Result of the Wednesday July 15th, 2009 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Cleveland Internationals played at The Varsity Centre in Toronto at 11:00am.

Toronto Lynx (yellow socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

................1 Brandon Heembrock
........6 Konnor McNamara...4 Matthew Smith...16 Jordan Taylor
3 Chris Mitchell...18 Taylor McNamara (cpt)...7 Dane Roberts...10 Michael Luk...17 Jordan Webb
...........9 Jean Tshimpaka...12 Sergio DeLuca

Subs:...5 Julian Ramjohn (def)...11 Sherif El-Masri (fwd)...13 Lukas Risto (mid)...14 Mohamed Aborig (mid)...15 Macca Wilde (fwd)...20 Johnathan Costa (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde...assistant coach Billy Steele...goalkeeping coach Glenn doctor Dr Frank Markus...medical co-ordinator Dr Robert Gringmuth

Cleveland Internationals (all blue, white numbers)

...............00 Richard Ott
........3 Christopher Korb...6 Mitchell Boyer (cpt)...11 Jordan Haggit
27 Nick Parianos...5 Brian Cothern...20 Kyle Scharfenberg...14 Michael Nanchoff...22 Curlin Vandendreisscu
............20 Kyle Scharfenbert...7 Branden Fleak

Subs:...0 Carl Contrasciere (gk)...?? Oliver Condull (mid)...8 Ryan Minic (def)...10 Sean Gross (mid)
team officials:...head coach George Nanchoff

Game officials:...referee Jeff Fearnell...referee's assistants Matthew Arduini and Joe Piacente...fourth official James Bliss...(all black, red neon trim)

1st starts 11:17am...Lynx defend north end on this warm sunny day. The kickoff is taken by Miss Canada Tourism.
1 min...Int Nanchoff 37 yard freekick from right has Lynx Konnor McNamara head from 12 yards wide left of own net.
2 min...Int Nanchoff cornerkick from left has Int player head wide right from 6 yards on jump.
3 min...Int Haggit 50 yard chip into box has Int Fleak head ball wide right from 10 yards.
5 min...Int Haggit chips 30 yard shot from left is just over bar.
7 min...Int Parianos chips bouncer from 25 yards wide right of net and goalie grabs.
8 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara cross from 20 yards on right has defender head ball away.
10 min...Lynx goalie beats Int Parianos to through ball header sent into box.
11 min...Lynx Luk 40 yard freekick from right has defender kick ball away at 6 yards.
12 min...Int Cothern slips and pokes 20 yard shot to goalie.
13 min...Lynx Roberts through ball from 30 yards and takes low 20 yard shot from left has goalie slide to save ball at 7 yards.
15 min...Int Fleak kick well wide right from 20 yards.
16 min...Lynx Roberts 22 yard blast is well over net.
17 min...Lynx DeLuca can't get to through ball pass before crossing over end line.
20 min...Int Nanchoff 30 yard freekick from right has Lynx Luk kick wide right of net.
22 min…Internationals Nick Parianos GOAL…Int Kyle Scharfenberg bashed his way along right end line after short cornerkick and his 10 yard cross has Parianos poke ball in from 2 yards.
22 min...Lynx Luk kicks down from 15 yards and bounces just wide right of net.
23 min...Lynx Luk blasts low 30 yard freekick up middle just wide of net.
24 min…Internationals Brian Cothern GOAL…Cothern gets pass back from 10 yards and blasts low 22 yard shot through crowd of players into right corner of net beyond diving goalie Brandon Heembrock.
25 min...Lynx goalie charge to left to clear ball.
26 min...Lynx Tshimpaka rolls cross from left end line that defender clears.
27 min...Int Nanchoff crosses toofar forward from 40 yards and goalie steps forward to catch it.
28 min...Lynx DeLuca 20 yard shot through crowd of players up middle that's caught by goalie.
30 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara cornerkick from left has Lynx Luk one-touch blast 20 yarder from right is just over net.
31 min...Lynx sub...Aborig replaces Mitchell.
32 min...Lynx DeLuca 20 yard shot from 15 yards on left has flying defender head ball away.
32 min...Int Fleak gets by defender up middle and rolls 22 yarder wide right of net.
33 min...Lynx Luk cross from 20 yards on left has Lynx Aborig leaping from 6 yards that tips off defender for cornerkick.
34 min...Lynx Luk blasts 22 yarder from left that defender tips ball with kick spins back to goalie in center of net.
37 min...Lynx Luk given pass but defender concedes cornerkick before shot from 10 yards.
38 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara cornerkick from left has Lynx Smith head just wide right of net.
39 min...Int Nanchoff 30 yard freekick from left has defender head ball away.
41 min...Int Haggit 55 yard chip from right has Int Nanchoff tips ball with header at 15 yards but goalie catches.
42 min...Lynx Webb cornerkick from right has Lynx Luk head from 15 yards on left cross but defenders clear.
44 min...Lynx Webb cross from right has Lynx Aborig leap to head down ball at 12 yards on left but defender clears.
45 min...Lynx goalie beats Int player to through ball fed by Int Nanchoff at 22 yards.
46 min...Lynx Konnor McNamara comes back into game with non-bloody uniform #3 (he started game as #6). 47 min...half ends 12:04pm.

halftime entertainment consisted of a pizza box race.

2nd Half:...starts 12:21pm.
halftime subs:...Lynx Costa replaces Luk.
.............Lynx Wilde replaces Taylor.
46 min...Lynx Roberts low dcross from 20 yards on right has Lynx Tshimpaka slide and push 6 yard shot deflected wide right of post.
49 min...Int sub...Minic replaces Vandendreisscu.
50 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara 40yard freekick from left has ball just over right that defenders can't send in so ball rolls over line for goalkick.
51 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara 30 yard freekick from right is just steps ahead of charging forwards but ball rolls wide left for goalkick.
53 min…Lynx Dane Roberts GOAL...Cross is sent across box from left. Lynx Macca Wilde completely whiffs on 10 yard shot attempt. Ball bounces to Roberts who blasts in 15 yarder from right into net that goalie Richard Ott gets hand to and deflects into top right of net.
54 min...Int YELLOW card...Cothern earns it for jersey tug on Lynx player charging at 30 yards.
55 min...Int Huelsman tips Lynx freekick wide of net for cornerkick.
55 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara cornerkick fromj right has Lynx player shoot over net from 20 yards.
58 min...Int Huelsman low 15 yard reshot from right is into outside webbing of net.
59 min...Lynx Costa pass over to Lynx Wilde at 22 yards on left who holds up then sends shot just over top right corner of net.
60 min...Int Minic gets foot to low cross and redirects 15 yarder to goalie.
61 min...Int sub...Gross replaces Scharfenberg.
62 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara 45 yard freekick from right has defenders clear ball.
62 min...Lynx Tshimpaka low 20 yard shot along right end line has Lynx Costa tip shot from 3 yards on right end line that goalie smothers on right post.
67 min…Internationals Ryan Minic GOAL…Minic is fed through ball from right and runs in from 50 yards holding off defender and kicking low 25 yard shot past goalie sliding for save at 18 yards.
68 min...Lynx Konnor McNamara 45 yard freekick from right that goalie catches in crowd wide left of net.
70 min...Int Nanchoff low cross from 15 yards deflects off defender for cornerkick but play called back for offside.
70 min...Int Parianos pushes ball over end line from 10 yards on first touch on right.
73 min...Lynx Webb low run on left dribbling in and rolls 10 yard shot along end line is picked up by goalie.
76 min…Internationals Brian Cothern GOAL…Int Branden Fleak had fallen on play at 25 yards and he just taps ball forward. Cothern cuts between defender and goalie at 20 yards to get ball and roll in 15 yarder into empty net.
78 min...Lynx Roberts blasts low 20 yard shot off Int Haggit for cornerkick on right.
79 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara cornerkick from right has goalie outjump Lynx player to catch ball on left post.
81 min...Lynx sub...Ramjohn replaces Roberts.
.........Lynx sub...Risto replaces Webb.
81 min...Lynx YELLOW card...Wilde earns it for pulling down Int Fleak.
84 min...Lynx Konnor McNamara 55 yard cross from right has Lynx Wilde chest ball down from 12 yards on left but ball rolls over end line.
87 min...Lynx Taylor McNamara rolls 45 yard ball down middle that Lynx Tshimpaka blasts from 20 yards that flying goalie pushes ball wide left.
87 min...Lynx player's cornerkick from left has Lynx Wilde shoot 15 yarder that's saved in box and Lynx Costa chips partially cleared rebound wide left of net from 20 yards.
92 ends 1:08pm.

Final Score:………..Toronto Lynx……..1…………Cleveland Internationals………4……….

Attendance was about 1200 on this warm sunny day. This game had not been moved because of the City of Toronto workers strike because this was not on city property although attendance was surely affected by there not being any city day camps operating. There were still plenty of children here for Youth Day from private and charity group camps filling the stand. The Lynx players stayed for quite awhile after the game signing autographs.

The Lynx played well for a flurry at the beginning of the second half but couldn’t catch up to the Internationals quick start. Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde was back on the bench after missing the last game on Saturday because he went with the Lynx academy teams to a tournament to Chicago. Lady Lynx head coach Danny Stewart coached the Lynx for the weekend game and was also on the bench at today’s game.

Lynx biggest problem this year is they scored just their 16th goal in 15 games. They’ve also now given up 35 goals.

Jeff Fearnell was the referee and didn’t have a busy game with no real rough stuff.

This was a game between the 8th and 9th place team in the Great Lakes Division. The loss ensures that the Lynx finish last (only 2 wins in 15 games) which is a real disappointment after last year making the playoffs for the first time since 2001. The Internationals had beaten the Lynx three times last year (including one playoff game) and beat them in their home game this year. This was the Lynx worst beating of the year. They have one game left and that’s Sunday at 4:00pm at The Hershey Centre against the Michigan Bucks.

Rocket Robin

Lynx starters

Internationals starters

Lynx Sergio DeLuca holds up ball on rush. DeLuca answered me after the game that he had played in the CSL briefly in 2005 for Oakville.

Lynx on cornerkick chance.

Internationals Brian Cothern with ball. He would score two goals today.

Lynx Jean Tshimpaka breaks out.

Players wait for ball to come down.

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