July 8, 2011 CSL--details of Friday games (from CSL website)

SC TORONTO AND SERBIAN EAGLES BATTLE TO 1-1 TIE FRIDAY CSL ref Carol Ann Chenard appointed to World Cup match Saturday 

SC Toronto and Serbian White Eagles held their positions near the top of the First Division following a 1-1 tie at Lamport Stadium, the only game played 
in the CSL Friday night.

It was a physical encounter with both sides receiving yellow cards handed out by referee Hassane Rifai for untidy challenges.

Following a scoreless first half, Serbian White Eagles took the lead on a goal at 65 minutes by midfielder Milos Scepenovic, his second in as many 
games after scoring the winner for his team on July 3. Scepanovic positioned himself well to the left of the goal to drive the ball inside the far post 
out of reach of SC Toronto goalkeeper Sotiri Varlokostas.

SC Toronto forward Jarek Whiteman, who also scored in his last game, struck the equalizer at 71 minutes, finding the net past Serbian Eagles ‘keeper 
Stefan Avramovic and the score remained to the final whistle.

While Canada has been eliminated from the World Cup in Germany, there is still a little bit of this country and the CSL taking part with the presence 
of CSL referee Carol Ann Chénard.

The native of Ottawa and referee par excellance in the CSL, Chenard will be the 4th Official in the Japan vs. Germany quarter-final game 
at Wolfsburg Saturday.

Carol Ann Chénard has been in the middle in this Women’s World Cup - she refereed the Colombia vs. Sweden match on June 28 and was the 4th Official 
for the Brazil vs. Norway clash on July 3.

Chénard, who gained her FIFA badge in 2006, is the only Canadian appointed to officiate in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cupand her appointment follows 
her selection last year when she was in the middle of the championship final of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Germany 2010.

FIFA lists some 500 female international match officials of which 51 were selected for this year’s competition in Germany.

The Japan vs. Germany match kicks off at 14.45 pm EST or 11.45 PST am

Remaining games in the CSL this weekend:

Sat, Jul 9  Saputo Stadium 1:00 PM Montreal Impact Academy vs  London City 
Sat, Jul 9  Centennial Stadium  2:00 PM           TFC Academy vs Toronto Croatia 
Sat, Jul 9  Windsor Stadium  7:00 PM Windsor Stars vs York Region Shooters                           
Sun, Jul 10 Esther Shiner  4:30 PM North York Astros vs Brantford Galaxy 
Sun, Jul 10  Terry Fox Stadium  5:00 PM  Capital City FC vs           London City 
Sun, Jul 10  Hershey Centre 8:00 PM Mississauga Eagles FC vs Brampton City Utd 

Sat, Jul 9  St. Joan of Arc 10:00 AM Serbian White Eagles B vs      TFC Academy II
Sat, Jul 9  Budd Park 11:00 AM  KW United FC  vs    London City B
Sat, Jul 9 St. Joan of Arc  12:00 PM North York Astros B vs St. Catharines  Wolves B
Sat, Jul 9 St. Joan of Arc  2:00 PM Prospect FC vsToronto Croatia B
Sat, Jul 9 St. Joan of Arc  4:00 PM York Region Shooters B vs Brampton City Utd B
Sat, Jul 9 Lions Park  4:00 PM Brantford Galaxy B vs Mississauga Eagles FC B
Sat, Jul 9 St. Joan of Arc  6:00 PM Prospect FC vs SC Toronto B

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