Result of the CSL game of Friday May 6, 2011 between TFC Academy and Montreal Impact Academy played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

TFC Academy (all red, white numbers, black sleeves)

............................1 Angelo Cavalluzzo
2 Stephen Almeida...3 Nathan Kelsey...4 Jordan Murrell...5 Tyler Pasher
8 Michael Petrasso...10 Sergio Camargo...11 Tristan Jackman...6 Christopher Mannella
..................16 Omari Morris...9 Stefan Vukovic

Subs:...12 Quillan Roberts (gk)...7 Kevin Aleman (mid)...14 Dakar Charles (def)...15 Kaheem Christopher (fwd)...18 Michael Bilak (fwd) ...20 Jay Chapman (mid)...21 Michael Wagenknecht (mid)
team officials:...head coach Danny Dichio...director Stuart Neely...physio Carlo DiNardo

Montreal Impact Academy (all blue, white numbers and trim)

.........................40 Maxine Crepeau
27 Richard Pelletier...24 Francesco Augustin...12 Karl W Ouimette (cpt)...29 Serge Dinkota
14 Kevin Ouidio Luarca-Echeverria...16 Felix Cardin...25 Dominique Morin...21 Chris-Michel Rumuri
.............19 Alessandro Riggi...9 Michelot Hyacinthe

Subs:...1 Dominic Provost (gk)...2 Hugo Lapointe-Senecal (def)...3 Ismail Benomar (def)...8 Zakaria Messoudi (mid)...10 Wandrille Lefevre (mid)
23 Amine Meftouh (def)...28 Anthony Jackson-Hamei (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Philippe Eullaffroy...club officials...Alexis Pinard, Julie Bertrand, and Andre Beltran

Game officials:...referee David Barrie...referee's assistants Steve Senderovich and Jeff Fernell...fourth official Justin Tasev...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:27pm...TFCA defend south end.
The game start is delayed by 15 minutes because MIA was delayed in traffic getting here from an airport area hotel.
1 min...MIA Luarca-Echeverria cornerkick from left has MIA Morin leap but he's not able to redirect header from 12 yards.
3 min...TFCA Kelsey concedes cornerkick on MIA Almeida's low cross into box from left that's kicked behind line from 5 yards.
3 min...MIA Luarca-Echeverria low cornerkick from left is through players in box and MIA Dinkota blasts 18 yard shot from right on edge of box that flying goalie gets hand to and pushes ball that hits left post about 5 feet high and ball deflects back to 6 yards and defender clears from box.
4 min...MIA Serge Dinkota GOAL...MIA Kevin Luarca-Echeverria crosses above crowd of players from 15 yards on left and Dinkota flies to head ball in from 5 yards from right to top left corner of net behind leaping goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo.
10 min...TFCA goalie leaps to catch long chip on bounce from 60 yards on left sent in on freekick by MIA Pelletier.
11 min...MIA Pelletier injured when he falls out of bounds while pushing against TFCA Morris on run down sideline.
12 min...MIA Luarca-Echeverria avoids yellow card although he rolls ball wide of goal on breakaway after whistle.
14 min...MIA Morin blasts low 35 yard shot up the middle that goalie smothers.
16 min...TFCA Camargo 35 yard freekick from middle is tapped over to right and passed forward but it's out of bounds.
18 min...TFCA Pasher 35 yard freekick from right has ball cleared from left side of box on bounce.
19 min...TFCA Camargo taps chip forward from 22 yards down middle into box where TFCA Vukovic is pushed off ball before he can gain control at 15 yards.
22 min...MIA goalie charges out to 25 yards to clear through ball. MIA Pelletier suffers leg injury on play making slide to stay out of goalie's way.
24 min...MIA sub...Meftouh replaces Pelletier before play resumes.
25 min...TFCA Morris rush down left sideline and cross from near left of has MIA Meftouh concede cornerkick on header on right side of 6 yard box.
25 min...TFCA Pasher low cornerkick from right has ball tapped from near right post behind line for another cornerkick.
26 min...TFCA Pasher cornerkick from right low has ball kicked around kicked overhead on right end line by TFCA Camargo but defenders clear from box.
29 min...TFCA Petrasso 35 yard freekick from left has nearest defender jump and kick ball away.
31 min...TFCA Morris cross from 18 yards near right end line has goalie catch.
32 min...MIA goalie dives to left to beat TFCA Jackman to through ball at 12 yards.
34 min...TFCA Camargo 30 yard freekick blast down middle rolls wide left of net.
38 min...MIA Hyacinthe cross from 20 yards on left has defender on right head ball through box.
38 min...TFC defenders clear ball that MIA players had worked into box.
40 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic GOAL...TFCA Tristan Jackman runs between two defenders on left edge of box cutting towards goal and takes shot from 12 yards on left that diving goalie knocks down and Vukovic blasts 10 yard rebound up the middle into the top of the net to left side.
43 min...MIA Augustin 35 yard freekick from right has goalie catch.
43 min...TFCA Morris gets to long punt from goalie reaches ball near end line and eludes MIA Meftouh and sends low cross along end line that has MIA Cardin concede cornerkick from edge of 6 yard box.
44 min...TFCA Pasher cornerkick from right has ball knocked around in box and defender clears after goalie bats down ball.
45 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic GOAL...TFCA Camargo threads pass from 55 yards up middle and Vukovic beats goalie Maxine Crepeau to through ball at 20 yards on right and shoots low shot just over diving goalie at 16 yards to left side of open net.
47 min...half ends 9:14pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:31pm.
halftime sub...MIA Lapointe-Senecal replaces Rumuri.
45 min...MIA Riggi cuts into left edge of box but defender blocks shot and MIA Lapointe-Senecal can't connect on 20 yards rebound down middle.
47 min...TFCA Pasher cornerkick from right has ball batted down by goalie and defender clears for MIA fast break.
51 min...MIA Meftouh 35 yard freekick from left has goalie leap to catch in front of MIA player at 3 yards.
52 min...MIA sub...Lefevre replaces Morin.
54 min...TFCA Almeida rolls through ball from 45 yards just steps ahead of TFCA Vukovic at 22 yards and goalie picks up.
55 min...MIA Riggi has shot blocked on left edge of box after long run. MIA Lefevre upended on right side of box when ball crossed back into box.
55 min...TFCA Morris makes stop in TFCA box to stop scoring chance.
56 min...MIA YELLOW card...Dinkota earns it for tackle from behind on TFCA Vukovic at MIA 15 yard line near right sideline.
57 min...TFCA Pasher 25 yard freekick from right is over crowd of players wide left for goalkick.
57 min...TFCA goalie dives to left to save low 25 yard shot from MIA Luarca-Echeverria.
59 min...TFCA Morris passes right from center and TFCA Almeida crosses well wide right of goal.
60 min...MIA Lefevre 28 yard shot from left is wide right of net.
62 min...TFCA Morris is injured near TFCA box.
63 min...MIA sub...Messoudi replaces Cardin.
.........TFCA sub...Aleman replaces Camargo.
66 min...MIA Lefevre 30 yard roller from left is picked up by goalie.
67 min...MIA Messoudi 22 yard shot up middle has flying goalie catch on right post.
67 min...MIA Luarca-Echeverria slides and 20 yard shot is smothered by goalie.
68 min...MIA Riggi long run to ball on left and low cross along end line from 15 yards is into side of net.
69 min...MIA sub...Jackson-Hamel replaces Riggi.
70 min...MIA Dinkota pops header from 22 yards down middle that goalie catches on bounce.
71 min...MIA YELLOW card...Messoudi earns it for slide on TFCA Kelsey at TFCA 40 yards.
74 min...MIA Hyacinthe pushes ball too far forward on run on left and ball rolls for goalkick.
75 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic GOAL...TFCA Aleman rolls ball forward on right and Vukovic beats offside trap on right and kicks low 15 yard shot from right into left side of net over diving goalie.
76 min...TFCA sub...Christopher replaces Morris.
78 min...TFCA YELLOW card...Murrell earns it for hand ball just outside TFCA box.
79 min...MIA Lefevre blasts 25 yard freekick down middle into player wall.
79 min...TFCA Aleman long run after fast break on left and 25 yard shot is bent and caught by goalie.
80 min...MIA Messoudi is squeezed off getting shot at 5 yards in box on left after deking falling goalie when surrounded by defenders.
81 min...MIA Dinkota blocks with face TFCA Aleman flick near edge of box to prevent ball TFCA players getting through edge of MIA box.
82 min...TFCA Jackman cross from 55 yards on left has retreating MIA defender pop up ball to prevent TFCA player getting to it alone on right and goalie steps to left to catch ball on bounce.
83 min...MIA Luarca-Echeverria cornerkick from right has ball headed around in box but cleared.
84 min...MIA YELLOW card...Lefevre earns it for tugging on shirt of TFCA Christopher at 35 yards on run down middle.
84 min...TFCA sub...Bilak replaces Vukovic.
85 min...TFCA Pasher 35 yard freekick blast down middle is well over net.
86 min...MIA Luarca-Echeverria freekick from 20 yards near right end line has defender head away from box.
87 min...MIA Lefevre 40 yard shot over crowd down middle is well wide right of net.
87 min...TFCA sub...Wagenknecht replaces Mannella.
88 min...TFCA Christopher charges through middle on long run from 65 yards and shoots around goalie wide left of net from 28 yards.
91 min...TFCA YELLOW card...Aleman earns it for not giving MIA Lefevre 10 yards on an 80 year freekick!
92 min...TFCA sub...Chapman replaces Jackman.
93 min...TFCA Kelsey and MIA Jackson-Hamel are both injured in head collision away from ball at TFCA 40 yards. Meftouh is more badly hurt.
........TFCA YELLOW card...Kelsey earns it for his part on the hit.
95 min...MIA Lefevre 40 yard freekick blast up middle is just over net.
95:30 min...game ends 10:21pm.

Final Score:......TFC Academy........3........Montreal Impact Academy.......1......

Attendance was about 200 on this cool evening that got colder as the night wore on and even had some rain fall in the second half. About half the fans were from the Toronto MLS team's Red Patch Boy supporters and the other half were quieter TFCA fans and players' parents and siblings.

The game didn't get started until 8:27pm because of a delay in traffic for the Montreal team bus. Supposedly it had arrived at an airport hotel in the afternoon but it was caught in traffic coming downtown to the stadium. You'd think that would make them start the game disorganized but they were the ones who scored first and controlled the first 15 minutes. TFCA overcame their nervousness from that point on and the game was fairly even until the MIA pressed in the second half and TFCA could get in fast breaks. Referee David Barrie had a well controlled game until he had to give out some second half cards to MIA players for tackles and grabbing players who'd ran past them.

Star of the game was TFCA forward Stefan Vukovic with all three of their goals. I have seen him this year already in the Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew Reserves game a few weeks ago where he played the whole 90 minutes and didn't look out of place. I watched him last year playing for Serbian White Eagles of the CSL as a substitute. TFCA Academy Director Stuart Neely confirmed for me after the game that Vukovic played for the White Eagles Reserves (CSL Second Division) last year and his father is coach of that team.

Head coach of TFCA is Danny Dichio but I noticed it was Neely who gave the players an on-field pre-game pep talk and stayed on the bench as Dichio paced the sidelines. Jason Bent and Jim Brennan were also team officials behind the bench.

Also a player to watch is Omari Morris with some great runs up the wing. He has the stature and speed of the Toronto FC MLS squad player Joao Plata. Tyler Pasher took most of the corners and freekicks.

Lamport Stadium is still 'dull' in that the stadium lights aren't really bright enough in the dark. The unused (for CSL games) East stands are full of tipped over chairs still left from the Toronto Nationals field lacrosse team that fled to Hamilton in February. Red Patch Boys/North End Elite/ U-Sector fans lit flares during the game mostly after TFCA goals which is a City of Toronto by-law 'no-no' but I didn't see any tossed onto the field so I couldn't see any harm done.

This game was taped for broadcast tomorrow night on Rogers Community Channel. It was supposed to be carried live but earlier in the week there was a decision to carry the St Michael's Majors hockey playoff game in that spot and have the scheduled Saturday night rebroadcast of the soccer game as the only time fans can watch it. The 8:00pm broadcast tomorrow may attract some watchers if the MLS Toronto FC game at 7:00pm is a stinker.

Montreal travels to Windsor (across the river from Detroit) to play first year team Windsor Stars tomorrow evening.

Next game for TFC Academy is Sunday at 8:00pm at Etobicoke's Centennial Stadium against first year CSL team Mississauga Eagles FC. They will be bounced between these two stadiums for their 'home' games this season. Their new Downsview Park facility next year can't come soon enough.

Rocket Robin

TFC Academy starters

Montreal Impact Academy starters

the width of Lamport Stadium

TFCA throw-in

TFCA rush

flare lighting fans

TFCA Michael Petrasso (8) takes a freekick.

TFCA players salute fans after the game. Triple goal scoring Stefan Vukovic is on the right.

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