Result of the Sunday August 17, 2008 CSL game between Brampton Lions and North York Astros played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 2:30pm.

Brampton Lions (white socks and shirts, blue shorts and numbers)

......................00 Robert Paollozi
3 Nico Poku...18 Matt O'Connor (cpt)...4 Luis Rivero...2 Stephen D'Aversa
6 Daniel Cameira...23 Andrew DaSilva...7 Miles O'Connor...9 Daniel Nascimento
....................21 Alex Arbelo...8 Nordo Gooden

Subs:...1 Kevin Doyle (gk)...11 Cameron Medwin (fwd)...13 Andy Garcia (mid)...19 Mike Ferracci (mid)...20 Jeremy Shepherd (fwd)...22 Mohamed Kanu (mid)
team officials:...head coach Armando Costa...assistant coach Pernell Mason...manager Victor Cameira...physio Mara Chaplin

North York Astros (white socks and trim, yellow shorts and shirts, navy numbers)

......................1 Pablo Alvarado
4 Peter Petropanagos...5 Carlos Zeballos (cpt)...16 Alex Kawalit...8 Alec Oran
2 Happy Hall...10 Jonathan Hurtis...15 Josue Arias...3 Brian Carbajal
.................21 Selvin Lammie...9 Martin Artale

Subs:...12 Tristan Fletcher (gk)...6 Andrei Gapunenko (def)...7 Camilo Moreno (mid)...11 Go Nagaoka (fwd)...13 Omar Samuels (mid)...17 Brandon Ramlochan (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Rafael Carbajal...assistant coaches P Pacione and V Klinovsky...physio M Peters...club official Bruno Ierullo

Game officials:...referee Yusri Rudolf...referee's assistants Peter Pendli and Steve Sanderovich...fourth official Paul Bottus...(all black uniforms with neon green trim)

1st Half:...game starts 2:38pm...Lions defend south end on this hot and humid afternoon with the weather wavering between sun and clouds. The game was played on 'long' grass.
1 min...Lions Miles O'Connor 35 yard freekick from left is chipped and bounces ball wide left for goalie.
2 min...Astros player's cornerkick from left is caught by goalie on right side of net.
4 min...Lions Nascimento rush down left and cross into box from 25 yards has Lions Gooden shoot ball well over net from 15 yards.
8 min...Lions Nascimento cornerkick from right has defender head ball away.
11 min...Lions Nascimento 45 yard shot from left bends well high and wide right of net.
13 min...Astros Petropanagos 40 yard freekick from right is caught by leaping goalie in crowd of players.
16 min...Lions Gooden two crosses from right end line and second one is caught by goalie.
21 min...Astros Petropanagos 50 yard freekick from right is cleared by defender.
22 min...Astros Lammie rolls 30 yarder wide right from up middle on quick turn around.
24 min...Lions Arbelo long run down left wing for 60 yards then crosses over players in box.
25 min...Astros Hurtis cross up middle 40 yards finds Astros Hall near left cornerflag but he crosses behind net.
27 min...Lions Arbelo 40 yard freekick up middle has ball bounce to goalie.
28 min...Astros Oran sliding tackle pokes ball off Lions Cameira on break up middle and back to goalie for pick up.
29 min...Lions DaSilva 70 yard chip from right has goalie on edge of box out jumps Lions Gooden to catch ball.
30 min...Lions Miles O'Connor rush on left and 22 yard roller is saved by diving goalie.
33 min...Astros goalie dives forward to catch ball into box.
34 min...Astros Lammie kicked in face by Lions D'Aversa near Lions 40 yard sideline.
35 min...Astros Hurtis 40 yard freekick from right has leaping goalie punch ball away.
36 min...Astros Lammie taps pass by defender for Astros Artale but too far ahead for charging goalie to grab.
37 min...Lions Nascimento cornerkick from right has defenders clear.
39 min...Lions Nascimento rush on right and rolls cross behind end line.
40 min...Lions YELLOW card...DaSilva for sliding tackle on Astros Hall injurying him at Astros 25 yard line.
41 min...Astros Petropanagos cross to right but Astros Hurtis misses connecting on 15 yard kick from left.
43 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from mright has Lions Cameira get foot to block.
43 min…Lions Daniel Nascimento GOAL…Nascimento gets a tapped over pass and blasts 40 yard shot down middle and ball dips through goalie’s hands Pablo Alvarado in middle of net just under bar.
46 min...Astros Hall 20 yard ship from right has Lions defender head ball back to goalie.
46 min...half ends 3:24pm.

2nd Half:...starts 3:44pm...the is now a gusty wind from the south end.
halftime sub:...Astros Samuels replaces Arias.
48 min…Lions RED card…Nico Poku earns a straight ejection from referee Yusri Rudolph for swatting Astros Selvin Lammie across the face near the center line sideline injuring him.
50 min...Astros Carbajal injured at Astros 50 yard line on tackle from behind.
51 min...Astros player's 25 yard kick is over net.
52 min...Astros Zeballos slides to ball away from Lions Gooden for cornerkick on run up middle.
52 min...Lions Nascimento cornerkick from left has Lions forwaard not able to turn header on leap at 5 yards.
58 min...Astros Lammie runs and 22 yards shot from right is wide left on roller.
59 min...Lions sub...Medwin replaces D'Aversa.
61 min...Astros Zeballos charges for loose ball up middle and low 30 yard shot is saved by diving goalie wide right of post.
63 min...Astros Kawalit injured behind own end line.
65 min...Astros Hurtis cross from 20 yards on left has ball carry over players in box.
67 min...Astros Petropanagos 55 yard cross from right is caught by goalie.
68 min...Lions Gooden injured near center line and delayed collapse with head injury after Lions freekick he won when Astros Zeballos elbowed him.
71 min...Lions sub...Garcia replaces injured Gooden.
............Astros sub...Nagaoka replaces Oran.
74 min...Astros Zeballos 60 yard kick upfield is over Astros forward and caught by Lions goalie.
76 min...Lions Garcia 30 yard shot down middle is low and wide left of net.
77 min...Lions Garcia on rush on left crosses to find Lions Miles O'Connor alone who blast ball over net wide left from 15 yards.
78 min...Lions Cameira 45 yard freekick from right has ball cleared on edge of box.
79 min...Astros Hurtis 40 yard freekick from left has 20 yard leaping header caught by goalie on goal line.
82 min...Astros YELLOW card...Carbajal for throwing ball after whistle when Lions Garcia is injured near Astros right cornerflag.
83 min...Lions Garcia dekes player on right and diving goalie smothers ball and Garcia falls over him.
84 min...Astros Lammie chests ball down for through ball but goalie on edge of box dives to grab it.
85 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from right has goalie leap but fumble ball. The ball is headed around but eventually cleared.
86 min...Lions sub...Shepherd replaces DaSilva.
86 min...Astros Artale 40 yard blast over players and ball wide well high and wide right of net.
87 min...Astros Hurtis kick from 55 yards has Astros Artale flick 25 yard header that bounces to goalie.
90 min...Astros YELLOW card...Lammie for pushing Lions Rivero on edge of Lions box.
91 min...Lions Miles O'Connor chips short pass up middle for Lions Arbelo to shoot 15 yarder has goalie make point blank save.
93 min...Astros Hurtis 40 yard shot has Astros Lammie on left knock pass that an Astros player has shot blocked in box.
95 min...game ends 4:34pm.

Final Score:….Brampton Lions……..1………North York Astros……..0……..

Attendance was about 250 on this hot and humid mostly sunny afternoon. Many children and their parents were here as ball kids and playing halftime games.

Lions had to survive most of the second half short a man in a hard checking and rough game. The Astros didn’t really increase the number of chances during the time with the man advantage. (I’d race home and watch Toronto FC vs. New York Red Bulls with the same situation and same result on television). Lions Nordo Gooden played the lone forward when they were short until he was subbed at 71 minutes after a head injury brought Andy Garcia in to take his place.

Robert Palollozi earned the shutout for the Lions. He was aggressive in coming to the edge of the box to catch and dive for balls before they would cause more trouble.

Biggest aid I thought to the Lions was the long grass at Victoria Park. Most grass fields are cut as short as golf fairways but this was more like a golf rough. Long passes rolled to teammates would just stop in the grass. This was similar to some of the games I’ve seen in the last weeks when the surface is wet and that also slows down the play.

I asked Astros official Bruno Ierullo about their midfielder Happy Hall. He is not the same player who played for the team a few years ago. (That was Guillermo Compton Hall from Argentina). A CSL press release in the pre season had said Compton Hall was going to be returning to the Astros but that hasn’t happened. Why did I see Diego Maradona suited up for the White Eagles on Friday night? “He’s been traded” said Ierullo.

The schedule I’ve made for myself so I’ll see every team at least 3 times although for most somewhere between four and ten times has meant that this was only the second time I’ve seen the Astros so far this year. The game I saw was way back on June 8th when the Astros beat the Lions 3-2. The Astros record falls to 8-6-2 which is still the best record I remember them having since I followed them in the mid 1990s. I plan on catching them another three times in the next month and half so will watch them on a ‘faster’ ground. Fans on message boards I read have been saying how good they are. I was waiting for them to press in the last five minutes like on Friday night when they scored three goals at the end and beat the TFC Academy. Astros didn’t get those clear, close chances at the end of this game.

Rocket Robin

Astros starters

Lions starters

chase near end line.

Astros Peter Petropanagos on rush

Lions clear out of own end

Astros Peter Petropanagos in last minutes of game kicks ball downfield with Lions Alex Arbelo trying to block.

Lions goalie Robert Paollozi grabs ball near the end of the game.

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