Result of the Wednesday July 6, 2011 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Ottawa Fury played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 11:00am.

Toronto Lady Lynx (white socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

........................1 Victoria Muccilli (cpt)
17 Kayla Afonso...15 Rachel Melhado...22 Christine Exeter...5 Olivia Colosimo
..........4 Nichole Mitchell...7 Jesse Bejouvis...12 Megan Rauscher
.........14 Zakiya McIntosh...19 Tiffany Cameron...13 Kinley McNicholl

Subs:...2 Apolonia Kukla (def)...8 Shanets Shaw (def)...10 Adrienne Ruhe Lischke (fwd)...11 Camelina Puopolo (fwd)
...32 Claire Stewart (def)...37 Ashley Tait (mid)
team officials:...head coach Danny Stewart

Ottawa Fury (all navy, white names and numbers)

.........................1 Jasmine Phillips
3 Casey Ramirez...5 Amanda Fancher...4 Colleen Deegan...8 Jennifer Skogerboe
15 Melissa Busque...25 Teresa Rynier...12 Alyssa Lagonia...6 Justine Wollner
...............23 Mallory Outerbridge...9 Lydia Hastings

Subs:...21 Audrey Bernier-Larose (gk)...10 Tabitha Padgett (def)...11 Jessica Shufelt (mid)...13 Courtney Wetzel (fwd)
14 Shay Eskridge (mid)...16 Yolam Anderson Golhor (fwd)...26 Ashley Seal (def)
team officials:...head coach Dom Olivier

Game officials:...referee Marie Soleil Beaudoin...referee's assistants Niquita Amirkhanian and Rita Keimakh...no fourth official...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 10:59pm...TLL defends south end on this overcast, humid morning with a light rain that stopped just before gametime.
1 min...TLL player's throw-in from the right has TLL McNicoll 22 yard cross from left has goalie punch ball away as TLL player crashes into her.
2 min...TLL player's throw-in and cross has OF Ramirez on left chest ball back to OF goalie.
11 min...TLL McNicoll cornerkick from left rolled out to TLL Colosimo whose 25 yard shot delfects off defender over net for another cornerkick.
11 min...TLL McNicoll cornerkick from left is into box and defender on left clears.
13 min...TLL Cameron 15 yard shot from extreme right is caught by goalie.
17 min...OF Rynier 50 yard freekick from left has goalie at 15 yards punch ball away but offside flag up anyway.
19 min...TLL Cameron rush up middle but is bumped off ball before she can get away 20 yard shot.
21 min...TF goalie outjumps OF Outerbridge to catch bouncer down middle.
23 min...TLL McNicoll 35 yard chip down middle has OF Fancher head ball back to goalie.
24 min...OF Hastings pushes pass from 30 yards too far forward which lets TLL goalie pick up ball.
29 min...In TLL box action but no clear shot is made except for a weak 20 yard roller.
31 min...TLL Cameron receives shot centering pass from TLL McIntosh and 18 yard shot is blocked.
31 min...TLL McIntosh is injured on her ankle at OF 22 yards.
35 min...OF Rynier cornerkick from left has defender pops up header clearance from box.
37 min...TLL McNicoll cornerkick from right has leaping TLL Melhado flick 7 yard header over net.
38 min...OF Busque open chip from 18 yards on right with no offside call is wide left.
41 min...OF Busque 52 yard freekick dwon middle finds OF Deegan on left end line from 12 yards but crosses behind net.
42 min...TLL McIntosh splits defence to get to bouncer and 10 yard chip attempt on goalie has goalie catch overhead at 5 yards.
44 min...OF Outerbridge 22 yard shot surrounded by defenders deflects off one and rolls to goalie.
45 min...OF YELLOW card...Deegan earns it for holding back TLL Cameron when she turns on OF Deegan.
48 min...TLL McNicoll 30 yard freekick down middle just high wide left of net.
48 min...half ends 11:47am.

2nd Half:...starts 12:04pm...there's now a bright sun in south could bother TLL goalie. It's now hot and humid.
halftime subs:...OF Shufelt replaces Wollner.
45 min...OF YELLOW card...Melhado earns it for cleats-up tackle at center line.
46 min...TLL McNicoll cross from 25 yards on left has defender heads ball away.
47 min...OF Outerbridge and TLL Afonso crash together in TLL box as OF Outerbridge tries to get to ball. Both players are injured and no fouls are called.
49 min...TLL Afonso 55 yard cross from right has goalie catch ahead of TLL player on left.
53 min...TLL McIntosh can't control pass up middle and ball rolls to goalie.
57 min...OF Shufelt rolls cross from 15 yards on left and OF Rynier misses 8 yard clear shot down middle when the ball rolls through her legs.
60 min...TLL sub...Ruhe Lischke replaces McIntosh.
61 min...TLL Mitchell chips 30 yard ball from left that bounces to goalie.
62 min...TLL YELLOW card...Rauscher earns it for tripping OF player while she was on the ground at TLL 30 yards.
62 min...OF Lagonia freekick dwon middle has TLL defender clear at 10 yards on left.
63 min...OF sub...Wetzel replaces Lagonia.
64 min...OF Rynier cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball out of box.
66 min...OF Outerbridge gets through ball pass up middle beating offside trap from 22 yards and shoots 15 yard shot wide right of goal.
76 min...TLL Cameron cross from 22 yards along right end line has goaoie catch but ruled over end line.
77 min...OF Outerbridge gets to through ball on left but pushes ball too far forward from 12 yards and goalie dives out to save.
78 min...OF sub...Seal replaces Busque.
78 min...TLL Cameron is threaded pass up middle and rolls 15 yard shot that goalie dives at 8 yards to make hand save grab.
81 min...TLL YELLOW card...Ruhe Lischke earns it near center line for holding.
82 min...OF Hastings 15 yard cross from right has goalie stop with two OF players waiting for tap-in.
83 min...TLL Melhado 35 yard shot over players down right well wide right of net.
84 min...OF Outerbridge gets TLL defender clear off her and she's alone at 20 yards for chip shot over goalie but over net.
86 min...OF sub...Padgett replaces Outerbridge.
87 min...OF Rynier 50 yard freekick down middle has defender in box heads ball away.
89 min...OF goalie charges to 25 yards to clear ball from TLL Cameron.
90 min...TLL goalie charges out to beat OF Padgett to ball at 25 yards.
90 min...TLL McNicoll cornerkick from left has TLL Cameron heads ball away from 5 yards that's behind defender but blocked on line by defender.
92 min...Fury Jessica Shufelt GOAL...Fury Ashley Seal from 20 yards on a 2 on 1 rush down middle gives short pass to left for Shufelt who from 12 yards chips the ball over goalie Victoria Muccilli into the center of the net.
93:20 min...game ends 12:53pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto Lady Lynx.......0........Ottawa Fury.............1.........

Attendance was about 90 on this humid day which started off overcast with a light rain just stopping before the game until the start of the second half when the sun came out into the Lady Lynx goaltender's face. This was a matinee game which the Lynx over the years have filled with day campers but today only children from the Bryst Soccer Academy were here. The male Lynx and Fury teams would play one hour after this game ended.

Fury record improves to 9-0-0 with today's win. Lady Lynx fall to 4-4-1. The Fury have won the division consecutively since 2004. With four teams in the division making the playoffs, the Lady Lynx still have a chance. The men's division has only the first two making it but the women's regular schedule ends a week earlier so there'll be time for an extra round of playoffs.

A loss wasn't unexpected but this one must have been heartbreaking to hold on so long in this game. Fury goals for/against is now 32-4 so goals are hard to come by for Fury opponents. Jasmine Phillips earned the shutout for the Fury.

Both teams had chances to score before injury time. At 37 minutes LL Kinley McNicholl took a cornerkick from the right and a jumping Rachel Melhado flicked a 7 yard header over the net. One minute later OF Melissa Busque had an open chip from 18 yards on right with no offside call sent the ball wide left. At 42 minutes LL Zakiya McIntosh split the defence to get to a bouncer and her 10 yard chip attempt on the goalie had her catch overhead at 5 yards. 45 minutes had LL Tiffany Cameron held back by defender Colleen Deegan at 30 yards as the last man back but Deegan earned only a Yellow card.

The second half had a 57 minutes OF Jessica Shufelt roll a cross from 15 yards on the left and Teresa Tynier miss an 8 yard clear shot down the middle when the ball rolled through her legs. 66 minutes had OF Mallory Outerbridge get a through ball pass up the middle beating an offside trap from 22 yards and shot a 15 yard chance wide right of the goal. At 77 minutes Outerbridge got to a through ball on the left but pushed the ball too far forward from 12 yards and the goalie dived out to smother it. One minute later LL Cameron was threaded a pass up the middle and rolled a 15 yard shot that the goalie dived on at 8 yards to make a hand save grab of the ball. At 82 minutes OF Lydia Hastings took a 15 yard cross from the right that the goalie stopped with two Fury players waiting for a tap-in. 84 minutes had Outerbridge get a defender to try to make a clearance but the ball deflected off her and she was in alone at 20 yards and chipped a shot over the goalie but over the net. That's three missed chances by Outerbridge.

91 minutes had LL Kinley McNicholl took a cornerkick from the left that had LL Tiffany Cameron head the ball from 5 yards that was behind the goalie but blocked on the *line* by the chest of the defender. Lady Lynx were still recovering from that when the Fury raced the end of the field and scored.

*line*--Lady Lynx official Duncan Wilde said the defender was standing on the white line to make the block...OK...but it's the yellow line where the soccer goal is aligned. The white line was more than a foot behind the yellow line. He was right--it should have been a goal. Only Pam Anderson could have stood on the white line and made a chest save to deny the goal. Alright—a very sexist remark but at least I picked a Canadian!

An all female referee crew led by Marie Soleil Beaudoin called the game. Two Yellow cards were given for each team and the usual offside calls that are always going to disappoint one team. A well played game.

Rocket Robin

Lady Lynx starters

Fury starters

Lady Lynx kickoff

Lady Lynx Rachel Melhado on rush.

Fury Alyssa Lagonia takes header.

Fury Mallory Outerbridge with Lady Lynx players Christine Exeter (22) and Olivia Colosimo (5) chasing.

Fury Mallory Outerbridge sends in cornerkick.

Lady Lynx Olivia Colosimo (5) gets to ball.

Fury Amanda Fancher (5) is ready to pass.

Fury player cornerkick into box.

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