- August 13, 2011 MLS--Toronto FC vs Real Salt Lake (by Rocket Robin)


Result of the Saturday August 13, 2011 game between Toronto FC and Real Salt Lake played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

.................30 Milos Kocic
27 Richard Eckersley...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...3 Andy Iro...25 Danleigh Borman
.......6 Julian de Guzman...15 Matt Stinson...70 Peri Marosevic
........8 Eric Avila...14 Danny Koevermans...7 Joao Plata

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...19 Mikael Yourassowsky (def)...20 Ty Harden (def) ...23 Terry Dunfield (mid)...33 Javier Martina (fwd)
head coach Aron Winter

Real Salt Lake (all white uniforms, navy names and numbers)

.................18 Nick Rimando
3 Robbie Russell...6 Nat Borchers...28 Chris Schuler...17 Chris Wingert
8 Will Johnson...21 Luis Gil...5 Kyle Beckerman (cpt)...77 Andy Williams
...........15 Alvaro Saborio...7 Fabian Espindola

Subs:...24 Kyle Reynish (gk)...2 Tony Beltran (def)...10 Arturo Alvarez (mid)...12 Jean Alexandre (mid)...23 Paulo Araujo Jr (fwd) ...26 Collen Warner (mid)...30 Rauwshan McKenzie (def)
head coach Jason Kreis

Game officials:...referee Mark Kadlecik...referee's assistants James Conlee and Colin Arblaster...fourth official Sorin Stoica... (neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:16pm...TFC defend north end on this mild evening with a bright sun in the north west.
1 min...RSL Espindola taps pass back to RSL Russell on right and cross deflects off TFC Stionson at 8 yards and bounces back to goalie.
1 min...TFC de Guzman crosses over to TFC Stinson on right and his 30 yard low cross has TFC Avila flick up of ball at 25 yards has TFC Marosevic chip 22 yard midair ball with back to the net down middle well over the RSL net.
2 min...RSL Espindola cross from 25 yards on left is bounced through TFC box unplayed.
4 min...TFC Plata is tapped back pass on give and go with TFC Avila and he rolls 25 yarder up middle just wide left on net.
6 min...TFC Koevermans intercepts pass and takes low 25 yard shot up middle just wide left of net.
7 min...TFC Plata rolls cross from 22 yards on left edge of box through defenders and TFC Marosevic blasts 16 yarder up middle that goalie pushes away out right side of box for throw-in.
8 min...TFC de Guzman chips ball up middle from 35 yards just a step ahead of TFC Marasovic controlling it at 18 yards and defender gets back to clear ball away.
11 min...TFC Frings makes sliding tackle on RSL Espindola's run on left that has him push the ball over the end line for a TFC goalkick.
12 min...TFC Marosevic wins freekick on right edge of RSL box when RSL Williams pushes him over.
12 min...TFC Frings retakes freekick from right 22 yards over players in box. TFC Plata on left can't cross it back into box.
14 min...TFC Borman 35 yard freekick fromn right sideline has RSL Schuler in crowd of players at 8 yards head ball away from box for throw-in on right.
15 min...TFC Avila saves ball from rolling out on right sideline and cross from 30 yard line has TFC Marasovic get foot on it at 18 yards up middle but tip it wide right for goalkick.
17 min...RSL Espindola short throw-in is tapped back to him on right and he crosses behind net.
18 min...RSL Espindola short cross from left has TFC Frings block ball in box and clear.
19 min...TFC Stinson pushes ball on right too far forward for charging TFC Marosevic to get to it so rolls out for goalkick.
21 min...TFC Plata cross in after run on left has TFC Marosevic head ball down and TFC Borman slip and miss 15 yard shot up middle.
22 min...RSL Beckerman shot from 25 yards on left deflects off leg of TFC Frings and hits top of bar winning cornerkick on left.
22 min...RSL Beckerman cornerkick from left is over players in box and bounces wide right for goal kick.
26 min...TFC Koevermans rolls pass up left sideline from 45 yards has charging TFC Plata get to ball and roll 22 yard pass that's cleared in middle of RSL box.
28 min...RSL Borchers makes key header at 16 yards to break up cross sent into box from right by TFC Avila on 3 on 1 break.
29 min...RSL Espindola run in from 45 yards has TFC Frings slide out at 30 yards to challenge but ball deflects off him and roll further towards TFC goal. RSL Saborio gets to ball at 18 yards on left side of box and low pass rolls by charging TFC Iro leaving ball in open at 10 yards for RSL Espindola to blast shot off top of bar. TFC Kocic was standing at 6 yards trying to make save.
30 min...TFC Eckersley chips ball forward on right for TFC Marosevic but RSL Borchers checks him off ball.
31 min...RSL sub...Beltran replaces injured Wingert who'd collided two minutes earlier with TFC Stinson jumping for header. Later reports listed him as having fractured his wrist when he landed on his hands.
32 min...RSL Espindola gets behind TFC Iro on run up middle and 30 yard shot is just high and wide right of net.
34 min...RSL Espindola freekick from 20 yards near left end line has goalie in crowd of players at 5 yards swat ball forward. RSL Gil reovers partial clearance at 22 yards up middle and steadies then blasts shot over net.
40 min...RSL Russell rolls pass from right wing upfield and RSL Saboria gets to it at 35 yards, cuts towards center from right and 30 yard blast is saved by flying goalie on right post.
40 min...TFC Avila 25 yard shot from left has goalie palm ball over top right corner of net.
41 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right is patially cleared and TFC de Guzman skies 25 yarder down middle well over net.
43 min...RSL Beckerman passes to left downfield and RSL Espindola rushes to 6 yards on left and rolls cross that RSL Saborio redirects from 5 yards into foot of defender but play had been ruled offside.
44 min...TFC Stinson cross from 35 yards on right is over players charging into box.
44 min...TFC Avila low 28 yard shot on left rolls to goalie.
half ends 8:02pm.

Halftime entertainment was a game of soccer pong.

2nd Half:...starts 8:17pm...the sun is now below the top of the stands of the stadium.
46 min...TFC Avila 28 yard low shot from right is saved by goalie diving towards left post.
47 min...TFC Borman lofts 40 yard shot from left that's into box and headed away from RSL Schuler.
48 min...RSL Espindola at 30 yards on right sends cross into TFC box and RSL Gil leaps over TFC Eckersley to head ball downward to goalie who picks it up on first bounce from 12 yards.
53 min...RSL YELLOW card...Johnson earns it from tackle from behind on TFC Borman at RSL 30 yards near left sideline.
53 min...TFC Avila 35 yard freekick from left has defender chest away from left side of box.
56 min...RSL Williams freekick from 30 yards on left is blasted into player wall at 20 yards and deflects wide right for cornerkick.
56 min...RSL Gil cornerkick from right is low and cleared by defender.
57 min...TFC Plata checked off ball on run on left at 30 yards by RSL Beltran and can't win freekick on fall. Plata is injured on play.
60 min...RSL Borchers sends in high cross from 40 yards on right that TFC Iro heads away from 15 yards inside box.
60 min...RSL YELLOW card...Williams earns it for elbowing TFC Frings at TFC 25 yards as they jumped for high ball.
62 min...Referee overrules referee's assistant line to give TFC goalkick on ball deflected over end line.
64 min...TFC sub...Harden replaces Iro.
64 min...RSL Williams chips 30 yarder to RSL Saborio who heads 12 yarder downward that TFC goalie cathces on first bounce near left post.
66 min...RSL Beckerman rolls pass from middle and RSL Espindola rolls ball forward up middle and RSL Johnson flubs shot at 8 yards when sliding TFC Harden pokes at ball and goalie dives on it.
69 min...RSL Espindola rolls low cross from right side of box on run that goalie diving forward gets a hand to at 7 yards and deflect through box out left side delaying ball from getting to charging RSL Saborio until he'd run past it.
69 min...TFC goalie charges out of box to beat RSL Saborio to run out for through ball to clearat 23 yards.
70 min...RSL Beltran runs up left wing and shoots 20 yarder that's blocked by TFC de Guzman and deflects back off Beltran for goalkick.
71 min...TFC Avila 25 yard shot down middle is high and wide left.
72 min...TFC Plata runs across from left to center to blast 30 yarder that goalie palms over net.
73 min...TFC sub...Martina replaces Koevermans.
73 min...TFC Plata cornerkick from right has TFC Harden head ball downward from 12 yards in box and ball knocked around for another cornerkick.
73 min...TFC Plata cornerkick from right is short to TFC Martina whose cross 25 yard cross is caught by goalie and held even when bumped by own pleyer RSL Schuler.
75 min...RSL sub...Alvarez replaces Willams.
76 min...TFC Joao Plata GOAL...TFC Matt Stinson long high cross from 25 yards on left right has Plata control on left and roll 20 yarder into right corner of net. TFC Peri Marosevic slides towards ball at 5 yards on left post for distraction but doesn't connect with ball leaving goalie Nick Rimando late to react.
77 min...TFC sub...Henry replaces Stinson.
78 min...RSL Beltran cross from 20 yards on left end line has TFC goalie leap to catch in front of crowd of players in box.
79 min...RSL Espindola rolls cross from 22 yards on left and ball cleared in box by defender.
79 min...RSL Schuler blasts 30 yarder well high and wide left of net.
80 min...RSL sub...Aruajo replaces Russell.
81 min...RSL Aruajo runs up right wing to save ball rolling out of play and makes low cross from 15 yards that TFC Frings slides to knock at 5 yards to concede cornerkick.
82 min...RSL Beckerman cornerkick from right has TFC Henry head ball in box towards left and RSL Alvarez recover partial clearance, steps around TFC Marosovic and shoot low 15 yarder from left just wide right.
86 min...TFC Marosevic low cross from 20 yards on right has goalie dive forward to make save.
88 min...RSL Beckerman cornerkick from right has RSL Saborio leap in crowd of players and head 5 yarder over net. TFC Eckersley suffered head injury on play.
89 min...RSL Alvarez rush on left into TFC box but has shot blocked by TFC Henry at 15 yards and deflects for cornerkick.
90 min...RSL Beckerman cornerkick from left has goalie miss and leaping Saborio head 8 yarder downward that TFC Henry controls then clears from box.
91 min...RSL Aruajo rush on right dekes TFC Borman and rushes towards end line where he cuts low cross from 15 yards near line over players in box where RSL Johnson scissor kicks 12 yard shot on left that goalie dives left to block at 2 yards.
91 min...RSL Johnson cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away from box in crowd of players.
92 min...RSL Beckerman cornerkick from left has RSL Saborio pop header over net from 5 yards.
93 min...RSL Saborio fires 20 yarder from right wide left of net.
94 min...game ends 9:06pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Real Salt Lake..........0...........

Attendance was not announced but listed as 21644 on this mild evening.

The Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was Milos Kocic. He had to make a few key saves especially after the TFC goal to preserve the shutout. Before the game Ty Harden was awarded the Esquire Player of the Month for July for his community service.

This was the first start in the MLS for TFC midfielder Matt Stinson. He is only 18. RSL midfielder made his sixth start for RSL at only age 17 and was coming off his being awarded MLS goal-of-the-week honours in their last game against New York Red Bulls. Torsten Frings was once again used as a central defender for TFC. Although this designated player was brought to this city as a midfielder, head coach Aron Winter has used him as a steadying influence on the defence with long term injuries to Adrian Cann and Dicoy Williams.

Real Salt Lake has never scored or beaten Toronto FC in Toronto. They have two players who were actually born in Toronto. Will Johnson has played for the Canadian national team and Andy Williams has played internationals for Jamaica.

Tonight's TFC win extends their modest unbeaten streak in all competitions to five with three wins and two ties. It was their first win against MLS opposition since July 2nd when they won the Nutrilite Cup against Vancouver Whitecaps.

stats from mlssoccer.com

Scoring Summary: 
TOR -- Joao Plata 3 (Matt Stinson 1) 77 
Real Salt Lake -- Nick Rimando, Chris Wingert (Tony Beltran 32), Chris Schuler, Nat Borchers, Robbie Russell (Paulo Araujo Jr. 81), 
Luis Gil, Andy Williams (Arturo Alvarez 76), Kyle Beckerman, Will Johnson, Alvaro Saborio, Fabian Espindola.
Substitutes Not Used: Jean Alexandre, Rauwshan McKenzie, Collen Warner, Kyle Reynish.
Toronto FC -- Milos Kocic, Richard Eckersley, Torsten Frings, Andy Iro (Ty Harden 64), Danleigh Borman, Matt Stinson (Doneil Henry 78), 
Julian de Guzman, Eric Avila, Peri Marosevic, Danny Koevermans (Javier Martina 74), Joao Plata.
Substitutes Not Used: Terry Dunfield, Ashtone Morgan, Mikael Yourassowsky, Stefan Frei.
Misconduct Summary: 
RSL -- Will Johnson (caution; Reckless Tackle) 54 
RSL -- Andy Williams (caution; Reckless Foul) 62 

Match Stats
Toronto FC                Real Salt Lake
11       Attempts on Goal     16
 4       Shots on Target       4
 5       Shots off Target      7
 2       Blocked Shots         5
 3       Corner Kicks          7
 8       Fouls                 8
19       Open Play Crosses    19
 1       Offsides              4
 0       Yellow Cards          2
 0       Red Cards             0
39       Duels Won            39
50%      Duels Won %          50%
272      Total Pass           393
65%      Passing Accuracy %   77%
42.1%    Possession           57.9%
Referee: Mark Kadlecik 
Referee's Assistants: James Conlee; Colin Arblaster 
4th Official: Sorin Stoica 
Time of Game: 1:51 
Weather: Clear and 77 degrees

TFC starters

Real Salt Lake starters

TFC Danny Koevermans (14) and TFC Eric Avila (8) take kick off.

RSL Chris Wingert (17) runs ball over end line.

RSL Chris Schuler rushes out of own end.

Players rush into box before TFC Torsten Frings (22) even takes freekick.

RSL Kyle Beckerman (5) on rush.

RSL Andy Williams (77) takes freekick.

RSL Kyle Beckerman (5) on rush bumps with TFC Julian de Guzman (6).

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