Result of the Saturday April 2nd, 2011 MLS game between Toronto FC and Chivas USA played at BMO Field in Toronto at 1:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, black shoulders and sleeves, white names and numbers)

........................24 Stefan Frei
20 Ty Harden...3 Nana Attakora...12 Adrian Cann...25 Danleigh Borman
.......23 Jacob Peterson...29 Maicon Santos (cpt)...22 Tony Tchani
.......33 Javier Martina...21 Alan Gordon...10 Alen Stevanovic

Subs:...30 Milos Kocic (gk)...5 Ashtone Morgan (def)...6 Julian de Guzman (mid)...7 Joao Plata (fwd)...8 Dan Gargan (def)...16 Oscar Cordon (mid) ...31 Dicoy Williams (def)
head coach Aron Winter

Chivas USA (white socks, shorts, names and numbers, navy shirts)

...............................1 Dan Kennedy
11 Michael Lahoud...23 Marcos Mondaini...2 Andrew Boyens...3 Heath Pearce
10 Nick LaBrocca...21 Ben Zemanski...19 Jorge Flores...13 Ante Jazic
...........17 Justin Braun...15 Alejandro Moreno (cpt)

Subs:...22 Zach Thornton (gk)...30 Sergio Arias (gk)...6 Francisco Mendoza (mid)...8 Mariano Trujillo (def)...14 Gerson Mayen (mid) ...33 Seth Owusu (def)...99 Victor Estupinan (fwd)
head coach Robin Fraser

Game officials:...referee Baldomero Toledo...referee's assistants Ian Anderson and Frank Anderson...fourth official Juan Guzman...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 1:10pm...TFC defend north end on this very cold day. A bright sun is in the south and a strong wind from the north on this cool afternoon.
1 min...CHV Braun has shot blocked by defender on edge of box.
2 min...CHV Alejandro Moreno GOAL...Jorge Flores run in middle has shot blocked at 20 yards by TFC Nana Attakora but he pokes ball through defender's legs and Moreno runs between two other TFC defenders to get to ball and 10 yard low shot is over goalie Stefan Frei, who was diving forward at 8 yards, into center of net.
4 min...CHV Jasic crosses ball into box from 25 yards on left and TFC Cann diving header at 15 yards clears ball from box.
5 min...CHV Braun pops header from 7 yards just over net after receiving cross from left sideline from CHV Jasic.
7 min...TFC Martina rolls cross from 20 yards on right on 1 on 4 rush that CHV Boyens clears out for throw-in.
7 min...CHV goalie catches skyball sent in from 30 yards from TFC Peterson on right.
8 min...TFC Borman rolls pass to TFC Stevanovic too far ahead of him at 25 yards and ball rolls for goalkick.
11 min...TFC Attakora pokes ball off CHV Mondaini at 8 yards on rush on right side inside box for cornerkick.
11 min...CHV Pearce cornerkick from right has TFC Tchani on left head ball out of box.
12 min...CHV LaBrocca crosses from 25 yards on left that CHV Moreno flicks header from 18 yards in middle over to CHV Braun can't redirect header while all alone on right side of box from 7 yards.
13 min...CHV Mondaini cross from left near end line has CHV Braun on right slide towards goal and shoot 3 yarder into right side webbing of net.
14 min...TFC Stevanovic chips pass from 30 yards on left too far in front of TFC Martina on right and ball bounces for goalkick.
15 min...CHV Jasic cross from 22 yards on left has CHV LaBrocca knock ball down and 10 yard shot in box is deflected off sliding TFC Attakora and TFC Harden kicks ball behind net for cornerkick.
16 min...CHV LaBrocca cornerkick from left has leaping TFC Santos head ball out of box from near left.
16 min...CHV Jasic cross from 45 yards on left near sideline has TFC Borman head away from just inside box.
22 min...TFC goalie catches CHV Pearce chip into box from 30 yards after receiving freekick tap and and long punt to TFC Martina holds up ball at and tries to deke CHV Lahoud who pokes ball away giving up cornerkick.
23 min...TFC Peterson cornerkick from right is headed away by defender.
24 min...TFC Martina chip from right 20 yards has leaping TFC Gordon on left head 5 yarder off left post just under bar and defenders clear from box.
26 min...CHV Moreno gets headed pass into clear on left wing and long run has TFC Attakora catch him at 12 yards and he sends in low cross between two CHV players and out right side of box.
30 min...TFC Stevanovic taps pass out to TFC Borman who chips from 20 yards on extreme left has leaping goalie catch ball in front of TFC Gordon.
31 min...TFC Santos 30 yard low shot from left is blocked by sprawling goalie at 4 yards who crawls to grab rebound.
32 min...CHV Flores cross from 30 yards near sideline has leaping CHV Moreno not able to turn header at 13 yards.
33 min...TFC Borman cross from 25 yards on left has ball fly over for goalie to catch over his head wide right of net.
35 min...TFC Alan Gordon GOAL...TFC Jacob Peterson 40 yard freekick from left has Gordon charge forward and head ball in from 6 yards into right side of net beyond goalie Dan Kennedy.
37 min...CHV Mondaini cross from left side of box is cleared by defender at 10 yards.
38 min...CHV Flores heads ball across box from left that defender clears.
40 min...CHV Pearce 30 yard freekick has TFC Borman pop up header and TFC goalie charges over to catch ball on bounce well right of net but flag was up for TFC freekick anyway.
41 min...TFC Harden cross from 40 yards on right has goalie fist ball over TFC Gordon to clear left of box.
41 min...TFC Martina cross from right has TFC Stevanovic pop 10 yarder wide left of net.
43 min...TFC Martina with ball on right near cornerflag cuts around CHV Jasic to send high cross into box and CHV Lahoud heads ball behind net on right from 3 yards for cornerkick.
43 min...TFC Stevanovic high cornerkick from left is over to TFC Martina on right who from 15 yards sends in low cross towards goal and TFC Santos deflects it in from 3 yards on tap-in but is ruled offside. Television replays and commentators say it wasn't offside but it looked like the ball deflected up and went in off his arm.
45 min...TFC goalie catches low cross sent in from 30 yards by CHV Braun.
45 min...TFC Martina on run up right crosses from 30 yards that charging TFC Santos heads wide left of net from 12 yards.
46 min...half ends 1:56pm.

Halftime Entertainment:...The entertainment today is the Pizza Pizza 'Meal or No Meal' game which is very similar to the television game show 'Deal or No Deal'. They held that a few halftimes last year and just like the last few times the contestant picked the correct box with a coupon for the maximum 12 free pizzas. I think the fix is in because this is at least the third time in a row that the contestant won the big prize.

2nd Half:...starts 2:12pm.
Halftime subs:...TFC de Guzman replaces Peterson.
48 min...CHV Braun receives pass on edge of box and cross from 10 yards on right near end line has TFC Harden head ball out of box.
49 min...CHV Moreno cross into box from left is whistled down for hand ball at 16 yards.
51 min...TFC Stevanovic is injured near center line when stretching for pass.
53 min...TFC de Guzman freekick from 30 yards on right is headed away by CHV Moreno as nearest man on right edge of box.
54 min...TFC Martina cross along end line is caught by goalie.
54 min...CHV Braun on run down right sideline dekes past TFC Borman and cross is headed away by defender.
55 min...CHV Pearce 35 yard freekick from right has goalie punch ball away from 6 yards ahead of crowd of players charging towards goal.
57 min...CHV Jazic low cross from left is cleared on edge of box.
58 min...TFC Gordon rolls ball forward through defenders at 45 yards on right and finds TFC Santos making a run in alone at 30 yards. Santos runs in on 2 on 0 rush with TFC Stevanovic on left. Santos runs around goalie at 10 yards while cutting towards net and recovers at 5 yards and rolls low shot wide left cutting in on Stevanovic who had an open net. A huge chunk of grass was dug up on CHV Boyens slide to try to make stop. Stevanovic angerly rekicks the ball into the sign board.
60 min...CHV Braun heads 5 yarder from left after receiving long cross from right from CHV Lahoud and goalie catches on left post.
62 min...CHV Boyens 40 yard shot down middle is over crowd of players and has goalie catch under bar near right post.
64 min...TFC Harden crosses from 35 yards on right near sideline and TFC Tchani heads 16 yarder up middle that goalie catches.
64 min...TFC Stevanovic is injured at CHV 50 yard line.
64 min...TFC sub...Williams replaces Attakora.
66 min...CHV sub...Mayen replaces Mondaini (before play resumes).
66 min...CHV Mayen rushes up right to collect pass behind defender and taps ball back for CHV LaBrocca to cross from 25 yards on right that has TFC Williams head ball away from edge of box.
68 min...CHV Flores cross from 20 yards on left has TFC de Guzman clear ball from inside box at 12 yards.
69 min...TFC sub...Plata replaces Stevanovic (still injured).
70 min...CHV player rolls 50 yard shot up middle through crowd of players wide right of goal.
71 min...CHV Jazic cross from 28 yards on left is caught by goalie.
72 min...CHV LaBrocca 35 yard blast up middle has flying goalie catch on right post.
74 min...CHV Jazic cross from 20 yards on left is blocked by TFC Martina for cornerkick on left.
75 min...CHV LaBrocca cornerkick from left has CHV Braun diving header at 7 yards on right is caught by flying goalie in center of net.
76 min...TFC Borman 40 yard freekick from left has TFC Gordon head ball from 12 yards on right across the box and defender clears.
77 min...TFC Tchani is injured at CHV 50 yards on bump from behind by CHV Zemanski.
78 min...TFC Borman 50 yard freekick from left has TFC Gordon pop up header from 10 yards that goalie catches.
79 min...CHV Braun shot is low from 22 yards around TFC Harden but ball rolls to goalie.
80 min...CHV Flores low 30 yard shot that goalie dives to block. CHV Moreno rushes 12 yard shot on right that's well wide right of net.
85 min...CHV sub...Estupinan replaces Braun.
86 min...CHV Pearce 40 yard freekick from right has TFC Tchani head ball wide left from 8 yards.
86 min...CHV LaBrocca cornerkick from left has goalie palm ball and crawl to fall on it at 5 yards on right.
87 min...TFC Martina wins cornerkick on cross on right end line when ball blocked by CHV Jasic.
88 min...TFC de Guzman cornerkick from right has TFC Harden pop up header at 18 yards but defender clears.
88 min...TFC YELLOW card...de Guzman earns it for pulling down CHV Flores breaking out near center line.
90 min...CHV Mayen long cross from 25 yards on right sideline is over net on left.
93 min...game ends 3:00pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Chivas USA...........1........

Attendance was announced as 18968. The weather was milder than last week's game but attendance was down from the season opener by about 1500.

Today's game was within 24 hours of TFC trading team captain and all-time leading scorer Dwayne De Rosario to New York Red Bulls for defender Danleigh Borman, midfielder Tony Tchani, and the NYRB 1st round draft choice in 2012.

I was surprised that TFC had Borman and Tchani into their starting line up since this Dutch style football system is supposed to be so elaborate to play under. These players had no practices with the team. New signing Dicoy Williams came in for the last 30 minutes as defender but he has trained with the team since the preseason and needed an international roster spot to open up so he could sign with them. Joao Plata came in at forward for the last 20 minutes for his first regular season league action for the team.

This was the first time that TFC Alan Gordon and Chivas Nick LaBrocca had faced each other since being traded between teams on the eve of the season starting. I'll give goal scorer Gordon the advantage in this meeting.

This was the first game since last year for TFC midfielder Julian de Guzman who came in as a halftime substitute. Without his usual Afro hairstyle he looked short at 5'7". Joao Plata is only 5'3".

Since Dwayne De Rosario didn't leave on the best of terms with the club from what I hear about a 'demand' to be traded, I expect the team will try to erase his memory as quickly as possible. It was too late for today's program with him on the cover hugging Julian de Guzman (probably the picture was taken last year because of de Guzman's injury and change of hairstyle). His likeness was still displayed on the electronic advertising boards.

I had expected TFC would have won this game. Chivas had started the season 0-2 in the league with two home losses and then mid week they lost to Portland Timbers in a US Open Cup game...a team TFC had handled rather easily last week in league play. I expected Chivas would at least be tired from playing on Wednesday but they had as many chances to win the game late as Toronto did. Alan Gordon hit the goalpost on a header at 20 minutes and Maicon Santos rolled a shot wide of an open net at 58 minutes for TFC winning chances.

The Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was named as new player Danleigh Borman.

Ante Jazic was a Canadian National team player who plays for Chivas. He spent time on the wing today sending in some good crosses towards the box.

The milder weather resulted in the sprinklers coming on after the warm ups and at halftime like they did last year. Last week this didn't happen probably because of the extreme cold.

stats from MLS.com

Chivas USA 1:1 Toronto FC
April 2, 2011 – BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
CHV – Alejandro Moreno 1 (unassisted) 3
TFC – Alan Gordon 1 (Jacob Peterson 1) 36

Chivas USA – Dan Kennedy, Heath Pearce, Mike Lahoud, Andrew Boyens, Ante Jazic, Nick LaBrocca, Marcos Mondaini (Gerson Mayén 67), Ben Zemanski, 
Jorge Flores, Justin Braun (Victor Estupiñan 86), Alejandro Moreno

Substitutes Not Used: Zach Thornton, Mariano Trujillo, Sergio Arias, Seth Owusu, Francisco Mendoza

TOTAL SHOTS: 12 (Braun 6); SHOTS ON GOAL: 8 (Braun 3); FOULS: 18 (Moreno 4); OFFSIDE: 0; CORNER KICKS: 4 (LaBrocca 3); SAVES: Kennedy 2

Toronto FC – Stefan Frei, Danleigh Borman, Nana Attakora (Dicoy Williams 65), Adrian Cann, Ty Harden, Tony Tchani, Maicon Santos, 
Jacob Peterson (Julian de Guzman 46), Javier Martina, Alan Gordon, Alen Stevanovic (Joao Plata 70)

Substitutes Not Used: Milos Kocic, Oscar Cordon, Dan Gargan, Ashtone Morgan

TOTAL SHOTS: 7 (Santos 3); SHOTS ON GOAL: 3 (3 tied with 1); FOULS: 10 (Tchani 3); OFFSIDE: 5 (Gordon 2, Martina 2); CORNER KICKS: 3 (3 tied with 1); 
SAVES: Frei 6

Misconduct Summary: 
TFC – Julian de Guzman (Caution, Reckless Foul) 89 

Referee: Baldomero Toledo
Referee's Assistants: Ian Anderson, Frank Anderson
4th Official: Juan Guzman
Attendance: 18,968
Time of Game: 1:51
Weather: Sunny, 50 degrees

TFC starters

Chivas USA starters

Chivas ready for kickoff.

TFC Javier Martina surrounded by defenders.

Midfield action with Chivas Marcos Mondaini ready to play ball.

TFC Alan Gordon and Maicon Santos ready to start the second half.

TFC Julian de Guzman takes freekick from the right.

TFC Ty Harden throw-in.

TFC Alan Gordon looks up for the ball. (It's just under the Carlsberg emblem behind the net)

The referee clears a crowd before a Chivas freekick near the end of the game.

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