Result of the Saturday June 23rd, 2012 MLS game between Toronto FC and New England Revolution played at BMO Field in Toronto at 5:30pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers, black shoulders and sleeves)

........................30 Milos Kocic
25 Jeremy Hall...27 Richard Eckersley...4 Doneil Henry...5 Ashtone Morgan
22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...6 Julian de Guzman...23 Terry Dunfield...8 Eric Avila
.............14 Danny Koevermans...9 Ryan Johnson

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...2 Logan Emory (def)...11 Luis Silva (mid)...15 Matt Stinson (mid)...19 Reggie Lambe (fwd) ...21 Aaron Maund (def)...31 Dicoy Williams (def)
team officials:...head coach Paul Mariner

New England Revolution (all white, black names and numbers, red trim)

.........................1 Matt Reis
30 Kevin Alston...26 Stephen McCarthy...5 AJ Soares...8 Chris Tierney
11 Kelyn Rowe...22 Benny Feilhaber...19 Clyde Simms...24 Lee Nguyen
..............14 Danny Koevermans...39 Saer Sone

Subs:...34 Bobby Shuttleworth (gk)...2 Florian Lechner (def)...4 John Lozano (def)...23 Blake Brettschneider (fwd)...25 Darrius Barnes (def) ...80 Fernando Cardenas (fwd)...99 Alec Purdie (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Jay Heaps

Game officials:...referee Juan Guzman...referee's assistants Adam Wienckowski and Brian Poeschel...fourth official Geoff Gamble
...(gray shirts, black shorts and socks)...(same referee as TFCs last home game!)

1st Half:...game starts 5:38pm...TFC defend south end on this hot, late afternoon with a bright sun shining in the north west.
1 min...TFC Dunfield long cross from 40 yards on left has TFC Koevermans at 12 yards on right head ball back to TFC Frings who fires high wide right as he falls at 22 yards.
2 min...TFC de Guzman crosses from 30 yards on left and leaping defender heads ball over box from right and ball is cleared.
3 min...TFC Danny Koevermans GOAL...TFC Richard Eckersley long cross from 60 yards on right finds TFC Ashtone Morgan at 30 yard line on left and he runs down sideline to 8 yards and sends 30 yard cross that has Koevermans cut in front of Rev defender AJ Soares and leap to head ball downward and into net on one bounce from 6 yards to right side under flying goalie Matt Reis.
6 min...TFC Morgan wins cornerkick when Revs Alston blocks his 15 yard cross on left.
6 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left is high and over players and bounces for Revs throw-in on right.
7 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from right has ball popped up by defender and goalie punch away and TFC Johnson 12 yard shot is saved by falling goalie at 8 yards.
9 min...Rev Sene cross from 15 yards along left end line has goalie dive forward to catch.
12 min...Rev Fagundez rush on left behind TFC Eckersley and pass centered to Rev Sene as TFC Henry misses ball on slide and Sene rush has TFC Morgan prevent him from getting 12 yard shot and sliding goalie blocks and Morgan clears ball away.
14 min...Rev Tierney chips 35 yard freekick down middle has defender pop up header and cleared. Rev Feilhaber recross from 35 yards on right is missed by players at 10 yards and rolls over end line.
15 min...TFC Koevermans rolls cross from right that TFC Johnson misses when bumped at 15 yards in center.
16 min...Rev Alston receives pass on right and races downfield and rolls cross to Rev Fagundez in middle who continues run and takes 15 yard shot that has flying goalie palm ball over net.
17 min...Rev Tierney cornerkick from right has TFC Koevermans head ball away at 5 yards.
18 min...Rev Sene chips 20 yarder that bounces to goalie.
19 min...Rev Tierney rolls cross from left to Rev Rowe who shoots low 15 yarder that TFC Eckersley blocks with leg at 10 yards.
24 min...TFC Morgan cross from 40 yards on left wing is caught by goalie.
25 min...Rev Feilhaber cornerkick from left is sent back for Rev Tierney at 25 yards and he chips ball into box over players and goalie makes overhead catch.
26 min...TFC Johnson is injured jumping for header at Rev 20 yard line.
29 min...Rev goalie charges to left to catch defender's flubbed clearance.
30 min...Rev YELLOW card...Alston earns it for pushing TFC Morgan out of bounds on rush at Rev 45 yard line.
30 min...TFC Frings 50 yard freekick from left has charging TFC Hall into crowd of players to head ball wide left from 10 yards.
33 min...Rev Rowe crosses over box from 10 yards on left end line.
33 min...TFC goalie beats Rev Fagundez shadowed by TFC Henry to through ball on left.
35 min...TFC de Guzman and Rev Alston are injured at TFC 25 yards. Rev Alston needs treatment.
40 min...Rev sub...Lechner replaces Alston who hadn't returned to the game.
40 min...TFC goalie picks up through ball pass before Rev Fagundez can get to it at 10 yards.
41 min...TFC Ryan Johnson GOAL...TFC Ashtone Morgan cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Danny Koevermans duck and head ball across box and Johnson heads in from 5 yards to right side of net.
44 min...Rev Lechner long throw-in from right is over players in box and cleared from left side of box.
46 min...TFC Hall clears ball from box as Rev had worked ball up middle.
46 min...Rev Feilhaber cornerkick from left has Rev McCarthy head 8 yarder on left that goalie flies and pushes wide right of post. Defender clears off Rev forward for goalkick.
47 min...half ends before goalkick taken at 6:25pm.

Halftime entertainment:...TFC intern Rachel leads a group of three soldiers to kick a soccer ball at the north end goal and try to hit the crossbar. One soldier does it on his second kick.

2nd Half:...starts 6:41pm. The weather has stayed the same.
45 min...Rev goalie steps forward catch TFC Johnson cross from 30 yards near right end line.
46 min...TFC de Guzman cross from 40 yards on left is caught by goalie on right.
46 min...TFC Morgan eludes defender on run up left and shoots 18 yarder just wide left.
47 min...TFC Avila cross from 35 yards on right is over players in box.
47 min...TFC YELLOW card...Koevermans for throwing ball into ground when called for freekick for pushing Rev Lechner over.
49 min...Rev Rowe rush on right and 40 yard cross has TFC Eckersley at 10 yards in box head ball away for throw-in.
50 min...Rev Feilhaber heads ball up middle just over bar from 15 yards when he received cross from right.
51 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has leaping Rev Soares head ball away from 7 yards.
51 min...TFC Koevermans called for pulling defender so TFC Johnson can get break away shot.
52 min...Rev player's low shot from right is wide left from 25 yards.
54 min...Rev Feilhaber 35 yard freekick from left is has defender at 6 yards on left head ball through box to right.
54 min...TFC goalie catches 30 yard long throw-in from Rev Lechner from right.
55 min...TFC Hall long throw-in from left is caught by goalie on left post.
56 min...TFC Johnson has shot blocked by sliding Rev McCarthy at 8 yards and wins cornerkick.
57 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has TFC Johnson head 12 yarder on right that's caught by diving goalie on bounce.
58 min...TFC de Guzman cross from 35 yards on left is bounced wide right of net.
58 min...TFC sub...Silva replaces Avila.
60 min...TFC Frings at 35 yards is tapped back pass and blasts low shot through crowd of players that goalie catches.
61 min...Rev Sene and TFC goalie crash together at 6 yard box when headed back pass. TFC goalie is injured.
62 min...Rev sub...Brettschneider replaces Simms.
63 min...TFC Frings can't control cross and pushes 12 yarder behind end line on right.
64 min...Rev Sene rolls cross into box from left but no Rev player there to make play.
64 min...TFC Morgan wins cornerkick on run up left.
65 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has defenders head away. TFC de Guzman has low rebound saved. TFC Silva 28 yard rebound shot is caught by goalie.
66 min...Rev Sene rolls cross from left and Rev Rowe dribbles through defenders and TFC goalie makes point blank save on 8 yard shot.
66 min...TFC sub...Emory replaces Frings.
67 min...TFC Johnson after long run crosses from 12 yards on left has defender head ball away before TFC Silva can head from 3 yards on right post.
68 min...TFC Morgan rush on left to through ball and centers along end line that defender clears.
69 min...Rev Tierney rushes to save through ball on left end line and sends in low cross from 18 yards that defender clears.
70 min...Rev sub...Cardenas replaces Fagundez.
70 min...Rev Blake Brettschneider GOAL...Rev Benny Feilhaber blasts low 25 yarder up middle that goalie sprawls to save and push wide left. Brettschneider charges in and shoots rebound low to short left corner from 6 yards.
71 min...TFC de Guzman 45 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie wide right of net.
72 min...TFC YELLOW card...Henry earns it for sliding tackle on Rev Cardenas running up middle to near edge of box.
73 min...Rev Tierney 25 yard freekick has TFC goalie push ball wide left of net when it gets through wall of players at 15 yards.
74 min...Rev player's cornerkick from left has ball touched even with left post by Rev McCarthy and rolls through 6 yard box where TFC Emory clears.
75 min...TFC Eckersley hurt making clearance at TFC 40 yards.
77 min...Rev Nguyen on give and go takes 12 yard shot that goalie slides over to save on short right side.
78 min...Rev YELLOW card...Tierney earns it for throwing ball away after whistle.
80 min...Rev Sene 15 yard shot from left is caught by goalie on left post.
80 min...TFC sub...Lambe replaces de Guzman.
81 min...Rev Lechner cross from 30 yards on right is caught by charging goalie at 10 yards.
82 min...Rev Tierney 35 yard freekick from right is caught by leaping goalie. TFC Eckersley is injured on play in collision with Rev Brettschneider near left post.
84 min...Rev Sene shot from 15 yards on rush in from left is over net.
85 min...Rev Feilhaber 25 yard chip too far for Rev Sene to keep in on left end line on his cross.
87 min...Rev Feilhaber gets to poor clearance on edge of box and blasts 18 yard shot up the middle that rings off left post.
88 min...TFC Dunfield 45 yard freekick from left has defender on right head ball away.
89 min...Rev Lechner cross from right end line after deking defender has ball headed across box from left and defender pops header from 4 yards back for goalie to catch just under bar.
91 min...TFC goalie runs to right to catch Rev Tierney 40 yard cross from left.
92 min...Rev Rowe 50 yard chip down middle is caught by goalie on bounce.
93 min...Rev Chris Tierney GOAL...Rev Fernando Cardenas in center at 40 yards passes right to Rev Flo Lechner who rusn to 15 yard line on right and crosses in 28 yarder from right into box and Tierney standing still as players run by him heads in 8 yarder up middle into net.
94:48 min...game ends 7:30pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........New England Revolution...........2........

Attendance was announced as 18877. Today there was a theme of Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Day and the stadium had many in-uniform soldiers in the stands but still not enough to fill it. These seats were supposedly donated by fellow fans meaning already paid for. After the national anthems there was a fly past of two CF-18 Hornets which went by so fast I couldn't get a picture of them. The team had not played at home since May 26th.

The weather was hot, sunny, and humid with no noticeable wind.

Man of the Match (which is always a TFC player) was announced as defender Ashtone Morgan who had assists on both TFC goals. I agree with this choice.

Toronto FC played an almost identical game on Wednesday against Houston when they had a 3-1 lead and ended up with a tie. My jaw dropped when I saw the same ending today.

The team had played with only four subs on the bench against Houston after the arrests of three TFC players for a brawl outside of nightclub in Houston but for this game there was the full seven. Luis Silva was one of the arrested players and he came in as a sub. I saw Nick Soolsma on the bench between the end of this game and the Reserves game but he was not in the lineup for either game.

Revs had six players on their injury list. I saw midfielder and their only Designated player Shalrie Joseph after the game in the travelling supporters section. The team did not play in the middle of the week and looked better near the end of the game as TFC wilted.

Before the game Stefan Frei was awarded the Esquire Player of the Month for his community service work. He has just got his leg out of a cast and has just started some light training so he'd have had time last month for a lot of charitable work.

Toronto FC's next game is on the road against Montreal Impact on Wednesday night.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Major Events

Goals and Assists
Club Time Player                (Assisted by)
TOR   4'  Danny Koevermans      (Ashtone Morgan, Richard Eckersley)
TOR  42'  Ryan Johnson          (Danny Koevermans, Ashtone Morgan)
NE   71'  Blake Brettschneider  
NE   94'  Chris Tierney         (Flo Lechner, Fernando Cardenas)
Match Info
Referee: Juan Guzman
Attendance: 18877

Club  Time  Player              Reason     Action
NE     31'  Kevin Alston        Foul       Yellow
TOR    49'  Danny Koevermans    Dissent    Yellow
TOR    73'  Doneil Henry        Foul       Yellow
NE     79'  Chris Tierney       Dissent    Yellow

Toronto - Milos Kocic; 
Jeremy Hall, Richard Eckersley, Doneil Henry, Ashtone Morgan; 
Terry Dunfield, Torsten Frings (Logan Emory 67'), Julian de Guzman (Reggie Lambe 82'), Eric Avila (Luis Silva 59'); 
Danny Koevermans, Ryan Johnson 
... Substitutes not used: Quillan Roberts; Aaron Maund, Dicoy Williams, Matt Stinson
New England - Matt Reis; 
Kevin Alston (Flo Lechner 40'), A.J. Soares, Stephen McCarthy, Chris Tierney; 
Kelyn Rowe, Clyde Simms (Blake Brettschneider 63), Lee Nguyen, Benny Feilhaber; 
Saer Sene, Diego Fagundez (Fernando Cardenas 70') 
... Substitutes not used: Bobby Shuttleworth; John Lozano, Darrius Barnes, Alec Purdie

Match Stats

Toronto FC             New England Revolution
 11     Attempts on Goal         15
  6     Shots on Target          10
  4     Shots off Target          4
  1     Blocked Shots             1
  4     Corner Kicks              5
 14     Fouls                     5
 14     Open Play Crosses        17
  3     Offsides                  0
  2     Yellow Cards              2
  0     Red Cards                 0
 35     Duels Won                33
 51%    Duels Won %              48%
299     Total Pass              535
 65%    Passing Accuracy %       80%
 36.5%  Possession               63.5%

TFC starters

Revolution starters

Revs Saer Sene (39) and Diego Fagundez (14) take opening kickoff.

Cross into Revs box.

Revs Saer Sene (39) rush on left.

Revs rush

TFC Torsten Frings makes clearance.

TFC Eric Avila takes shot up the middle.

Revs goalie Matt Reis makes catch.

Highlanders get soaked by the sprinklers.

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