Result of the Saturday July 11, 2009 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Fort Wayne Fever played at Edelweiss Park in Bolton at 4:00pm.

Toronto Lynx (yellow socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

...................1 Brandon Heembrock
18 Mikael McNamara (cpt)...4 Matthew Smith...5 Cameron Askinas...2 Adrian Butters
12 Sergiko DeLuca...10 Michael Luk...11 Savarino Fabrizio...20 Mohammed Aborig
...........9 Jean Tshimpaka...17 Jordan Webb

Subs:...25 Max Luburic (gk)...15 Stephen Axe (fwd)...16 Julian Ramjohn (def)...14 Dane Roberts (mid)
team officials:...head coach Danny Stewart

Fort Wayne Fever (white socks, shorts and numbers, black shirts)

..................00 Phil Boerger
.......11 Mitch Falkenstern...16 Josh Sommers...19 Boni Misiijo
6 Jake Capito...17 Keith Petelj...9 Dan Chilton...3 Kegan Harkenrider...20 Trevor Peaslee
.........8 Justin Bigelow...7 Nick Wilson

Subs:...13 Rudy Ramirez (fwd)...2 Aaron Tolloch (mid)...14 Raphy Martinez (mid)...4 Jesse Sharpe (def)
team officials:...head coach Bobby Poursanidis

Game officials:...referee Justin Tasev...referee's assistants Michael Izzo and Matthew Mendonca...fourth official Steve Senderovitch...(red shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 3:58pm...Lynx defend south end on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the west. The lawn needs mowing and the ground is wet from the morning rain...As there is no scoreboard, all times are converted from my wristwatch.
1 min...Lynx DeLuca rolls 35 yarder after cutting to left and defender clears on edge of box.
3 min...Lynx Fabrizio cross along left end line but defender clears.
3 min...Lynx DeLuca is hip checked on run into right side of box but ball rolls for a goalkick.
5 min...Lynx Luk bends in 30 yarder from right just left of net.
6 min...FWF Bigelow blasts 25 yarder on right well over net.
8 min...FWF Wilson cornerkick from right has defender head ball away. Wilson gets chance to recross and he bends a cross behind the net.
11 min...FWF Harkenrider low 28 yard shot up middle is stopped by diving goalie. The whistle was blown for offside so there was no rebound.
14 min...Lynx McNamara on run on right including a give and go with Lynx Webb has McNamara shoot 22 yard roller wide right of net.
15 min...FWF Capito rolls 15 yard shot wide right of post after he's tapped cross around defender.
16 min...FWF goalie charges to edge of box to prevent Lynx Tshimpaka from getting to it.
17 min...FWF Petelj fakes 30 yard freekick and FWF Capito 30 yard freekick down middle is just over bar.
18 min...FWF Petelj can't draw Penalty kick while running across Lynx box.
20 min...FWF Fabrizio 45 yard freekick down middle has Lynx defender head ball away.
23 min...Lynx Smith rides out FWF Bigelow forcing a weak roller from 10 yards on left that goalie picks up.
24 min…Lynx Michael Luk GOAL…FWF defender clears ball from 12 yards but deflects off teammate at 20 yards and drops back into box. Luk blasts 12 yarder from right into left side of net with goalie Phil Boerger frozen in center of net.
27 min...Lynx Webb 35 yard freekick from right has Lynx Aborij run up and chip 8 yarder over net down middle.
28 min...FWF Bigelow cornerkick from left is over players in box.
30 min...FWF Chilton is injured near center line.
31 min...FWF Capito pokes ball too far ahead on right after getting throw-in and Lynx goalie dives on ball.
33 min...Lynx goalie catches bouncer over crowd of players from 45 yards.
36 min...Lynx Fabrizio rolls ball and sliding goalie grabs ball and slides outside box.
........FWF YELLOW card...Boerger the goalie earns it for handling ball outside box on last play.
37 min...Lynx Luk taps 18 yard freekick from left and Lynx Webb blasts 12 yarder well over net.
39 min...Lynx Smith chips 75 yarder that charging goalie chests away outside box ahead of Lynx Webb.
40 min...Lynx goalie blocks FWF Petelj 12 yard shot.
40 min...FWF Chilton 50 yard freekick from left has FWF Capito roll 15 yarder from right wide right of net after getting rebound on blocked shot.
41 min...Lynx McNamara pokes ball away from FWF Bigelow on run on right.
42 min...Lynx Luk rush on right rolls centering ball and Lynx Aborij shot from 8 yards deflects off goalie on point blank save over for cornerkick.
43 min...FWF goalie catches cross from right after cornerkick from left.
43 min...Lynx goalie beats FWF Capito to smother through ball on right.
44 min...FWF goalie slides out to smother Lynx DeLuca poke off defender at 15 yards.
45 min...Lynx Aborij low 30 yard shot through crowd up middle is smothered by goalie.
46 min...half ends 4:44pm.

Halftime...there are some soccer mini games by local kids teams.
The teams sit in the shade rather than trek back to the dressing rooms.

2nd Half:...half starts 4:59pm with the wind gusting from the east.
46 min...Lynx DeLuca 20 yard cross from right is low and behind net.
48 min…Fever Justin Bigilow GOAL…Bigilow gets pushed up ball when Lynx Michael Luk loses possession and Bigilow takes 12 yard shot low from left into right side of net beyond sprawling goalie Brandon Heembrock.
51 min...Lynx McNamara 35 yard cross from right is well wide left and over net.
52 min...FWF goalie beats Lynx Tshimpaka to bouncer down middle.
53 min...FWF Harkenrider passes tapper to FWF Petelj who blasts 15 yarder well over net.
55 min...FWF Wilson chests partial clearance down and blasts 20 yard low shot just wide left of post.
56 min...FWF Falkenstern blasts clearance off Lynx Butters 30 yards that deflects back to goalie.
57 min...Lynx YELLOW card...Fabrizio for knock down of FWF Chilton injurying him.
58 min...FWF Bigelow 25 yard shot through crowd of players from left is well wide right of net.
59 min...Lynx Luk 25 yard freekick from left is cleared by defender at 5 yards.
62 min...Lynx Smith gets back to poke away ball from FWF Petelj breaking through but concedes cornerkick.
63 min…Fever Nick Wilson GOAL…Wilson cornerkick from right has ball deflect off shoulder of defender in crowd of players in box and pops into right corner of net at 3 yards.
65 min...Lynx McNamara cornerkick from right has FWF goalie punch ball up and out of left side of box.
66 min...FWF Wilson cornerkick from left has Lynx McNamara as nearest defender clear.
67 min...FWF Bigelow pass over to FWF Harkenrider whose low 25 yard shot is crowd of players bounce to goalie.
68 min...Lynx Aborij is injured on edge of Lynx box.
70 min...Lynx sub...Axe replaces injured Aborij.
72 min...FWF goalie dives on through ball ahead of Lynx Axe.
73 min...Lynx Fabrizio taps ball left for Lynx DeLuca alone but first touch from 12 yards is too far and goalie dives on ball.
77 min...Lynx Luk 30 yard freekick from left has defender clear.
81 min...FWF Falkenstern 35 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie on right post.
85 min...Lynx Luk 40 yard freekick has Lynx Tshimpaka header from 9 yards deflect off defender for cornerkick on right.
85 min...Lynx players can't work out cornerkick from right and low cross is blocked.
87 min...Lynx Tshimpaka works ball back and forth along right end line but finally 25 yard cross is stopped.
88 min...Lynx Tshimpaka on rush taps over centering cross and Lynx DeLuca 15 yard shot to right as defender pushes him over injurying him.
89 min...FWF Wilson rush up right while holding off defender and he crosses ball over net.
90 min...Lynx Luk 35 yard freekick from left has goalie punch away on right side of net.
91 min...FWF Capito and FWF Wilson ruin 2 on 1 break rolling ball for defender.
92 min...FWF goalie charges forward to catch pass chipped from edge of box.
92 ends 5:46pm.

Final Score:…………Toronto Lynx……….1…………Fort Wayne Fever…………2…………

Attendance was about 200 people on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the west. The grass was long and was wet after a morning rain.

Both teams listed four subs but I only saw three Fever players and one for the Lynx. For a home game? Before the game I noticed Danny Stewart giving the pep talk. He is actually the coach of the Lady Lynx but said to me he was coaching today because Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde had taken the academy players to a tournament in Chicago.

The Lynx had few chances for any good shots on net as the Fever defense kept control at the back and were not afraid to head the ball back to their goaltender who came out to clear some through balls as well.

Referee Justin Tasev gave out few cards as the game never got out of hand. One of those was for the Fever goalie who slid out to grab a through ball and found himself sitting outside the box on his forward momentum after a long slide. Lynx couldn’t capitalize on the freekick given.

The PDL Lynx are really just finishing out their schedule as they are last of the nine teams in their division with 2 wins, 11 losses, and 1 tie so far this season with two games to go. The Fever now are 5 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie and play Forest City London on their way home to Indiana.

Rocket Robin

Both teams shake before the game. There were no national anthems.

Mikael McNamara leads break out for Lynx.

Fever Nick Wilson clears ball.

Lynx Mohammed Aborig breaks out as referee signals to play on.

Fever Justin Bigilow with ball.

Fever clearance ball finds Kegan Harkenrider.

Lynx Jordan Webb with ball.

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