Result of the Saturday September 12, 2009 MLS game between Toronto FC and Colorado Rapids played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

........................24 Stefan Frei
............16 Marvel Wynne...4 Nick Garcia...3 Nana Attakora...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
8 Pablo Vitti...14 Dwayne DeRosario...20 Amado Guevara...2 Sam Cronin
..............10 Ali Gerba...19 Chad Barrett

Subs:...18 Brian Edwards (gk)...5 Lesly Fellinga (def)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (fwd)...17 O'Brian White (fwd)...27 Gabe Gala (def)...32 Emmanuel Gomez (def)
team officials:...head coach Chris Cummins

Colorado Rapids (all powder blue, black names and numbers)

..........................17 Preston Burpo
27 Kosuke Kimura...21 Julien Baudet...3 Drew Moor...2 Jordan Harvey
15 Jacob Peterson...22 Nick LaBrocca...6 Greg Dalby...12 Pat Noonan
................9 Conor Casey (cpt)...14 Omar Cummings

Subs:...31 Steward Ceus (gk)...5 Ty Harden (def)...10 Facundo Diz (fwd)...13 Ross Schunk (fwd)...26 Michael Holody (def)...29 Scott Palguta (def)...35 Rob Valentino (def)
team officials:...head coach Gary Smith

Game officials:...referee Baldomero Toledo....referee's assisstants Thomas Supple and Adam Wienckowski...fourth official Steven DePiero...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:08pm...TFC defend south end on this warm and sunny with the sun in the south and a breeze from the south.
2 min...TFC Garcia clears ball after 45 yard freekick is tipped into TFC box.
5 min...TFC Gerba tips shot wide right from 10 yards getting pass from TFC Barret on 25 yard cross from left.
6 min...TFC DeRosario rolls pass down middle too far for TFC Vitti so goalie picks up wide right of net.
7 min...TFC Wynne 40 yard chip from right has defender pop up header back to goalie.
8 min...CR player on rush up left rolls cross into box that TFC Attakora clears.
9 min...CR Conor taps ball ahead on edge of TFC box for CR Noonan but defender clears.
11 min...TFC Garcia breaks up CR Cummings rush from left on edge of box.
12 min...CR Cummings rush on right and cross from 10 yards through TFC box as sliding CR Peterson misses connecting at 5 yards.
14 min...TFC DeRosario holds off two defenders but rolls cross from 25 yards on right side line that's picked up by goalie.
16 min...TFC Vitti 35 yard cross from right sideline is caught by goalie wide left of net.
17 min...TFC Barrett can't keep ball in play on chip attempt from 15 yards on left end line.
18 min...TFC Dwayne DeRosario GOAL...TFC Marvell Wynne long run on right and cross from 25 yards on sideline has DeRosario stop ball and turn and fire 15 yard shot through crowd into top right side of net.
20 min...TFC YELLOW card...Attakora for elbow to face when CR LaBrocca picked up ball to take quick throw-in near center line after ball knocked out of play. LaBrocca was treated for the injury.
22 min...CR Peterson intercepts ball at 22 yards on right and cross into box has CR Noonan misses bouncer and ball goes for throw-in.
24 min...CR Noonan one-touch 5 yard shot into left webbing of net after short cross in box from right.
25 min...TFC Gerba tips ball wide left with foot and falls over in CR box at 6 yards as defender tugs on him after TFC DeRosario low cross from 15 yards on left.
27 min...CR Casey called offside on header that puts him in clear and he blasts 25 yard shot over goalie into net from right.
27 min...CR Peterson rolls 20 yard shot from right just wide right beyond diving goalie.
29 min...TFC Wynne long ball down right from 55 yards bounces well wide right.
29 min...TFC Guevara one-touch bounces 35 yard shot up middle that goalie smothers.
31 min...TFC Gerba 40 yard shot down middle is well high of top right corner of net.
32 min...TFC Cronin bumps CR Harvey off ball at TFC end line to prevent him getting to it and pass rolls for goalkick.
33 min...TFC Wynne cross from 30 yards on right has ball knocked over to TFC Guevara who blasts 20 yards shot from left well high and just wide right of net.
36 min...CR Cummings beats TFC Cummings to cut in cross from 25 yards on the right which TFC Cronin flies over and heads wide right for cornerkick from 3 yards.
37 min...CR Peterson cornerkick from right has leaping CR Baudet kick 8 yarder over net.
38 min...TFC Vitti rolls 20 yard cross from right that defender kicks away at 8 yards in crowd of players.
39 min...TFC Vitti chips in cross from 25 yards on right that CR defenders head away inside box.
40 min...CR Cummings rolls cross from 20 yards on right and CR Casey takes 12 yard shot up middle that TFC Attakora blocks at 8 yards.
42 min...CR Baudet cross from 55 yards on right has TFC Wynne leap to head for cornerkick on left preventing CR Noonan from getting it at 8 yards on left side of box.
43 min...CR Peterson cornerkick from left has TFC Garcia head away in box.
43 min...TFC Attakora slides in to check CR Cummings off ball at 10 yards on left and give up cornerkick.
44 min....CR Peterson short cornerkick from left rerolled to him and cross has TFC Vitti clear from right side.
46 min...half ends 4:54pm.

Halftime entertainment...another promo of Jack Astor's "Eye for the Lame Guy" where a fan is given a bunch of TFC gear to wear.

2nd Half:...starts 5:09pm. there is no change in the weather.
halftime subs:...CR Palguta replaces Noonan.
46 min...CR Harvey cross from left cornerflag after run has goalie catch on left post.
46 min...TFC Vitti bounces in cross from 15 yards from right and TFC Gerba backheels 6 yard shot that CR defender Baudet clears off post right post.
47 min...CR Kimura long run down right has low cross touched by CR LaBrocca who gets foot to it but rolled to goalie.
48 min...CR Conor Casey GOAL...CR Omar Cummings on right end line taps ball back to CR Kosuke Kimura who crosses high from near right cornerflag and Casey heads in 4 yarder from left post to right corner of net leaping for cross from 20 yards on right.
50 min...CR Cummings prevented from break at 30 yards when TFC Wynne knocks him over but play carries on.
51 min...TFC Guevara chip from 60 yards finds TFC Barrett on left wing at 20 yards has break called offside although it looked like it was TFC Gerba who was offside.
52 min...CR Cummings taps pass over to CR Harvey who blasts 28 yard shot down middle that has diving goalie push ball wide right for cornerkick.
52 min...CR Peterson cornerkick from right has TFC DeRosario leap to head wide left of box.
53 min...TFC Barrett long run on right has 15 yard shot tipped wide right of net by CR Palguta.
53 min...TFC Guevara cornerkick from right is back to TFC Garcia who chips in ball and CR defender in box at 5 yards starts long CR breakout for eventual offside call on CR Cummings at TFC 35 yards.
55 min...CR LaBrocca 50 yard chip from right is caught by goalie under bar.
56 min...CR player's cross from right has TFC Attakora head away to left to start breakout.
56 min...TFC Wynne cross from 25 yards on right has defender in box head ball away.
57 min...TFC Vitti cross from 15 yards on left has goalie dive to catch wide right of net.
58 min...CR Cummings rolls 12 yard shot after breaking through defenders from left is smothered by goalie.
58 min...CR goalie charges forward to catch TFC DeRosario 35 yard chip down middle.
59 min...TFC Cronin crosses ball into box from 30 yards on left to TFC Gerba has goalie catch ball before he could turn to control ball at 7 yards.
61 min...CR Casey gets to cross from right at 12 yards from left but rolls in shot from left that's cleared by defender.
61 min...CR Casey shoots 35 yarder from left that has ball bounce to goalie.
62 min...TFC DeRosario crossed ball in from 30 yards from right has defender head ball away from box.
63 min...TFC Barrett 25 yard shot from right in crowd of players is well wide left.
65 min...TFC YELLOW card...Barrett for dissent after collision with CR Palguta. It wasn't for the foul but the arguement after freekick given with linesmen then mouthing off with referee who'd ordered him to walk away.
67 min...TFC DeRosario 22 yard roller from right is deflected for cornerkick on right.
67 min...TFC sub...Fellinga replaces Vitti.
.............TFC sub...White replaces Gerba.
67 min...CR Casey heads ball away on TFC Guevara cornerkick from right.
68 min...CR Cummings 20 yard kick is blocked in TFC box.
69 min...TFC DeRosario 30 yard chip into box has defender head ball away.
69 min...CR goalie charges out to pick up roller on right that TFC DeRosario had rolled ball upfield from 40 yards.
70 min...TFC O'Brian White GOAL...TFC Sam Cronin rolls ball upfield from 40 yards on left and TFC Dwayne DeRosario flips up ball at 25 yards to charging White on edge of box who chips charging goalie from 12 yards on left to right corner.
72 min...TFC Wynne short throw-in from left at 25 yards to TFC Barrett sends in low cross from 20 yards on right has TFC White take 12 yard shot that's deflected for cornerkick on right.
73 min...TFC Nana Attakora GOAL...TFC Amado Guevara cornerkick from right has Attakora in crowd of players leap and head ball in from 6 yards to top left of net just under bar.
75 min...CR sub...Diz replaces Casey.
76 min...CR LaBrocca gets pass and TFC goalie makes great foot save on 8 yard shot from left.
77 min...CR Harvey gets deflection on right and quick 10 yard shot has CR Diz get foot to ball as he crashes into TFC goalie who's hurt on bump.
79 min...TFC Barrett taps pass over to TFC DeRosario who blasts 20 yarder on right just over bar.
81 min...TFC goalie charges wide right to pick up cross from 35 yard from left sent forward by CR Cummings.
82 min...CR sub...Holody replaces Harvey.
83 min...TFC Guevara cornerkick from right is crossed into box has defender head ball out of box.
83 min...TFC Barrett boots 20 yard ball well over net when centered cross.
85 min...TFC Guevara gets by defenders but is turned around and backheel shot from 10 yards is smothered by goalie at 8 yards.
86 min...TFC Gomez replaces Barrett.
87 min...CR player's long throw-in from right bounces into right webbing of net.
88 min...CR Michael Holody GOAL...CR Greg Dalby takes long throw-in from left has TFC Nana Attakora leap and head from left side of box forward where CR Nick LaBrocca kicks back into box from 22 yards where Holody chests ball down, turns around and kicks low 10 yard shot into right side of net.
89 min...TFC Guevara cornerkick from right is directed to wide right of net.
90 min...TFC DeRosario has long run up middle and takes 25 yard blast that hits right goal post.
91 min...TFC DeRosario wastes time dribbling in right corner of CR end.
92 min...TFC goalie charges out to smother ball on edge of box and holds on in collision with charging CR LaBrocca.
93 min...game ends 5:57pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto FC.........3............Colorado Rapids..........2......

Attendance was announced as 20521 on this warm sunny day with a breeze from the south and a the bright sun in the south.

There was a pregame salute to Danny Dichio who announced his retirement earlier in the week and the team within days announced the signing of Canadian international forward Julian DeGuzman. DeGuzman's international transfer papers had not come through in time for him to play in this game. Fans had made some nice thank-you banners to mark the event. Dichio came onto the field before the game in street clothes to accept the applause.

Before the game Nana Attakora was announced as the Esquire (watchmaker) Player of the Month for August. After the game he was announced as the Carlsberg Man of the Match for today's game. Today he scored the first goal of his MLS career.

TFC defender Nick Garcia wore jersey #4 today rather than his usual #6. Julian DeGuzman wore #6 in his press conference earlier this week announcing his signing. Marco Velez used to wear #4 until he was released last month.

TFC had more chances on this day but their defence needs work as Rapids players still got through for shots and goals.

TFC needed this win to stay in the playoff race. They had lost the week before to the Rapids 1-0 when they played in Denver. Conor Casey scored the lone goal in that game on a header just like he did in today's game.

Rocket Robin

Scoring Summary: 
TOR- De Rosario 10 (Wynne 4) 19
COL- Casey 13 (Kimura 2, Cummings 12) 49
TOR- White 2 (De Rosario 4) 71
TOR- Attakora 1 (Guevara 6) 74
COL- Holody 1 (unassisted) 89
Colorado Rapids- Preston Burpo, Kosuke Kimura, Julien Baudet, Drew Moor, Jordan Harvey (Michael Holody 83), 
Jacob Peterson, Greg Dalby, Nick LaBrocca, Pat Noonan, Conor Casey (Facundo Diz 76), Omar Cummings
Substitutes Not Used: Steward Ceus, Ty Harden, Scott Palguta, Ross Schunk, Rob Valentino
Toronto FC- Stefan Frei, Marvell Wynne, Nana Attakora, Nick Garcia, Jim Brennan, Dwayne De Rosario, Sam Cronin, 
Amado Guevara, Pablo Vitti (Lesly Fellinga 68), Chad Barrett (Emmanuel Gomez 87), Ali Gerba (O'Brian White 68)
Substitutes Not Used: Brian Edwards, Gabe Gala, Fuad Ibrahim
Misconduct Summary: 
TOR- Attakora (caution; Unsporting Behavior) 21
TOR- Barrett (caution; Dissent) 67

Referee: Baldomero Toledo
Referee's Assistants: Thomas Supple; Adam Wienckowski
Fourth official: Steven DePiero
Attendance: 20,521

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

TFC starters

Rapids starters

Red Patch Boy section's Danny Dichio banner

TFC Chad Barrett with ball at center line.

TFC Dwayne DeRosario passes to Marvell Wynne.

Rapids Conor Casey with ball (he is currently the MLS leading scorer)

Rapid's player tries to turn near TFC box.

TFC second half cornerkick.

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