Result of the Saturday June 6th, 2009 MLS game between Toronto FC and Los Angeles Galaxy played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

................24 Stefan Frei
5 Kevin Harmse...4 Marco Velez...15 Adrian Serioux...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
............2 Sam Cronin...33 Carl Robinson...14 Dwayne DeRosario
............19 Chad Barrett...8 Pablo Vitti...9 Danny Dichio

1 Greg Sutton (gk)...18 Brian Edwards (gk)...10 Rohan Ricketts (mid)...13 Johann Smith (mid)...27 Gabe Gala (def)...32 Emmanuel Gomez (def)
team officials:...head coach Chris Cummins

Los Angeles Galaxy (all white, navy names and numbers)

................1 Donovan Ricketts
2 Todd Dunivant...22 Tony Sanneh...4 Omar Gonzales...20 AJ DeLaGarza
19 Josh Tudela...18 Mike Magee...7 Chris Klein...8 Dema Kovalenko
.............21 Alan Gordon...6 Eddie Lewis (cpt)

12 Josh Sanders (gk)...3 Leonard Griffin (def)...9 Jovan Kirovski (fwd)...14 Edson Buddle (fwd)...15 Stefai Miglioranzi (mid)...27 Bryan Jordan (fwd)...30 Kyle Patterson (mid)
team officials:...head coach Bruce Arena

Game officials:...referee Alex Prus....referee's assistants Daniel Belleau and Philippe Briere...fourth official Silviu Petrescu...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:08pm...TFC defend south end on this warm afternoon with a bright sun in the south west. No real wind today.
50 sec...TFC DeRosario low cross from near left cornerflag is cleared in goalmouth by defender.
1 min...TFC Serioux long throw-in from left is cleared from box with defender popping up header and LAG Lewis kicking ball out of box.
4 min...LAG player's cross from 15 yards on right deflects off TFC Brennan for cornerkick.
4 min...LAG Alan Gordon GOAL...LAG Eddie Lewis cornerkick from right is over players in box and jumping Gordon heads in 7 yarder from left over flying backwards goalie just under bar to right side of net.
7 min...LAG goalie beats TFC Robinson to through ball on edge of box that TFC DeRosario had pushed in from 30 yards on left.
7 min...TFC goalie beats LAG Gordon to through ball that had been punted up field by LAG goalie.
7 min...TFC Dichio cross from right from 20 yards hits TFC Vitti in the back at 6 yards in LAG box which lets defender clear.
8 min...LAG YELLOW card...Gonzalez earns it for dragging down TFC Dichio who didn't have ball on edge of box when long ball from 55 yards in chipped into box.
9 min...TFC DeRosario 20 yard freekick from left rolls through crowd of players slowed down by foot in player wall for sprawling goalie to smother near right post.
10 min...LAG Dunivant 55 yard freekick from right has LAG Gordon head ball from 25 yards but TFC Robinson pops header back to goalie from 10 yards.
13 min...TFC Serious injured LAG Lewis with body check at LAG 50 yards.
14 min...LAG Klein receives long cross on right and crosses over box to left side and TFC Serioux heads ball back to right for TFC Brennan to clear.
15 min...LAG Lewis run on left and 25 yard cross has TFC Velez pop up header in box and TFC Robinson clears ball.
16 min...TFC DeRosario rolls cross from left end line near cornerflag despite two defenders on him and TFC Dichio rolls ball away from end line for TFC Cronin to roll ball from left edge of box at 18 yards but LAG Lewis runs back to intercept pass before TFC Barrett can tee up at 18 yards for blast.
16 min...LAG Kovalenko centered pass from LAG Klein after give and go but his 15 yard volley down middle is well over net.
18 min...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from left is tapped back to him by TFC Brennan and he crosses over players in box. TFC Velez rescues and cross from right endline is headed away by LAG Sanneh.
19 min...TFC Brennan chip from 55 yards on left has TFC Dichio pop up header at 22 yards down middle that goalie catches on bounce.
20 min...TFC DeRosario chip from 40 yards on rush down middle has TFC Vitti pop header from edge of box across to right but LAG Gonzalez heads back to goalie from 15 yards to stop TFC Dichio from getting to ball.
21 min...LAG Gordon on right side of box sends in low cross but defender clears.
21 min...TFC DeRosario 40 yard cross from left has TFC Dichio pop 8 yard header on right over net.
22 min...TFC DeRosario pops up header from left edge of box and TFC Dichio and LAG tangle up at 6 yards and both go down and goalie picks up ball.
22 min...LAG Dunivant clears TFC Vitti rush for ball conceding cornerkick from left.
23 min...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from left has TFC Dichio pop up header and fall at 5 yards. LAG player injured on play.
25 min...TFC Dichio sends ball through the middle for TFC Barrett to charge down middle to connect on 8 yard shot that's blocked point blank by goalie deflecting for throw-in on right.
25 min...TFC Barrett receives long throw-in on right edge of box and pops up header well wide right of net.
27 min...TFC Harmse bends in 30 yard kick from right to charging goalie in front on TFC players waiting on left.
28 min...TFC Dichio shields ball after receiving long throw-in from left but is checked off it at 10 yards inside box.
29 min...LAG Lewis cross from left has TFC Serioux head ball to break up play in box.
29 min...TFC Robinson pops up header behind own net when LAG Klein crosses in from left of box.
30 min...LAG Lewis cornerkick from right has ball sail over box and ball cleared by TFC Robinson on right side of box.
30 min...LAG YELLOW card...Sanneh earns it for knocking down TFC Vitti at TFC 45 yards.
31 min...LAG Lewis rush around TFC Serioux to chip 10 yard cross from left endline. LAG Dunivant cross from 30 yards on left recovering partial clearance has ball bounce wide right of net.
32 min...LAG Magee cornerkick from left has goalie catch ball in crowd of players.
33 min...TFC Dichio heads pass from left and TFC Vitti then flicks ball upward for himself and heads ball from 8 yards straight for LAG goalie to fly to right to catch.
33 min...LAG Kovalenko injured in center circle when he crashes with TFC Dichio when both jumping for header.
36 min...TFC Harmse pushes pass to TFC DeRosario but sliding defender LAG Kovalenko pokes ball away for cornerkick.
37 min...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from right is over heads of everyone in box and kicked around in box withough a clear shot.
38 min...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from right is low and cleared by nearest defender.
38 min...TFC DeRosario charges to chip 12 yarder over net when TFC Dichio heads ball from left in box.
39 min...There are two balls on the field so play had to be stopped.
41 min...TFC Vitti 35 yard blast up middle is just over net.
42 min...LAG Gordon rush up right and cuts to center but weak 25 yard roller is smothered by goalie.
43 min...TFC YELLOW card...Harmse earns it for pushing over LAG Lewis at LAG 30 yards.
46 min...LAG Gonzalez heads away cross into box sent in from 25 yards on left by TFC Barrett.
46 min...half ends 4:54pm.

Halftime Entertainment: Jack Astor's "Eye for the lame guy" where a fan gets a makeover and comes back out dressed with TFC gear. The TFC subs come out when there is only 10 minutes left in the warmup.

2nd Half:...starts 5:09pm.
46 min...LAG Klein on run to get to long throw-in from left pushes ball over end line on left.
50 min...TFC DeRosario gets away two shots on right inside box. One is blocked by LAG Dunivant on 8 yard shot and one is saved by sliding goalie on short right side on 6 yard shot.
51 min...TFC Brennan swings arm and hits LAG Klein with hand face on sideline play trying to get around him and falls down with sore ankle.
52 min...TFC Harmse eludes defender to cross from right end line and TFC Barrett one-touch 12 yard shot that's blocked by LAG Tudela.
53 min...TFC Dichio chests down and TFC Cronin boots 12 yard chipper over bar from left.
55 min...TFC sub...Rohan Ricketts replaces injured Brennan. TFC Robinson now gets the armband as the team's captain.
56 min...TFC Velez 40 yard chip on left bounces through players to goalie right of net.
57 min...LAG Lewis loses shoe upfield in TFC end when checked off ball.
58 min...TFC DeRosario run up middle and weak 30 yard roller is picked up by goalie.
59 min...TFC Dichio long cross from 50 yards on left has TFC Rohan Ricketts roll 15 yarder from right to goalie.
59 min...TFC Barrett dekes LAG DeLaGarza twice on left and crosses from end line through box and TFC Rohan Ricketts has 10 yard shot deflected for cornerkick by defender's foot on right. LAG goalie and LAG Sanneh were both injured on the play.
61 min...TFC Danny Dichio GOAL...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from right has ball partially cleared. TFC Sam Cronin at 35 yards up middle rolls pass to right and TFC Rohan Ricketts chips ball from 35 yards on right into box where TFC Carl Robinson heads 8 yarder off left goalpost over flying goalie Donavan Ricketts. TFC Marco Velez kicks 5 yard shot that pops up off foot of fallen goalie and TFC Dichio knocks in rebound on 3 yard header on left post. Dichio then goes over and kicks the left corner flag.
62 min...LAG sub...Miglioranzi replaces Magee.
64 min...LAG DeLaGarza shields ball from charging TFC Barrett at 10 yards on left and ball bounces for goalkick when TFC Rohan Ricketts sends in cross from 35 yards on right.
65 min...LAG Lewis 30 yard freekick from left has flying LAG Gordon heads 6 yarder that sprawling goalie deflects wide left of net.
65 min...LAG sub...Buddle replaces Klein.
66 min...LAG Lewis cornerkick from left has leaping LAG Buddle head from left over bar from 6 yards.
68 min...TFC Serioux heads behind own net to prevent LAG Gordon from getting pass at 10 yards.
69 min...LAG Lewis cornerkick from right has TFC goalie punch ball away.
69 min...LAG Gonzalez rolls 10 yarder wide right of post when TFC Serioux pops up header and Gonzalez gets behind him.
70 min...LAG Sanneh injured at LAG 40 yards and can't get up. Play continues up and down the field for each team and LAG Gordon also goes down on left edge of TFC box. Stretcher is eventually waved off but Sanneh needs help to limp off field. LAG Gordon is checked off ball inside TFC box and couldn't draw penalty kick.
74 min...LAG sub...Griffin replaces injured Sanneh.
74 min...TFC Vitti elbows LAG DeLaGarza at 30 yards injurying him.
75 min...TFC Cronin blast from 55 yards on right has TFC DeRosario flick header from 16 yards up middle that goalie catches under bar and falls forward.
76 min...LAG Edson Buddle GOAL...LAG Todd Dunivant passes short from left sideline at 50 yards and Buddle gets behind TFC Marco Velez to take pass up left and cuts towards center on breakaway and he bends in 15 yard shot from left around goalie.
78 min...TFC Robinson heads ball back to goalie to break up LAG Buddle run for pass.
79 min...TFC Cronin long throw-in from right wins cornerkick when defender knocks behind end line.
80 min...TFC DeRosario cornerkick from right has TFC Dichio pop up header from 6 yards on left and leaping goalie catch in crowd of players.
81 min...TFC Cronin flicks header well wide right from 8 yards on long cross from TFC Harmse 45 yards on left.
81 min...TFC sub...Smith replaces Vitti.
84 min...TFC Harmse cross from 25 yards on left has defender head ball away in box.
85 min...TFC Barrett heads ball behind end line while standing along 7 yard end line.
85 min...TFC sub...Gomez replaces Barrett.
86 min...TFC Dichio has play whistled down in LAG box.
88 min...LAG Gordon freekick from 15 yards on left sideline has play whistled down in box.
89 min...LAG goalie has to head ball away when LAG defender passes back to him.
89 min...TFC Dichio falls on edge of LAG box.
90 min...TFC DeRosario can't draw penalty kick when he falls over on edge of box.
91 min...TFC goalie fumbles ball over own end line for cornerkick when defender passes back to him.
91 min...LAG Lewis freekick from near left end line is dribbled and passed around with LAG Buddle.
93 min...TFC DeRosario on 1 on 2 for ball and LAG Gonzalez heads ball back to goalie at 5 yards.
93 min...TFC Harmse 35 yard roller up middle has TFC DeRosario called offside at 10 yards.
94 min...TFC Robinson 35 yard chip freekick down middle wins cornerkick when it deflects off defender and rolls over end line.
94 min...TFC Serioux cornerkick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players.
94 min...game ends 5:58pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto FC.......1..........Los Angeles Galaxy..........2...........

Attendance was announced 20753. At the start of the game, there were many empty seats but the stadium gradually filled up. There had been a bit of rain in the morning but no rain during the game and it was actually quite sunny.

Before the game there was an introduction to the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductees for 2009. This included some individuals and members of the 1986 World Cup team. Bob Lenaduzzi from Vancouver Whitecaps and John Limniatis from Montreal Impact are inductees--Lenaduzzi on the 1986 team and Liminiatus for individual accomplishments with Montreal. There was a moment of silence for Peter Zezel who was introduced as a hockey player and soccer player. They never mentioned his time with the North York Rockets of the old CSL which is how I remember seeing him. He died a few weeks ago at only age 44.

TFC warmed up on the east side of the field for the first time in quite a few games so they were much easier to see.

The Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was forward Danny Dichio who scored Toronto's only goal. Neither Chad Barrett nor Pablo Vitti, the other forwards on the team could score but they've had trouble at doing that all season. A big chorus of boos rang out after the game for the disappointing result.

TFC were short players with Amado Guevara and Marvell Wynne away on their national teams playing against each other in the Honduras vs USA game this weekend. TFC only had four field players and two goaltenders listed as subs. When the league had their Reserve system, there were larger rosters and the team would have more variety of players to choose from.

The Galaxy were short their leading scorer Landon Donovan away at World Cup qualifying. David Beckham has just finished playing in Italy over the winter and is not scheduled back to playing for another few weeks. It makes me glad that I bought a ticket for the All Star game in last year's ticket package as it would have been the third year in a row that he didn't play when the Galaxy visited Toronto. In 2007 he was injured and stayed on the sideline and in 2008 he was away playing with the English national team. I didn't notice him on the sidelines. The 'star' that we saw was Toronto Raptors basketball star Chris Bosh who walked around the circumference of the stadium and waved to the crowd.

The cereal mascot Tony the Tiger posed with kids after the game. I saw him at the Toronto Lady Lynx game in Oshawa last Sunday afternoon.

Next up for TFC is another home game although this one has been moved forward from August 7th so TFC can play a friendly game around that time against Spanish giant Real Madrid. The league game will be Saturday June 13th against New York Red Bulls at a special 8:00pm starting time.

Rocket Robin

Los Angeles Galaxy (2-1-9) vs. Toronto FC (4-5-4) 
June 06, 2009 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
LA -- Alan Gordon 3 (Eddie Lewis 2) 5
TOR -- Danny Dichio 2 (unassisted) 64
LA -- Edson Buddle 2 (Alan Gordon 1) 77

Los Angeles Galaxy -- Donovan Ricketts, A.J. DeLaGarza, Omar Gonzalez, Tony Sanneh (Leonard Griffin 74), Todd Dunivant, 
Chris Klein (Edson Buddle 66), Dema Kovalenko, Josh Tudela, Eddie Lewis, Mike Magee (Stefani Miglioranzi 64), Alan Gordon.

Substitutes Not Used: Bryan Jordan, Jovan Kirovski, Kyle Patterson, Josh Saunders

Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Kevin Harmse, Adrian Serioux, Marco Velez, Jim Brennan (Rohan Ricketts 56), 
Pablo Vitti (Johann Smith 82), Sam Cronin, Carl Robinson, Dwayne De Rosario, Chad Barrett (Emmanuel Gomez 86), 
Danny Dichio.

Substitutes Not Used: Brian Edwards, Gabe Gala, Greg Sutton

 Toronto FC Los Angeles Galaxy 
total shots: 18 (Dwayne De Rosario 5)  8 (Alan Gordon 4)  
shots on goal: 11 (Dwayne De Rosario 4)  4 (Alan Gordon 3)  
fouls: 9 (Kevin Harmse 2)  12 (Alan Gordon 3)  
offsides: 1 (Chad Barrett 1)  1 (Eddie Lewis 1)  
corner kicks: 6 (Dwayne De Rosario 6)  6 (Eddie Lewis 5)  
saves: 2 (Stefan Frei 2)  10 (Donovan Ricketts 10)  

Misconduct Summary: 
LA -- Omar Gonzalez (caution; Tactical Foul) 9
LA -- Tony Sanneh (caution; Reckless Foul) 31
TOR -- Kevin Harmse (caution; Reckless Foul) 44

referee: Alex Prus
Referee's Assistants: Daniel Belleau; Philippe Briere
4th official: Silviu Petrescu
time of game: 1:51
attendance: 20,753
weather: Clear -and- 71 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

TFC starters

Galaxy starters

Ultras fans criticize actions/non-actions of team owners Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

Galaxy Todd Dunivant carries ball out of box.

TFC players wait for cornerkick.

TFC player's pop up.

TFC Adrian Serioux starts a rush.

Galaxy header.

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