- August 25, 2011 CONCACAF Championship League Group Stage--Toronto FC vs FC Dallas (by Rocket Robin)


Result of the Thursday August 25, 2011 CONCACAF Championship League Group Stage game between Toronto FC and FC Dallas played at BMO Field in Toronto at 10:00am.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

.................30 Milos Kocic
27 Richard Eckersley...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...20 Ty Harden...25 Danleigh Borman
.........15 Matt Stinson...6 Julian de Guzman...28 Gianluca Zavarise
.........70 Peri Marosevic...9 Ryan Johnson...7 Joao Plata

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...3 Andy Iro (def)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...21 Leandre Griffit (mid) ...23 Terry Dunfield (mid)...55 Eddy Viator (def)
head coach Aron Winter

FC Dallas (blue socks and shorts, white names and numbers, blue & white hooped shirts)

.................1 Kevin Hartman
.......17 Jeremy Hall...25 Jack Stewart...3 Ugo Ihemelu...5 Jair Benitez
6 Jackson Goncalves...11 Ricardo Villar...2 Daniel Hernandez (cpt)...7 Daniel Cruz
...........18 Marvin Chavez...20 Brek Shea

Subs:...30 Chris Seitz (gk)...4 Andrew Jacobson (mid)...8 Bruno Guarda (mid)...15 Fabian Castillo (fwd)...16 Bobby Warshaw (def) ...28 Victor Ulloa (mid)...34 Ruben Luna (fwd)
head coach Schellas Hyndman

Game officials:...referee Javier Santos (Puerto Rico)...referee's assistants Antonio Lopez (Puerto Rico) and Dion Neil (Trinidad and Tobago) ...fourth official Neil Brizan (Trinidad and Tobago)...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 10:15am...TFC defends south end with a hot sun in the south east.
1 min...FCD Benitez cross from 20 yards on left is over to FCD Goncalves but he's checked off ball at 10 yards on right before he can get away shot.
5 min...FCD Shea cross from 25 yards on left wins cornerkick.
5 min...FCD Villar cornerkick from left has TFC de Guzman head ball behind end line from 10 yards on left side.
6 min...FCD Villar cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away in crowd of players and play is whistled down.
7 min...FCD Goncalves blasts 30 yard shot from right that deflects off TFC defender covering him and ball bounces for TFC goalie to catch.
8 min...FCD Villar wins freekick on edge of TFC box on left when TFC Eckersley pushes him over.
9 min...FCD Villar freekick from 19 yards on left is into TFC player wall and deflects away.
10 min...TFC Marosevic crosses on rush down right wing over to TFC Plata who can't get away shot from 15 yards when checked off ball.
10 min...TFC Borman cross from 50 yards on left sideline has FCD goalie dive to smother ball in front of TFC Johnson in box who'd just chested ball down.
10 min...FCD Shea long run on left wing but rolls cross from 25 yards that defender clears on edge of box.
11 min...TFC Marosevic cross from right has goalie catch on FCD Cruz sliding partial block and FCD Stewart's gentle header across box from left.
11 min...FCD Chavez is injured at TFC 50 yards when bumped by TFC Frings.
13 min...TFC Johnson taps pass over at 18 yards and TFC Harden blast is tipped over net for cornerkick by sliding FCD Hernandez.
14 min...TFC Borman cornerkick from right is caught by goalie and hung on when bumped by TFC Harden.
19 min...FCD Goncalves weaves through middle and 15 yard shot is blocked by TFC Frings.
20 min...FCD Benitez eludes TFC Marosevic and cross from 20 yards on left has goalie bat ball forward.
21 min...FCD Chavez rolls cross from left and FCD Shea flicks ball forward and over end line for goalkick.
22 min...FCD sub...Castillo replaces Goncalves.
23 min...FCD Shea cross from 15 yards on left has defender clear on right side of box.
25 min...TFC Borman cross from 28 yards on left has TFC Stinson chip cross from 20 yards on right and defender clears up middle.
25 min...TFC Borman cross from 20 yards on left has FCD Benitez head ball away at 8 yards on right.
26 min...TFC Plata 28 yard freekick tips off head in wall for cornerkick.
27 min...TFC Borman cornerkick from left is crossed over to right and TFC Johnson chases it and heads ball outsied box for TFC Frings to chip from 30 yards up middle to find TFC Plata on left side of box. Plata taps left for TFC Borman to cross from 18 yards on left and defender pops up header. TFC Johnson recovers ball on right and chips from 25 yards on right over to TFC Plata who jumps but can't control ball and deflects off him at 7 yards on left for goalkick.
30 min...FCD YELLOW card...Benitez earns a delayed card for knock on TFC Stinson at TFC 30 yard left sideline.
36 min...FCD Chavez 30 yard shot down middle is bobbled by goalie but noone threatening him so he picks it up.
36 min...TFC YELLOW card...Frings earns it for trip on FCD Shea at TFC 30 yards on right.
37 min...FCD Hernandez 30 yard freekick from right is headed away in crowd of players from 10 yards by defender.
38 min...TFC Zavarise sends pass from 40 yards up middle to charging TFC Plata low shot from left 20 yards has goalie make partial stop at 5 yards and crawls to smother on left post. TFC Zavarise was hurt earlier on the play.
40 min...TFC Marosevic cross from 25 yards near right end line has TFC Plata flick header on right wide right of net from 7 yards.
41 min...FCD Villar rolls ball on left forward to FCD Benitez whose low cross from 20 yards has goalie save ball by diving forward.
41 min...FCD Castillo long run up left sideline but he pushes ball over end line when he cuts towards goal.
42 min...TFC YELLOW card...Eckersley earns it for trip up of FCD Chavez inside TFC box on run. Chavez is injured on the play. Referee awards FCD a Penalty kick.
44 min...FCD Daniel Hernandez shoots Penalty kick low and wide left of post as goalie dived left but late.
45 min...FCD Chavez 22 yard shot from left deflects off TFC Frings at 20 yards and ball deflects wide left of net.
45 min...FCD Villar short cornerkick from left to FCD Shea who taps ball back to Villar to make cross but cross blocked by TFC Harden and deflects for a throw-in.
45 min...FCD Jack Stewart GOAL...FCD Ugo Ihemelu long throw-in from left has TFC Julian de Guzman pop header at 6 yards back towards left sideline where Igemelu crosses from left and Stewart flicks in 8 yard header to short left corner of net inside flying goalie Milos Kocic on short side.
47 min...half ends 11:02am.

Halftime entertainment:...there aren't any events.

2nd Half:...starts 11:20am.
45 min...TFC Plata taps ball back after run up middle to left on edge of FCD box has TFC Marosevic shoot ball well over net from 22 yards.
48 min...TFC Marosovic shot from 22 yards on left tips ball off defender for goalie to catch on bounce.
48 min...FCD Castillo runs for pass on left but gets to end line and no one to pass to so rolls ball back and defender clears from box.
51 min...TFC Frings 40 yard freekick from right has header popped up by player at 16 yards and over to TFC Zavarise who wins cornerkick left of cross when from 15 yards on left that deflects off defender.
51 min...TFC Plata cornerkick from left has ball cleared by head of defender in crowd at 6 yards.
51 min...FCD Benitez long run up left wing and low cross from 12 yards deflects off TFC Stinson for cornerkick.
52 min...FCD Villar cornerkick from left defender stop on short left post.
53 min...TFC sub...Morgan replaces Borman.
53 min...FCD Benitez long cross from 40 yards on left has goalie catch on right side of box.
55 min...TFC sub...Griffit replaces Zavarise.
56 min...TFC Marosovic low cross from right deflects for throw-in from 15 yards. FCD Villar was injured earlier in play upfield.
59 min...TFC Frings 35 yard freekick from right has offside TFC Johnson pop 10 yard header well over net.
59 min...FCD Castillo rush on left slips by two defenders including TFC Eckersley and 10 yard shot from left has goalie block on left side then crawl over to smother it.
61 min...TFC Marosevic cornerkick from right is high and FCD Ihemelu heads ball on left side of box behind end line.
61 min...TFC Plata cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away at 10 yards through crowd of players.
62 min...TFC Griffit shot from 28 yards down middle is well over net.
62 min...FCD sub...Guarda replaces Cruz.
64 min...TFC Eckersley rush on right for through pass and low cross into box is deflected by defender who clears at 8 yards.
67 min...TFC Morgan pushes pass up left to TFC Plata but he is checked off ball on left edge of box.
68 min...FCD Guarda rolls ball forward and goalie dives forward on left to knock away ball ball ahead of FCD Chavez and roll over to smother.
69 min...TFC Plata cross from 22 yards on left end line has goalie catch and TFC Stinson runs into outside webbing of net injurying himself.
75 min...FCD sub...Warshaw replaces Villar.
76 min...FCD Cruz 35 yard freekick from left has TFC Johnson high step to kick ball away in box.
77 min...TFC Plata passes up middle from 40 yards upfield to charging TFC Marosevic behind two defenders and has goalie make point blank arm save at 15 yards when Marosevic runs by him. FCD Ihemelu clears loose ball at 15 yards.
79 min...TFC sub....Henry replaces Stinson.
81 min...TFC Plata 35 yard flick from left has ball bounce through defenders for goalie to catch on bounce.
82 min...TFC Morgan from 22 yards on left crosses ball that leaping FCD Ihemelu heads through right side of box and FCD Shea tapps backheeler away from net but TFC Eckersley is at 7 yards on right and taps ball back towards edge of box. TFC de Guzman blasts shot that is blocked on right edge of box by FCD Benitez but ball deflects to middle for TFC Griffit to blast low 20 yard shot up middle wide left of net.
82 min...TFC Plata cuts 22 yard shot wide from left wide left of net.
84 min...TFC Morgan rushes to ball on left and crosses into center of box where TFC Marosevic misses scissor kick at 8 yards.
84 min...FCD YELLOW card...Guarda earns it for trip of TFC Frings at FCD 30 yards.
85 min...TFC Frings 30 yard low freekick up middle is smothered by goalie.
85 min...TFC Frings 25 yard pass forward chip bounces wide left of net.
87 min...FCD YELLOW card...Shea earns it for push on TFC Eckersley at TFC 50 yard sideline or kicking the ball away afterward.
87 min...TFC Plata chips ball into box from 30 yards and has TFC Marosevic get to loose ball and rolls 10 yard shot along right end line for goalie to smother.
89 min...TFC RED card...Richard Eckersley earns his second Yellow card at TFC 50 yards for kicking ball away after whistled even though TFC was awarded the freekick.
92 min...FCD YELLOW card...Castillo earns it for pulling on shoulder of TFC de Guzman at TFC 10 yard line.
92 min...TFC Morgan on left crosses ball low into box and FCD defender pops ball up and TFC Griffit has 18 yard shot deflect high off defender and fly wide left of net but goalie bobbles it behind end line for cornerkick.
93 min...TFC Plata cornerkick from left is knocked down by defender on left side of box and cleared then the game is over.
93 min...game ends 12:08pm.

Interim Score:.....Toronto FC......0..........FC Dallas..........1...........

Attendance was not announced but was listed by concacaf.com as 500 on this mild sunny morning. This was by far the lowest home crowd to ever witness Toronto FC play but the game had been rescheduled in a hurry from last night's rainout. All the fans were ordered to sit in the east side stands Section 107 and 108 no matter what their tickets said although later that was relaxed slightly to spread to adjoining east side sections. There are no ball boys for this game.

FC Dallas wins this game full 90 minute game 1-0 which was the same score as the 'half' game that was rained out last night and had to be restarted as a 0-0 score. This makes two wins in two games (both road games) to start CONCACAF group stage play to go with their win in Mexico.

With no assigned seating I noticed a friend from our CSL coverage here today so we sat together. It's a wonder they didn't invite early morning CNE fairgoers in for free but with the south stands fans scattered around it wasn't exactly family rated entertainment.

stats from www.concacaf.com

General Game Stats
                Toronto             Dallas
Shots on goal       3                 3
Shots wide         14                 9
Fouls              11                10
Corner Kicks        6                 4
Offsides            1                 5
Possession         25%               75%

TFC starters

FC Dallas starters (no standing still as no national anthems are played)

TFC Joao Plata (7) and Ryan Johnson (9) take opening kickoff.

FCD Ricardo Villar takes freekick.

A high ball shows the background of empty stands for this quickly arranged morning game. All fans were told to sit in the east stands.

TFC Joao Plata freekick is through wall for TFC Marosevic.

TFC Torsten Frings plays header.

FCD Daniel Hernandez has his Penalty kick saved by diving TFC Milos Kocic.

TFC Peri Marosevic takes this cornerkick.

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