Result of the Sunday August 14, 2011 CSL game between Brampton City United and Capital City FC played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 4:00pm.

Brampton City United (navy socks, shorts, and numbers, yellow shirts)

...........................1 Kodzo Awitor
4 Quante Abbott-Hill-Smith...5 Cameron Medwin...12 Kevin McIntosh...14 David Ferreira
..........6 Andrew DaSilva (cpt)...11 Andrew Garcia...16 David Velastagui
..........8 Jeremy Shepherd...7 Kevin Omokhua...10 Richard West

Subs:...00 Jacob Matthews (gk)...2 Nicholas Poku (def)...3 Michael Marchese (--)...9 Yousif Walied (mid)...11 Jonathan Singh (mid) ...17 Nikola Miodrag (fwd)...18 Tarik Robertson (mid)
team officials:...head coach Armando Costa...assistant coaches Joan J Barreto and Pernell Mason

Capital City FC (all white, black names and numbers)

...........................1 Clinton Irwin (cpt)
3 Julien Edwards...21 Oduaine Demar...5 Joel Bagby...24 Andre Manders
........10 Damien Rolan Merette...8 Emir Zmic...13 Kenny Caceros
.........9 William Beauge...15 Sullivan Silva...18 Evroy Junior Ellis

Subs:...22 Karl Gouabe (gk)...2 Taylor Benjamin (def)...14 Garrett Webb (fwd)...17 Francis Le Tourneau (def)...19 Nathaniel Foster (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Shaun Harris...assistant coaches Andrei Badescu and Kevin Lawson...physios Brendan Hickey and Sunya Rego

Game officials:...referee Mike Izzo...referee's assistants Jason Olinsky and Ben Savulescu...fourth official Zac Taylor...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

1st Half:...game starts 4:31pm...BCU defends east end on this mild afternoon on a wet ground. Thunder and lightning caused a half hour delay in the start of this game.
1 min...BCU West 20 yard shot from left rolls ball wide right of net.
2 min...BCU Kevin Omokhua GOAL...BCU David Velastagui 25 yard freekick from far right has BCU Andy Garcia head it and BCU Richard West on left knock down ball at 5 yards. Omokhua kicks in 4 yarder to open net on right as goalie Clinton Irwin was trapped on the left post to stop West.
5 min...CCFC Caceros 55 yard freekick from left has CCFC player pop up header on edge of box but defender clears.
8 min...BCU Shepherd on right cuts to middle and cuts 20 yard shot just high and wide right of top corner of net.
10 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from left has BCU Garcia gets 22 yard blast down middle over net.
11 min...CCFC Caceros 50 yard freekick down middle has CCFC player hit post with 20 yard shot down middle but wins cornerkick.
12 min...CCFC Beauge heads ball on cornerkick from right from 12 yards that's saved.
13 min...CCFC defender slides to break up BCU Omokhua low cross from right side into box.
14 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from right has CCFC player clear on left.
15 min...CCFC defender makes clearance off BCU player that pops back for goalie to catch ball wide right.
16 min...BCU Omokua has goalie charge to edge of box to block shot on slide.
17 min...BCU Garcia flicks ball into box from 25 yards but ball cleared.
18 min...BCU Andrew Da Silva GOAL...BCU David Velastagui cornerkick from right has Da Silva flick header from 10 yards on right just under bar in center of net.
20 min...CCFC Zmic 35 yard freekick down middle has goalie fly to push wide of right post and CCFC player then called offside at 8 yards.
22 min...BCU Omokhua cross from 22 yards on left is blocked.
24 min...BCU Richard West GOAL...BCU Kevin Omokhua cross from left at 20 yards on far left has leaping West head ball downward and into right side of net.
25 min...BCU DaSilva blasts 22 yarder through players in middle and goalie at 12 yards pushes ball away.
26 min...BCU Omokhua at 12 yards had diving goalie push ball away to left before he can shoot.
27 min...BCU DaSilva blasts low 30 yard shot up middle through players just wide left.
28 min...CCFC Caceros 40 yard freekick up middle has goalie in crowd punch ball away.
31 min...BCU YELLOW card...Ferreira earns it for tackle on CCFC Caceros at CCFC 40 yards.
32 min...CCFC William Beauge GOAL...CCFC Emir Zmic leading rush crosses from 30 yards on right to Beauge in open who blasts 20 yarder from left to right side of net over goalie Kodzo Awitor.
41 min...CCFC Caceros 40 yard freekick down middle has BCU Abbott-Hill-Smith heads ball away at 8 yards and CCFC 10 shoots low and wide left from 15 yards.
42 min...CCFC Beauge gets pass on left and 20 yard shot has goalie slide to save at 8 yards deflect for cornerkick.
42 min...CCFC Caceros cornerkick from left has leaping goalie swat ball out wide right of box.
43 min...CCFC Ellis 35 yard shot down middle is low and wide left of net.
44 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from left has leaping BCU Omokhua on right heads ball wide left from 8 yards.
45 min...CCFC YELLOW card...Demar earns it for sliding tackle on BCU Garcia at CCFC 35 yards.
47 min...end 5:18pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:36pm...a light rain now starts.
halftime sub:...CCFC Benjamin replaces Demar.
46 min...CCFC Ellis cross from 20 yards near right end line is over box.
46 min...BCU goalie charges left to pick up CCFC player chip shot pass from 25 yards.
48 min...CCFC Edwards cross from 20 yards on right has goalie punch ball away.
53 min...BCU Richard West GOAL...West gets ball pushed upfield and he blasts 18 yard shot from left to right corner of net just inside post.
54 min...CCFC Edwards flicks header from 20 yards up right is over end line.
54 min...BCU sub...team made a sub but I'm not sure of who.
56 min...BCU Omokhua blasts 25 yard shot up middle that hits left post beyond diving goalie and BCU West blasts 12 yard shot over net and into parking lot with goalie down.
56 min...CCFC Manders 30 yard roller from left wide left of net.
59 min...CCFC Benjamin falls down stairs when he retrieves ball from wooden stands.
60 min...CCFC Sullivan Silva GOAL...CCFC Nathaniel Foster rush on right passes forward to Silva who from 18 yards on right chips goalie at 10 yards who leaps and gets hand to it but ball falls into net.
60 min...CCFC sub...Foster replaces Merette.
63 min...CCFC YELLOW card...Bagby earns it for pulling on BCU Omokhua at CCFC 28 yards on right.
64 min...BCU player's freekick is knocked around on edge of box has BCU Abbott-Hill-Smith chips 40 yarder that goalie catches.
65 min...CCFC YELLOW card...player earns it for throwing ball although CCFC had won a freekick at BCU 35 yards.
66 min...BCU Omokhua cuts to middle but blasts shot well wide right from 25 yards.
67 min...BCU sub...Marchese replaces Miodrag(?).
67 min...CCFC Caceros 40 yard freekick from left has CCFC Beauge(?) head ball from 10 yards that goalie pushes wide right of post.
68 min...CCFC Caceros cornerkick from right has CCFC player shoot 12 yarder from left that flying goalie gets hand to and defender clears.
69 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from left has BCU Omokhua heads over net in crowd of players from 12 yards.
70 min...BCU West flicks shot from 7 yards that has goalie fly to knock ball wide right of net.
70 min...BCU cornerkick from right has goalie punch ball away.
72 min...BCU Marchese 50 yard freekick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players.
73 min...BCU Garcia crosses from 30 yards on right has BCU West head 10 yarder off top side of bar for goalkick.
74 min...CCFC Foster on rush on right passes to CCFC Silva at 4 yards and he jabs ball into goalie's spread legs on ground.
75 min...CCFC Edwards pulls down BCU Omokhua in CCFC box but no Penalty kick is given.
76 min...BCU Omokhua 25 yard roller on left has goalie crumple to save.
77 min...CCFC Benjamin is injured on his sliding tackle attempt at BCU 35 yards.
80 min...BCU goalie slides to ball on right edge of box and let's go when momentum takes him over line gets back into play and grabs ball.
81 min...CCFC sub...Webb replaces Manders.
.........BCU sub...someone replaces Omokhua.
83 min...CCFC Webb heads in 15 yards but offside flag is up.
85 min...CCFC Evroy Junior Ellis GOAL...Ellis rush on left and shoots low 15 yard shot into right corner of net. Ellis knee hits goalie sliding out at 15 yards who is injured on thigh and down for a few minutes. CCFC Garrett Webb was offside (I say) rushing up middle but Ellis wisely ignored him to score on his own.
89 min...CCFC Benjamin crosses from right but cleared in box.
90 min...BCU Velastagui 40 yard shot from left has goalie catch.
90 min...CCFC Caceros 40 yard freekick from right has CCFC Bagby head ball wide left of net from 10 yards.
92 min...BCU Belastagui is injured in collision at BCU 30 yards.
92 min...CCFC Caceros 35 yard freekick from right has goalie swat ball away in crowd of players as he's pushed over. Even the CCFC goalie had come into the box for this play.
94 min...BCU YELLOW card...Garcia earns it for pushing in box.
95 min...game ends 6:25pm.

Final Score:......Brampton City United.........4........Capital City FC........3............

Attendance was about 120 on this mild and wet afternoon. Playing this game was in doubt until a few minutes before it started because of a thunderstorm and driving rain that started at about 3:00pm. The game kicked off at 4:20pm. The sidelines were flooded but the field with it's natural grass was playable with the players wet and muddied after sliding tackles. Officials from the City of Brampton had cancelled last Sunday's game because of rain the night before. We were expecting that some official would come by to stop this game too. Admission turned out to be 'free' as the PA announced for those fans who turned out as a reward for showing up.

Good thing the game was played as it was a long trip for the players from Ottawa who had played the night before against SC Toronto to a 0-0 tie. (I walked by Lamport Stadium before their game on my way to the MLS Toronto FC game). The game was being taped for broadcast at 8:00pm by Rogers Community channel to the local Brampton community. [Worth watching! Game of the Year for excitement!] The broadcast crew were not troubled by the rain delay and Capital City wore all white with black numbers so it was easy to ID the players (better than their all-black with black numbers kit).

Richard West had two goals today to take his total to 14 for the season and into the lead for goal scoring this season.

Capital City made it close but both teams had many other good chances. Best other chances were at 44 minutes when a BCU David Velastagui cornerkick from the left had a leaping BCU Kevin Omokhua on right heading the ball wide left from 8 yards. At 56 minutes Omokhua blasted a 25 yard shot up the middle that hit the left post beyond the diving goalie and BCU Richard West blasted a 12 yard shot over the net and back fence into the parking lot with the goalie down. At 68 minutes CCFC Kenny Caceros took a cornerkick from the right that had a CCFC player shoot a 12 yarder from the left that the flying goalie got a hand to and a defender cleared. At 73 minutes BCU Andrew Garcia crossed from 30 yards on the right that had BCU West head a 10 yarder off the top side of the bar for a goalkick. At 74 minutes CCFC Nathaniel Foster on a rush on the right passed to CCFC Sullivan Silva at 4 yards and he jabbed the ball into the goalie's spread legs on the ground (ouch). 91 minutes had CCFC Caceros take a 40 yard freekick from the right that had CCFC Joel Bagby head wide left from 10 yards. At 93 minutes Caceros took a 35 yard freekick from the right had the goalie swat away the ball in a crowd of players as he was pushed over. Even the CCFC goalie was in the box for that play.

There wasn't really a lot of time wasting but a ball cleared into the stands and no fan move to throw it back. CCFC Taylor Benjamin eventually went up on his own to retrieve it then fell down the wooden stairs.

Referee Mike Izzo let play go on ignoring the calls of both teams to give the opposition Yellow cards for any hard tackle. I counted three against Capital City and two against Brampton.

The wet field had the BCU goalie Kodzo Awitor make a smart play. He slid for a ball on the right edge of the box and seeing his momentum would take him over the line he let go of the ball and his body he did slide outside. He had time to get back in the box and pick up the ball.

A flock of seagulls had camped out on the field after the thunderstorm looking for bugs and weren't too anxious to move. They would fly to whatever end the action had moved away from. In some of my pictures it may be hard to see the difference between them and the ball. Soon after the game it started to rain again. There was a short-lasting, very light rain at the start of the second half but not enough to effect my notes.

Introduced in the stands during the game was BCU midfielder Cam Medwin's grandfather Terry Medwin. Terry played for Tottenham Hotspur during their last 'double' win in 1960-61 of the English First Division (equivalent to today's Premier) League Championship and the FA Cup and their next year's FA Cup triumph in 1962. Not mentioned was that he also played in the 1958 World Cup and scored the game winning goal that sent Wales through to the Quarter Finals. (thanks Wikipedia!)

Brampton completed a perfect weekend after a 4-1 victory over TFC Academy on Friday night. They are in 6th place with a five point cushion over the next placed team--Mississauga Eagles. Their record is now 9-5-3 for 30 points. Capital City is tied for 3rd with York Region Shooters with identical 9-4-5 for 32 point records.

Rocket Robin

Brampton City United starters

Capital City starters

BCU Kevin Omokhua (7) and Richard West (10) start the game.

BCU cornerkick.

BCU Andrew Garcia (11) clears.

BCU Andrew Da Silva (wearing captain's armband) is congratulated for scoring goal.

CC Kenny Caceros takes freekick.

BCU Kevin Omokhua (7) on rush.

Referee Mike Izzo gives CC Oduine Demar a Yellow card for his foul on BCU Richard West standing between them.
BCU Cam Medwin (6) is behind Demar.

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