- September 27, 2011 CONCACAF Championship League Group Stage--Toronto FC vs Pumas UNAM (by Rocket Robin)


Result of the Tuesday September 27, 2011 CONCACAF Championship League Group Stage game between Toronto FC and Pumas UNAM played at BMO Field in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

.................30 Milos Kocic
27 Richard Eckersley..20 Ty Harden...3 Andy Iro...5 Ashtone Morgan
.........15 Matt Stinson...6 Julian de Guzman (cpt)...70 Peri Marasevic
.........18 Nick Soolsma...9 Ryan Johnson...14 Danny Koevermans

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...2 Demitrius Omphroy (def)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...11 Nathan Sturgis (mid)...25 Danleigh Borman (def) ...26 Matt Gold (mid)...33 Javier Martina (fwd)
head coach Aron Winter

Pumas UNAM of Mexico (all white, black names and numbers, names are below numbers)

..................13 Victor Patino
62 Neftali Teja...3 Marcos Palacios...4 Dario Veron (cpt)...8 David Cabrera
15 Michelle Castro...5 Diego De Buen...67 Kevin Quinones...64 Erick Vera
............11 David Izazola...35 Eduardo Herrera

Subs:...25 Alfredo Saldivar (gk)...2 Efrain Velarde (def)...7 Javier Cortes (fwd)...10 Martin Bravo (fwd)...18 Carlos Orrantia (mid) ...24 Juan Cacho (fwd)...38 Juan Ramirez (def)
head coach Guillermo Herrera

Game officials:...referee Neil Brizan (Trinidad & Tobago)...referee's assistants Dion Neil (Trinidad & Tobago) and Antonio Lopez (Puerto Rico) ...fourth official Javier Santos (Puerto Rico)...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:06pm...TFC defends south end on this warm and humid evening.
3 min...TFC player's 25 yard chip from right bounces to goalie.
4 min...Pumas Teja rolls cross from 22 yards on far right that TFC Iro clears from just inside box.
7 min...TFC Soolsma is stripped off ball at TFC 45 yards and ball is passed forward to right where Pumas Castro blasts low 15 yard shot that sprawling goalie stops at 6 yards. Big rebound is eventually passed across box from right but defender clears in center of box.
9 min...Pumas Teja long pass on right from 55 yards too far for Pumas Castro over end line.
12 min...TFC Iro gets complaint from referee for the way his undershirt isn't tucked under his sleeves on his arms.
16 min...TFC Soolsma throw-in near right flag is worked over to left for TFC Marosevic to shoot 20 yarder that's caught by goalie.
16 min...Pumas Izazola is squeezed off ball at 15 yards down middle by two defenders.
17 min...Pumas Veron(?) 60 yarder through crowd of players is wide left of net.
18 min...Pumas Vera gets backpass near left sideline and crosses 25 yarder into box where Pumas player tries for diving header and ball pops up header that TFC Stinson heads high out of box from 10 yards that bounces to Pumas De Buen who blasts 25 yarder down middle that hits left post just under bar. Ball falls for TFC Iro at 10 yards in middle and he kicks it forward out of box.
19 min...TFC Eckersley 45 yard low shot through crowd of players is wide right of net.
19 min...TFC YELLOW card...Stinson earns it for push on Pumas Quinones on run down left at 30 yards.
20 min...Pumas De Buen low 35 yard freekick heads 15 yarder that's caught by goalie.
21 min...Pumas Quinones(?) cornerkick has Pumas Herrera head 15 yarder that's caught by goalie.
22 min...Pumas players have trouble clearing the ball from their own box on high spin clearances.
23 min...TFC Eckersley falls on clearance try and Pumas player cross from 25 yards has defender clear.
25 min...TFC Soolsma throw-in gets ball back to him and passes to right edge of box for TFC Johnson to tap pass back for TFC de Guzman who dribbles about 7 yards then gets a blast from 25 yards down middle that deflects off Pumas Vera who got foot in to try and block shot and ball flies out of play for cornerkick just missing left goalpost.
26 min...TFC Soolsma cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away.
26 min...TFC Morgan throw-in wins cornerkick on left.
26 min...TFC Soolsma cornerkick from left has goalie catch.
29 min...TFC Koevermans low 50 yard shot from right is picked up by goalie.
30 min...Pumas De Buen chips 35 yarder that has Pumas Castro pop up 18 yarder that goalie catches.
31 min...Pumas Teja chip from 25 yards on right sideline has Pumas Izazola even with right post head 12 yarder wide right of net.
33 min...Pumas Castro passes from right to Pumas De Buen who rushes to middle but 20 yard shot is bent wide left of net.
34 min...TFC Peri Marosevic GOAL...TFC Julian de Guzman 45 yard freekick down middle has leaping TFC Morgan on left edge of box head ball down over for TFC Danny Koevermans at 10 yards who runs to left past goal but taps pass back for Marosevic who rolls 15 yarder from left into right corner of net too far for diving goalie.
35 min...TFC goalie slides forward to clear ball from box under Pumas Quinones.
38 min...Pumas Cabrera(?) 35 yard freekick from right drops down for goalie to catch.
43 min...TFC goalie out to edge of box to grab ball ahead of Pumas Castro.
45 min...Pumas De Buen 30 yard kick down middle is easy for goalie to stop.
47 min...TFC Morgan 55 yard freekick from left has half end before it falls on edge of box.
47 min...half ends 8:53pm.

Halftime entertainment:...there are no special events tonight.

2nd Half:...starts 9:08pm.
halftime subs:...TFC Henry replaces Koevermans.
..........Pumas Orrantia replaces Quinones.
..........Pumas Cortes replaces Cabrera.
46 min...TFC Henry heads away ball from 5 yards on Pumas player's cross from right.
46 min...TFC Soolsma cross from 12 yards on right stopped and cleared by defender.
47 min...Pumas Cortes cornerkick from right is blocked on edge of box.
48 min...Pumas Cortes cornerkick from right deflects off Pumas player on right for goalkick.
49 min...TFC Harden pokes ball away from Pumas Cortes.
50 min...Pumas Marcos Palacios GOAL...Pumas Erick Vera cornerkick from right has Palacios step forward and jump in front of TFC Andy Iro and TFC Ty Harden to head in 8 yarder into left side of net that goalie Milos Kocic gets a hand to but can't keep it out of net with TFC Julian de Guzman anchored to the left post.
53 min...Pumas Cortes rolls 25 yards through middle that goalie dives to smother.
54 min...TFC de Guzman rolls ball forward on left for TFC Morgan who crosses and goalie gets hand to and TFC player misses getting header from 6 yards.
57 min...Pumas Orrantia(?) rolls 30 yard shot from right that goalie smothers.
58 min...TFC Henry clears ball from box after Pumas players work it over from right.
62 min...TFC Harden makes big block in the box to end Pumas players sustained pressure.
62 min...TFC player clears ball off own player.
63 min...Pumas De Buen chip from 28 yards on left has TFC Iro head ball out of box.
65 min...TFC sub...Martina replaces Soolsma.
68 min...TFC Marosevic pushes pass to TFC Stinson who has ball deflected off sliding defender at 10 yards for cornerkick.
69 min...TFC player's cornerkick from right is headed through box and TFC Johnson pass to TFC de Guzman who passes away from box and chance lost.
72 min...Pumas sub...Bravo replaces Herrera.
72 min...TFC Eckersley 45 yard freekick pops up header on left has ball bounce and goalie grabs ball at 4 yards.
73 min...TFC Eckersley is injured at TFC 40 yards.
74 min...TFC sub...Gold replaces still injured Eckersley.
76 min...Pumas YELLOW card...Izazola earns it for complaining about a TFC throw-in.
76 min...TFC Martina rolls pass from left that TFC Johnson spins which causes him to elude two defenders and takes 10 yard shot has flying goalie push wide left of net of top left corner. TFC Martina is injured on the play.
77 min...TFC player's cornerkick from left has Pumas De Buen clear and Pumas Bravo feeds pass that can't get so throw-in.
79 min...Pumas Cortes cornerkick from right has TFC de Guzman as nearest defender head ball away.
81 min...Pumas players piled on the pressure and Pumas Orrantia gets a backpass and blasts 28 yard shot down the middle has TFC Iro duck to head ball at 18 yards and ball continues forward and hits right post and deflects into box where defenders can clear from 6 yards.
81 min...Pumas Vera crosses in 25 yarder and Pumas Cortes fires low 15 yarder that goalie catches.
83 min...TFC Marosevic cornerkick from left has goalie catch on right and survives being pushed over.
84 min...TFC Morgan shepherds ball over end line for goalkick.
87 min...Pumas player's cornerkick from right has defenders clear for fast break.
88 min...Pumas Bravo rush up middle after receiving pass at 35 yards has TFC Morgan and TFC Henry squeeze in and Henry slides to cause deflection on Bravo's 12 yard shot that's wide right for a cornerkick.
90 min...Pumas player's cornerkick from right has TFC de Guzman jump and get foot to ball at 12 yards on right. Pumas player slides in to connect on low header at 12 yards and ball deflects up and off arm of TFC Gold at 10 yards and is cleared. Pumas players can't win a Penalty kick call.
90 min...TFC fast break out of box has TFC Martina rolls pass forward TFC Marosevic run up left and crosses into Pumas box from 22 yards but defender clears as two TFC players are waiting for pass.
91 min...Pumas Castro rolls 22 yard ball over endline while on rush upfield.
91 min...Pumas Castro run on left and cross is tipped away by TFC Henry.
92 min...Pumas Vera cornerkick from left has defenders clear.
92 min...TFC YELLOW card...Morgan earns it for clip on Pumas De Buen at TFC 22 yards.
93 min...Pumas Cortes 22 yard freekick has goalie punch ball away.
93 min...Pumas Cortes 33 yard freekick from right has defender head away and play whistled down to end the game.
94:30 min...game ends 9:57pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Pumas UNAM (Mexico)..........1...........

Attendance was not announced but was listed by concacaf.com as 9115. That's less than half full. During the warm up it was so empty that TFC assistant coach Jason Bent waved back to me which made my night. I followed him as head coach of the TFC Academy in the Canadian Soccer League until he moved up to the main team this year and Danny Dichio is now coaching. There were big roars of support for Pumas when they had good chances throughout the game.

This game was broadcast on Setenta television channel which is one I don't subscribe to so I couldn't double check my notes for accuracy of missing passes in plays. It's the only game I've missed this season. The longest hilights package I found on YouTube was just over six minutes so that will have to do. It was in Spanish and played the goals and the non-handball call at 90 minutes twice each.

TFC were playing without midfielders Torsten Frings, Michael Yourassowky, and Terry Dunfield who had all picked up two Yellow cards from earlier CONCACAF games and were suspended. Forward Joao Plata was out with an injury.

It appeared TFC head coach Aron Winter wanted to protect the lead right because right at the start of the second half he subbed forward Danny Koevermans with defender Doneil Henry giving TFC five defenders. TFC was hanging on in the late going. Still it was quite a turnaround from the 4-0 blowout they suffered two weeks earlier when they played in Mexico City. Martin Bravo had scored three first half goals for Pumas in that game but wasn't brought into this game until 72 minutes. Another report said Pumas started with only four of the starters they used in their previous meeting with TFC. Maybe they took a win for granted?

stats from www.concacaf.com

General Game Stats
                Toronto    Pumas
Shots on goal      4         7
Shots wide         4         9
Fouls             14         7
Corner Kicks       5         8
Offsides           1         1
Possession        51%       49%

stats from mls.com

Match Stats

Toronto FC                  Pumas UNAM
 8        Attempts on Goal      19
 3        Shots on Target        6
 3        Shots off Target       7
 2        Blocked Shots          6
 5        Corner Kicks           8
14        Fouls                  7
13        Open Play Crosses     22
 1        Offsides               1
 2        Yellow Cards           1
 0        Red Cards              0
24        Duels Won             37
39%       Duels Won %           60%
278       Total Pass           448
71%       Passing Accuracy %    80%
39%       Possession            61%

TFC starters

Pumas UNAM starters

Ryan Johnson (9) and Danny Koevermans (14) take opening kickoff for TFC.

Pumas David Cabrera takes kick in midfield.

During intermission a video with Dwayne DeRosario (now with DC United) reminds us to purchase Canadian World Cup Qualifying games tickets.

Pumas David Izazola (11) and Eduardo Herrera (35) kickoff second half.

Pumas rush

TFC Richard Eckersley is helped off the field.

TFC cornerkick

TFC Julian de Guzman runs ball out of TFC box.

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