Result of the Wednesday May 23rd, 2012 Amway Canadian Championship between Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps played at BMO Field in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Toronto FC (all white, black names and numbers, red sleeves)

........................30 Milos Kocic
.........25 Jeremy Hall...12 Adrian Cann...4 Doneil Henry...5 Ashtone Morgan
.........8 Eric Avila...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...6 Julian de Guzman
.........19 Reggie Lambe...9 Ryan Johnson...7 Joao Plata

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...11 Luis Silva (mid)...14 Danny Koevermans (fwd)...18 Nick Soolsma (fwd)...20 Ty Harden (def) ...23 Terry Dunfield (mid)...27 Richard Eckersley (def)
team officials:...head coach Aron Winter

Vancouver Whitecaps (all navy, white names and numbers)

.......................1 Joe Cannon
12 Lee Young-Pyo...15 Martin Bonjour...6 Jay DeMerit (cpt)...4 Alain Rochat
11 John Thorrington...27 Jun Marques Davidson...28 Gershon Koffie...37 Camilo Sanvezzo
...............7 Sebastian LeToux...29 Eric Hassli

Subs:...18 Brad Knighton (gk)...3 Jordan Harvey (def)...8 Etienne Barbara (fwd)...16 Matt Watson (mid)...17 Omar Salgado (fwd)... 20 Davide Chiumiento (mid)...22 Darren Mattocks (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Martin Rennie

Game officials:...referee Sylvie Petrescu...referee's assistants Philippe Briere and Richard Gamache...fourth official Mathieu Bourdeau ...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:08pm...TFC defend south end on this mild evening with the sun in the north west but not a factor on the field.
1 min...Van Hassli injured at TFC 35 yard sideline when pushed over by TFC Cann.
3 min...TFC Plata cross from near edge of box on left from 20 yards is over TFC Johnson at 8 yards and out right side of box.
4 min...TFC Plata 25 yard shot down middle is caught by goalie near left post.
6 min...TFC Frings chips 30 yarder from right that TFC Plata ducks around Van Lee at 6 yards on left and heads ball wide right and it rolls over end line.
6 min...Van LeToux cross from 22 yards on right has TFC Hall boot away at 10 yards.
7 min...TFC Lambe gets pass on right on TFC rush upfield and sends low cross from 22 yards that defender clears from box.
8 min...TFC Plata cornerkick from left has Van player at 7 yards head ball forward and out of box.
11 min...TFC Frings 45 yard freekick from right sideline has goalie leap to catch at 5 yards.
13 min...TFC Avila rush on right and 30 yard cross from right has TFC Plata head 12 yards wide and high left of net.
15 min...Van LeToux cross from 25 yards on right is wide left for goalkick.
16 min...TFC Morgan cross from 35 yards on left has retreating Van Rochat give up cornerkick at 8 yards on right.
16 min...TFC Lambe cornerkick on right has play whistled down as TFC Henry leaps at 12 yards.
18 min...TFC Avila from 22 yards on left rolls ball forward and TFC Lambe sends in short cross from 15 yards near right end line that has Van Rochat
block from 4 yards has TFC Plata fall and ball hit Van Davidson on hand and he clears from box.
19 min...TFC Morgan rolls cross along left end line bumping with defender has another defender clear from near left post.
21 min...Van Camilo 45 yard freekick has charging Van Rochat head ball wide left from 7 yards.
22 min...Van LeToux slides to push centering pass from 30 yards on left over to Van Thorrington who blasts 25 yarder down middle over net.
25 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from right has Van Lee leap and head ball away at 8 yards starts Van fast break but play ends up offside.
27 min...TFC Rochat cross downfield from 50 yards on left has TFC goalie beat charging Van LeToux to bouncer at 13 yards.
30 min...TFC YELLOW card...Frings for kick on Van Thorrington at he kicks ball away at TFC 48 yards.
31 min...Van Camilo 50 yard freekick from left is over head of leaping Van Koffie at 6 yards on right and goalie fumbles catch attempt on bounce and Van wins cornerkick.
32 min...Van Camilo cornerkick from right has TFC Frings head away on right side of box.
33 min...Van Rochat 40 yard freekick from right has TFC Avila deflect off head 10 yards away for throw-in.
34 min...Van YELLOW card...Bonjour earns it for kick on TFC Plata rushing by at 25 yards on left.
35 min...TFC Plata taps back freekick at Van 28 yards on left and TFC Frings blasts low 30 yard shot wide left of net.
36 min...Van goalie out of box chests ball away from TFC Plata at 20 yards on left and clears.
39 min...TFC Plata cross from 22 yards on left has Van DeMerit head ball out of box from 15 yards.
41 min...Van Camilo 50 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie over his head but would have been wide right.
42 min...TFC Frings shanks 35 yard kick down middle well wide right of net.
43 min...Van YELLOW card...LeToux earns it for sliding tackle on TFC de Guzman at TFC 45 yards.
45 min...TFC de Guzman 28 yard shot is high and wide left after partially cleared throw-in from left.
46:15 min...half ends 8:54pm.

Halftime entertainment:...there's an Amway Relay Challenge which was a 2 vs 2 relay race of fans involving dribbling a ball from the center line
to the end line, do five jumping jacks, then dribble back to the center line and pass off to a partner. The result between North vs South
was a tie so both teams won Amway prize packs.

2nd Half:...starts 9:11pm.
46 min...TFC YELLOW card...Henry earns it for sliding tackle on Van LeToux on right injurying him at TFC 25 yards.
47 min...Van Rochat 30 yard freekick from right has leaping TFC de Guzman head ball away away from 5 yards.
48 min...TFC Johnson picks up injury in crashing heads with Van Davidson as both jumped for header at Van 40 yards.
51 min...TFC Hall cross from 30 yards on right has Van Koffie clear from box. TFC de Guzman 30 yard shot down middle is over net.
52 min...TFC Hall blasts 35 yard roller up middle well wide left of net.
52 min...TFC Avila is injured at center line.
54 min...TFC Avila is helped off field limping.
55 min...TFC Johnson cross from 20 yards on left is cleared and TFC Frings low shot from 22 yards deflects off sliding defender and pops
up to goalie who catches ball very close to behind the goal line.
55 min...pushing match breaks out.
.........TFC RED card...Julian de Guzman earns it for slapping face of Van Davidson who goes down injured.
.........Van RED card...Sebastien LeToux (2nd Yellow) for stepping on TFC Johnson.

58 min...play finally restarts and the ball comes out of play near my seat (closest in my six year of watching).
59 min...TFC sub...Eckersley replaces injured Avila who hadn't returned to the game after his injury.
59 min...Van Rochat is injured away from play at Van 40 yards.
62 min...TFC Morgan cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Lambe head ball down middle wide right from 10 yards.
63 min...TFC Eckersley and then TFC Frings pass ball into box which both times has defenders clear ball back out again.
64 min...Van sub...Harvey replaces Rochat who had not returned to the game after injury.
65 min...Van sub...Mattocks replaces Camilo.
66 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is over players in box and TFC Plata 20 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
67 min...the referee breaks up Van DeMerit and TFC Johnson for pushing each other.
70 min...TFC goalie catches 30 yard cross by Van Davidson from right when he charges forward to 15 yards.
70 min...TFC Frings 30 yard low shot has diving defender head ball from 15 yards away for clearance by another defender.
71 min...TFC Morgan cross from 25 yards on left has Van defender bicycle kick away clearance from 10 yards.
71 min...Van Thorrington 55 yard cross wide left bouncing through box ahead of charging Van Mattocks.
72 min...Van sub...Chiumiento replaces Thorrington.
74 min...TFC YELLOW card...Lambe earns it for tripping of Van Harvey at TFC 45 yards.
74 min...TFC goalie catches 55 yard chip from left running forward to catch it.
76 min...Van Harvey 40 yard cross from left has goalie catch at 8 yards but whistle blowing for defender and forward pushing into him.
76 min...TFC sub...Soolsma replaces Plata.
78 min...Van Hassli can't win cornerkick when defenders clear ball off him at 10 yards.
78 min...TFC Frings low blast up middle wide right from 35 yards.
79 min...TFC Morgan retreats to slide at 10 yards on right and concede cornerkick to break up long through ball pass to charging Van Lee.
79 min...Van Chiumiento cornerkick from right is low and TFC Frings clears on right edge of box clears and starts fast break out.
79 min...TFC Eckersley eludes sliding tackle near center line and continues rush up right wing and passes from 25 yards to TFC Soolsma who
one-touches shot from 10 yards into left side of net but play called back on offside flag.
82 min...TFC Reggie Lambe GOAL...TFC Ashton Morgan works his way to edge of Van box and has pass attempt deflect to left for TFC Ryan Johnson who
crosses ball from left edge of box to TFC Nick Soolsma at 15 yards who holds back defender to tap header to Lambe who steps right and shoots low
15 yard shot between legs of Van Jordan Harvey one yard away and into left side of net past Van goalie Joe Cannon standing on right side of net.

83 min...TFC sub...Dunfield replaces Lambe.
83 min...TFC YELLOW card...Henry earns it for holding back Van player at TFC 25 yards.
84 min...Van Chiumiento freekick down middle from 25 yards is over leaping goalie and dips onto top of net.
86 min...Van Chiumiento yard cornerkick from left has goalie swat ball through box to right to short fast break.
87 min...TFC Eckersley 22 yard cross near right end line is over box but TFC players retain possession.
88 min...Van YELLOW card...Mattocks earns it for hand ball directing ball by TFC Eckersley at TFC 30 yards.
89 min...TFC Cann makes key header clearance on 40 yard chip down middle keeping the ball away from Van Hassli.
90 min...Van Hassli can't draw Penalty kick on right of box near end line as held back by TFC Henry.
91 min...TFC Johnson pushes ball over Van end line trying to elude sliding tackle at 10 yards on left side.
91 min...Van Lee sends 30 yard cross from right into box and retreating TFC Henry heads over own net.
92 min...Van Chiumiento cornerkick from left has goalie miss punch but ball bounces out to right side of box and behind end line for goalkick.
Van goalie had come up to stand in the TFC box.
93 min...Van Chiumiento chip from 45 yards on left has TFC Hall head ball from 15 yards on right side of box for throw-in.
93 min...Van Lee cross from 28 yards on right has TFC player head away from edge of box.
94 min...Van Koffie 30 yard roller up middle right has defender clear away from just inside box.
95 min...Van Lee chips 28 yard cross from right across box and it bounces wide left for goalkick.
95:35 min...game ends 10:01pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Vancouver Whitecaps...........0........
Toronto FC wins the two game aggregate 2-1 and wins Amway Canadian Championship for the fourth year in a row.

The Amway Canadian Championship MVP trophy (George Gross Memorial Trophy) was awarded to Ryan Johnson in a presentation by George Gross Jr. Medals were presented to the players of Toronto FC. The Voyageurs Cup was presented to TFC captain Torsten Frings.

Attendance was not announced but later was listed as 13777. I thought the season ticket packages alone would have made attendance a lot more than that. Midweek games have less attendance. People who have stopped coming because of the team's poor performances this season certainly missed out on an exciting game.

The Whitecaps did not really threaten the TFC goal--their shots were all long range. The Whitecaps had to open up and press to try to score in the second half even when the score was still 0-0 because of the aggregate score was already 1-1 from last week's game in Vancouver so TFC was ahead on the away goal rule. TFC dominated possession from the start of the second half.

TFC almost scored a few minutes earlier than the Reggie Lambe goal but Nick Soolsma was called offside.

The win means Toronto FC has won the Voyageurs Cup for the fourth year in a row and ensures they enter the CONCACAF Champions League. The competition has no qualifying round this year and they will be put into a three team bracket where only the winner moves on to the quarter final. The win ensures at least two more home gates and probably ensures head coach Aron Winter stays on as head coach. A win over Philadelphia Union this Saturday will also break their 0-9 start in MLS league play and give the team a boost over a three week layoff until their next game.

Milos Kocic the TFC goalie was aggressive with his charging forward to punch the ball away or make a catch in traffic. He set up TFC breakouts with long throws and punts upfield.

TFC was presented with the Voyageurs Cup (do I say this every year that I helped pay for it years ago?--Yes!). Milos Kocic took the trophy to the south east end and leapt the end boards to let the Red Patch Boys touch it. Doneil Henry continued to carry it into the patio of the east side and just about reached Section 108 before he hopped the boards and carried the ball back across the field to the dressing room.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com  

Major Events
Scoring Summary
TOR  83'  Reggie Lambe  (Nick Soolsma, Ryan Johnson)

Misconduct Summary
31' Toronto - Torsten Frings (caution)
 35' Vancouver - Martin Bonjour (caution)
 45' Vancouver - Sebastien Le Toux (caution)
 47' Toronto - Ashtone Morgan (caution)
 57' Toronto - Julian de Guzman (ejection)
 58' Vancouver - Sebastien Le Toux (caution - ejection)
 75' Toronto - Reggie Lambe (caution)
 84' Toronto - Doneil Henry (caution)
 89' Vancouver - Darren Mattocks (caution)


Toronto - Milos Kocic; Jeremy Hall, Adrian Cann, Doneil Henry, Ashtone Morgan; Torsten Frings, Julian de Guzman, Eric Avila (Richard Eckersley 60'); Joao Plata (Nick Soolsma 78'), Ryan Johnson, Reggie Lambe (Terry Dunfield 84') ... Substitutes not used: Quillan Roberts; Ty Harden, Luis Silva, Danny Koevermans

Vancouver - Joe Cannon; Young-Pyo Lee, Jay Demerit, Martin Bonjour, Alain Rochat (Jordan Harvey 65'); Jun Marques Davidson, John Thorrington (Davide Chiumiento 73'), Gershon Koffie; Sebastien Le Toux, Eric Hassli, Camilo (Darren Mattocs 66') ... Substitutes not used: Brad Knighton; Matt Watson, Etienne Barbara, Omar Salgado Match Stats Toronto FC Vancouver Whitecaps 13 Attempts on Goal 4 3 Shots on Target 0 8 Shots off Target 4 2 Blocked Shots 0 3 Corner Kicks 4 19 Fouls 14 21 Open Play Crosses 6 2 Offsides 0 4 Yellow Cards 2 1 Red Cards 1 32 Duels Won 37 47% Duels Won % 53% 300 Total Pass 326 69% Passing Accuracy % 64% 48.8% Possession 51.2%

TFC starters

Whitecaps starters

TFC Julian de Guzman (6) and Eric Avila (8) take opening kickoff.

Whitecaps goalie Joe Cannon jumps to catch ball.

TFC Ryan Johnson (9) with ball.

TFC Torsten Frings (22) sends freekick into Whitecaps box.

Whitecaps Davide Chiumiento freekick dips onto top of net.

TFC players with their medals wait to be presented with the Voyageurs Cup sitting on the right.

TFC goalie Milos Kocic carries trophy over to the fans.

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