- July 20, 2011 MLS--Toronto FC vs FC Dallas (by Rocket Robin)


Result of the Wednesday July 20th, 2011 game between Toronto FC and FC Dallas played at BMO Field in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

........................24 Stefan Frei (cpt)
55 Eddie Viator...20 Ty Harden...3 Andy Iro...25 Danleigh Borman
.......11 Nathan Sturgis...22 Torsten Frings...19 Mikael Yourassowsky
.......7 Joao Plata...14 Danny Koevermans...9 Ryan Johnson

Subs:...30 Milos Kocic (gk)...4 Doneil Henry (def)...8 Dan Gargan (def)...15 Matt Stinson (mid)...18 Nick Soolsman (fwd) ...28 Gianluca Zavarise (mid)...29 Maicon Santos (fwd)
head coach Aron Winter

FC Dallas (blue socks and shorts, blue & white striped shirts, white names and numbers)

......................1 Kevin Hartman
6 Jackson...14 George John...3 Ugo Ihemelu...5 Jair Benitez
11 Ricardo Villar...12 Eric Avila...2 Daniel Hernandez (cpt)...24 Eric Alexander
.............18 Marvin Chavez...20 Brek Shea

Subs:...30 Chris Seitz (gk)...4 Andrew Jacobson (mid)...8 Bruno Guarda (mid)...16 Bobby Warshaw (def)...23 Andrew Wiedeman (fwd) ...28 Victor Ulloa (mid)...34 Ruben Luna (fwd)
head coach Schellas Hyndman

Game officials:...referee Hilario Grajeda...referee's assistants Paul Scott and Corey Parker...fourth official Daniel Fitzgerald... (neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:08pm...TFC defend north end on this hot and humid evening with the sun in the north west.
1 min...TFC Frings 30 yard freekick down middle has goalie dive left to push ball wide left for cornerkick.
1 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left is over players in box wide right for goalkick.
3 min...FCD Shea is injured at TFC 25 yards on tackle by sliding defender.
4 min...FCD Villar 30 yard freekick from left is just wide left and over net.
5 min...FCD Jackson cross from 25 yards near end line is caught by goalie.
8 min...FCD Chavez runs to get badly deflected clearance and runs in to center from right and shoots low 25 yard roller to goalie.
10 min...TFC Borman is passed back his short throw-in and chips 25 yarder from extreme left behind net.
11 min...FCD Shea rolls 10 yarder along left end line after long run up left while shadowed by TFC Harden stopped by goalie on left post.
11 min...FCD Shea low cross from 25 yards on left has FCD Villar fire from 10 yards on right well high and wide right of net.
13 min...FCD Villar and FCD Jackson work give and go that has FCD Jackson fire 15 yard shot from right well over net.
14 min...TFC YELLOW card...Viator earns it for for sliding tackle trip from behind of FCD Shea at TFC 22 yards on run down middle.
14 min...FCD Villar freekick 25 from left is just wide left of net.
16 min...FCD Benitez cross from 25 yards on left has goalie dive forward at 6 yards and fumble ball forward and FCD Villar taps ball from 10 yards out to edge of box and FCD Alexander blasts 28 yard shot down middle well over net.
18 min...TFC Johnson rush on left and slips before he can cross.
18 min...TFC Johnson 25 yard cross from left sideline has FCD Benitez head ball out right side of box.
21 min...FCD Shea receives FCD Benitez throw-in from left and blasts 25 yarder down middle that's well over net.
22 min...FCD Shea on run blasts 25 yarder from left is into webbing of net.
23 min...FCD Shea 55 yard pass up middle is too far forward for sprinting FCD Jackson at 22 yards and ball rolls for goalkick wide right.
23 min...TFC Johnson cross from 25 yards on left deflects off defenders FCD John's head for cornerkick.
24 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left is floated in and goalie punches ball away. TFC Sturgis can't draw Penalty kick on fall at 15 yards when FCD player makes sliding tackle to poke ball away.
25 min...FCD Avila cross from 30 yards on right is over box for TFC throw-in.
27 min...FCD Benitez 25 yard freekick down middle is blocked in player wall and his rebound shot from the same distance is also blocked in wall.
28 min...FCD Benitez is injured near center line when he makes sliding tackle attempt and TFC Plata steps on him.
31 min...TFC Borman long run down left and 25 yard shot is well over net.
32 min...TFC Viator cross after run up right sideline to 20 yards is well behind net.
33 min...TFC Johnson cross from left end line 25 yards along is drifted behind net.
34 min...FCD Villar 35 yard freekick from left sideline is caught by goalie.
36 min...FCD Jackson injured when he kicks ball against TFC Johnson and Johnson gets his foot into Jackson's foot near center line.
38 min...TFC Koevermans blasts 30 yarder from left that goalie punches left for cornerkick.
38 min...FCD YELLOW card...Jackson earns a delayed call for a knock on TFC Johnson on previous play.
39 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left to right has ball popped up by TFC Yourassowsky on header on right side of 6 yard box and goalie catches it in crowd of players.
40 min...FCD Shea runs to left end line to roll 10 yarder across box but stubs try and sliding defender concedes cornerkick.
40 min...FCD Villar cornerkick from left is over box and TFC Iro heads ball down FCD Hernandez crosses from right 15 yards near end line is into webbing of net.
43 min...FCD Villar 30 yard freekick from right sideline is through box. FCD Benitez on left taps ball over to FCD Avila who crosses ball back into box from 20 yards on left and FCD John heads ball wide right from 6 yards.
44 min...TFC Borman cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Koevermans nod 8 yard header on right down that bounces to goalie.
46 min...FCD Chavez low cross from 25 yards near right end line has goalie dive forward to stop as FCD Shea was waiting for tap-in on left side of box.
47 min...FCD Villar cross from 20 yards on left end line has goalie leap on left post to swat over net.
47 min...FCD Villar cornerkick from left has goalie charge to right and punch ball away from 8 yards.
48 min...half ends 8:56pm.

Halftime Entertainment:...There's a mini game between member of the York Jets kiddies teams. It takes them so long to set up that they have less than three minutes to play.

2nd Half:...starts 9:12pm.
46 min...TFC Frings 35 yard freekick from right has FCD John on left side of box pop up clearance with header.
47 min...FCD Brek Shea GOAL...Shea picks up ball at center line, eludes sliding TFC Frings in center circle and runs down middle and 30 yard blast is in off left post near top of net above flying goalie Stefan Frei.
51 min...TFC Plata goal is called back offside when he gets pass across from left from TFC Yourassowsky and he kicks in 8 yarder as they both run into box.
53 min...TFC sub...Santos replaces Yourassowsky.
54 min...TFC Santos long cross from right sideline has TFC Plata rescue ball on right end line but has FCD Benitez check him off ball on right edge of box.
55 min...TFC sub...Soolsma replaces Sturgis.
56 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from right has ball popped up by TFC Iro on header over net from 10 yards in crowd of players.
57 min...FCD Shea rushes in from right to center and cuts 22 yard roller wide right of net.
58 min...FCD Alexander blasts midair 20 yarder down middle wide of net when FCD Shea crosses over from right.
59 min...FCD Chavez run down middle and passes right to FCD Shea whose low shot from 10 yards is blocked by goalie and FCD Chavez heads 16 yard rebound to left post that has TFC Iro foot away from 2 yards. FCD Avila works ball back into box and crosses from 15 yards on left and TFC Borman heads that away from 8 yards.
61 min...FCD Villar pushes ball through defenders but goalie beats FCD Chavez to ball on left side of box.
62 min...TFC Soolsma rolls cross into box from 15 yards on right and FCD Rodriguez backheels ball from 7 yards to edge of box and TFC Santos 15 yard shot is bent in and FCD goalie flies to punch ball wide left for throw-in on left.
62 min...FCD sub...Jacobson replaces Avila.
63 min...FCD Shea taps over pass and FCD Jackson chip from 18 yards on right hits top of bar on left side of net for goalkick.
67 min...FCD Villar cornerkick from right is caught by goalie on left side of box and he kicks it away for fast break that finds TFC Plata on left but his run to left end line and rolls cross that's blocked by sliding FCD Hernandez who blocks and clears it away.
68 min...TFC Frings freekick from 28 yards near left sideline has goalie catch in crowd of players.
69 min...TFC sub...Zavarise replaces Plata.
70 min...FCD sub...Guarda replaces Alexander.
71 min...TFC goalie runs out to clear from FCD Chavez through ball at 22 yards.
71 min...FCD Chavez steals ball near right end line from TFC Harden who was watching it roll out and passes to FCD Villar at 12 yards on right who chips cross for FCD Shea standing in open at 10 yards on left but FCD Guarda steps in front of him and blasts 8 yard shot down middle wide left.
72 min...TFC Viator 50 yard chip from right is caught by goalie under no pressure.
73 min...FCD goalie catches cross on right post from TFC Johnson at 25 yards on left and holds on when TFC Soolsma crashes into him.
75 min...TFC Santos dribbles and 40 yard shot wins cornerkick when its tipped wide left.
76 min...TFC Frings cornerkick from left is whistled down in box.
76 min...TFC YELLOW card...Iro earns it for the bump in the box on previous play.
77 min...TFC Johnson and FCD Jackson both injured on left edge of FCD box but play carries on upfield.
77 min...TFC goalie slides forward to beat FCD Shea to through ball on left.
78 min...TFC Soolsma rush on right and cross from 22 yards has FCD Jackson head ball away in box.
79 min...FCD sub...Warshaw replaces Villar.
80 min...TFC Viator takes three throw-ins from right with all of them being headed away by defenders.
80 min...FCD Guarda pass to charging FCD Chavez who blasts ball into net from 6 yards on left but offside flag was up.
82 min...TFC play whistled down in FCD box when TFC Santos upends defender on sliding tackle.
83 min...TFC Viator cross from 55 yards into box has ball picked up by goalie when TFC player pops up header from 20 yards into box.
84 min...TFC Harden chips 45 yarder has TFC Koevermans twist 20 yard header wide left.
85 min...FCD Chavez on right sends low shot just wide left of post from 22 yards.
86 min...TFC Harden shot from 8 yards is blocked by goalie. TFC Soolsma gets ball on right side of box and crosses in for charging TFC Santos to heade just over net high and wide left from 6 yards.
86 min...TFC Viator gets back to check FCD Shea off ball on left side of TFC box.
87 min...FCD Benitez fakes knockdown to TFC Iro at FCD 25 yards but Benitez is the player injured.
87 min...FCD YELLOW card...Hernandez earns it for complaining about last play.
88 min...TFC Frings freekick from 25 yards has FCD Guarda pop up header at 8 yards and other defenders clear out left side of box.
90 min...TFC Frings chips ball down middle from 35 yards into box and has leaping TFC Johnson at 8 yards wide left of net get head (and arm) to knock ball down and TFC Iro gets to ball on left end line and from 6 yards rolls ball across box through goalie and legs of TFC Koevermans and FCD Ihemelu clears behind end line from 1 yard although flag for offside had been raised.
92 min...TFC Frings 22 yard freekick from left is lofted well over net.
93 min...TFC goalie blast from 70 yards is tipped but goalie saves ball on dive wide left of net.
93 min...game ends 10:00pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......0..........FC Dallas..........1...........

Attendance was announced as 21087.

The team has been out of town for two weeks and the program lineups on the back cover have not been updated. This is the one game where there may have been more sold because of all the player changes made around here in the last few weeks.

Finally this is the game where new designated players Torsten Frings and Danny Koevermans could play and we had been warned in the press that they are not yet match fit. They'd been watching games for a few weeks but had to wait until the opening of the International transfer window on July 15th. They also have added in the last few weeks forwards Ryan Johnson, midfielders Terry Dunfield and Leandre Griffit, and defenders Andy Iro and Eddy Viator. Gone are forward Alan Gordon, midfielders Jacob Peterson and Tony Tchani, and defender Nana Attakora (the last member of the original 2007 first year team). Viator had not even been mentioned in the news but apparently had been signed just hours earlier.

The Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was Torsten Frings playing his first game for the team.

Kevin Hartman earned the shutout for FC Dallas but only needed to make three saves.

The new look TFC team needs a lot of work as there were far too many passing mistakes and messed up plays. Press reports said some of the players only had one practice since joining the team. That may be enough to be on an All Star team but not against a team that plays together every day like FC Dallas. The lost points sink TFC further down the standings and make their playoff chances even further remote.

stats from mlssoccer.com

Scoring Summary:
DAL -- Brek Shea 9 (unassisted) 48
Misconduct Summary:
TOR -- Eddy Viator (caution; Reckless Tackle) 15
DAL -- Jackson (caution; Reckless Foul) 40
TOR -- Andy Iro (caution; Dissent) 77
DAL -- Daniel Hernandez (caution; Dissent) 88

Toronto FC             FC Dallas
11  Attempts on Goal      20
 5  Shots on Target        3
 5  Shots off Target      14
 1  Blocked Shots          3
 5  Corner Kicks           3
13  Fouls                 10
22  Open Play Crosses     14
 5  Offsides               1
 2  Yellow Cards           2
 0  Red Cards              0
30  Duels Won             37
44% Duels Won %           55%
302 Total Pass           347
69% Passing Accuracy %    72%
47.5% Possession          52.5%
FC Dallas -- Kevin Hartman, Jackson, George John, Ugo Ihemelu, Jair Benitez, Eric Alexander (Bruno Guarda 71), Eric Avila (Andrew Jacobson 63), 
Ricardo Villar (Bobby Warshaw 80), Daniel Hernandez, Brek Shea, Marvin Chavez.
Substitutes Not Used: Ruben Luna, Victor Ulloa, Andrew Wiedeman, Chris Seitz.
Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Eddy Viator, Ty Harden, Andy Iro, Danleigh Borman, Mikael Yourassowsky (Maicon Santos 54), 
Nathan Sturgis (Nick Soolsma 56), Torsten Frings, Joao Plata (Gianluca Zavarise 70), Danny Koevermans, Ryan Johnson.
Substitutes Not Used: Dan Gargan, Doneil Henry, Matt Stinson, Milos Kocic.
Referee: Hilario Grajeda
Referee's Assistants: Paul Scott; Corey Parker
4th Official: Daniel Fitzgerald
Attendance: 21,087
Time of Game: 1:53
Weather: Clear and 81 degrees

TFC starters

FC Dallas starters

TFC Danny Koevermans (14) and Nathan Sturgis (11) take the kick off.

TFC Torsten Frings freekick rolls into box.

TFC Danleigh Borman cross after return of throw-in.

FCD Daniel Hernandez holds ball at center line.

TFC Andy Iro sends kick into FCD half.

FCD Jair Benitez freekick.

TFC goalie catches and clears ball.

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