Result of the Friday August 7, 2009 International Friendly between Toronto FC and Real Madrid from Spain played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

........................24 Stefan Frei
16 Marvell Wynne...32 Emmanuel Gomez...15 Adrian Serioux...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
2 Sam Cronin...33 Carl Robinson...14 Dwayne DeRosario...20 Amado Guevara
.................10 Ali Gerba...8 Pablo Vitti

Subs:...18 Brian Edwards (gk)...4 Marco Velez (def)...6 Nick Garcia (def)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (fwd)...9 Danny Dichio (fwd)...17 O'Brian White (fwd)...19 Chad Barrett (fwd) ...22 Amadou Sanyang (def)...27 Gabe Gala (def)
team officials:...head coach Chris Cummins

Real Madrid CF (all white, black names and numbers)

......................1 Iker Casillas
................18 Raul Albiol...21 Chistoph Metzelder...15 Royston Drenthe
16 Alvaro Arbeloa...6 Lassana Diarra...14 Guti...9 Cristinano Ronaldo...8 Kaka
................7 Raul (cpt)...19 Karim Benzema

Subs:...25 Jerzy Dudek (gk)...-- Antonio Adan (gk)...2 Miguel Torres (def)...3 Pepe (def)...10 Wesley Sneijder (mid)...11 Arjen Robben (fwd)...17 Alvaro Negredo (fwd)...20 Gonzalo Higuain (fwd)...22 Xabi Alonso (mid)...23 Esteban Granero (mid)...-- Ezequiel Garay (def)

Game officials:...referee Paul Ward....referee's assistants Daniel Belleau and Joe Fletcher...fourth official Stephen Di Piero...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 7:39pm...TFC defend south end on this warm evening with the sun in the north west).
50 min...TFC Wynne catches RM Benzema from behind at 20 yards on left to prevent cross or shot.
2 min...RM Drenthe cross from near left cornerflag has TFC Wynne block ball for cornerkick.
2 min...RM Guti cornerkick from left has ball knocked around then TFC Wynne head ball away. RM Diarra blasts 30 yard partial clearance over net.
5 min...RM Guti chips ball down middle from center circle and TFC goalie catches bouncing ball on edge of box before RM Ronaldo can get to it..
6 min...TFC Guevara chips pass from 30 yards on right to center for TFC Vitti to get to ball at 20 yards and his low 10 yard shot is blocked by sliding goalie and ball deflects for cornerkick on right although TFC Vitti charges for ball and cross from 3 yards deflects off RM Albiol guarding post although ball may already have been over line.
6 min...TFC Guevara cornerkick from right is headed around in box until RM player clears.
7 min...TFC Guevara cornerkick from right is headed away by defender in box.
7 min...RM Kaka can't draw penalty kick on sliding tackle by TFC Brennan at 8 yards in box on pass by RM Benzema from left.
8 min...TFC Brennan gets ball on pass up left wing and rolls cross from 18 yards but defender comes back up center to clear away ball.
12 min...RM Raul GOAL...RM Karim Benzema on left edge of box sends in low cross that TFC Adrian Serioux blocks and clears from 5 yards. RM Kaka blocks inside box and shoots from 8 yards that defender blocks and ball rolls over for Raul who holds up ball and rolls over to his right foot and cuts in shot from 10 yards over sliding TFC Robinson that blasts off underside of crossbar in center of net over TFC goalie Stefan Frei.
14 min...TFC Robinson 70 yard pass bounces to goalie.
14 min...RM Ronaldo blasts 25 yard shot over net after run down middle.
15 min...RM goalie clears ball out of bounds while 25 yards off line as RM defenders and TFC Gerba converge.
16 min...TFC Brennan throw-in from 25 yards on left has TFC DeRosario cross ball across box from 20 yards on left that goalie easily picks up.
17 min...RM Cristian Ronaldo GOAL...RM Lassan Diarra chips ball from center line to find Ronaldo on left sideline at 30 yards who pops header forward to charging RM Karim Benzema running up left side and Benzema charges to left edge of box and rolls cross to charging Ronaldo who shoots low roller into left side of net from 12 yards.
19 min...RM Kaka rush to left edge of TFC box but his rolled cross is cleared by defender.
20 min...TFC Serioux pushes off RM Kaka to get to ball on rush on left that has got into TFC box. Serioux is able to keep his feet and clear ball.
23 min...RM Kaka 35 yard shot up middle is wide right.
24 min...TFC Wynne concedes cornerkick on left rather than letting charging RM Ronaldo get to ball.
24 min...RM Raul GOAL...RM Guti cornerkick from left is over players in box and RM Raul Albiol on right from 20 yards stops ball and crosses wide to left post where charging RM Christoph Metzelder heads from 3 yards on left post across box to Raul who heads ball in from 2 yards on right post that TFC Wynne can't keep out as he's already one yard into net on momentum.
26 min...RM Kaka on edge of TFC box rolls ball to charging Arbeoloa who crosses shot off TFC Brennan and ball deflects for cornerkick on right.
26 min...RM Guti cornerkick from right has TFC Wynne head ball out left side of box.
27 min...RM Guti cornerkick from left has ball soar over players in box and TFC DeRosario on right of box clear ball.
27 min...TFC Guevara long cross field pass has TFC DeRosario shot from 25 yards from left well high and wide left of net.
30 min...RM Ronaldo cross from 15 yards from left end line is over head of RM Raul at 3 yards.
31 min...TFC Wynne cross in from right of box after long run up right has defender head away to prevent TFC Vitti from getting to ball.
31 min...TFC DeRosario at 20 yards on left blasts shot off defender for cornerkick on left.
32 min...TFC Guevara cornerkick tap on left has TFC Brennan cross over players in box and TFC Gomez on right of box controls ball and taps centering pass to TFC DeRosario who has RM Benzema check him off ball.
33 min...TFC Wynne breaks up RM Ronaldo and RM Kaka tap over play just left of TFC box.
35 min...RM Ronaldo on left rolls pass to RM Benzema who then centers pass over to RM Kaka and his shot is wide right from 18 yards.
40 min...RM Benzema blasts 10 yard shot from left wide left of net.
41 min...RM Guti gets pass back and chips pass up middle 30 yards is just too far for open RM Ronaldo charging in at 7 yards.
43 min...TFC Guevara 35 yard freekick from left lands on top of net.
44 min...RM Guti 27 yard freekick up middle is just high and wide left of net. (He takes it instead of RM Ronaldo which draws groans from the fans).
46 min...half ends 8:25pm.

Halftime entertainment...The Freestylers come out to entertain by juggling soccer balls. They promote their site of "".
A grounds crew checks for divots in the grass. They find a lot of them!

2nd Half:...starts 8:41pm.
halftime subs:...RM Dudek replaces Casillas in goal.
............RM Pepe replaces Arbeoloa.
............RM Granero replaces Albiol.
............RM Torres replaces Kaka.
............TFC Edwards replaces Frei in goal.
............TFC Barrett replaces Guevara.
............TFC Garcia replaces Serioux.
............TFC Sanyang replaces Robinson.
45 min...TFC DeRosario 15 yard shot from right deflects off RM Metzelder and is caught by goalie on right post.
47 min...TFC DeRosario taps ball over to TFC Barrett on right wing who blasts 30 yarder well over net.
49 min...RM Pepe beats TFC Gerba to ball sent across RM box.
50 min...RM Granero cross from right has ducking RM Raul head ball wide right from 10 yards.
50 min...RM goalie's clearance kicks hits TFC Barrett's head standing only 5 yards away and deflect back to goalie to catch.
51 min...TFC Brennan rolls pass from 10 yards on left and goalie dives forward to grab it.
52 min...RM Benzema on right crosses 15 yard shot from right is wide left for goalie.
53 min...TFC Barrett chips short pass from right wing to charging TFC Wynne who rolls ball in RM box from 12 yards on right end line and RM Metzelder concedes cornerkick on left.
54 min...TFC Cronin cornerkick from right has defender head ball away.
55 min...RM Granero cross from right has defender clear in box.
57 min...RM Benzema in crowd of defenders rolls spinning shot from 15 yards that has goalie save.
59 min...RM Raul shoots 20 yarder over net.
61 min...TFC Brennan crosses in from right deflects off defender RM Drenthe and flies up for goalie to catch.
62 min...RM sub...Robben replaces Ronaldo.
............RM sub...Alonso replaces Guti.
............RM sub...Negrado replaces Raul who gives captain's armband to Torres #2.
............TFC sub...White replaces Gerba.
64 min...RM Esteban Granero cornerkick from right has TFC player pop up header. RM Arjen Robben controls ball on the edge of box and rolls short pass left to RM Alvaro Nagrado who rushes to left end line and rolls cross from 6 yards to Benzema who one touchg kicks in 6 yarder to open net as TFC goalie Brian Edwards was guarding left post.
68 min...TFC Brennan high cross from 25 yards on left has TFC Barrett head ball wide right from 7 yards on right as he's being squeezed by defenders.
69 min...TFC Gomez bump into RM Benzema rushing into right side of box but he can't draw a penalty kick.
70 min...RM Granero blasts from 20 yards has leaping goalie palm ball over net.
71 min...RM Granero cornerkick from left has RM Alonso end up shooting 20 yarder well over net when he receives partial clearance.
71 min...TFC sub...Gala replaces Barrett.
73 min...RM Negrado injured on edge of TFC box when he takes clearance ball to face from TFC Sanyang.
74 min...TFC sub...Dichio replaces Vitti.
74 min...TFC Gabe Gala GOAL...TFC O'Brian White rush down right and shoots from edge of box to left post but RM goalie Jerzy Dudak dives forward and gets hand to it. Gala charges up to rebound and slides to get foot on ball and knocks it in from 7 yards to left side of net avoiding slide of RM Miguesl Torres. RM defender Pepe is hurt inside TFC box when White fell over him after Pepe's slide. TFC Danny Dichio had blocked a defender at the start of the play from being involved.
76 min...RM Negredo eludes defender and 12 yard cross from near left end line deflects off raised foot of TFC Sanyang for cornerkick on left.
77 min...RM Granero cornerkick from left has TFC Dichio head ball away and Granero's low recross has defender clear away.
77 min...TFC defender gets back to poke ball away from RM Metzelder on right and gives up cornerkick.
77 min...RM Granero cornerkick from right has TFC Dichio head ball behind net.
78 min...RM Greanero cornerkick from right has TFC Cronin on right post head away.
79 min...RM Robben turns and blasts 10 yarder on left that deflects off defender TFC Garcia for cornerkick.
79 min...RM Granero cornerkick from left has RM Metzelder heads ball wide left from 5 yards.
80 min...RM sub...Sneijder replaces Drenthe.
............RM sub...Garay replaces Metzelder.
............TFC sub...Velez replaces Gomez.
81 min...TFC Sanyang chips 30 yarder wide right from left.
81 min...TFC sub...Ibrahim replaces Brennan.
85 min...RM Arjen Robben GOAL...RM Karim Benzema taps pass from 30 yards up middle for charging Robben who rounds goalie diving out at 15 yards as he rushes down middle holding off TFC Marco Velez and rolls 8 yarder into open net.
91 min...TFC White on rush on left rolls pass to TFC Gala who blasts 15 yarder well over net.
92 min...RM Negredo dribbles in on left side and rolls ball across box from 5 yards near end line but defenders clear.
93 min...RM Negredo shot from 15 yards after short run through middle has flying goalie block ball at 8 yards.
93 ends 9:29pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto FC.........1............Real Madrid CF..........5......

Attendance was announced as 22089. This is a new home record for watching a TFC game. There are temporary stands erected in the north end which usually just has a beer garden. These stands are supposed to be taken down after this game. The game started with the stands only two-thirds full but the seats gradually filled as the game wore on. I didn't recognize any regular TFC fan in my row. The visitors had at least one third support. Ticket prices were about triple the usual price so it was easy to believe that regulars let their opportunity to purchase this extra date pass or sold them to others more anxious to watch this game. I did not hear the Danny Dichio song at 23 minutes. I didn't bother going to the Real Madrid practise but they were here the night before in front of about 18000 fans to give a chance for even more fans to see them.

The result was somewhat like I expected. Real Madrid is one of the top rated clubs in the world and they were trying out their new players that they'd recently bought in the off-season. Some of them weren't even with the team the week before for their first exhibition game against Shamrock Rovers of Ireland.

TFC has had a problem scoring all year so it was not unexpected that they would have few chances tonight and they'd often waste them. I was sitting beside some fans who were Real Madrid fans. When TFC Chad Barrett blasted a 20 yard shot about 20 yards over the net one guy proclaimed that's why he doesn't watch North American soccer. He only wants to see the best. I was glad in that I'll never have to see him again! Another Real fan not with him admitted he comes to a few TFC games but we were both grateful that tonight we could see one of the best teams in the world.

Rocket Robin

Real Madrid (1-0-0) vs. Toronto FC (0-1-0) 
August 07, 2009 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
RMD -- Raul 1 (unassisted) 13
RMD -- Cristiano Ronaldo 1 (Karim Benzema ) 19
RMD -- Raul 2 (Christoph Metzelder 1, Raul Albiol 1) 26
RMD -- Karim Benzema 1 (Alvaro Negrado ) 65
TOR -- Gabe Gala 1 (unassisted) 75
RMD -- Arjen Robben 1 (Karim Benzema ) 86

Real Madrid -- Iker Casillas (Jerzey Dudek 46), Royston Drenthe (Wesley Sneijder 80), Raul Albiol (Esteban Granero 46), 
Christoph Metzelder (Ezequiel Garay 80), Alvaro Arbeloa (Pepe 46), Kaka (Miguel Torres 46), Guti (Xabi Alonso 63), 
Lassana Diarra, Karim Benzema, Raul (Alvaro Negrado 63), Cristiano Ronaldo (Arjen Robben 62).

Substitutes Not Used: Antonio Adan, Gonzalo Higuain

Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei (Brian Edwards 46), Marvell Wynne, Emmanuel Gomez (Marco Velez 80), 
Adrian Serioux (Nick Garcia 46), Jim Brennan (Fuad Ibrahim 82), Dwayne De Rosario, 
Amado Guevara (Chad Barrett 46) (Gabe Gala 72), Sam Cronin, Carl Robinson (Amadou Sanyang 46), 
Ali Gerba (O'Brian White 63), Pablo Vitti (Danny Dichio 74), 

Substitutes Not Used: 

 Toronto FC Real Madrid 
total shots: 7 (Pablo Vitti 2)  17 (Raul 4)  
shots on goal: 4 (4 tied with 1)  7 (Raul 2)  
fouls: 7 (Carl Robinson 3)  10 (Lassana Diarra 3)  
offsides: 1 (Dwayne De Rosario 1)  1 (Alvaro Arbeloa 1)  
corner kicks: 4 (Amado Guevara 3)  10 (Esteban Granero 6)  
saves: 2 (Brian Edwards 2)  3 (Jerzey Dudek 2)  

Misconduct Summary: 

referee: Paul Ward
Referee's Assistants: Daniel Belleau; Joe Fletcher
4th official: Steven DePiero
time of game: 1:51
attendance: 22,089
weather: Partly Cloudy -and- 70 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

TFC starters

Real Madrid starters

TFC Pablo Vitti and Ali Gerba waiting to kick off the game.

RM Kaka rolls shot wide.

RM Cristiano Ronaldo is shadowed by TFC Marvell Wynne.

TFC Amado Guevara on rush.

RM rush in second half.

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