May 1, 2011 MLS--Loss In Seattle "Embarrassing" To TFC Players (from

Loss in Seattle "embarrassing" to TFC players
Gargan: We hurt as much as the fans do
Duane Rollins
May 1, 2011

Toronto FC’s Dan Gargan wasn’t about to sugarcoat Toronto FC’s 3-0 loss to Seattle. 

“No one wants to get beat like that,” Gargan said. “It’s embarrassing. The players feel like [expletive] about it.”
The defender admitted that the loss was one of the worst in the Reds’ history: a three-goal deficit, and a measly six shots, only two of which 
hit the target. The players are acutely aware of how it must feel to be a supporter of the team on days like this. 

“We hurt as much as you do,” he said. “We understand how frustrating it must be, but imagine how we must feel. We are professionals and this 
is our livelihood. We don’t want to lose anymore than the fans do.”
Gargan said that defeats like Saturday night's are unfortunate, but likely a product of the rebuild that TFC are still undergoing as head coach 
Aron Winter continues reshape the side.
“It’s a learning process,” he said. “It’s a new league for him, and it’s a new system for us. It’s going to take time.”
For his part, Winter didn’t try to protect his players after the match.
“Well, it was a bad game; we didn’t play well,” he said, “ We want to play football, but if you don’t play – if you are afraid to get the ball and each 
ball that we have you have we play long ball then we [make it] difficult.”
Winter said the club did not come close to executing his game plan against the Sounders.
“Before the game, I explained how we are going to play and that’s important,” the coach said. However, the players did not follow through, Winter said. 
“I am still upset,” he added.
According to Gargan, the Reds must not dwell on Saturday’s poor performance. 

“There is another game on Wednesday,” he said, referring to the Nutrilite Canadian Championship contest at home to FC Edmonton. TFC won the first 
leg 3-0. “We don’t have a lot of choice. We have to move on.”

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