February 23, 2011--CSL--Erin Mills Big on Soccer (from CSL news release)

Erin Mills big on soccer

Erin Mills Soccer Club, in the community of more than 100,000 residents to the west of Mississauga and bordering Oakville, has taken a bold step in adding the professional game to their structure, no small undertaking for a club that has established itself over the years as an ideal model for grassroots soccer.

But they've had the amateur game covered for some time now, having gradually established a program that's ideal for young players looking for the recreational game or those who aspire to reach the highest level with the help of the best in coaching, fitness and skills training.

Supporting a full-time office, technical staff and administration, the club has 1,000 volunteers and 7,000 voting members, which speaks volumes for the encouragement and support of the residents.

Mississauga Eagles FC is the pro team to represent Erin Mills in the Canadian Soccer League come early May - the most recent team accepted into membership into Canada's only professional league and a decision announced recently by club president Susan Rossiter.

Rossiter explained: "The announcement was made possible by a lot of hard work and dedication from many volunteers and staff at EMSC, the CSL, the City of Mississauga and people in the surrounding community, but now the work begins in creating and launching what will become an exciting new sports and entertainment highlight for Mississauga and surrounding communities.”

She then went on to say: “With the visionary direction and leadership provided by both the CSL and Erin Mills Soccer Club, I am encouraged that the Mississauga Eagles will quickly become a winning addition to the vibrant sports and entertainment industry in Mississauga, while providing the youth of our community with the top level training and development programs essential for Canada to compete successfully at the international level.”

Being competitive in the fast-paced CSL First Division is one of the challenges facing Mississauga Eagles, Windsor Stars and Ottawa, the three new entries for 2011 and Erin Mills club head coach Josef Komlodi and his coaching staff will carry most of that burden for his team.

“But we have 96 players trying to make the squad and we'll arrive at a competitive team with emphasis on youth, but with older players providing experience - a good balance,” he said, while explaining the rigours of training is now daily as the Eagles and Erin Mills take on a new dimension that is the arena of professional soccer.

The Hungarian-born Komlodi is optimistic about the future of professional soccer in Canada and his visionary thinking and optimism is bound to provide the positive mental outlook to go with the physical preparation, all playing an important part in how Mississauga Eagles progress at the higher level. “The CSL is Canada's league and more must be done to further develop professional soccer in this country,” he said. “A truly national cup competition would help.”

Mississauga Eagles FC will play out of the Hershey Centre in the 2011 season and Komlodi expects to sign a core 18 players to kickoff early May. It's an almost 6-month campaign with 13 other teams bidding for the CSL Championship at the end of October.

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