Result of the Saturday October 1, 2011 game between Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

...............30 Milos Kocic
.......20 Ty Harden...22 Torsten Frings (cpt)...3 Andy Iro
15 Matt Stinson...8 Eric Avila...23 Terry Dunfield...5 Ashtone Morgan
.......70 Peri Marosevic...14 Danny Koevermans...9 Ryan Johnson

Subs:...24 Stefan Frei (gk)...2 Demitrius Omphroy (def)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...6 Julian de Guzman (mid)...7 Joao Plata (fwd) ...18 Nick Soolsma (fwd)...25 Danleigh Borman (def)
head coach Aron Winter New York Red Bulls (all white, black names, red numbers)

................1 Frank Rost
8 Jan Gunnar Solli...22 Stephen Keel...5 Tim Ream...7 Roy Miller
19 Dane Roberts...4 Rafael Marquez...2 Teemu Tainio...20 Joel Lindpere
...........14 Thierry Henry (cpt)...9 Luke Rodgers

Subs:...18 Bouna Coundoul (gk)...11 Dax McCarty (mid)...15 Matt Kassel (mid)...17 Juan Agudelo (fwd)...21 Brian Nielsen (mid)
(yep, two players short!)
head coach Hans Backe

Game officials:...referee Hilario Grajeda...referee's assistants George Gansner and Eric Boria...fourth official Jose Carlos Rivero ...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half: game starts 7:39pm...TFC defends south end on this cold and windy night with a wind from the north.
1 min...TFC Stinson 40 yard cross from right bounces wide left of goal.
3 min...TFC Avila 30 yard low shot up middle through crowd of players is smothered by goalie.
7 min...TFC Dunfield 40 yard chip down middle over TFC Koeverman's head at 20 yards and charging goalie catches at 15 yards.
9 min...TFC Harden 40 yard chip from right has TFC Koevermans chest down at 20 yards on left and taps pass along edge of box but defender beats TFC Marosevic to ball and clears.
10 min...TFC Johnson cross from 22 yards near end line has NYRB Miller head ball away in box.
10 min...TFC Morgan 30 yard shot from left is just over net wide left.
12 min...TFC Morgan 35 yard shot from left is caught by goalie at 8 yards.
13 min...TFC Avila at 50 yards on right sideline sends in cross to TFC Koevermans who takes 30 yard roller up middle that's saved by diving goalie on left post.
14 min...NYRB Miller cross from 20 yards on left has TFC Harden hook ball midair away from net at 6 yards to prevent charging NYRB Rodgers from tap in.
15 min...NYRB Richards receives pass up right sideline and sends in low cross from 25 yards that NYRB Rodgers can't quite control as TFC goalie lunges with his foot at 6 yards and misses but ball deflects off Rodgers for goal kick.
17 min...TFC Frings slides in to charging NYRB Richards on tackle at 28 yards conceding freekick.
18 min...NYRB Marquez low 28 yard freekick from right is around two man wall and caught by goalie near left post.
19 min...NYRB Henry 30 yard cross from right is caught by goalie diving forward at 5 yards.
19 min...TFC Morgan charges down left sideline on rush and sends in low cross from near cornerflag that defender clears from just outside 6 yards box.
20 min...NYRB Miller bends 30 yard cross from left that's caught by goalie on bounce.
21 min...TFC Stinson cross high from 35 yards on left has leaping TFC Johnson head ball from 18 yards on right across box to left and defender heads away.
22 min...NYRB Henry chests ball down as tied up at 25 yards and NYRB Lindpere shanks 22 yard kick down middle well high and wide right of net.
23 min...TFC Avila flubs shot; rolling ball through crowd of players down middle from 25 yards that's wide left of net.
26 min...NYRB Richards on right side edge of box crosses through box between at least six players and finds NYRB Lindpere on left side of box and he blasts 16 yard shot from left that`s high and wide left of net.
26 min...NYRB Ream on give and go with NYRB Richards on right wing has Ream roll cross in from 20 yards on left and NYRB Lindpere can't win Penalty kick when nudged over at 10 yards in box by TFC Stinson.
30 min...NYRB Solli dribbles on right and cuts into box around TFC Morgan and takes 15 yard shot has TFC Frings head ball wide right from 7 yards for cornerkick.
31 min...NYRB Lindpere cornerkick from right is caught by leaping goalie in front of crowd of players at 6 yards on left side of box.
33 min...NYRB Marquez freekick from 30 yards is rolled forward and tapped back to him on right and he lofts 30 yard shot over crowd of players that's caught by goalie on left post.
35 min...TFC Morgan cross from 30 yards on left has NYRB Keel in middle head across box to right then block TFC Stinson on his shot from 18 yards on right.
37 min...NYRB Henry in middle rolls pass over to NYRB Miller cross from 20 yards on left has NYRB Rodgers head 8 yarder that flying goalie blocks on left post and defender clears from left end line.
37 min...TFC Johnson at 50 yards on left sends long cross over to TFC Avila at 25 yards on right and rolls centering pass that finds TFC Koevermans who holds up in middle and shoots over net from 18 yards.
39 min...TFC Johnson cross near left corner flag is through 6 yard box and NYRB Miller concedes cornerkick on right.
39 min...TFC Marosevic cornerkick from right has NYRB Ream in crowd of players at 5 yards head ball wide right of own net.
40 min...TFC Marosevic cornerkick from right has NYRB Henry at 8 yards in box kick away for throw-in.
40 min...TFC Avila blasts a partial clearance of throw-in high and wide left from 30 yards.
42 min...TFC Dunfield 30 yard freekick from left has NYRB Solli concede cornerkick on header just ahead of charging TFC Iro at 5 yards.
42 min...TFC Dunfield cornerkick from left is over players in box and out right side.
43 min...TFC Marosevic 25 yard low shot down middle is just wide left of post.
44 min...NYRB Lindpere cross from 25 yards near cornerflag on left is through TFC box and bounces for throw-in.
45.05 min...no extra time added. Half ends 8:24pm.

Halftime entertainment: Carlsberg Soccer Pong and the introduction of two rescued Chilean miners introduced at north west end.

2nd Half:...starts 8:41pm.
45 min...NYRB Rodgers controls long downfield pass after it hits him in back on right wing and he takes cross from 20 yards near end line that's caught by goalie.
47 min...NYRB Miller take low cross from 22 yards near left sideline has TFC Harden stop at 8 yards in box and clear.
47 min...NYRB Lindpere recovers when TFC lose possession and takes low cross from 12 yards near left end line and TFC Frings stops and clears ball from 4 yards.
48 min...TFC Danny Koevermans GOAL...TFC Ryan Johnson has long run up left wing from 60 yards and cuts towards middle when approaching 30 yards. He then rolls pass from 25 yards forward and to left for Koevermans at 18 yards who's behind defenders who expect offside flag but Koevermans takes 15 yard low shot that deflects over leg of sliding goalie at 12 yards and bounces into right corner of net.
50 min...NYRB Richards races for ball on right and sharp angle shot from 22 yards is caught by goalie.
51 min...NYRB Richards low cross from 20 yards on right has TFC Harden slide in center at 6 yards to knock ball away and prevent charging NYRB Henry from a tap-in shot.
53 min...NYRB Richards low cross from 12 yards on right has TFC Frings kick over own end line from 10 yards in middle.
53 min...NYRB Lindpere cornerkick from right has TFC Stinson pop up clearing header at 6 yards near right post and ball bounces out of box. NYRB Richards recovers and chips 25 yard shot that goalie catches just under bar near left post.
55 min...NYRB Henry slides in middle and 22 yard shot that's blocked by TFC Frings blocks at 18 yards.
57 min...NYRB Solli gets tapped back pass and sends in cross from 30 yards on right that TFC Frings heads through box and out right side for throw-in.
59 min...TFC Marosevic runs up right wing and sends in low cross from 35 yards that NYRB Keel clears from 10 yards in middle in front of TFC Koevermans.
60 min...TFC Morgan rush to end line on left and 12 yard cross is caught by goalie on left post.
62 min...TFC Stinson cross from 30 yards on right has TFC Marosevic miss header as it's just too high on his jump at 6 yards on left post.
62 min...NYRB Keel from 60 yards in middle chips pinpoint pass to NYRB Henry at 25 yards and he rolls 20 yard shot from left that diving goalie pushes wide right of post.
63 min...NYRB player's cornerkick from right has TFC Koevermans head out of box from 7 yards in middle. NYRB Tainio from 30 yards on right sends ball back into box but NYRB Henry can't get control of it at 16 yards in middle. NYRB Ream on left sends in low cross from 22 yards that TFC Iro stops at 8 yards in middle and balll cleared. NYRB Richards gets ball up left wing but sliding TFC Stinson checks him off ball on left edge of box.
64 min...TFC Soolsma replaces TFC Marosevic.
64 min...TFC Frings 65 yard freekick from right is caught by goalieon bounce on right post.
65 min...NYRB Henry rushes up middle from center line and threads pass forward from 30 yards between two defenders and NYRB Rodgers gets ball at 22 yards on breakaway and kicks 8 yarder over net.
66 min...TFC Avila is tapped pass from TFC Johnson and takes low 22 yard shot from left through defenders that rolls to goalie.
67 min...TFC Dunfield chips 40 yard freekick that NYRB Solli jumps and heads behind net from 15 yards on left for cornerkick.
68 min...TFC Dunfield cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball at 6 yards over TFC Iro through box and out right side.
69 min...NYRB Henry cross from 30 yards left sideline has TFC Harden head ball at 8 yards backwards to right side of box and NYRB Solli head wide right from 7 yards.
70 min...TFC sub...Borman replaces TFC Koevermans who limps off field.
72 min...TFC Stinson saves ball on right endline rolls back to TFC Soolsma whose 12 yard low kick deflects off NYRB Ream at 6 yards for cornerkick.
72 min...TFC Dunfield cornerkick from right has TFC Iro not able to turn header from 7 yards and ball bounces wide left.
74 min...NYRB Henry cross from 30 yards on left sideline has TFC Frings head behind own net from 20 yards in middle.
75 min...NYRB Marquez cornerkick from right is cleared on header by TFC player on left post. Marquez gets another chance for cross from 30 yards on left and bends ball wide right of net.
76 min...NYRB Lindpere gets pass rolled forward to him and finds himself in TFC box at 7 yards on right but surrounded by three defenders. TFC Frings pokes ball away for cornerkick.
76 min...NYRB Lindpere cornerkick from right has goalie fly forward on right post and punch ball forward out of box.
77 min...NYRB YELLOW card...Keel earns it for sliding tackle on TFC Johnson at NYRB 50 yards injurying him.
78 min...NYRB sub...McCarty replaces Marquez.
79 min...NYRB Richards on rush on right at 35 yards sends low cross that bounces through box unplayed.
80 min...NYRB Richards has TFC Iro slide to trip him at 10 yards but only wins cornerkick.
80 min...NYRB sub...Agudelo replaces Keel.
81 min...NYRB Lindpere cornerkick from right has NYRB Agudelo in middle heads ball wide left from 12 yards.
81 min...NYRB Rodgers rush up right side and sends low cross in from 25 yards that deflects off TFC Frings at 20 yards on right and ball rolls for cornerkick just a step ahead of charging NYRB Henry at 5 yards.
82 min...NYRB Lindpere cornerkick from left has NYRB Tainio pop header forward from 10 yards down middle that TFC Dunfield heads behind own goal from 6 yards on left.
82 min...NYRB Lindpere short cornerkick from left is passed back to him but his 20 yard cross attempt is blocked.
83 min...NYRB Tainio threads pass up the middle from 60 yards meant for charging NYRB Rodgers and TFC goalie slides out to block his 15 yard shot and Rodgers flips over him in collision.
83 min...NYRB Rodgers chips cross from left from 25 yards and NYRB Aguedelo had already fallen on edge of box on right so can't get to ball.
84 min...TFC sub...Henry replaces Johnson.
84 min...NYRB McCarty chips ball from 35 yards on right that has TFC Iro head clearance on edge of box.
86 min...TFC Frings runs back to stop NYRB Reem chip from 60 yards to prevent NYRB Henry getting to ball on edge of box.
87 min...NYRB player rush on right has him send in low cross from 25 yards that TFC Morgan slides at 8 yards on right to concede cornerkick.
87 min...NYRB Thierry Henry GOAL...NYRB Dax McCarty cornerkick from right has ball sail over first three players on right side of box and bounce between legs of NYRB Dane Richards who was being held by TFC Torsten Frings at 7 yards but Richards backheels ball across box that TFC Iro leans over to try to head but Henry hooks away from him at 7 yards in middle and turns to left to get away low 7 yard kick that bounces into right side of net beyond diving goalie Milos Kocic at 1 yard line.
88 min...TFC Soolsma rush on right and crosses from 20 yards into box and has defender chest down at 10 yards and clears.
89 min...NYRB Miller cross from 22 yards on right has TFC Iro head ball out left side of box from 10 yards on left. NYRB Richards crosses from 25 yards on right that TFC Frings heads away from 10 yards in middle of box. NYRB Richards gets ball back at about the same place and passes wide right to McCarty who runs up right sideline and crosses near cornerflag that has TFC Harden pop up header at 7 yards in middle of box.
91 min...NYRB Miller on left crosses from 20 yards that bounces through box.
92 min...NYRB Ream sends chip down middle from 60 yards has NYRB Richards turn TFC Iro inside out and Iro falls over on edge of box but whistle blown for TFC freekick.
93:09 min...game ends 9:29pm.

Final Score:........Toronto FC........1.............New York Red Bulls......1............

Attendance was not announced but was listed as 20,132. I'd say close to a third of the seats were empty but those were among the season ticket holders not bothering to show up on this cold and windy evening.

Before the game started, there was finally the realization that Toronto FC would not be making the playoffs again this year. The thin possibility had kept the media stringing out their chances for the last month. Now they are being portrayed in a spoilers role. Today was partial revenge for being beaten 5-0 back at the beginning of July but their line up has undergone a lot of changes since then.

The Red Bulls really needed a win today. They started the season in first place in the East but their play has fizzled and now they cling to the league's tenth spot which is the final wildcard playoff spot just ahead of the expansion team Portland Timbers. Today was their 16th tie in 31 league games.

Man of the match (who is always a TFC player) was named as captain Torsten Frings playing in a defensive role again today. I liked the play of young academy grads Matt Stinson and Ashtone Morgan playing on opposite wings and moving the ball upfield well yet being back to make defensive stops. Stinson was actually back as a defender filling in for the injured Richard Eckersley.

Today's game had the TFC team circle the whole field post game and applaud their fans which was a nice touch instead of the usual bee-line to the south end supporters and make a quick exit to the dressing room. The Red Bulls went to the north corner end to salute the small number of travelling fans.

Both teams gave up possession of the ball too often with poor passing. The Red Bulls goal was not announced as if by wishful thinking the PA announcers wished that it didn't happen. The goal certainly brought a groan from the fans as we've seen late goals against TFC before especially on set plays. It was a great turnaround play by Thierry Henry, one of the greatest players of all time. TFC had even made subs to bring in extra defenders to try to protect their lead. Red Bulls had made two subs for extra fire power late in the game and so after their goal and throughout injury time looked like the team most likely to score a winner.

The Red Bulls were short two outfield players on their bench. There was an MLS Reserves game at 10:00am this morning. No one from that game for either team played in that game or were even listed on the bench for tonight. Most unusual scheduling glitch as most games have the Reserves game being played with bench players and those who played less than half of the main game and are usually played the next day.

stats from mlssoccer.com

Scoring Summary: 
TOR -- Danny Koevermans 7 (Ryan Johnson 4) 50 
NY -- Thierry Henry 13 (Dax McCarty 5) 88 
New York Red Bulls -- Frank Rost, Jan Gunnar Solli, Stephen Keel (Juan Agudelo 81), Tim Ream, Roy Miller, Dane Richards, 
Rafael Marquez (Dax McCarty 79), Teemu Tainio, Joel Lindpere, Luke Rodgers, Thierry Henry.
Substitutes Not Used: Matt Kassel, Brian Nielsen, Bouna Coundoul.
Toronto FC -- Milos Kocic, Matt Stinson, Ty Harden, Andy Iro, Ashtone Morgan, Terry Dunfield, Torsten Frings, Eric Avila, 
Peri Marosevic (Nick Soolsma 65), Danny Koevermans (Danleigh Borman 71), Ryan Johnson (Doneil Henry 84).
Substitutes Not Used: Julian de Guzman, Demitrius Omphroy, Joao Plata, Stefan Frei.
Misconduct Summary: 
NY -- Stephen Keel (caution; Reckless Tackle) 78 
Referee: Hilario Grajeda 
Referee's Assistants: George Gansner; Eric Boria 
4th Official: Jose Carlos Rivero 
Attendance: 20,132 
Time of Game: 1:50 
Weather: Clear-and-50-degrees

Match Stats
Toronto FC                 New York Red Bulls
15     Attempts on Goal        14
 5     Shots on Target          6
 7     Shots off Target         6
 3     Blocked Shots            2
 5     Corner Kicks             9
 5     Fouls                    9
17     Open Play Crosses       31
 1     Offsides                 5
 0     Yellow Cards             1
 0     Red Cards                0
26     Duels Won               24
52%    Duels Won %             48%
351    Total Pass             476
75%    Passing Accuracy %      83%
42.6%  Possession              57.4%

TFC starters

Red Bulls starters

TFC Danny Koevermans (14) and Eric Avila (8) take kick off.

TFC Ty Harden on rush.

NYRB player dribbles on right sideline.

NYRB Roy Miller rush on left.

NYRB Luke Rodgers (9) and Thierry Henry (14) kick off second half.

TFC Ryan Johnson at center line.

TFC player`s freekick is sent over NYRB goal.

TFC players salute the crowd.

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