Result of the Sunday June 26, 2011 CSL game between North York Astros and Brampton City United FC played at Esther Shiner in North York at 4:30pm.

North York Astros (black socks and shirts, orange shorts, white numbers)

.......................1 Enea Perego
2 Anthony Valentine...14 Kurt Ramsey (cpt)...4 Jevon Vanderreyden...18 Maxim Dorneval
16 Ahjton Roberts...6 Diego Benzi...20 Alexandre Oran...24 Rei Ishakawa
............13 Nordo Gooden...10 Diego Maradona

Subs:...8 Francisco Mendez (mid)...11 Marcos Rodriguez (mid)...15 Mikateko Zwane (mid)...17 Steven Craig (def)...19 Patrick Dolowicz (fwd)
...22 Raoof Zamanifar (fwd)...25 Allan Cordon (mid)
team officials:...head coach Gerardo Lezcano...assistant coach Kerwin Skeete...assistant manager Gerardo Lezcano Sr...sporting director Jorge Collazo ...general manager Bruno Ierullo

Brampton City United FC (navy socks, shorts, and numbers, yellow shirts)

.......................13 Roy Blanche
12 Kevin McIntosh...15 Mohamed Karanouh...2 Alex Kawalit...3 Denny Velastegui
8 Daniel Cameira...4 Cameron Medwin...6 Andrew Da Silva (cpt)...10 Richard West
...............16 David Velastagui...7 Kewvin Omokhua

Subs:...1 Kodzo Awitor (gk)...4 La Twayne Anderson (def)...9 Jonathan Singh (mid)...11 Peter Niles (fwd)...14 Tarik Robertson (mid)
...17 Nikola Miodrag (fwd)...18 Mohamed Diaby (def)
team officials:...head coach Armando Costa...assistant coaches Pernell Mason and Joan J Barreto

Game officials:...referee Gianni Facchini...referee's assistants Michael Gallo and Brian Butler...fourth official Matt Meloche...(red shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:34pm...Astros defend west end.
1 min...BCU Karanouh 25 yard blast rolls down middle wide right of net.
2 min...BCU goalie beats Astros Ishakawa to through ball to clear.
3 min...Astros player's 30 yard freekick from extreme right bounces through box.
4 min...Astros Maradona cornerkick from left has Astros Ramsey heads ball over bar from 5 yards in crowd of players.
7 min...BCU Omokhua rush down right and cross has Astros Ramsey foot tip back for goalie to catch from 10 yards.
8 min...Astros Oran pushes through ball for Astros Ramsey rushing on left who rounds goalie but pushes ball too far forward and can't control on end line.
10 min...Astros goalie slides to line to get through ball but gets up to punt and is outside box.
11 min...BCU Medwin 25 yard freekick hits player in wall. Astros goalie catches rebound chipped in from 30 yards.
14 min...BCU McIntosh 35 yard chip from right is caught by goalie.
20 min...BCU West cross from 25 yards on left and BCU Cameira mid air 6 yard shot is wide right of net.
22 min...Astros Gooden is injured on tackle by BCU Kawalit at BCU 40 yards.
23 min...Astros Oran or Benzi takes 40 yard freekick from right has ball popped up and Astros Gooden can't clearly connect at 7 yards.
25 min...Astros Gooden 35 yard shot from left just glances off right post on quick shot.
26 min...Astros Benzi and BCU player are injured on collision in Astros box in furious action but goalie grabs ball and punts away.
32 min...BCU Karanouh 40 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie.
33 min...Astros Roberts is hurt at BCU 40 yard sideline.
35 min...Astros YELLOW card...Benzi earns it for pull down of players at Astros 35 yards.
36 min...Astros Maradona rush down left and low cross from 25 yards is through defender and Astros Gooden takes point blank shot from 10 yards is saved by goalie.
39 min...BCU Medwin cornerkick from left is short and worked out but ball is cleared.
40 min...BCU West eludes two defenders on right and 15 yard shot is blocked. He gets ball back, passes to BCU McIntosh who chips wide of top left corner of net from 15 yards.
41 min...BCU Medwin blast from 25 yards down middle is well over net when he receives cross from right.
43 min...BCU Omokhua 20 yard blast up middle is blocked by defender.
44 min...BCU goalie for second time runs out to 40 yards to make clearance.
46 min...BCU West shoots 15 yarder from left just rolls wide right of post.
47:06 min...half ends 5:21pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:38pm.
halftime subs:...Astros Zwane replaces Roberts.
47 min...BCU David Velastagui receives pass from the right and takes midair 10 yard shot down middle that's over the net.
51 min...BCU David Velastagui rush on left and rolls in cross for BCU Omokhua to blast over net from 8 yards.
53 min...BCU Omokhua rush on right and 20 yard cross along endn line is just over BCU West leaping at 5 yards. BCU Denny Velastegui cross from left 15 yards is behind end line on right.
56 min...BCU Kevin Omokhua GOAL...Denny Velastegui crosses from 22 yards on extreme left that Omokhua heads in from 6 yards to right side of net with goalie Enea Perego frozen in center of net.
58 min...Astros Benzi 50 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie.
59 min...Astros Ishakawa pass from right 22 yards and Astros Gooden is checked off ball at 6 yards.
60 min...BCU player's cornerkick from right is cleared from box.
60 min...Astros Maradona is injured by BCU Kawalit at Astros 45 yards.
61 min...Astros sub...Dolowicz replaces Gooden.
........Astros sub...Rodriguez replaces Maradona.
64 min...BCU West rush on left and rolls pass to BCU David Velastagui who turns on defender and 6 yard shot is into outside left webbing of net.
69 min...BCU sub...Miodrag replaces Cameira.
71 min...Astros sub...Mendez replaces Valentine.
72 min...BCU West on rush rolls ball to BCU David Velastagui who shoots off target.
73 min...BCU West blasts 25 yard shot is well over net.
74 min...Astros Rei Ishakawa GOAL...Astros Mikateko Zwane sends in a high pass from 40 yards that finds Ishakawa at 20 yards in middle with goalie Roy Blanche on edge of box. Ishakawa controls ball and rounds goalie who falls over him and he shoots 15 yarder into open net. Referee Gianni Facchini gives Blanche a Yellow card after the goal for grabbing Ishakawa in his run to get by.
76 min...BCU Miodrag 16 yard shot from left is into outside webbing of net.
78 min...Astros YELLOW card...Dorneval earns it for knock on Astros right end line.
79 min...BCU Kawalit 15 yard low header after cornerkick from right is cleared at 3 yards.
79 min...BCU YELLOW card...Kawalit earns it for knock in center circle.
82 min...BCU David Velastagui blasts 12 yard shot down middle wide right of net when cross sent over from left.
82 min...Astros Oran 60 yard freekick is caught by goalie.
83 min...BCU Medwin eleudes Astros Ramsey to blast 15 yard shot that's low and hits left post.
84 min...Astros sub...Cordon replaces Vanderreyden.
84 min...BCU David Velastagui cornerkick from right is cleared from box.
88 min...BCU David Velastagui 25 yard blast from right is caught by goalie.
88 min...Astros Dolowicz gets forward pass from right and rounds goalie on right but 12 yard shot is wide right.
89 min...BCU David Velastagui rolls 20 yard shot from left that sliding Astros Dolowicz knocks out of box.
90 min...Astros YELLOW card...Rodriguez earns it for taking shot after offside flag.
91 min...Astros Ishakawa clears ball behind end line to stop in box shot.
91 min...BCU David Velastagui cornerkick from left is header to right endline and shot is behind net.
93 min...game ends 6:25pm.

Final Score:.........North York Astros..........1.........Brampton City United FC........1.......

Attendance was about 70 on this hot late afternoon.

BCU had almost the entire game to put this game out of reach while Astros did best on a few counterattack opportunities. BCU goalie Roy Blanche got punished for playing too far off his line on the goal but got caught out of his net a few times. He cleared the ball a few times from the 40 yard line. Astros goalie got caught by the referee's assistant for punting the ball downfield stepping out of his box and that resulted in a dangerous freekick.

Midfielder Mikateko Zwane had come in at the 57 minute mark in Astros Friday night game against SC Toronto, then played the full game in the CSL Reserves League on Saturday and came in to today's game at halftime. That's a lot of soccer. He wore number 15 and an Astros staff member said he is only age 15. Rei Ishakawa is actually from Japan and played professionally in Argentina before joining the Astros. He looked to be the shortest man on the pitch.

High praise was given to the referee by the officials assessor on the Astros goal. The proper call was to let the play continue. If Ishakawa hadn't been able to get away, a Red card should have been given to the goalie.

Other scoring chances included at 4 minutes when Astros Diego Maradona took a cornerkick from the left that had Jevon Vanderreyden in a crowd of players head the ball over the bar from 5 yards. At 8 minutes Astros Alexandre Oran pushed a through ball pass forward for Nordo Gooden rushing on the left who rounded the goalie but he pushed the ball too far forward and couldn't control on the end line. At 20 minutes, BCU Richard West crossed from 25 yards on the left and BCU Daniel Cameira connected on a 6 yard midair shot that he sends wide right of the net. At 25 minutes Astros Gooden took a quick 35 yard shot from the left that just glanced off the right post. At 36 minutes Astros Maradona rushed down the left and took a low cross from 25 yards through a defender and Gooden took a point blank shot from 10 yards that the goalie saved. 40 minutes found BCU West eluding two defenders on the right and his 15 yard shot is blocked but he got the ball back and passed to Kevin McIntosh who chipped wide of the top left corner of the net from 15 yards.

The second half found BCU David Velastagui rush on the left and rolled in a cross that found Kevin Omokhua who blasted a shot over the net from 8 yards. Two minutes later Omokhua rushed on the right and his 20 yard cross along the end line was just over a jumping West at 5 yards. At 59 minutes Astros Ishakawa passed from 22 yards on the right and Gooden was checked off the ball in the box without getting a shot away from 6 yards. At 64 minutes BCU West rushed on left and rolled a pass to Velastagui who turns on defender and his 6 yard shot into left webbing of net. At 83 minutes BCU Cameron Medwin eluded a defender and blasted a 15 yard low shot that hit the left post. At 88 minutes Astros Patrick Dolowicz gets forward pass from right and rounded the goalie on right but his 12 yard shot was wide right.

Today's result means the Astros still haven't won in their seven games this year although this was their third tie. They are last (14th) in the standings. BCU now have their first tie this year to go with three wins and four losses and are just outside the playoffs (9th).

Rocket Robin

Astros starters

BCU starters

Captains BCU Andrew Da Silva and Astros Kurt Ramsey wait for coin flip.

Astros Diego Maradona (10) and Nordo Gooden (13) kick off.

Astros goalie picks up ball.

Astros Ahjton Roberts chases ball on sideline.

BCU player knocked down.

Astros Mikateko Zwane (15) and BCU Kevin McIntosh (12) battle for ball.

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