Result of the Saturday September 15th, 2007 MLS game between Toronto FC and Real Salt Lake played at BMO Field in Toronto at 3:30pm.

Toronto FC (red socks and shirts, white shorts, names and numbers)

................................39 Kenny Stamatopoulos
16 Marvell Wynne...2 Andrew Boyens...14 Tyrone Marshall...11 Jim Brennan
...............13 Chris Pozniak...33 Carl Robinson (cpt)...6 Maurice Edu
.........................20 Andrea Lombardo...21 Collin Samuel

Subs:...18 Srdjan Djekanovic (gk)...3 Adam Braz (def)...4 marco Reda (def)...17 Joey Melo (mid)...23 Miguel Canizalez (def)...27 Gabe Gala (def)...93 Jeff Cunningham (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Mo Johnston

Real Salt Lake (all white, black numbers)

............................18 Nick Rimando
16 Chris Lancos...23 Eddie Pope (cpt)...27 Matias Mantilla...17 Chris Wingert
3 Carey Talley...5 Kyle Beckerman...10 Javier Morales...9 Fabian Espindola
........................11 Alecko Eskandarian...8 Chris Brown

Subs:...1 Chris Seitz (gk)...4 Kyle Brown (fwd)...6 Ritchi Kotschau (def)...7 Atiba Harris (mid)...25 Jean-Martial Kipre (def)...55 Robbie Findley (fwd)...77 Andy Williams (mid)
team officials:...head coach Jason Kreis

Game officials:...referee Tim Weyland...referee's assistants Greg Barkey and Nate Clement...fourth official Mark Geiger

1st Half:...game starts 3:47pm...TFC defender south end on this cool afternoon with the sun in the west when it's not covered in clouds.
1 min...RSL Espindola run up left but rolls pass to RSL Morales but intercepted.
2 min...RSL Chris Brown kicks 7 yard shot wide left after receiving long throw-in.
3 min...RSL Pope injured at RSL 35 yard line.
5 min...TFC Samuel rush down right and cross from 20 yards from end line has TFC Lombardo miss 5 yard shot on near right and goalie grabs ball.
6 min...RSL Wingert rolls ball forward and RSL Chris Brown mistimes run.
7 min...TFC Pozniak rush on right for bouncer and he kicks 30 yarder over net.
9 min...RSL Espindola rush on left and has TFC defender block his 12 yard shot from left.
11 min...TFC Robinson 40 yard freekick chip to left rolls and bounces over end line.
11 min...TFC Wynne long run on right crosses over players and TFC Dunivant heads ball down on edge of box but play whistled down as TFC Lombardo was standing offside at 6 yards.
12 min...TFC Samuel run on right has defender RSL Mantilla poke away ball and knock him down just inside box but no Penalty kick given.
13 min...TFC Dunivant long throw-in from left has defender head away and TFC Edu 22 yard kick blocked.
15 min...RSL YELLOW card...Morales for complaining about call.
15 min...TFC Samuel heads ball wrong way on 20 yard freekick! TFC Samuel given ball on right and now bends in 20 yard cross wide left for goalkick.
16 min...TFC Samuel has 6 yard shot blocked but wins cornerkick on deflection.
17 min...TFC Robinson cornerkick from right has TFC Dunivant head ball weakly to goalie from 12 yards.
18 min...RSL player's cornerkick from right is headed away by defender.
18 min...RSL Chris Brown 12 yard cross from left is caught by goalie.
19 min...TFC YELLOW card...Marshall for body check on RSL Morales injurying him at center line.
22 min...TFC Brennan 40 yard freekick from left has TFC Boyens on 10 yard header across box but defender blocks and clears ball.
24 min...TFC Wynne rush and steps past sliding tackle and 15 yard shot stoppped by sprawling goalie. Defender clears rebound.
26 min...RSL Eskandarian whistled down for pushing over TFC Marshall in TFC box when charging in for ball.
27 min...TFC Dunivant long throw-in bounces untouched to goalie.
27 min...TFC Lombardo beats defender on run down right and cross to TFC Marshall 4 yards on left and shot stopped by goalie as ball slipped through two players.
28 min...TFC YELLOW card...Boyens for tackle on RSL Eskandarian near center circle.
30 min...RSL Chris Brown throw-in from left is over RSL player and defender clears.
31 min...TFC Lombardo gets ball on left and shields from defedner but 12 yard shot bounced to goalie.
33 min...RSL RED card...Fabian Espindola is ejected for a pushing incident that involves both teams. TFC Talley gets in a check with a sweeping kick at legs of TFC Marvel Wynne. Espindola forearms are up when he bumps Wynne.
36 min...RSL Eskandarian ball pushed back on left edge of box and RSL Wingert crosses with defender heading it over end line.
37 min...RSL Morales cornerkick from right has ball blocked and play whistled down in box.
38 min...TFC Lombardo cross deflected for cornerkick.
38 min...TFC Robinson cornerkick from right has nearest defender clear.
39 min...RSL goalie catches ball chipped to edge of box.
40 min...TFC Wynne long throw-in from right has TFC Lombardo head ball back to him but over end line.
41 min...TFC Brennan cornerkick from right has goalie swat ball through box for throw-in on left.
41 min...RSL goalie picks up loose ball in box.
43 min...TFC Brennan cornerkick from right has charging TFC Pozniak boot 20 yarder well over net.
45 min...RSL Talley kept away from ball in box so goalie can charge out and dive on ball.
47 min...half ends 4:34pm.

halftime entertainment:...there's a kids pizza race obstacle course. We also get to watch Wynne's leg injury being treated by a doctor.

2nd Half:...starts 4:50pm.
halftime subs:...RSL Kotschau replaces Morales.
..................TFC Braz replaces injured Wynne.
46 min...TFC Brennan cornerkick from left has defender head ball away. TFC Robinson blasts 22 yard shot is well high and wide left.
47 min...RSL YELLOW card...Eskandarian for pushing TFC Boyens leaping for a header at center line.
48 min...TFC Brennan cross from left has goalie punch ball back to him and his recross is long and wide right for goalkick.
49 min...RSL Wingert injured at own 40 yard line.
52 min...RSL player on left crosses through TFC box.
53 min...TFC Dunivant cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Samuel fly and head 12 yarder to goalie.
54 min...RSL Eskandarian long pass cross field from 50 yards on right has RSL Chris Brown shoots 25 yarder over net from left.
55 min...TFC Edu 15 yard shot deflects to goalie.
57 min...RSL Talley takes shot through crowd of players from 40yards up middle is wide right.
58 min...TFC sub...Canizalez replaces Pozniak.
58 min...TFC player's 22 yard shot rolled from left and TFC Canizalez puts into outside webbing of net from 5 yards.
59 min...TFC Samuel twists and cuts 20 yard shot over net.
60 min...TFC Brennan run on left and cross driftls behind net.
61 min...RSL sub...Findley replaces Chris Brown.
63 min...TFC Brennan crosses from left over players in box.
64 min...TFC Brennan gets pass on left from TFC Lombardo in middle and his 20 yard cross is over box.
65 min...TFC Brennan cross from 15 yards on left ahs TFC Samuel get ball to deflect off his knee but ball cleared as he oversteps it.
66 min...TFC Edu shoots RSL partial clearance over net from 20 yards on deflection resulting in cornerkick.
66 min...TFC Brennan cornekrick from left has defender head ball down and clears.
66 min...TFC YELLOW card...Braz for pulling over RSL Findley breaking over center line.
67 min...TFC sub...Cunningham replaces Lombardo.
68 min...TFC Canizalez header over net from 20 yards on cross from right.
69 min...TFC Edu 25 yard blast blocked by defender at 15 yards.
70 min...RSL sub...Williams replaces Eskandarian.
71 min...RSL Williams freekick from left corner flag 25 yards has TFC Braz head ball. TFC goalie catches 25 yard chip in from left.
72 min...TFC Samuel tips 12 yard header down to diving goalie who makes save.
74 min...TFC goalie stops easy 30 yard shot from right.
75 min...TFC Brennan cross from left has defenders clear on right side of box.
75 min...TFC Brennan charge to left corner flag has 22 yard kick caught by goalie.
76 min...RSL Pope injured at RSL 40 yard line.
79 min...Two RSL defedners outrun TFC Edu to head away ball on break down middle.
80 min...TFC Brennan cross from left has defenders on right stop but then play whistled down.
81 min...TFC Cunningham rolls cross from right in box that defender blocks and clears.
81 min...TFC Cunningham 12 yard cross blocked for cornerkick deflections.
83 min...TFC Brennan cornerkick from right has ball over box out left side.
84 min...RSL Findley rush on left has defender tip ball for throw-in from 15 yards.
85 min...RSL defenders block ball on edge of their box.
87 min...TFC Dunivant cross from left has TFC Samuel head ball over net from 5 yards.
88 min...TFC Brennan rolls pass to TFC Dunivant on left edge of box and his 15 yard shot is saved by diving goalie.
89 min...TFC Dunivant 25 yard roller from left meant as pass rolls unplayed to goalie.
91 min...TFC Braz 45 yard blast from right is over players in box on rush and wide left.
93 min...RSL YELLOW card...Mantilla for time wasting on freekick at center line.
94 min...TFC Marshall 45 yard freekick up middle has defender stop all on edge of box by popping up header and then clearing.
94 min...game ends 8:59pm.

Final Score:...........Toronto FC..............0...............Real Salt Lake..................0.............

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was named as Todd Dunivant.

Toronto FC played about two-thirds of the game with a man advantage but still couldn't score. They haven't won in ten games. They certainly prevented the visitors from any good scoring chances but they had a minimum of good chances of their own. Stats showed the team had 24 shots and 12 were on net. In my section I heard a smattering of booing for the first time this year. RSL took no real risks in the second half and seemed to protect the score themselves dueling with TFC for the worst record in the MSL.

The begining of the game had team officials unveil a hawk meant to chase away the seagulls that have hovered around the stadium all season as it's so close to the lake. I'd been reading about this in the newspapers and expected they'd have been chased before the game. There was also a name the bird contest from its pet name "Bitchy" but that turned out to be the name decided on anyway. The hawk worked because in a few minutes the gulls could be seen flying away.

The Reserves game was cancelled but secretly played the next day so I missed it. I was already scheduled to see six soccer games this week so it wasn't a great loss. I've have no inside information about this team.

League stats of the game.

Real Salt Lake (4-13-7) vs. Toronto FC (5-13-6) 
September 15, 2007 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 

Real Salt Lake -- Nick Rimando, Chris Lancos, Matias Mantilla, Eddie Pope, Chris Wingert, 
Carey Talley, Kyle Beckerman, Javier Morales (Ritchie Kotschau 47), Fabian Espindola, 
Chris Brown (Robbie Findley 62), Alecko Eskandarian (Andy Williams 71), 

Substitutes Not Used: Atiba Harris, Kyle Brown, Jean-Martial Kipre, Chris Seitz

Toronto FC -- Kenny Stamatopoulos, Andrew Boyens, Todd Dunivant, Tyrone Marshall, 
Jim Brennan, Chris Pozniak (Miguel Canizalez 59), Maurice Edu, Carl Robinson, 
Marvell Wynne (Adam Braz 46), Andrea Lombardo (Jeff Cunningham 68), Collin Samuel, 

Substitutes Not Used: Srdjan Djekanovic, Gabe Gala, Joey Melo, Marco Reda

 Toronto FC Real Salt Lake 
total shots: 24 (Collin Samuel 6)  5 (Chris Brown 3)  
shots on goal: 12 (Andrea Lombardo 4)  1 (Chris Brown 1)  
fouls: 17 (Maurice Edu 4)  18 (Alecko Eskandarian 5)  
offsides: 5 (Andrea Lombardo 2,
 Collin Samuel 2)  1 (Robbie Findley 1)  
corner kicks: 7 (Jim Brennan 5)  2 (Alecko Eskandarian 1,
 Javier Morales 1)  
saves: 1 (Kenny Stamatopoulos 1)  12 (Nick Rimando 12)  

Misconduct Summary: 
RSL -- Javier Morales (caution; Dissent) 17
TOR -- Tyrone Marshall (caution; Reckless Foul) 22
TOR -- Andrew Boyens (caution; Reckless Foul) 31
RSL -- Fabian Espindola (ejection; Violent Conduct) 35
RSL -- Alecko Eskandarian (caution; Reckless Foul) 48
TOR -- Adam Braz (caution; Professional Foul) 67
RSL -- Matias Mantilla (caution; Delaying a Restart) 93+

referee: Tim Weyland
Referee's Assistants: Greg Barkey; Nate Clement
4th official: Mark Geiger
time of game: 1:54
attendance: 20,098
weather: Partly Cloudy -and- 55 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

Toronto FC starters

Real Salt Lake starters

opening kickoff

End of the pushing incident at 33 minutes resulted in RSL Fabian Espindola being red carded.

TFC forwards pushing for a goal on edge of RSL box.

TFC's Collin Samuel and Jeff Cunningham wait for long pass near end of game.

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