June 4, 2011 CSL--summary of Saturday games (from CSL website)

YORK REGION SHOOTERS, SC TORONTO WIN SATURDAY....games off in the Second Division 
Saturday, June 04, 2011   

York Region Shooters are in the familiar top position in the CSL First Division following a 3-1 victory over North York Astros, while SC Toronto won 
their third game of the season from three games played, both games in the CSL Saturday.

North York Astros took the lead at the 51st minute mark at Esther Shiner Stadium on a penalty taken by Kurt Ramsey after Astros’ forward Nordo Gooden 
was brought down in the box.

York Region Shooters tied the game at 58 minutes on a goal by Dino Gardner and the Shooters took the lead when Des Humphrey struck a direct free kick 
to score at 72 minutes, 2-1 for the visitors.

York Region forward Kadian Lecky assured his side of the victory with a picture goal struck from 35 yards for a 3-1 final score.

SC Toronto generally had the edge at Windsor Stadium, but it was the home side that took the lead at just seven minutes when defender Filip Rocca headed 
home from close range.

SC Toronto tied the game at the 25th minute mark on a goal by Sergio De Luca, for a 1-1 score at half-time.

Windsor suffered a set-back when defender Chris Suta was red carded by referee Richard Olivera at 56 minutes following an untidy challenge in the penalty 
box and the visitors went ahead 2-1 when Andrea Lombardo found the net from the spot.

Danny Dragoi equalized for Windsor Stars at 67 minutes, but 14 minutes later Brennan McNicoll of SC Toronto found the net past Windsor ‘keeper Anthony 
Santilli, to put the visitors up 3-2 at 81 minutes.

Andrea Lombardo scored his second at 86 minutes to secure the victory for SC Toronto, a 4-2 final score.

Saturday’s Second Division results and remaining games in the CSL this weekend are:

North York Astros B vs. KW United FC  - Game abandoned 15 min. (Lightning).  Will be replayed.
Brantford Galaxy B  2, Prospect FC 1
SC Toronto B 4, Toronto Croatia B 0
Prospect FC 2, Serbian White Eagles B 1
Niagara United 3, London City B 1

Remaining games this weekend are:

Sun, Jun 5 Marie Victorin  1 PM Montreal Impact Academy vs Brampton City Utd  
Sun, Jun 5 Hershey Centre  7 PM Mississauga Eagles FC vs TFC Academy  
Sun, Jun 5 Centennial Stadium 8 PM Toronto Croatia vs Brantford Galaxy  

Sun, Jun 5 Hershey Centre 9 PM Mississauga Eagles FC B vs TFC Academy II
Sun. June 5 St. Catharines Wolves  B vs. York Region Shooters  B   POSTPONED - Ground conditions

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