...21 Aaron Maund (def)
team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

Vancouver Whitecaps (all white, navy names and numbers)

......................1 Joe Cannon
12 Lee Young-Pyo...15 Martin Bonjour...6 Jay De Merit (cpt)...3 Jordan Harvey
28 Gershon Koffie...4 Alain Rochat...14 Barry Robson...37 Camilo
...........7 Sebastian Le Toux...22 Darren Mattocks

Subs:...Brad Knighton (gk)...8 Etienne Barbara (fwd)...13 Michael Nanchoff (mid)...19 Carlyle Mitchell (def)...27 Jun Marques Davidson (mid)
31 Russell Teibert (mid)...32 Greg Kiazura (def)
team officials:...head coach Martin Rennie

Game officials:...referee Fotis Bazakos...referee's assistants C J Morgante and Scott Kachmarik...fourth official Mathieu Bourdeau
...(gray shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:08pm...TFC defends north end on this hot, early evening with a bright sun shining in the north west.
35 sec...TFC de Guzman 25 yard header up middle after intercepting defender's header is caught by goalie.
1 min...Van LeToux cross from 22 yards along right endline has TFC Eckersley head ball to right for throw-in.
5 min...Van Harvey cross from 25 yards on extreme left wins cornerkick when cross deflects off TFC Hall.
6 min...Van Camilo cornerkick from left is high and defender heads ball to right for throw-in.
7 min...TFC goalie charges forward to pick up bouncer at 8 yards when Van Mattocks chips ball up with back to goal on edge of box.
8 min...TFC Koevermans cross from 22 yards on extreme right lands on top of net.
10 min...TFC Dunfield cross from 25 yards on left finds TFC de Guzman on right at 10 yards and he heads across box but ball is cleared by defender in middle.
12 min...Van Robson rush towards middle from right and 35 yard shot is wide left of net.
13 min...TFC Morgan cross from 28 yards on left is cleared just inside left side of box.
14 min...TFC Johnson chips 35 yard shot down middle that finds TFC Koevermans at 22 yards who heads ball to right cornerflag but ball rolls out of play.
15 min...TFC Dunfield ends TFC pressure on edge of box with chip from 20 yards on right high and left of net.
17 min...Van Robson cross from 40 yards on right is caught by leaping goalie wide left of net.
18 min...TFC de Guzman recovers ball knocked down by Van Le Toux in middle and boots 20 yarder over net.
20 min...the scoreboard clock stops at 20 minutes and the horn goes off.
20 min...TFC Johnson saves ball on Van right end line and rolls back to Dunfield who rolls centering pass from 18 yards over to TFC Frings who blasts 25 yard roller up middle wide left through player traffic that deflects off TFC Koevermans at 8 yards.
21 min...TFC Morgan 30 yard cross from left deflects through heads but cleared from box.
23 min...Van Robson cornerkick from right has goalie swat ball through box. The recross by Van Le Toux from 10 yards on left is popped over net by Van Camilo on 5 yard header.
24 min...TFC Johnson cross from 28 yards on left is headed out of box by Van Harvey at 12 yards.
24 min...Van Camilo hurt on edge of TFC box away from play.
26 min...TFC Hall is hurt at TFC 45 yards away from play.
27 min...TFC sub...Henry replaces injured Hall.
28 min...Van Le Toux cross attempt off defender for throw-in near cornerflag.
29 min...Van Le Toux cross from 18 yard end line on right is over box and Van Camilo cross from left is through 6 yard box and partially cleared and Van Robson kicks ball down middle high wide left from 22 yards.
30 min...Van Robson cross from left 25 yards near end line is caught by goalie.
32 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from right is cleared and TFC de Guzman low 30 yard shot is blocked on edge of box.
33 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is popped up by header in box and cleared from left.
34 min...TFC Dunfield cross from left 30 yards has Van DeMerit head ball away from center of box.
35 min...TFC Silva shoots 20 yarder over net (and hits fan in stands holding a beer).
36 min...Van Camilo 35 yard freekick from left has TFC Henry head ball away to right. Van Rochat crosses back in from near right cornerflag and TFC Morgan heads away.
37 min...TFC YELLOW card...Silva earns it for sliding tackle on Van Harvey at TFC 50 yards.
40 min...TFC Johnson gets breakaway on deflection of Van Bonjour header off him at 50 yards and rushes in takes 10 yard shot that's stopped point blank by sliding goalie.
40 min...TFC Henry feeds pass from 35 yards to TFC de Guzman 15 yard shot is saved by diving goalie and ball rolls for cornerkick.
41 min...TFC Frings cornerkick on right has TFC Henry heads flick 10 yarder in crowd of players that bounces wide left of net.
42 min...TFC Henry gets back to stop Van Mattocks rush to edge of TFC box.
46 min...TFC Johnson given long through ball by TFC Silva and runs down middle from 45 yards with Van Bonjour chasing him and shoots 20 yarder off right goalpost.
46 min...TFC Koevermans 18 yard shot from left is deflected off sliding Van DeMerit and over net.
47 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has Van Koffie head ball away from box.
47 min...half ends 7:55pm.

Halftime entertainment:...There's a Timbits mini game involving children from the High Park Soccer Club. The game took place in the center circle and was over in three minutes. As with all these games everyone except the goalies just chased the ball rather than hold a position.

2nd Half:...starts 8:11pm. The weather is unchanged from the first half and now TFC has to run into the setting sun.
47 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left is over players in box and Van Robson runs it out right side.
48 min...Van Lee chip from 35 yards has Van Mattocks flick head ball away from net at 15 yards.
49 min...Van Darren Mattocks GOAL...Van Barry Robson on right at 30 yards chips pass downfield and Mattocks whiffs shot from 12 yards and goalie Milos Kocic make a point blank stop sliding stop and the ball tickles wide right as TFC Logan Emory falls over him. Mattocks gets to it and runs by fallen Emory for 8 yard shot past goalie diving back to left corner of net with defender Doneil Henry moving out of way to stop any pass attempt.
52 min...TFC Koevermans bumped off ball down middle when he tries to split defenders.
54 min...TFC Dunfield is given tap back pass and takes 35 yard chip from right is caught by goalie stepping forward at 8 yards.
57 min...TFC Frings 30 yard freekick blast down middle deflects off player in wall and bounces for cornerkick on left.
57 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has Van Koffie head ball away from center of box.
58 min...Van Le Toux is hurt at Van 50 yards with head injury.
59 min...TFC sub...Avila replaces de Guzman.
60 min...play resumes at last.
61 min...TFC Frings 35 yard chip from right is caught by goalie.
62 min...TFC YELLOW card...Dunfield for pulling down Van Le Toux at Van 50 yards.
64 min...Van Camilo 40 yard freekick from left has goalie rush forward to punch ball away. Van Rochat and DeMerit and TFC goalie and Emory are injured on the play at 7 yards. DeMerit and Kocic were down the longest.
66 min...Play resumes. Van Lee cross from 30 yards on right sideline is caught by leaping goalie. Lee is injured on play but play continues.
68 min...TFC Luis Silva GOAL...TFC Ashtone Morgan sends in low in 30 yard cross that Silva sticks foot out to deflect at 6 yards on left into right corner of net.
69 min...Van Harvey rush along left end line has TFC Eckersley block at 6 yards and clear ball.
69 min...Van YELLOW card...Rochat earns it for sliding tackle on TFC Silva at Van 30 yards.
71 min...TFC Frings 30 yard freekick down middle has flying goalie push ball wide right of post.
71 min...Van Lee finally returns to game.
71 min...TFC Torsten Frings GOAL...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has TFC Silva head ball over box to right. TFC Ashtone Morgan chases after ball, turns, and taps pass for TFC Eric Avila who crosses ball back into box from 25 yards on left and goalie flies forward to punch ball away. Frings blasts low 30 yard shot that TFC Doneil Henry jumps up to have ball go between his legs and into left corner of net beyond diving goalie Joe Cannon.
72 min...the sun is finally below the stadium.
73 min...TFC Emory pulls over Van Mattocks in TFC box but there's no call.
77 min...TFC goalie catches 40 yard chip into box ahead of charging Van player.
78 min...TFC Avila 30 yard low shot up middle is smothered by goalie.
83 min...Van De Merit cross from 35 yards on left is over players in box and bounces for goalkick.
84 min...Van Le Toux sends flick through ball pass from 30 yards forward to Van Lee at 20 yards and he speeds up middle and eludes sliding goalie at 15 yards and shoots 8 yarder off short right goalpost. Van Mattocks at 15 yards on left is checked off ball and Van Nanchoff takes low 20 yard shot up middle that's blocked by TFC defender at 6 yards.
85 min...Van Lee crosses high from 22 yards on right that TFC goalie leaps to catch wide left of top corner.
86 min...TFC Frings 35 yard freekick from right is wide left of net.
90 min...Van Darren Mattocks GOAL...Van Jordan Harvey high cross from 35 yards on left has Mattocks on right leap higher in front of both defender Logan Emory and goalie playing to swat it away and heads 10 yarder into center of net.
92 min...TFC Johnson 22 yard freekick up middle is over net.
94 min...TFC Terry Dunfield GOAL...TFC Torsten Frings cornerkick from left has Dunfield in center of box head 7 yarder in crowd of players that leaping Van Lee on line heads up but under bar into top right corner of net.
95 min...game ends 9:01pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......3..........Vancouver Whitecaps...........2........

Attendance was announced as 19821. The stadium started out pretty empty but filled in as people got here after work.

The weather was hot, sunny, and humid with no noticeable wind.

Man of the Match (which is always a TFC player) was announced as midfielder Terry Dunfield. That probably proves that the award can be decided on at the last minute because he scored the winning goal on the final play of the game.

TFC practised on the west side of the south end so they could stay in the shade. During warmups, TFC Ashton Morgan was crossing into the box for those forwards who had just taken a shot on net to then receive the cross for a second shot on net. Morgan has had three assists in recent games all from crosses into the box.

Before the game the Esquire (watch company) Player of the Month was awarded to Doneil Henry for his community service. Also there was the introduction of the TFC Academy and the new TFC KIA (car company) Academy logo. There were about 70 boys there including some of the younger age groups. Some of the coaches were named. Rick Titus was one of them.

When the Whitecaps scored the tieing goal, there were groans from all over our section as we'd seen TFC lose leads before as recently as against New England two home games ago. Huge cheers went up when Terry Dunfield scored the winning goal in injury time. It is only their second win in MLS league games this season.

A win is also important in bragging rights as many Montreal and Vancouver fans think TFC AMWAY Canadian Championship victory this year was a fluke but wins against both Montreal and Vancouver in the last few weeks go far to gaining TFC more respect.

Although the weekend game in Philadelphia put an end to a TFC five game undefeated streak, tonight's win has the team on a six game undefeated streak AT HOME in all competitions.

After the game it was announced in the papers that TFC have released forward Nick Soolsma. Also that forward Joao Plata has been loaned back to his old club team in Ecuador. Whitecaps announced that they had transfered Davide Chiumiento to a team in Switzerland. None of these players were in tonight's game. Whitecaps forward Eric Hassli was suspended for this game because of Yellow card accumulation. TFC only dressed six subs tonight.

Toronto FC's next game is on the road against New England Revolution on Saturday night.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Major Events

Goals and Assists
VAN  50'  Darren Mattocks
TOR  68'  Luis Silva  (Ashtone Morgan)
TOR  72'  Torsten Frings  
VAN  91'  Darren Mattocks  (Jordan Harvey)
TOR  95'  Terry Dunfield  (Torsten Frings)

Match Info
Referee: Fotis Bazakos
Attendance: 19821

TOR  38'  Luis Silva  Foul  Yellow card
TOR  63'  Terry Dunfield  Foul  Yellow card
VAN  71'  Alain Rochat  Foul  Yellos card

Toronto - Milos Kocic; 
Jeremy Hall (Doneil Henry 29'), Richard Eckersley, Logan Emory, Ashtone Morgan; 
Terry Dunfield, Julian de Guzman (Eric Avila 60'), Torsten Frings, Luis Silva; 
Danny Koevermans, Ryan Johnson 
... Unused substitutes: Quillan Roberts; Aaron Maund, Miguel Aceval, Matt Stinson
Vancouver - Joe Cannon; 
Lee Young-Pyo, Jay DeMerit, Martin Bonjour, Jordan Harvey; 
Alain Rochat, Barry Robinson, Gershon Koffie; 
Camilo (Michael Nanchoff 82'), Darren Mattocks, Sebastien Le Toux 
... Unused substitutes: Brad Knighton; Etienne Barbara, Jun Marques Davidson, Greg Klazura, Carlyle Mitchell, Russell Teibert

Match Stats

Toronto FC              Vancouver Whitecaps
 16        Attempts on Goal        12
  7        Shots on Target          3
  6        Shots off Target         6
  3        Blocked Shots            3
  7        Corner Kicks             2
 10        Fouls                    8
 18        Open Play Crosses       15
  2        Offsides                 1
  2        Yellow Cards             1
  0        Red Cards                0
 40        Duels Won               30
 57%       Duels Won %             42%
278       Total Pass             416
 66%      Passing Accuracy %      80%
 40.9%    Possession              59.1%

TFC starters

Whitecaps starters

Whitecaps Camilo (37) and Darren Mattocks (22) take kickoff.

Whitecaps Barry Robson on rush.

TFC Ryan Johnson holds up ball.

TFC Ashton Morgan crosses into box.

TFC Luis Silva (11) and Terry Dunfield (23) take second half kickoff.

Whitecaps Jordan Harvey takes throw-in.

Whitecaps Darren Mattocks (22) has just scored.

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