Result of the Saturday March 24th, 2012 MLS Reserves game between Toronto FC Reserves and Columbus Crew Reserves played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:30pm. This was the first Reserves game of the season for TFC.

Toronto FC Reserves (all red, white names and numbers, black shoulders and sleeves)

....................40 Quillan Roberts
.......35 Chris Mannella...12 Adrian Cann (cpt)...21 Aaron Maund
8 Eric Avila...16 Oscar Cordon...33 Junior Borgos...38 Tyler Pasher
.......34 Omari Morris...32 Jordan Hamilton...13 Keith Makubuya

Subs:...36 Sergio Camargo (def)

Columbus Crew Reserves (all yellow, black names and numbers)

....................1 William Hesmer
36 Aubrey Perry...3 Josh Williams...23 Korey Veeder...32 Nemonja Vukovic
37 Kevan George...22 Cole Grossman...6 Tony Tchani...11 Dilly Duka
...........13 Ethan Finlay...34 Aaron Schoenfeld

Subs:...28 Matt Lampson (gk)...9 Justin Meram (fwd)...27 Aaron Horton (def)...31 Blas Iribarren (fwd)...33 Rhodes Moore (fwd)

Game officials:...referee Mathieu Bourdeau (Montreal)...referee's assistants Richard Gamache (Quebec City) and Gianni Facchini (Richmond Hill) ...fourth official David Barrie...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

1st Half:...game starts 4:48pm...TFC defend south end on this cool late afternoon with a bright sun in the west. As the scoreboard was turned off, all times are converted from my wristwatch.
2 min...CC Vukovic 25 yard freekick from right has TFC goalie bat down and defenders clear.
3 min...TFC Morris pokes 25 yard shot down middle well wide right of net.
7 min...CC Duka long run up left wing and rolls cross from left that CC Schoenfeld shoots wide left from 5 yards.
10 min...CC Grossman 28 yard shot from right is low and well wide left of net.
11 min...TFC Burgos cornerkick from left is low and defender clears. TFC Avila low shot up middle through crowd of players from 30 yards is saved by diving goalie.
12 min...TFC Morris on run on right has cross pass headed back to goalie by diving defender.
14 min...CC Schoenfeld cross from 25 yards along left line has defender clear ball behind net.
14 min...CC Grossman cornerkick from left is through box and ball is cleared.
18 min...TFC YELLOW card...Cann earns it on a tactical foul.
18 min...CC Vukovic 28 yard freekick from right has goalie catch.
19 min...TFC Pasher gets long punt from goalie down left and takes 25 yard shot that's saved by goalie on catch at 15 yards.
20 min...CC Vukovic 30 yard freekick from right is well over net.
23 min...CC Grossman receives pass from left and 15 yard shot is caught by goalie diving forward.
24 min...CC Vukovic 30 yard freekick from right has goalie bat ball down on left post and win freekick when he's knocked over.
26 min...TFC Hamilton rush down middle and kicks 30 yarder well over net.
27 min...CC Grossman quick 23 yard shot up middle misses wide right of post.
28 min...CC Tchani cross from low left and CC Schoenfeld flicks 3 yard shot wide left.
31 min...CC Meram replaces Duka.
33 min...CC Vukovic is injured with TFC player's hand to face.
36 min...CC YELLOW card...Grossman earns it for tackle on TFC Cordon near center line.
37 min...TFC Burgos 55 yard freekick from left has defender head ball away at 20 yards.
40 min...CC Tchani taps midair cross over to CC Grossman and 12 yard shot is caught by goalie.
41 min...CC Meram low cross from 18 yards has TFC Maund make clearance kick at 5 yards.
43 min...CC Meram crosses from left end line is well over players in box.
46 min...CC YELLOW card...Finlay earns it at TFC 35 yard sideline after not agreeing with the roughing foul call against him and kicking the ball away.
47 min...CC Schoenfeld rolls 25 yard shot from right is wide left of goal.
48 min...half ends 5:36pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:50pm...the weather is the same although it is starting to get colder.
Halftime sub:...TFC Camargo replaces Cann.
48 min...TFC Camargo 15 yard shot up middle is blocked by sliding defender.
49 min...CC Grossman cornerkick from left bounces and nearest defender clears.
50 min...CC Schoenfeld taps over on middle to CC Grossman who shoots low 18 yarder wide left of net.
52 min...TFC Burgos cornerkick from right is caught by goalie unthreatened.
54 min...CC Tchani pushes ball upfield at 30 yards for CC Finlay to shoot low 18 yarder that's pushed wide right by diving goalie.
55 min...CC Finlay cross from 20 yards has leaping CC Meram on left leaping header from 4 yards that's caught by goalie on left post.
57 min...CC Ethan Finlay GOAL...Finlay taps in 8 yarder into empty net as goalie Quillan Roberts is frozen on left as CC Cole Grossman passes low cross from 15 yards.
60 min...TFC Manella makes important block on cross into box.
62 min...CC Meram passes from right is over to CC Grossman to shoot 15 yarder over net.
63 min...TFC Morris 45 yard freekick from right bounces to nearest defender to clear on edge of box.
65 min...TFC Cordon can't win Penalty kick on defender slide at 15 yards on right upending him.
66 min...TFC Morris 30 yard shot down middle has leaping goalie palm ball over the net.
67 min...TFC Burgos cornerkick fromn right has defender clear and start CC fast break.
68 min...CC sub...Horton replaces Williams.
69 min...CC Finlay gets long pass from 80 yards and runs down middle eluding defender and 22 yard shot is tipped wide right for cornerkick.
70 min...CC Vukovic cornerkick from right is cleared from box.
72 min...TFC Hamilton chips 22 yarder while on 3 on 2 rush (instead of passing) high and left of net.
73 min...CC Finlay chips 20 yarder from left wide right of net.
73 min...TFC Hamilton on left sends low cross to TFC Morris who stops ball then shoots high right of net.
74 min...TFC Camargo picks up loose ball and shoots wide.
74 min...CC Meram has shot wide.
75 min...CC sub...Moore replaces Schoenfeld.
76 min...TFC Cordon tumbles over end boards but wins cornerkick.
77 min...TFC Burgos cornerkick from right has TFC Hamilton recover on left and blast high and wide left of net.
79 min...CC Grossman freekick from right end line from 20 yards has CC Moore header stopped.
79 min...CC sub...Iribarren replaces Finlay.
80 min...CC Grossman tap-in goal is called back as he's pushed over defender TFC Maund on his charge into box.
84 min...TFC Burgos cross from 25 yards on left has defender knock down and clear.
86 min...TFC YELLOW card...Makubuya earns it as he knocks over CC Horton near edge of TFC box.
87 min...CC Grossman 20 yard freekick up middle has goalie block on left post and CC player's rebound deflects over net.
87 min...CC Grossman cornerkick from left is short and low CC shot from 25 yards is blocked.
88 min...TFC goalie catches 20 yarder from left.
88 min...CC goalie dives to edge of box to beat TFC to through ball.
89 min...CC Meram 25 yard shot from left has flying goalie push ball wide right of net.
90 min...CC Grossman cornerkick from right has ball is headed around on left side of box and defender concedes cornerkick.
91 min...CC Meram cornerkick from left has goalie catches ball overhead.
92 min...TFC Camargo intercepts ball and after long run play is whistled down as he bumps defender.
93 min...TFC Burgos cornerkick from left is cleared by defenders.
94 min...game ends 6:39pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC Reserves......0..........Columbus Crew Reserves...........1........

Attendance was about 200 who stayed after the main game we'd just seen and were herded into the east end stands. About 150 stayed until the end.

Adrian Cann only played the first 45 minutes after missing the last half of last season through an injury. He hasn't played a game this season either. He was making long clearance downfield like the main game we'd just seen and the same results--TFC lost possession. He'll fit in immediately to the current way the first team defence is currently playing.

Toronto FC only had one substitution on the bench besides the MLS pool goalie. Defender Doneil Henry and midfielder Matt Stinson are away with the Canadian U23 team trying to qualify for the Olympic games this season. There were a few Academy players brought in to field a team but I was looking forward to seeing striker Stefan Vukovic who led the Canadian Soccer League last season but he wasn't in the lineup.

The score was the same as the main game. The even had a player tumble over the boards in both games but this time it was TFC Oscar Cordon crashing over the end board at 76 minutes on an offensive play. The Crew had more chances this game but they couldn't put them away so the Crew made good personal choices in deciding who to use for the main game.

TFC used Academy goalie Quillan Roberts for the game. He scored on a 70 yard kick last year on the Canada U17 team in their World Cup game against England. It certainly made sense to play him in this game rather than the MLS Pool goalie Brian Rowe because he'll be gone as soon as Stefan Frei is back from injury taking his spot on the first team. Roberts played a good game today.

Rocket Robin

TFC starters warming up.

Crew Aaron Schoenfeld (34) and Cole Grossman (22) wait to start the game.

Crew Dilly Duka (11) crosses into box and Crew Aaron Schoenfeld (34) deflects shot to goalie.

TFC Director of Player Development Paul Mariner and Academy Director Thomas Rongen watched the game for a short time from the south end stands.

TFC Sergio Camargo (36) and Jordan Hamilton (32) kick off the second half.

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