Result of the Wednesday May 9th, 2012 Amway Canadian Championship between Toronto FC and Montreal Impact played at BMO Field in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Toronto FC (all white, black names and numbers, red sleeves)

........................30 Milos Kocic
.........27 Richard Eckersley...12 Adrian Cann...4 Doneil Henry...5 Ashtone Morgan
........6 Julian de Guzman...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...7 Joao Plata
.........19 Reggie Lambe...8 Eric Avila...9 Ryan Johnson

Subs:...40 Quillan Roberts (gk)...3 Miguel Aceval (def)...11 Luis Silva (mid)...18 Nick Soolsma (fwd)...23 Terry Dunfield (mid) ...25 Jeremy Hall (def)...33 Junior Burgos (mid)
team officials:...head coach Aron Winter

Montreal Impact (all blue, white names and numbers)

.....................1 Donovan Ricketts
15 Jeb Brovsky...3 Shavar Thomas...13 Matteo Ferrari...5 Tyson Wahl
22 Davy Arnaud (cpt)...8 Patrice Bernier...18 Collen Warner...28 Sinisa Ubiparipovic
..........23 Bernardo Corradi...11 Sanna Nyassi

Subs:...24 Greg Sutton (gk)...2 Nelson Rivas (def)...6 Hassoun Camara (mid)...7 Felipe Martins (mid)...17 Justin Braun (fwd) ...21 Justin Mapp (mid)...25 Lamar Neagle (mid)
team officials:...head coach Jesse Marsch

Game officials:...referee David Gantar...referee's assistants Joe Fletcher and Phil Briere...fourth official Silviu Petrescu... (all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 8:09pm...TFC defend south end on this cool, damp evening with the sun setting in the north west behind the clouds at gametime. A steady wind is blowing from the north.
55 sec...Imp Nyassi bends 22 yard shot from left that goalie catches.
1:50 min...TFC Reggie Lambe GOAL...TFC Joao Plata rolls centering pass from left from 45 yards to TFC Eric Avila at 40 yards who runs forward to 30 yards and taps pass forward to charging Plata at 25 yards up middle. Plata scuffs shot at 18 yards surrounded by defenders and falls to ground. Ball rolls over to right side of box where Lambe's 15 yard shot from right is low and deflects off Imp Tyson Wahl at 13 yards and into left corner of net as goalie Donovan Ricketts was playing over at right post.
3 min...Imp Wahl swings 25 yard cross from left that bounces into middle of box that Imp Corradi can't get to and TFC Morgan clears at 7 yards.
4 min...TFC Frings 25 yard shot from right is well high and wide left of net.
7 min...TFC goalie catches popped up ball on bounce from TFC Henry's kick from 25 yards after Imp throw-in from right.
8 min...TFC Frings 50 yard freekick from left has Imp Corradi deflect ball over net on mid-air clearance kick attempt.
8 min...TFC Lambe cornerkick from right is over players in box and Imp Arnaud at 10 yards heads ball forward and out of box.
9 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from left has ball tipped at 30 yards off defender and bounce wide left of goal but goalie dives to left and makes save to keep it in play and avoid cornerkick call.
10 min...TFC Avila cross from 25 yards on left has Imp Wahl head ball away from 10 yards.
11 min...Imp Brovsky is injured at Imp 30 yards sliding check on charging TFC Morgan.
13 min...TFC Lambe cornerkick from right has TFC Johnson leap and head ball high and wide left from 7 yards.
15 min...TFC RED card...Richard Eckersley earns a direct ejection at Imp 40 yards for kicking at Imp Sinisa Ubiparipovic injurying him. The referee's assistant flagged this incident because TFC were awarded a freekick on the play. Eckersley was being checked from behind by sliding Ubiparipovic who nudged the ball away from him and Eckersley stepped on his calf.
17 min...TFC Frings 45 yard freekick from right has defender pop up on edge of box. TFC Henry pops up header at 10 yards on right and partial clearance from box has TFC win cornerkick on his deflected cross from near left sideline.
17 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is headed down and cleared from box.
19 min...TFC Lambe throw-in from right near cornerflag is short to TFC Frings who sends low cross from right end line into middle of box but ball is cleared.
19 min...TFC Morgan from 30 yards near left sideline rolls centering pass to TFC de Guzman at 20 yards facing away from net. De Guzman shielding ball from defender turns and chips short pass forward to TFC Johnson who chests ball down, turns and takes 10 yard low shot up middle that sprawling goalie blocks at 3 yards and defender clears ball from 6 yards.
19 min...TFC Avila dribbles and 15 yard shot from right deflects off defender over net.
20 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is headed away for throw-in from Imp Ferrari.
20 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is over players in box. TFC Plata 22 yard cross from left deflects off foot of defender and is headed away by another defender.
22 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from left is headed away by defender at 12 yards on left.
22 min...Imp YELLOW card...Corradi earns it for long slide tackle on goalie as TFC goalie cleared ball at 12 yards.
23 min...TFC Plata dribbles and wins cornerkick on 15 yard shotas retreating Imp Arnaud pokes ball away.
24 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left is behind net.
26 min...Imp Ubiparipovic 35 yard freekick has sliding Imp Arnaud knock ball on header wide left of net from 15 yards.
28 min...TFC Henry charges back to clear ball before Imp Corradi can get to it at 15 yards.
29 min...TFC Johnson run down left and 30 yard cross is over TFC Plata and out of box.
30 min...Imp Arnaud on right sends long low cross pass from 35 yards over to Imp Ubiparipovic on left and he shoots 22 yarder well over net.
31 min...TFC Johnson leaps to head 22 yarder over defender but ball bounces to goalie.
32 min...Imp Wahl 30 yard freekick from right is through players and bounces wide left for goalkick.
33 min...TFC Frings 50 yard freekick has TFC Henry on left with back to goal pop backwards header wide left from 10 yards.
34 min...Imp Ubiparipovic cornerkick from right bounces to Imp Wahl on left who shoots over net from 15 yards.
35 min...Imp Ubiparipovic receives low pass in center and shoots over net from 20 yards.
37 min...TFC Ryan Johnson GOAL...TFC Torsten Frings cornerkick from right has TFC Doneil Henry leap and head ball wide right from 8 yards but ball stays in play on right end line. Frings on end line crosses ball low from 15 yards and under foot of Imp Tyson Wahl. Imp Jeb Brovsky attempts clearance from 13 yards but TFC Adrian Cann sends ball back into box on partially deflected kick. TFC Johnson heads ball down at 8 yards that deflects off foot of Imp Matteo Ferrari at 5 yards and Johnson kicks midair shot from 5 yards off foot of sprawling Ferrari and ball bounces over sliding goalie at 3 yards and into right corner of net.
39 min...TFC Plata is injured in tackle at center line in collision with Imp Warner.
39 min...TFC YELLOW card...Cann earns it for tackle for pulling down Imp Corradi at 28 yards.
41 min...Imp Wahl 28 yard freekick down has goalie flying forward punch ball over players and out of box.
41 min...TFC Frings 28 yard cross from right end line is behind net.
42 min...TFC Plata long dribble including give and go to TFC de Guzman then tap over to TFC Johnson who kicks wide left from 10 yards.
44 min...Imp Nyassi rush on right and shoots low and wide right from 28 yards.
45 min...Imp Corradi heads ball forward from 28 yards but too far for Imp player to get to.
46 min...Imp Arnaud rolls 25 yard cross from right unplayed through box.
46 min...Imp Bernier low 20 yard blast from left is blocked just inside box.
47 min...Imp Ubiparipovic cornerkick from left is caught by leaping goalie in crowd of players.
48 min...Imp Bernier 45 yard cross from left is over players on edge of box and bounces to goalie.
49 min...Imp Warner and Arnaud both are injured near center line on separate plays.
49 min...half ends 8:58pm while players still being treated.

Halftime entertainment:...there's an Amway Relay Challenge which was a 2 vs 2 relay race of fans involving dribbling a ball from the center line to the end line, do five jumping jacks, then dribble back to the center line and pass off to a partner. The result between North vs South was a tie so both teams won Amway prize packs.

2nd Half:...starts 9:14pm.
halftime sub:...Imp Mapp replaces Thomas.
..............Imp Felipe replaces Bernier.
46 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from left is headed away from 8 yards.
48 min...Imp Mapp cross in from 28 yards on left has TFC Henry head ball away from 8 yards in middle of box.
50 min...Imp Corradi low cross after run on right is broken up on edge of box as defenders check Imp Ubiparipovic off ball.
51 min...Imp Ubiparipovic low cross from left from 15 yards has sliding TFC Morgan at 6 yards preventing Imp Nyassi from getting to it but giving up cornerkick.
51 min...Imp Felipe cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away in crowd of players.
52 min...Imp Ubiparipovic shot from 12 yards on left is blocked by sliding TFC Cann. Ball bounces over to Imp Warner who taps ball right for Imp Arnaud to shoot from 15 yards and has goalie fly to make save.
53 min...Imp Nyassi 28 yard freekick down center deflects over net off head in player wall for cornerkick.
53 min...Imp Felipe cornerkick from left has TFC Henry head ball away from 7 yards.
54 min...TFC Frings is injured at center line when bumped behind by Imp Wahl.
56 min...TFC sub...Dunfield replaces Avila.
56 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left has goalie catch at 5 yards without challenge.
57 min...TFC Henry slides to make clearance to left in box.
57 min...Imp Wahl rolls 22 yard cross along left end line that's easy for goalie to smother.
58 min...Imp Nyassi chips cross from 15 yards on left over box and Imp Corradi leaps to head from 6 yards on right over two defenders and ball is caught low by sprawling goalie.
60 min...Imp Felipe rolls pass forward to Imp Nyassi at 8 yards but he's flagged offside as his low shot is saved anyway by sliding goalie.
62 min...TFC Johnson cross from 25 yards on right is caught by goalie.
63 min...Imp Felipe cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball to right. Recross has TFC Dunfield head ball behind end line for cornerkick.
63 min...Imp Wahl cornerkick from right has TFC Frings head ball away from 7 yards on right.
64 min...TFC Morgan crosses after run up right wing that finds Frings open at 25 yards on left. His 20 yard shot is low and defender blocks at 8 yards.
65 min...Imp Felipe 28 yard freekick from left bends just wide left of top corner of net.
65 min...TFC sub...Hall replaces Plata.
67 min...Imp Ubiparipovic cross from right near end line 20 yards has Imp Corradi pop 8 yard header over net.
69 min...TFC player makes diving header in box to clear Imp Ubiparipovic cross from 25 yards on left.
69 min...Imp Mapp cross from 20 yards on right has Imp Arnaud flying header from 8 yards is stopped by diving goalie on left post.
70 min...Imp Felipe cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away.
71 min...Imp Arnaud chips 35 yarder down middle has goalie catch.
72 min...TFC sub...Soolsma replaces Lambe.
74 min...Imp sub...Camara replaces Brovsky.
76 min...Imp Felipe 25 yard shot up middle is through crowd of players and caught by goalie.
77 min...Imp Ubiparipovic cross from 22 yards on left has Corradi flick header from not quite able to turn 8 yard header down middle and ball is over end line wide right.
78 min...Imp Nyassi 20 yard shot from right has flying goalie fly forward and partially punch away. Imp Mapp 20 yard shot from left hits top of bar and deflect over net.
80 min...TFC Dunfield crosses from 30 yards on left finds TFC Hall open on right. He runs to middle and takes 25 yard shot that flying goalie pushes wide right of post but goalkick called.
81 min...Imp Camara short throw-in from near right cornerflag has him get pass back and cross into box where leaping Corradi heads 7 yarder wide left.
82 min...TFC Johnson rush on left and rolls cross instead of taking 12 yard shot and retreating defender kicks over end line.
83 min...TFC Frings cornerkick short and pass back TFC Frings cross has goalie swat for cornerkick on right and is injury.
84 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is bounced through box and has TFC Dunfield cross from 22 yards has ball headed down from 8 yards and TFC Frings kicks 18 yard shot low and wide left.
85 min...TFC Frings cross from left has TFC Hall get 8 yard shot that has charging goalie sprawl to save.
85 min...TFC Frings 20 yard blast deflects off TFC Soolsma for goalkick.
87 min...Imp Nyassi cross from extreme right and defender blocks head down at 6 yards preventing Imp Corradi from making play.
87 min...Imp Nyassi rolls cross from 20 yards on right through TFC box unplayed.
89 min...TFC Johnson cross attempt into Imp box instead of shooting from 15 yards has defender block and clear.
89 min...TFC Johnson 30 yard chip from left has Imp Ferrari leap to head from 8 yards keeping TFC Soolsma from getting to ball.
89 min...TFC Hall slides on edge of box to prevent Imp Martins from getting 18 yard shot up middle.
90 min...TFC Soolsma on 2 on 1 rolls pass to TFC Johnson who shoots low from 20 yards that sliding goalie stops at 8 yards.
91 min...Imp Warner blasts 28 yard shot over net down middle.
92 min...TFC Morgan kicks ball out on clearance from box.
93 min...Imp Felipe low 22 yard shot up middle is between crowd of players and saved by sprawling goalie.
93 min...TFC Johnson pokes pass from 25 yards on left to charging TFC Frings who pushes ball past goalie but over endline.
94 min...game ends 10:03pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........Montreal Impact...........0........
Toronto FC wins the two game aggregate 2-0 to advance to the Amway Canadian Championship Final.

Attendance was not announced but later was listed as 15016. The walkup crowd was probably scared off by the hard rain that had fallen through the afternoon. A small sprinkle of rain fell again more than a hour before game time but there was no rain during the game. No chance of lightning meant there'd be no regathering of fans for a replay the next day or months from now unlike last year. Toronto FC's poor record in league play and the fact that it was a midweek game also probably contributed to the low turnout.

The crowd was more boisterous tonight probably aided by the early goal from the home team. There was a group of Impact fans who'd made the road trip and sat in the usual visitors section and started chanting before game time. TFC hard core support arrived just before game time maybe straight from their day jobs.

There was no Man of the Match award given out at this game. I would have given it to Toronto FC goalie Milos Kocic who turned away every shot that the Impact sent his way.

Toronto FC played inspired tonight. They scored early and survived a 75 minute run of playing with ten men. They played even better a man down but did play to hold onto the lead in the second half by a few defensive substitutions although they continued to be a danger on counterattacks as the Impact pressed forward and only Impact goalie Donavan Ricketts kept them in the game making some key saves on those chances. Impact tonight needed a win or even any tie that wasn't 0-0 to win on the away goal rule.

Toronto FC started the game with a backline of three out of four Canadian defenders with Adrian Cann, Doneil Henry, and Ashtone Morgan all playing well. With Richard Eckersley the other defender being Red carded, it could be said it soon was an all-Canadian defence. Henry and Morgan are graduates of the TFC Academy which didn't get started until the second year of TFC's existance.

Torsten Frings was a starter and played the full 90 minutes. He had left the MLS league game on Saturday against D.C. United injured with what was earlier announced as a possible broken collarbone so fans didn't expect to see him at all. This was his first game in months where he was not confined to playing as a central defender. His midfield position was what he was brought here for last year as a designated player. He took many of the cornerkicks and the freekicks that were within scoring range.

This competition through revised history is always listed as starting in 2008 but the actual Voyageurs Cup dates back to 2002. I talked to David DiPlacido who was here watching the game. He played for that cup during that time with Toronto Lynx and the Montreal Impact.

Toronto FC now prepares for their next game which turns out to be the first leg of the Amway Canadian Championship Final next Wednesday in Vancouver (later this night we found that Vancouver had defeated Edmonton to advance as the other finalist). TFC does not have an MLS league game this weekend. Montreal, by losing, now have two less games to play in the next few weeks and can go back to concentrating on a good run of league form.

Rocket Robin

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Major Events

Goals and Assists
TOR  2'  Reggie Lambe
TOR 38'  Ryan Johnson


TOR  16'  Richard Eckersley  Foul  Red 
MTL  23'  Sanna Nyassi       Foul  Yellow
TOR  41'  Adrian Cann        Foul  Yellow

Match Stats

Toronto FC           Montreal Impact
16   Attempts on Goal    20
 5   Shots on Target      5
10   Shots off Target    10
 1   Blocked Shots        5
10   Corner Kicks         7
10   Fouls               14
20   Open Play Crosses   24
 1   Offsides             1
 1   Yellow Cards         1
 1   Red Cards            0
37   Duels Won           26
58%  Duels Won %         41%
223  Total Pass         461
60%  Passing Accuracy %  80%
34.4% Possession         65.6%


Lineups Toronto - Milos Kocic; Richard Eckersley, Doneil Henry, Adrian Cann, Ashtone Morgan; Julian de Guzman, Torsten Frings, Eric Avila (Terry Dunfield 57'); Reggie Lambe (Nick Soolsma 73'), Ryan Johnson, Joao Plata (Jeremy Hall 67') ... Substitutes not used: Quillan Roberts, Miguel Aceval, Luis Silva, Efrain Burgos Jr.

Montreal - Donovan Ricketts; Tyson Wahl, Matteo Ferrari, Shavar Thomas (Justin Mapp 45'), Jeb Brovsky (Hassoun Camara 75'); Sinisa Ubiparipovic, Collen Warner, Patrice Bernier (Felipe 45'), Davy Arnaud; Sanna Nyassi, Bernardo Corradi ... Substitutes not used: Greg Sutton, Nelson Rivas, Lamar Neagle, Justin Braun

Referee: David Gantar Assistants: Joe Fletcher, Phil Briere Fourth Official: Silviu Petrescu Attendance: 19,255

TFC starters

Impact starters

TFC Eric Avila (8) and Julian de Guzman (6) take the kickoff.

TFC Reggie Lambe takes the throw-in.

midfield play

Impact Sanna Nyassi (11) and Bernardo Corradi (23) take second half kick off.

Impact defend a cornerkick.

TFC players salute the fans.

Impact fans march along Princes' Blvd before the game.

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