Result of the Saturday October 10, 2009 MLS game between Toronto FC and San Jose Earthquakes played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (black socks, shorts, names and numbers, pink shirts)

........................18 Brian Edwards
............15 Adrian Serioux...4 Nick Garcia...3 Nana Attakora...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
14 Dwayne DeRosario...6 Julian de Guzman...2 Sam Cronin...5 Lesly Fellinga
..................17 O'Brian White...19 Chad Barrett

Subs:...1 Kevin Guppy (gk)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (fwd)...8 Pablo Vitti (fwd)...10 Ali Gerba (fwd)...22 Amadou Sanyang (def)...27 Gabe Gala (def)...32 Emmanuel Gomez (def)
team officials:...head coach Chris Cummins

Colorado Rapids (all black, white names and numbers, blue trim)...in second half by referee's request they changed to white socks.

........................1 Joe Cannon
4 Chris Leitch...21 Jason Hernandez...2 Bobby Burling...12 Ramiro Corrales
15 Shea Salinas...8 Antonio Ribeiro...14 Brandon McDonald...11 Bobby Convey
.................17 Chris Wondolowski...19 Ryan Johnson

Subs:...24 Andrew Weber (gk)...13 Cornell Glen (fwd)...18 Jamil Roberts (def)...23 Michael Zaher (def)...25 Quincy Amarikwa (fwd)...27 Aaron Pitchkolan (def)
team officials:...head coach Frank Yallop

Game officials:...referee Mark Geiger....referee's assisstants Thomas Supple and Greg Barkey...fourth official Steven DePiero...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:08pm...TFC defend south end on this cool day that started out overcast.
30 sec...TFC Garcia from 60 yards chips ball to TFC Barrett at 40 yards who heads ball behind defender and 20 yard blast from left is just over bar.
2 min...TFC Serioux clearance off SJ player's head near right edge of box pops back to goalie.
3 min...TFC White shot from 10 yards off sliding defender pops ball up and White gets ball before it crosses end line and flicks kick back but defender punts away clearance.
5 min...TFC Barrett weak roller from left through two defenders across box from 20 yards on left is cleared by defender.
6 min...TFC DeRosario rolls 25 yarder from right into SJ box but ball cleared.
6 min...TFC Barrett cross from 15 yards near left end line is bounced through box.
8 min...TFC Serioux long throw-in from right has TFC White in crowd of players head ball from 10 yards on left post that's caught by goalie.
9 min...TFC Fellinga at 30 yards on left chips over goalie and defender Hernandez who were both in far left corner of box partially clearing ball but Fellinga's chip has ball headed forward by defender Burling for goalie to grab.
9 min...TFC Brennan back to clear chipped ball into middle to stop SJ from having a 2 on 1 rush at 18 yards.
9 min...SJ McDonald throw-in from left into box has defender head ball away.
10 min...TFC Fellinga cross from 20 yards along left end line and TFC Cronin pops 15 yard header well high and wide left of net.
11 min...TFC White has defender slide to block shot down middle from 20 yards.
A bright sun now comes out.
12 min...SJ McDonald throw-in from left into box has TFC goalie charge out into crowd of players to punch ball away.
14 min...TFC DeRosario chips 30 yarder that goalie catches 5 yards out ahead of charging TFC forward.
14 min...SJ McDonald long throw-in from right has leaping defender head ball away.
16 min...TFC Fellinga pushes ball forward from 30 yards on left and TFC White low cross from 15 yards near left end line is smothered by diving goalie.
17 min...TFC White has ball blocked but regains possession on right end line and rolls ball across box for goalie pick up after TFC DeRosario passed to him.
19 min...TFC Barrett injured near center line pushed on header by SJ Leitch at SJ 40 yards.
20 min...SJ Burling heads away TFC Fellinga 50 yard freekick from left into box.
21 min...TFC DeRosario pokes cross from 15 yards from left that deflects off SJ Hernandez for a cornerkick.
21 min...TFC Fellinga cornerkick from left is over players in box and SJ Johnson on right of box pops header away for throw-in..
22 min...TFC Serioux long throw-in from right has flying goalie stop 6 yard header from TFC Attakora and SJ Salinas clears ball off the line.
23 min...SJ Johnson pops header to himself and cuts 17 yard shot roller just wide right of net.
26 min...TFC Fellinga cross from left 25 yards into box has goalie catch header from SJ Corrales from 12 yards as TFC Barrett pushed him into header.
26 min...SJ player rushes into TFC box but doesn't get away shot but wins throw-in which is quickly taken but TFC Attakora heads ball away.
29 min...TFC Fellinga at 15 yards along left end line sends in low cross that SJ defender pops up on shanked kick and SJ goalie charges to punch out ball in box, TFC White heads ball across box from left for goalkick when TFC Attakora knocks it back into box from 30 yards on left.
31 min...TFC Serioux long cross from right 60 yards on right has defender clear on edge of box.
32 min...SJ Johnson 15 yard shot from left has TFC Serioux deflect ball for cornerkick.
32 min...SJ Salinas cornerkick from left has TFC Cronin on left side of box head ball out of box. SJ Salinas gets ball back and sends 25 yard kick towards goal. TFC defender kicks ball out of box and SJ Corrales shanks mid-air shot high and left from 18 yards.
34 min...TFC goalie charges forward to catch chip into crowd of player in box.
35 min...TFC Barrett forward chip to TFC DeRosario who is checked off ball just outside box.
35 min...TFC Barrett can't get away shot at end lf three way pass play near edge of SJ box.
37 min...SJ Wondolowski bumped off ball on rush to 22 yards on left.
38 min...TFC Barrett recovers backpass and chips over to TFC Fellinga who chips 20 yarder from left that goalie catches under bar.
41 min...SJ Salinas blasts 15 yarder from right well over net.
43 min...SJ Johnson backwards leaping header from 20 yards when he receives 70 yard freekick bounces to TFC goalie.
44 min...TFC DeRosario chips 20 yarder from left that sliding TFC Barrett can't connect on at 5 yards.
45 min...half ends 4:53pm.

Halftime entertainment...another promo of Jack Astor's "Eye for the Lame Guy" where a fan is given a bunch of TFC gear to wear. Also there was a Pizza Pizza relay race.

2nd Half:...starts 5:08pm. The sky is now completely overcast.
45 min...TFC Serioux throw-in from right has goalie punch ball away.
46 min...TFC Nana Attakora GOAL...TFC Julian deGuzman recovers ball in middle at 30 yards and chips over to right for TFC Dwayne DeRosario at 25 yards on right. DeRosario stops ball and sends in low cross towards left post and SJ goalie Joe Cannon holds back from stepping forward beyond 5 yards and ball rolls between him and crowd of players in box. Attakora just wide of left post gets tap in from 4 yards into open net on far right side of net.
47 min...SJ Wondolowski cross from left 15 yards near end line is over box too far for anyone to make play.
48 min...TFC Fellinga and TFC Barrett get a few chances in SJ box and win cornerkick.
49 min...TFC Fellinga cornerkick from left has TFC player leap to head ball from 12 yards wide left but ball rescued on left by TFC DeRosario who runs towards right cornerflag, passes back to TFC Cronin who sends in 20 yards cross from right and TFC Attakora on left pops 5 yard header wide left of net.
50 min...SJ Leitch 50 yard freekick has SJ Corrales get to tipped ball at 18 yards on left and low cross has TFC Brennan clear from box.
50 min...SJ McDonald long throw-in from left has ball cleared out of box.
52 min...TFC goalie charges to wide right across box to catch 50 yard shot from left from SJ Corrales.
53 min...TFC Serioux long throw-in headed away and TFC Barrett cross from 18 yards on left is caught by goalie.
54 min...SJ Corrales avoids sliding tackle on run up left side but rolls cross into box that TFC deGuzman clears.
54 min...TFC DeRosario run down middle and blasts 25 yarder high and wide left.
55 min...TFC Barrett rush on right wing and he crosses bouncer from 30 yards into box and ball tips off TFC DeRosario chests and off sliding goalie. DeRosario takes kick at it at 1 yards but sliding SJ McDonald blocks shot and DeRosario also goes to ground. SJ goalie dives back to smother ball on line. SJ Hernandez is eventually stretchered off as he was hurt stretching to try to prevent DeRosario from getting to cross. TV replays show the play was offside.
58 min...SJ sub...Amarikwa replaces injured Hernandez who twisted ankle.
59 min...SJ Leitch 45 yard chip from right has SJ Wondolowki head 15 yarder well over net.
60 min...SJ player charges up middle to head 8 yard pop up that TFC goalie charges to catch.
61 min...TFC Fellinger cross from left has TFC White head 8 yarder just wide right of post.
62 min...SJ Salinas rush on right has him cross from 25 yards and leaping SJ Amarikwa pop up header wide left from 12 yards in crowd of players.
64 min...SJ Johnson cross from left corner has deflection off TFC Serioux for cornerkick.
64 min...SJ Salinas cornerkick from left has TFC Attakora head ball out of box.
65 min...SJ McDonald long throw-in from right is caught by goalie in crowd of players taking it off the head of SJ player.
68 min...SJ Convey chips 50 yarder from left that's caught on bounce by goalie.
68 min...TFC YELLOW card...Serioux for bump near center line on SJ Convey.
69 min...SJ McDonald 50 yard freekick from left that's caught by leaping goalie in crowd on right side of box.
70 min...TFC deGuzman 30 yard cross from right sideline is well wide left of net for goalkick.
72 min...TFC DeRosario checked off ball by SJ Corrales trying to cross box on right side of box.
73 min...SJ YELLOW card...Amarikwa for dissent argueing a whistle for a freekick when he tugged on TFC deGuzman at SJ 40 yards.
74 min...TFC Attakora 25 yarder from left rolls to goalie on left post.
74 min...SJ Convey 35 yard freekick from left is headed away. SJ Ribeiro 30 yard rebound blast is over net and wide right.
76 min...SJ Salinas cross from right sideline from 30 yards has charging SJ Wondowlowski shoot ball wide right from 8 yards.
76 min...SJ sub...Glen replaces Salinas.
79 min...SJ Glen cuts low 25 yard roller up middle through defender and ball is smothered by goalie.
80 min...TFC Barrett cramps up at center line.
80 min...TFC sub...Vitti replaces Barrett although that move would have been made before Barrett fell over.
82 min...SJ Leitch long 45 yard cross has TFC Garcia head away ball on edge of box.
83 min...SJ Convey 50 yard freekick from left is headed around in box including twice by SJ Burling but TFC Attakora heads ball over own net from 5 yards for cornerkick.
83 min...SJ Convey cornerkick from left is cleared away and TFC deGuzman clears away ball that is then kicked back into box..
85 min...TFC DeRosario low 25 yard shot up middle is blocked by goalie diving left.
87 min...SJ Convey cross from 35 yards on left is sent through box and cleared.
89 min...SJ Amarikwa sends 50 yard through ball up middle that goalie picks up.
89 min...TFC YELLOW card...Brennan for wasting time on throw-in near center line sideline.
91 min...SJ Convey 50 yard freekick from left has defenders clear ball.
92 min...SJ Cornell Glen GOAL...SJ goalie at SJ 30 yard line sends ball upfield and TFC Garcia pops up block at TFC 25 yards and SJ Amarikwa leaps and hips ball forward. SJ Johnson carries ball forward up middle and SJ player blasts 15 yards that sliding TFC Brennan blocks at 12 yards. SJ Leitch recovers rebound on right edge of box and runs to right end line and crosses from 12 yards along line. TFC Attakora leaps to pop up header at 5 yards on right post and ball drops behind him at 8 yards on left side of goal where Glen kicks bouncer that goes just under bar with TFC goalie Brian Edwards charging over too late from right side of box.
93 min...TFC White turns on edge of SJ box but his 18 yard shot is blocked.
94 min...TFC YELLOW card...DeRosario for kicking away SJ freekick on center line before they had a chance to take it.
94 min...game ends 5:57pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto FC.........1............San Jose Earthquakes..........1......

Attendance was announced as 20571 on this cool day with a mix of overcast and sun. The Canadian national anthem was played but the PA operator deliberately dialed down the volume so the voices of the crowd could be heard. TFC wore pink shirts today to raise awareness about breast cancer.

This was the first home game for Toronto FC's first designated player--Canadian international Julian de Guzman. Too bad he wasn't signed a few months earlier, right around the Real Madrid exhibition game but he declined to sign back then. Now it's almost too late. He was used in Europe as a defensive midfielder but plays further upfront when he plays for the Canadian National team.

TFC midfielder Carl Robinson is through for the season with a broken cheekbone after a training accident with a trialist from Ivory Coast. That was announced a few days before the game as was the absence of another midfielder Amado Guevara who was away on international duty with Honduras. Stefan Frei was the surprise as he didn't even warm up because of a finger injury. Brian Edwards took the warm up and was the starter with MLS pool goalie Kevin Guppy acting as a backup. Lesly Fellinga got his first start since being acquired by TFC but acted as a midfield winger rather than his defender position. Defender Marvell Wynne was also out with an injury.

Earthquakes had been eliminated from making the playoffs earlier in the week with a loss. They were doing without five of their regular midfielders. Darren Huckerby and Andre Luiz were injured and Arturo Alvarez, Ramon Sanchez, and Simon Elliot were away on international duty.

Toronto FC should have hung on to win this game. It has been well documented that they've now given up 16 points in the standings by conceding tieing or winning goals after the 75 minute mark. Today's game I could see a problem. They didn't know how to 'waste' time. At 80 minutes they made their only substitute when Chad Barrett who was going to be replaced anyway fell backwards to show he had cramped up. This did not really waste time as the referee just added the delay to the number of minutes he added at the end of the game. Jim Brennan took a Yellow card for taking too long to get in a throw-in at 89 minutes. TFC could easily have made another two substitutions to use up precious time. I would have suggested bringing on more defenders to hold onto the lead. TFC players did not run towards the opposition cornerflags and try to retain position. After their tieing goal, Earthquakes showed how to waste time by asking about where to take a freekick at the center line and respotting the ball until finally TFC Dwayne DeRosario kicked away the ball in disgust earning himself a Yellow card.

The Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was named as the goal scorer Nana Attakora who also played well defensively.

TFC 'needed' to win this game. A big build-up had been made that they had to win all three of their last games to make the playoffs. This tie result now means that TFC 'must' win their last two games. Other teams in the league with wins could have put TFC out of the running but TFC only drop a few per centage points in their chances. I've been hearing the same 'must win' and 'need to win' for the last six games of the year.

Before the game started, I went to the courtesy desk to ask a question about renewing my season tickets for next year. I had been sent an e-mail with an invoice to pay on-line. The day after I paid, I received an invoice in the mail that asked for my payment but also slipped the price of a playoff ticket on it. When I went on-line it said my bill had been paid. The answer at the desk was that playoff tickets would be charged later "if" (that comment quickly changed to "when we qualify"). It looked unlikely after this game but looking at the other team results, TFC are still in the race.

Rocket Robin

San Jose Earthquakes (7-13-8) vs. Toronto FC (9-10-9) 
October 10, 2009 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
TOR -- Nana Attakora 2 (Dwayne De Rosario 6) 47
SJ -- Cornell Glen 4 (unassisted) 93+

San Jose Earthquakes -- Joe Cannon, Chris Leitch, Bobby Burling, Brandon McDonald, Jason Hernandez (Quincy Amarikwa 59), 
Shea Salinas (Cornell Glen 77), Ramiro Corrales, Antonio Ribeiro, Bobby Convey, Ryan Johnson, Chris Wondolowski, 

Substitutes Not Used: Aaron Pitchkolan, Jamil Roberts, Andrew Weber, Michael Zaher

Toronto FC -- Brian Edwards, Nana Attakora, Nick Garcia, Adrian Serioux, Jim Brennan, Sam Cronin, Julian de Guzman, 
Lesly Fellinga, Chad Barrett (Pablo Vitti 81), O'Brian White, Dwayne De Rosario.

Substitutes Not Used: Gabe Gala, Ali Gerba, Emmanuel Gomez, Kevin Guppy, Fuad Ibrahim, Amadou Sanyang

 	Toronto FC 				San Jose Earthquakes 
total shots: 13 (Chad Barrett 4)  		10 (Chris Wondolowski 3)  
shots on goal: 6 (Nana Attakora 2)  		3 (Cornell Glen 2)  
fouls: 7 (Dwayne De Rosario 3)  		8 (3 tied with 2)  
offsides: 2 (Dwayne De Rosario 1,  O'Brian White 1)  	1 (Ryan Johnson 1)  
corner kicks: 2 (Lesly Fellinga 2)  		3 (Shea Salinas 2)  
saves: 2 (Brian Edwards 2)  			5 (Joe Cannon 5)  

Misconduct Summary: 
TOR -- Adrian Serioux (caution; Reckless Foul) 69
SJ -- Quincy Amarikwa (caution; Dissent) 74
TOR -- Jim Brennan (caution; Delaying a Restart) 90
TOR -- Dwayne De Rosario (caution; Unsporting Behavior) 95+

referee: Mark Geiger
Referee's Assistants: Thomas Supple; Greg Barkey
4th official: Steven DePiero
time of game: 1:52
attendance: 20,571
weather: Clear -and- 55 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

TFC starters

Earthquake starters

TFC Adrian Serioux takes throw-in.

Earthquakes Bobby Convey tries to avoid check of TFC Sam Cronin.

Earthquakes Bobby Burling chased by TFC Dwayne DeRosario

ball popped up

TFC Adrian Serious throw-in from far side.

Earthquakes Shea Salinas tries to get in cross around TFC Jim Brennan.

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