May 19, 2011 CSL--Academy Parts Ways With Three (from

Academy Parts Ways With Three
Aleman, Gardiner and Lao leave to pursue opportunities overseas.
May 19, 2011

Toronto FC announced Thursday that they have parted ways with Keven Aleman, Dino Gardiner, and Jonathan Lao all players from the Toronto FC 
Academy program.

“We ask that our Academy players sign a letter of commitment, which is an agreement between our club and player that they will receive the best training 
and development opportunities, with the goal of reaching the first team,” said Toronto FC Head Coach and Technical Director Aron Winter. “These players 
have decided not to commit to our Academy in order to pursue tryouts overseas.”

Gardiner and Lao were members of the Academy senior squad while Aleman was a member of the junior squad. Aleman spent time with the first team during 
the preseason.

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