April 16, 2009 MLS Toronto FC interview with Adrian Serioux (from TorontoFC.ca)

Ten questions with Adrian Serioux
04/16/2009 09:44 AM
By Mike Ulmer / TorontoFC.ca

Adrian Serioux is on the spot in our new feature 'Ten Questions'

Strong-armed Adrian Serioux is one of the most famous members of Toronto FC. This is unusual for a defender, but when Serioux went in hard and low on David Beckham last season while a member of FC Dallas, he became a You Tube favourite. Google the words 'Adrian Serioux and tackle David Beckham' and you will find 701 items which, to be fair, does not completely speak to Serioux's popularity. Returned to his native Toronto in an off-season trade, Serioux is a 29-year-old with plenty of stories. We asked him 10 questions and let the facts fall where they may.

Mike Ulmer: What's the best advice your Mom ever gave you?

Adrian Serioux: It was a year when one of my coaches for a provincial team cut me. I was heartbroken at the time and she told me that nobody is God. I think that's one of the things that stuck with me the most. I was crushed, but you've got to keep going, keep pushing. Look where I am.

M.U.: Complete this sentence. Playing for Toronto FC is to playing for the Toronto Lynx as blank is to blank.

A.S.: It's like a 100-metre dash runner compared to a racewalker. Day and night.

M.U.: What's the closest you ever came to being really, really hurt?

A.S.: One time?

MU.: Yes, one.

A.S.: My brother, a couple of years after he got his license asked me to go to Blockbuster with him. For some reason I didn't want to go. He got in a car accident where he got t-boned. The passenger door was touching the centre console. If I was in that vehicle, who knows what would have happened.

M.U.: Did you take from that situation the idea that you were born under a lucky star?

A.S.: Yes, because sometimes bad things happen to good people. I'm thankful, but who knows why I chose not to go with him? I usually would go with him. You're younger and you always want to be with your big brother. I'm thankful that I'm able to walk and be here.

M.U.: Is a guy who can throw a baseball a long way able to throw a soccer ball a long way? What's the key to your ability in the throw in?

A.S.: It's totally different physics. I have no idea how I throw it so far. It's a phenomenon to me.

M.U.: Do you sometimes just air it out just to show what you're got?

A.S.: There's always a purpose, I always want to hit one of my teammates.

M.U.: There are 704 mentions of you and David Beckham in Google. How often do you get asked about it?

A.S.: Until the day people forget about me. As long as people remember what I did to him, it'll be one of the things they bring up. Sooner or later I'm going to have to deny it was me.

M.U.: Looking back at all the controversy and the $1,000 fine, was it worth it?

A.S.: I don't know, but I have to say it was a great person to tackle. Our team was taking quite a beating. You can call it frustration or determination or trying to get to the ball. It happened to be him. You take it as it comes.

M.U.: How did you become a soccer player?

A.S.: It was actually my brother. My Mom put me in. He gave up and I stuck with it.

M.U.: What would you have done had you not been a soccer player?

A.S.: I would have done something with cars. I'm a self-taught mechanic. I would be getting my hands dirty day in and day out.

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