September 27, 2011 CSL--Deduction of points in Standings (from CSL website)

Media Advisory
TORONTO - Tuesday, September 27 - The following teams in the Canadian Soccer League have had points deducted in the league standings after being 
found guilty of playing ineligible players in contravention of CSL Rules and Regulations.

In finding these clubs guilty, the CSL Discipline Panel was satisfied and would like to emphasize there was not a deliberate attempt by either team 
to include players in the official roster for the express purpose of winning games or gaining points by use of ineligible players.

 Rather, in all cases there were transaction errors and misunderstanding of the rules such as, but not limited to, the registration or transfer 
 of players not  in accordance with FIFA International Clearance requirements for players having previously played outside of Canada.

Windsor Stars (CSL First Division) have been deducted five (5) points from a game won May 14, 2011 and two games tied, on June 17, 2011 
and June 25, 2011.

Mississauga Eagles FC  B (CSL Second Division) have been deducted three (3) points from a game won on August 3, 2011

In all cases, the games will be awarded to the opposing team by a 2-0 score in keeping with CSL Rules and Regulations. The opposing teams 
and games are:

May 14, 2011 First Division - Brampton City Utd - original result Windsor Stars 1, Brampton City Utd 0

June 17, 2011 First Division - Serbian White Eagles - original result Serbian White Eagles 1, Windsor Stars 1

June 25, 2011 First Division - London City - original result Windsor Stars 0, London City 0

August 3, 2011 Second Division - KW United FC - original result Mississauga Eagles FC  B  6, KW United FC 0
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