- May 28, 2011 MLS--Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union (by Rocket Robin)


Result of the Saturday May 28th, 2011 MLS game between Toronto FC and Philadelphia Union played at BMO Field in Toronto at 12:30pm.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

........................24 Stefan Frei
27 Richard Eckersley...31 Dicoy Williams...20 Ty Harden...8 Dan Gargan
........23 Tony Tchani...6 Julian de Guzman...19 Mikael Yourassowsky
........18 Nick Soolsma...29 Marcos Santos (cpt)...7 Joao Plata

Subs:...30 Milos Kocic (gk)...10 Alen Stevanovic (mid)...11 Nathan Sturgis (mid)...12 Adrian Cann (def)...25 Danleigh Borman (def) ...33 Javier Martina (fwd)
head coach Aron Winter

Philadelphia Union (all navy, gold trim and stripe on chest, white names and numbers)

......................1 Faryd Mondragon (cpt)
25 Sheanon Williams...5 Carlos Valdes...4 Danny Califf...2 Jordan Harvey
15 Gabriel Farfan...13 Kyle Nakazawa...7 Brian Carroll...22 Justin Mapp
............10 Danny Mwanga...9 Sebastien Le Toux

Subs:...18 Zac MacMath (gk)...3 Juan Diego Gonzalez (def)...8 Roger Torres (mid)...12 Chris Agorsor (fwd)...17 Keon Daniel (mid) ...19 Jack McInerney (fwd)...20 Carlos Ruiz (fwd)
head coach Peter Nowak

Game officials:...referee Niko Bratsis...referee's assistants Claudio Badea and Jason Cullum...fourth official Ricardo Salazar... (neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 12:38pm...TFC defend south end on this warm afternoon.
40 sec...TFC Plata on run down left pushes ball forward for TFC Santos at 30 yards but he's flagged offside.
1:56 min...Union Gabriel Farfan GOAL...PU Jordan Harvey throw-in from 10 yard line on left is short and pushed back to him and he crosses into box and Farfan lets ball bounce as he runs around TFC Dan Gargan taking ball in the clear and shooting 9 yarder low into left side of net beyond diving goalie Stefan Frei.
3 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from left has ball popped over to right by PU defender and TFC Yourassowsky taps pass back to TFC Soolsma whose 20 yard cross from right is high and knocked down by goalie who gathers it in at 3 yards.
6 min...PU Williams cross from 25 yards on right while on run is caught by diving goalie at 3 yards.
8 min...PU Farfan low cross from near right cornerflag has TFC Williams clear with kick from 5 yards in box out of bounds for throw-in on right.
8 min...PU Williams long throw-in from right is over crowd of players on right side of box and bounces to goalie who bats it up on leap and catches near left post.
9 min...PU Farfan long cross from 55 yards on right bounces just past charging PU Mwanga at 20 yards on left.
10 min...PU Justin Mapp GOAL...TFC Ty Harden clears ball from TFC 20 yards on right that has PU Mapp intercept at 50 yards and after give and go up middle with sliding PU Kyle Nakazawa has him chest ball down and rush towards goal to 25 yards and take low 25 yard shot up middle into right corner of net beyond diving goalie.
12 min...TFC defenders converge to prevent PU Mwanga from getting a shot away at 17 yards on right.
14 min...PU Le Toux freekick from 28 yards on right is bent well over net.
14 min...TFC goalie clearance deflects off PU Le Toux almost into net.
16 min...TFC Soolsma 22 yard shot from right is well over net.
18 min...TFC Gargan long pass downfield on left from 65 yards finds charging TFC Plata who stops and rolls cross back to TFC Santos who misses ball on edge of box and ball rolls clear.
19 min...TFC Plata 28 yard freekick from left is headed away by defender. TFC Eckersley chips back partial clearance from 55 yards on right and leaping TFC Santos at 10 yards in crowd of players heads ball wide left of net.
20 min...TFC Plata has PU Valdes clear ball off him for goalkick at 10 yards breaking up his run into left side of PU box.
21 min...TFC Santos low pass forward from 45 yards on right has defender let by and beats over end line ahead of TFC Plata on left.
24 min...TFC Gargan ends TFC pressure on edge of PU box with cross from 30 yards on left that defender heads away.
24 min...TFC Tchani cross from 25 yards on extreme right is cleared by PU Valdes header at 5 yards.
26 min...TFC de Guzman 45 yard freekick from right is through players on edge of box and bounces left for goalkick.
28 min...TFC Yourassowsky blasts partial clearance from 30 yards down middle high and wide left of net.
30 min...TFC Santos 22 yard freekick from right is bent well over net.
32 min...TFC Soolsma high cross from 22 yards on right drifts behind end line on left.
34 min...PU Mapp cornerkick from right has defenders clear and rush to PU box which ends with TFC Plata rolling pass from left for TFC Eckersley in middle blasting 25 yard shot just over net.
37 min...TFC Plata can't draw Penalty kick just inside PU box as he was offside before getting to the pass.
38 min...PU YELLOW card...Harvey earns it for sliding tackle trip on TFC Yourassowsky at TFC 8 yards near left sideline as charging TFC goalie gets hand to cross sent in by PU Farfan from 30 yards on right and palms it to left side of box. TFC Yourassowsky is injured on this tackle.
39 min...PU Farfan cross from 18 yards along right end line is through box and TFC defenders clear.
39 min...TFC Santos blasts 35 yard shot from right is into webbing of net. The goalie was hurt on this play stretching over to right post.
43 min...PU Kyle Nakazawa GOAL...PU Sebastian Le Toux on right at 30 yards pushes ball forward to PU Justin Mapp who taps back to Le Toux who rolls centering pass for PU Danny Mwanga at 18 yards who flicks pass to PU Nakazawa who steps forward and in clear down middle rolls 12 yard shot up middle under diving goalie to left side of net.
45 min...TFC Yourassowsky cornerkick from right is frittered away with tap over to TFC Plata on offside call.
46 min...PU Mapp runs on left and cross from 25 yards has PU Le Toux chest ball down and chips 15 yarder just over net.
46 min...half ends 1:24pm.

Halftime Entertainment:...It was Carlsberg Soccer Pong. One team actually beat the clock to get all the buckets cleared with their throw-ins. I'd never seen that before.

2nd Half:...starts 1:51pm.
Halftime subs:...TFC Borman replaces Gargan.
...............TFC Martina replaces de Guzman.
47 min...TFC Santos on 2 on 1 with TFC Plata shoots 15 yarder that goalie blocks at 8 yards.
48 min...TFC Eckersley high 45 yard chip from right has goalie catch unchallenged at 8 yards.
48 min...PU Mwanga rush down right on break from 40 yards and low 16 yard shot has sliding goalis block. PU Carroll blasts rebound from 20 yards down middle and well over net.
49 min...PU Le Toux breakaway on left from 40 yards and he rushes in and rolls cross from 10 yards through defenders but PU Farfan slips at 8 yards and can't get away shot.
49 min...TFC Maicon Santos GOAL...TFC Danleigh Borman intercepts pass at TFC 30 yards and after short run rolls ball up middle that Santos gets break away at 30 yards and rounds charging goalie Faryd Mondragon at 25 yards and rolls 12 yarder into open net.
50 min...TFC Tchani blasts partial clearance for 22 yard shot down middle well high and wide left over net.
51 min...PU Mapp rolls 25 yard shot just wide right.
52 min...TFC Martina low cross from 20 yards on right has sliding defender clear from center of box.
53 min...TFC Santos shoots 35 yard low shot up middle just wide right of net.
54 min...TFC Plata runs down left and cross from 15 yard end line is into side of net for goalkick.
54 min...TFC Plata low 20 yard shot up middle has goalie sprawl for save and defender concedes cornerkick.
55 min...TFC Yourassowksy cornerkick from right has TFC Williams keep ball in play on left with foot hook back across box and TFC Yourassowsky get ball back at 18 yards on right but low cross is cleared from box.
56 min...PU Mwanga 10 yard shot from extreme left has sliding goalie make point blank save batting ball out of left side of box.
57 min...PU Mapp rush up right wing and rolls 20 yard cross from near right end line that TFC Williams boots out for cornerkick.
57 min...PU Mapp cornerkick from right has goalie punch out ball in crowd of players.
58 min...TFC Maicon Santos GOAL...PU Sebastien Le Toux rolls ball back on left wing and and it's intercepted by TFC Joao Plata who had been stopped on previous play near edge of box. Plata from 20 yards rolls ball from left across box that sliding TFC Nick Soolsma looking for a Penalty kick misses and Santos at 5 yards on right rolls ball into open net as goalie was guarding left post.
60 min...TFC Yourassowsky chips 35 yard freekick that is headed in box but drops in front of goalie who picks up.
61 min...PU Justin Mapp GOAL...TFC goalie's bad clearance on pass back has ball intercepted at 40 yards by Mapp on right wing who runs forward and kicks bender into left side of net from 20 yards.
61 min...TFC players from restart try to chip goalie but he retreats to catch ball.
63 min...PU sub...Daniel replaces Nakazawa.
63 min...TFC Borman ends TFC pressure in PU box with 7 yard blast from left over net.
64 min...PU goalie long goalkick bounces over TFC goalie at 25 yards who retreats and saves it on the line.
66 min...TFC Martina cross from right 25 yards has defender in box head away.
67 min...PU players on 3 on 2 has PU Mwanga in middle rolls pass over to PU Le Toux for 12 yard shot on right saved by sprawling goalie and 10 yard rebound hit into side of net.
67 min...TFC Yourassowsky cornerkick from right has ball knocked around in box but cleared.
68 min...TFC Yourassowsky on left has 10 yard shot blocked by sliding defender conceding cornerkick.
69 min...TFC player's cornerkick from left is cleared by nearest defender.
69 min...PU Daniel on left sends in cross from 30 yards into box but defender heads it away.
70 min...PU Le Toux 35 yard freekick down middle has ball deflect off TFC Borman's back in wall and fly wide left of net.
71 min...PU Danny Mwanga GOAL...PU Sebastien Le Toux cornerkick from left has Mwanga on right charge in behind TFC Ty Harden and boot in 5 yarder to high right side of net over TFC Danleigh Borman frozen on post.
72 min...TFC sub...Stevanovic replaces Harden.
74 min...TFC Plata can't get to ball TFC Tchani high header from 22 yards sent into box and goalkick results.
79 min...TFC Martina touches ball back to TFC Tchani for cross from 22 yards on right that defender heads away from inside box.
79 min...TFC Martina cross from 20 yards on right bounces to TFC Plata on left side of box but he's checked off ball.
79 min...TFC Martina cross from 18 yards on right has defender head out of box.
80 min...TFC Stevanovic 22 yard freekick blast is low and into leg in six man wall and deflection clears well out of box.
81 min...TFC Plata 25 yard freekick from left is headed away in box by defender in one man wall.
82 min...TFC Borman cross from 25 yards on left has defender pop up header PU Daniel clears but runs to get ball and knocks over TFC Tchani for freekick call.
82 min...TFC Santos freekick from 22 yards down middle is into chest in six man wall and cleared.
83 min...TFC Soolsma charge into box and wins cornerkick on point blank block of cross at 8 yards along right end line by PU Daniel.
84 min...TFC Yourassowsky cornerkick from right is bent wide left over end line.
86 min...TFC Stevanovic rolls pass forward from 30 yards but TFC Soolsma can't get to it at 10 yards on left so ball rolls for goalkick.
88 min...PU Danny Mwanga GOAL...PU Justin Mapp on rush up right wing passes ball over and Mwanga gets ball by sliding TFC Tony Tchani at 17 yards and steps through to take 10 yard shot that's into low left side of net.
90 min...game ends 2:36pm (there was no time added)

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........Philadelphia Union..........6...........

Attendance was announced as 20122 on this warm, cloudy day with a strong wind from the south.

This game was a complete surprise to me. It was believable they could lose to the first place team in the East and they had played eight games in the last month. The Union had played ten league games until today and only scored eight times and given up only seven goals. They had not scored in their last three road games. A low scoring 1-0 or 0-0 game was more what I was expecting. The Union's Gabriel Farfan has a twin brother, Michael, who scored his first goal last week but was not even a sub in this game.

My mind was wandering in the second half when I noticed the lack of Canadians on the field. Only Julian de Guzman was a starter and he played only the first half. Both Adrian Cann and Nana Attakora were on the bench for this game. Last year these Canadians formed a near unbeatable pair and Cann was named the club's MVP. Rumour has Attakora on the bench for the last month in a contract dispute. A web site of MLS odds now has TFC down to a 6% chance of making the playoffs. Another wasted home date for results and this team has never had a history of winning on the road.

This game was clearing fans from the stadium about as fast as the rain did in Wednesday's eventual no-decision game against Vanoouver Whitecaps in in the second leg of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship final. If they had played the scheduled make-up game on Thursday morning (it was also postponed), I think this game could have been in double digits. Only Stefan Frei kept the score down today. Fans were booing from the second goal onwards. Most important goal was the Union's fourth which was a quick response to a TFC comeback three minutes earlier.

This game was the team's worse lost in franchise history. A 5-1 loss in an exhibition game against Spain's Real Madrid was understandable and a 5-0 road loss against New York Red Bulls in 2009 when a win would have got them their first playoff date had been their worst losses.

Our season tickets had a picture of Dwayne De Rosario adjusting his captain's arm band. Now with him on the team I think this fiasco would never have happened.

Before the game started new inductees to the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame were introduced. They included Lyndon Hooper, Jimmy Nicholl, Nick Dasovic, William Hoyle, Bert Goldberger and four players from the 1979 Vancouver Whitecaps. The second ever winner of the Brian Budd Award was Peter Sloli.

I now had a choice of what to watch next. The European Championship League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United was scheduled to be shown on the big screen at this park which didn't hold any interest for me. TFC had a MSL Reserves game against Philadelphia Reserves but it was at Cherry Beach which I wasn't sure how to get there while the TFC Academy was playing at Lamport Stadium...just about a kilometer away which I decided on as it would be my first time to see the Capital City team from Ottawa. I got outsmarted as the Academy team had five players called up to fill their roster.

stats from MLSsoccer.com

Scoring Summary:  

 PHI -- Gabriel Farfan 1 (Jordan Harvey 1) 3  
 PHI -- Justin Mapp 1 (Kyle Nakazawa 2) 11  
 PHI -- Kyle Nakazawa 1 (Danny Mwanga 2, Sebastien Le Toux 2) 44
 TOR -- Maicon Santos 4 (Danleigh Borman 1) 50 
 TOR -- Maicon Santos 5 (Danleigh Borman 2) 59  
 PHI -- Justin Mapp 2 (unassisted) 62
 PHI -- Danny Mwanga 2 (Sebastien Le Toux 3) 72  
 PHI -- Danny Mwanga 3 (unassisted) 89  
Philadelphia Union -- Faryd Mondragon, Sheanon Williams, Danny Califf, Carlos Valdes, Jordan Harvey, Gabriel Farfan, Kyle Nakazawa (Keon Daniel 63), 
Brian Carroll, Justin Mapp, Sebastien Le Toux, Danny Mwanga.
Substitutes Not Used: Chris Agorsor, Juan Diego Gonzalez, Jack McInerney, Carlos Ruiz, Roger Torres, Zac MacMath. 


Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Richard Eckersley, Dicoy Williams, Ty Harden (Alen Stevanovic 74), Dan Gargan (Danleigh Borman 46), Tony Tchani, 
Julian de Guzman (Javier Martina 46), Mikael Yourassowsky, Nick Soolsma, Maicon Santos, Joao Plata.
Substitutes Not Used: Nana Attakora, Adrian Cann, Nathan Sturgis, Milos Kocic.  


Misconduct Summary:  
PHI -- Jordan Harvey (caution; Reckless Tackle) 39  

Referee: Niko Bratsis  
Referee's Assistants: -Claudio Badea; Jason Cullum  
4th Official: Ricardo Salazar  
Time of Game: 1:48  
Weather: Flurries-and-54-degrees  
Attendance: 20,122  

TFC starters

Union starters

Union players Sebastien Le Toux (9) and Danny Mwanga (10) waiting for kickoff.

TFC Julian de Guzman and PU Sheanon Williams collide.

PU Sebastien Le Toux takes freekick.

PU cornerkick.

Second half kickoff for TFC Maicon Santos (29) and Nick Soolsma (18).

TFC Dicoy Williams on rush.

TFC Alen Stevanovic freekick.

Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductees walk along sidelines after being introduced before the game.

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