Result of the Saturday August 15, 2009 MLS game between Toronto FC and DC United played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

........................24 Stefan Frei
............3 Nana Attakora...15 Adrian Serioux...32 Emmanuel Gomez
2 Sam Cronin...8 Pablo Vitti...33 Carl Robinson...22 Amadou Sanyang...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
..............14 Dwayne DeRosario...17 O'Brian White

Subs:...18 Brian Edwards (gk)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (fwd)...9 Danny Dichio (fwd)...10 Ali Gerba (fwd)...20 Amado Guevara (mid)...27 Gabe Gala (def)
team officials:...head coach Chris Cummins

DC United (all white, black names and numbers)

......................31 Josh Wicks
...........26 Bryan Namoff (cpt)...5 Dejan Jakovic...4 Marc Burch
6 John DiRaimondo...19 Clyde Simms...22 Rodney Wallace...10 Christian Gomez...7 Fred
..................11 Luciano Emilio...25 Santino Quaranta

Subs:...1 Milos Kocic (gk)...2 Julius James (def)...3 Avery John (def)...8 Andrew Jacobson (mid)...16 Greg Janicki (def)...18 Devon McTavish (def)...99 Jaime Moreno (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Tom Soehn

Game officials:...referee Alex Prus....referee's assistants Greg Barkey and Eric Boria...fourth official Mathieu Bourdeau...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:09pm...TFC defend south end on this very hot afternoon with the sun in the south west.
50 sec...TFC Attakora 60 yard cross has goalie catch bounce before TFC White can get to it.
2 min...TFC Cronin cross over players in box from right has TFC Brennan head 12 yarder that's tipped for a cornerkick.
3 min...TFC DeRosario low cornerkick from left has nearest defender clear.
3 min...TFC DeRosario can't get away shot on edge of DCU box after getting knocked TFC Serioux long throw-in from left.
5 min...DCU Quaranta cross from 15 yards on left has TFC Brennan clear low ball just inside box.
6 min...TFC Cronin cross after throw-in on right is into box from 20 yards but defender heads ball away before TFC White can make a play.
7 min...TFC Cronin dekes defender and rolls pass to TFC White whose 12 yard shot deflected over net by sliding DCU defender Namoff.
7 min...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from left has TFC White head ball down from 10 yards on right post and goalie catch bounce.
8 min...DCU Fred cross from 20 yards on left into box has TFC Brennan head ball wide right for throw-in.
8 min...DCU Burch 25 yard chip from left into box has TFC Gomez pop up header and TFC Brennan clear.
9 min...DCU DiRaimondo cross from 20 yards right of box has TFC Serioux head wide right for throw-in.
9 min...DCU Simms at 10 yards on left with two TFC defender passes back to DCU Fred who blasts low 15 yarder into outside left webbing of net.
11 min...TFC Robinson pops up DCU Wallace cross for DCU cornerkick on right.
11 min...DCU Quaranta cornerkick from right is rolled too slowly into box and TFC defender Sanyang clears.
12 min...DCU Wallace can't get around TFC Attakora and shot is blocked and Attakora kicks along end line for throw-in.
13 min...DCU Emilio receives short throw-in from left and his high cross into box has TFC defender Gomez clear.
14 min...TFC Vitti holds back shot at 25 yards and runs to right and crosses from 15 yards to leaping TFC Brennan who heads ball off right goalpost from 10 yards on left.
14 min...TFC White twists header over net from 15 yards when cross sent in from right.
16 min...TFC YELLOW card...Cronin for sliding tackle on DCU Jakovic in DCU box injurying him.
20 min...DCU Wallace 30 yard shot through crowd of players up middle is caught by goalie on bounce.
21 min...DCU YELLOW card...Jakovic for collision with TFC Vitti in center circle as both jumped for header.
21 min...TFC Robinson 55 yard freekick from center circle is over the head of TFC Brennan at 20 yards and bounces over end line.
23 min...TFC Attakora pokes ball away from DCU Emilio for cornerkick on right rushing down middle.
..........TFC YELLOW card...Robinson for tackle on Quaranta at 45 yards on same play.
24 min...DCU Gomez cornerkick from right has nearest player TFC Robinson head ball away.
24 min...TFC DeRosario cross from right end line bounces through box over to TFC Brennan who can't keep ball in play on left side.
25 min...DCU Gomez cross from 25 yards on left has DCU Emilio pop header wide right from 10 yards while his back was turned to the net.
26 min...TFC DeRosario 35 yard freekick down middle is scuffed and rolls to goalie.
27 min...TFC DeRosario slips in box on left and ball rolls 5 yards over end line as he's held in the box by DCU Burch.
29 min...TFC Dwayne DeRosario GOAL...TFC Sam Cronin 30 yard chip from right has DeRosario tip header into left corner of net from 6 yards beyond goalie Josh Wicks.
31 min...DCU Gomez 25 yard freekick from right is blasted into player wall and ball deflects for a throw-in.
32 min...DCU Quaranta low cross from 20 yards on right is cleared by defender in box.
33 min...DCU Emilio has 16 yard shot from right blocked by sliding TFC Robinson.
34 min...DCU Emilio can't get away shot just inside box and Emilio has ball blocked on second chance.
35 min...TFC goalie charges out to make sliding clearance on DCU Emilio at 22 yards as two DCU players beat offside trap at 30 yards.
39 min...TFC DeRosario and DCU Jakovic tangle on rush down right and ball rolls for goalkick.
41 min...DCU Wallace cross from left just one step in front of charging DCU Emilio at 6 yards and ball flies out right side of box.
42 min...TFC Cronin cross from 25 yards on right has defender head ball down and clear.
44 min...TFC YELLOW card...Sanyang for shirt grabbing DCU Fred off ball.
45 min...DCU Quaranta 30 yard freekick up middle is blasted into player wall.
45 min...half ends 4:54pm.

Halftime entertainment...The Daily Keno lottery game had a contest where some fan could try to kick in a soccer ball from the center line into a small practice goal for $250,000. There were other small nets with a 9 inch blocking board at the bottom at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards away worth $1000, $2000, $5000, and $10000 but the contestant had only 30 seconds to get these four shots away. Tony from Sudbury was the contestant and he only scored on the 10 yard shot. He had 30 seconds to take his last shot but was well off target and well short of the net.

2nd Half:...starts 5:10pm. The weather is still very hot and the sun is in the west.
halftime subs:...TFC Guevara replaces Robinson.
...............DCU Jacobson replaces DiRaimondo.
46 min...DCU Jacobson cuts in 15 yard cross from right but defenders block shot and clears.
47 min...TFC Vitti rush on left and rolls cross from 18 yards that defender clears.
47 min...TFC Vitti pushes ball to TFC White but 15 yard shot is blocked.
48 min...DCU Jacobson pass from 25 yards on left to sliding DCU player who tips 15 yard shot wide left of net.
50 min...DCU Burch 25 yard freekick from left edge of box has goalie palm ball over net.
51 min...DCU Burch cornerkick from left has ball whistled down in box after DCU Simms tips header off outside of right post on 10 yard header.
55 min...DCU Quaranta 45 yard cross from left has goalie catch reaching forward.
55 min...TFC DeRosario pops header at 20 yards as he's falling over and ball bounces to goalie.
56 min...TFC DeRosario beats DCU Jakovic on right at 25 yards and he cuts into box and rolls 10 yard shot wide left of net.
57 min...TFC YELLOW card...Brennan for sliding tackle at center line which injures DCU Jacobson.
58 min...DCU Simms injured at TFC 35 yards in collision with TFC Sanyang.
61 min...TFC DeRosario rush on right and crosses through box from 30 yards that bounces unplayed for DCU throw-in.
64 min...TFC Vitti 30 yard blast tips off defender high and right of net.
64 min...DCU sub...Moreno replaces Fred.
65 min...TFC O'Brian White GOAL...TFC Amado Guevara cornerkick from right lands in box and ball is tapped over by TFC Nana Attakora at 12 yards through to White who steps around DCU Dejan Jakovic and cuts 15 yard shot from left into top right corner of net.
66 min...TFC DeRosario blasts 20 yard shot that's blocked DCU Burch and ball bounces to right end line where his cross attempt is also blocked by Burch.
66 min...TFC Sanyang pops up header from 25 yards that finds TFC White just inside box who tips ball with foot that trickles over to goalie.
67 min...DCU Wallace rush down left and 25 yard cross from left of box has TFC Gomez dive on right side of box at 8 yards to head ball away.
69 min...TFC Sanyang injured at TFC 40 yards.
70 min...DCU Jacobson blasts 40 yard roller up middle for goalie to pick up.
71 min...DCU YELLOW card...Simms for kick tackle on TFC Sanyang injurying him at DCU 45 yards.
72 min...TFC sub...Gerba replaces White.
73 min...TFC Guevara 45 yard freekick down middle chip has TFC Vitti twist header just over net from 12 yards.
74 min...DCU Wallace on left rolls shot from 25 yards that sliding DCU Gomez can't redirect from 10 yards so ball goes wide right for goalkick.
75 min...DCU sub...James replaces Namoff.
76 min...DCU Moreno rolls harmless ball up middle instead of blasting shot but ball rolls to goalie as no DCU forwards make a run for ball.
77 min...TFC Sanyang injured at DCU edge of center circle and stretchered off field.
80 min...DCU Moreno is tapped back ball but shoots 20 yard shot up middle wide left.
83 min...TFC Guevara 25 yard freekick from right has nearest defender head ball away.
83 min...TFC Guevara 22 yard screen shot up middle is saved by diving goalie on left post.
84 min...DCU Quaranta 20 yard shot after getting pass on right is over net.
84 min...DCU goalie leaps for ball before TFC Gerba can get to it.
84 min...DCU Wallace 10 yard shot from left end line after chesting down pass on edge of box is caught by goalie on left post.
86 min...DCU Quaranta rolls 22 yarder from right wide right of net.
86 min...TFC sub...Gala replaces Brennan who gives DeRosario the captain's armband.
88 min...TFC Gala on left crosses behind net from 20 yards near left end line.
89 min...TFC goalie picks up popped up bouncer sent in from 20 yards. TFC Gomez in injured just outside TFC box.
91 min...DCU Quaranta 20 yard low shot has TFC Serioux slide to tip ball wide left from 5 yards.
92 min...DCU Quaranta gets cornerkick from left and DCU player turns and fires 12 yard blast is saved by head of TFC Guevara on goal line.
92 min...DCU Burch cross from 35 yards on left has TFC Serioux head ball away on edge of TFC box.
93 min...TFC DeRosario cuts 28 yard shot down middle just over bar.
94 min...TFC Gala 35 yard shot from left is chipped to goalie.
95 min...DCU Quaranta chip from 25 yards on right has DCU Emilio get knocked over when he jumps for header.
95 min...game ends 6:00pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto FC.........2............DC United..........0......

Attendance was announced as 20648. The are temporary stands erected in the north end have now been removed and the space is back to being a beer garden. The real grass field used for the Real Madrid game is also gone. The sod was donated to three local schools. It is back to field turf for the rest of this sesaon. The game started with the stands only half full but the seats gradually filled as the game wore on.

The Man of the Match was announced as O'Brian White. Before the game, the Esquire Player of the Month for July was announced as Dwayne DeRosario.

At 57 minutes, Jim Brennan picked up his fifth Yellow card of the year and will miss TFC's next game.

DC United were the highest scoring team in the league so far this year but didn't have many chances at all. Stefan Frei earned the shutout for TFC.

TFC started a lot of young players for this game giving Emmanuel Gomez, Amadou Sanyang, and O'Brian White their first MLS starts. Chad Barrett served his Red card suspension this game. Defender Marco Velez was released by the team earlier in the week and Lesly Fellinga who was signed to take his place was not on the bench for this game.

TFC really need to win this game as they only have three more home games in the nine games remaining in their schedule. With this game they pass DC United into third place in the Eastern Conference. Only the first two spots in each conference assures a team a playoff spot. The next four best records earn a wild card spot. Some of the Western teams are quite strong this year.

Rocket Robin

Game Statistics from MLS:

BMO Field 

TOR -- Dwayne De Rosario 9 (Sam Cronin 3, Jim Brennan 1) 30 
TOR -- O'Brian White 1 (Nana Attakora 4, Amado Guevara 5) 66 

TOR -- Sam Cronin (caution; Reckless Tackle) 17 
DC -- Dejan Jakovic (caution; Reckless Foul) 22 
TOR -- Carl Robinson (caution; Reckless Foul) 24 
TOR -- Amadou Sanyang (caution; Reckless Tackle) 45 
TOR -- Jim Brennan (caution; Reckless Tackle) 58 
DC -- Clyde Simms (caution; Reckless Foul) 72 

Game Stats 
 D.C. United Toronto FC 
Total Shots: 11 12 
Shots on Goal: 4 5 
Total Saves: 3 4 
Fouls: 6 9 
Offsides: 1 1 
Corner Kicks: 4 3 

Referee: Alex Prus
Referee's Assistants: Greg Barkey; Eric Boria
4th Official: Mathieu Bourdeau
Time of Game: 90:00
Weather: Clear -and- 82 degrees
Attendance: 20,638

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 
  D.C. United 
Starting Lineup 
31 - Josh Wicks (GK)
4 - Marc Burch 
5 - Dejan Jakovic 
6 - John DiRaimondo 46 
7 - Fred 65 
10 - Christian Gomez 
11 - Luciano Emilio 
19 - Clyde Simms 
22 - Rodney Wallace 
25 - Santino Quaranta 
26 - Bryan Namoff 76 
1 - Milos Kocic (GK)
2 - Julius James 76 
3 - Avery John 
8 - Andrew Jacobson 46 
16 - Greg Janicki 
18 - Devon McTavish 
99 - Jaime Moreno 65 

Toronto FC 
Starting Lineup 
24 - Stefan Frei (GK)
2 - Sam Cronin 
3 - Nana Attakora 
8 - Pablo Vitti 
11 - Jim Brennan 87 
14 - Dwayne De Rosario 
15 - Adrian Serioux 
17 - O'Brian White 73 
22 - Amadou Sanyang 
32 - Emmanuel Gomez 
33 - Carl Robinson 46 
18 - Brian Edwards (GK)
7 - Fuad Ibrahim 
9 - Danny Dichio 
10 - Ali Gerba 73 
20 - Amado Guevara 46 
27 - Gabe Gala 87 

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

TFC starters

DCU starters

huge flag in the south end

confetti always blasted out right at the start of the game in the south end

TFC Sam Cronin on rush.

TFC Nana Attakora turns with ball.

high ball

DCU Andrew Jacobson pops up header in DCU box.

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