Result of the Saturday August 18, 2007 MLS game between Toronto FC and Deportiva Chivas USA played at BMO Field in Toronto at 3:30pm.

Toronto FC (gray socks and shirts, red shorts, black names and numbers

.................................39 Denny Stamatopoulos
...............3 Adam Braz...2 Andrew Boyens...14 Tyrone Marshall
7 Andy Welsh...6 Maurice Edu...33 Carl Robinson...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
...............20 Andrea Lombardo...21 Collin Samuel...12 Todd Dunivant

Subs:...22 David Monsalve (gk)...4 Marco Reda (def)...9 Danny Dichio (fwd)...16 Marvell Wynne (def)...17 Joey Melo (mid)...29 Nana Attakora-Gyan (def)...93 Jeff Cunningham (fwd)
head coach Mo Johnston

Deportiva Chivas USA (navy socks and shorts, red & white striped shirts, gold names and numbers)

..............................18 Brad Guzan
23 Alex Zotinca...4 Shavar Thomas...21 Jason Hernandez...77 Orlando Perez
16 Sacha Kljestan...25 Lawson Vaughan...15 Jess Marsch (cpt)...13 Jonathan Bornstein
.......................9 Ante Razov...11 Maykel Galindo

Subs:...22 Preston Burpo (gk)...5 Desmond Brooks (def)...6 Francisco Mendoza (mid)...8 Ramon Nunez (mid)...10 Laurent Merlin (fwd)...12 John Cunliffe (fwd)...26 Paulo Nagamura (mid)
head coach Preki

Game officials:...referee Brian Hall...referee's assistants Adam Wienckowski and Rob Fereday...fourth official Alex Prus

1st Half:...game starts 3:39pm...TFC defend south end on this warm afternoon with a hazy sun.
3 min...Ch Marsch 55 yard freekick cleared before reaching box.
4 min...Ch Razov 25 yard shot from right is wide right of net.
4 min...Ch goalie catches cross from right by stepping forward.
6 min...Ch player crosses from 30 yards on right is to left side of box and cleared.
9 min...Ch Perez 45 yard cross from left is well wide right for goalkick.
11 min...TFC Boyens heads ball back to own goalie from 20 yards.
12 min...Ch defender blocks TFC Lombardo pressure with uncalled hand ball just outside Ch box.
13 min...TFC Welsh makes drop pass in Ch box and TFC Edu crossed pass from 15 yards on right to near TFC Dunivant and TFC Lombardo not able to get to ball 2 yards off line and ball was deflected to the left of the net. TFC Brennan got to the ball and curved a shot back in but it was angled wide of the net.
14 min...Ch Galindo pass centered to Ch Perez who shanks ball wide left from 15 yards.
17 min...TFC Braz 60 yard freekick up middle has defender head ball back to goalie.
19 min...TFC goalie dives out to edge of box for save but Ch Galindo was offside before run from 25 yards.
20 min...Ch Kljestan on give and go pushed ball forward for him and shot at goalie who must make point blank save from 12 yards.
21 min...Ch Zotinca slides to poke ball from TFC Brennan conceding cornerkick.
22 min...TFC Robinson cornerkick from left has leaping goalie catch in crowd of players.
24 min...TFC defender knocks Ch player off ball before he can get away shot.
25 min...Ch Kljestan long pass 55 yards from right has TFC goalie beat Ch Rasov to grab ball.
26 min...Ch rasov injured at TFC 30 yard line on left.
27 min...Ch Zotinca gets tapped over freekick from 30 yards and blasts shot high and wide of top right corner of net.
30 min...TFC Brennan crosses from 30 yards on left and defender clears ball on edge of box.
31 min...Ch goalie slides out to beat TFC Samuel to ball into box with TFC Lombardo pushing him pass.
32 min...TFC goalie catches flicked header from 20 yards.
32 min...TFC Welsh cross from right is headed away by defender.
33 min...TFC Robinson 30 yard shot is well wide left.
34 min...Ch Galindo cross from 20 yards along right end line drifts behind goal.
35 min...TFC Welsh cornerkick from right is short and cross is blocked.
36 min...TFC Brennan cross from 25 yards on left line is caught by charging goalie.
36 min...TFC Lombardo low 25 yard shot is caught by diving goalie.
37 min...TFC Brennan cross from 25 yards on left side line has TFC Samuel nudge it ahead with shoulder wide right of net from 10 yards.
38 min...TFC Welsh cross from 25 yards on right has TFC Lombardo head ball from 10 yards landing on top of net although play was flagged offside.
39 min...Ch Rasov freekick from 28 yards up middle is blocked by head in player wall.
41 min...TFC goalie beats Ch Bornstein to chipped shot into box.
42 min...TFC Samuel heads ball across box around goalie who falls but defender clears from 10 yards.
42 min...Ch goalie catches TFC Welsh cross from 20 yards on right by charging forward.
45 min...Ch Rasov offside on break from 40 yards.
45 min...half ends 4:24pm.

Halftime entertainment involved watching the pizza spinning chamption Juan Harmacio do tricks like spinning a pizza while doing a one-handed hand stand. Also announcing a marriage proposal "Will Francine marry Richard". The crowd booed wanting her to say 'no'. I don't think this was resolved although the announcer faked that she'd said 'yes'.

2nd Half:...starts 4:40pm.
halftime subs:...TFC Dichio replaces Lombardo.
...............Ch Mendoza replaces Perez.
46 min...TFC Braz long cross from 355 yards on right sideline has TFC Brennan blasts 30 yard shot from left over back fence.
47 min...TFC Samuel 25 yard shot up middle is wide left.
48 min...TFC Samuel cross from left end line has TFC Dichio not able to turn header from 3 yards.
52 min...Ch Marsch gets away with pushing defender aside but 15 yard chip is wide right.
53 min...Ch Mendoza shot from 15 yards tips off TFC Reda's foot and is caught by goalie.
54 min...Ch Mendoza chips 20 yard cross from left over players in TFC box.
55 min...Ch Maykel Galindo GOAL...Ch Jesse Marsch pass from 60 yards to the left finds Ch Galindo run on left and beats TFC Boyens and bends 20 yard shot into short left side of net as goalie Kenny Stamatopoulos was leaning the wrong way and missed shot.
56 min...TFC Edu 40 yard shot from right bounces to goalie.
57 min...Ch Klejestan cross from 20 yards on right has goalie catch.
60 min...Ch Galindo wins freekick from edge of box as he's held back.
61 min...Ch Rasov low 20 yard freekick hits left goalpost!
62 min...TFC sub...Wynne replaces Welsh.
62 min...Ch defender clears ball to touch ball out of bounds to stop TFC Wynne's long run down right.
63 min...TFC goalie charges out of box to head away ball before Ch Rasov can get to it.
64 min...Ch Rasov cross from left is headed away by defender.
65 min...TFC Braz hip checks Ch Mendoza on run up left.
66 min...Ch Kljestan chip from left has Ch Razov charges into middle and chip 12 yard shot over net.
69 min...TFC sub...Cunningham replaces TFC Dunivant.
70 min...TFC Marshall makes important block on edge of TFC box to prevent break-in.
72 min...Ch Rasov blasts midair ball up middle after defender popped up header and shot is over net from 20 yards.
73 min...TFC Robinson 22 yard freekick up middle is touched to TFC Brennan who blasts 22 yard shot off TFC Dichio who's ducking and ball deflects wide left of net.
74 min...TFC Cunningham pokes ball on edge of box to TFC Wynne who blasts 12 yard shot off sliding goalie's face and deflection flies out for cornerkick.
75 min...TFC Reda 40 yard cross from right has TFC player pop header from 10 yards on left wide right.
77 min...Ch Galindo rush on right to get to pass and 15 yard shot is blocked.
78 min...Ch Galindo cross from right of box is bounced through box.
79 min...Ch Klejestan 30 yard freekick is blocked by head in player wall.
79 min...Ch YELLOW card...Hernandez earned it for kicking ball away from center circle after referee's whistle.
80 min...Ch sub...Nagamura replaces Galindo.
80 min...Ch defender heads ball away on TFC cross in box.
81 min...TFC Braz 50 yard ball from right has TFC Dichio head down just inside box to player behind him but Ch defender clears ball.
82 min...Ch Kljestan awarded freekick on edge of box although his arm was grabbed in box by TFC Boyens as he ran past him to take shot.
83 min...Ch Klejestan 38 yard freekick is stopped by player wall.
83 min...Ch goalie beats TFC Cunningham to long ball up middle.
84 min...Ch Rasov injured at TFC 35 yards.
85 min...Ch sub...Nunez replaces still injured Rasov before play resumes.
87 min...TFC Samuel throw-in from left has ball headed up from TFC Dichio and TFC Robinson heads ball forward from 5 yards for goalie to catch on bound.
87 min...Ch Sacha Kljestan GOAL...Ch Nunez kicks ball down left side Ch Nagamura short centering pass from 20 yards around TFC Marshall on left and has Kljestan push in 8 yard shot to center of net.
. Ch Kljestan because of celebrating too near the south-east corner encourages a beer shower from hardcore TFC fans.
90 min...TFC Cunningham rolls ball from left but no one runs into Ch box.
90 min...Ch YELLOW card...goalie Guzan earns it for time wasting taking goalkick.
92 min...Ch Mendoza 20 yard shot from left is caught by goalie low.
93 min...TFC Wynne flick kicks 12 yard shot over net after charging into box to get to chipped pass.
93 min...game ends 5:28pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto FC.........0...........Chivas USA...........2.........

Attendance was another sellout of 20,178. Man of the Match (which is always a TFC player) was goalie Kenny Stamatopoulos.

Toronto didn't score in this game which now means they've gone 552 minutes without a goal. They have to score within first 6 minutes of the next game or they will break the MLS record set by Real Salt Lake in 2005 (their first year season). Toronto FC brought in some of their injured players in the second half like Danny Dichio, Jeff Cunningham, and Marvell Wynne but they didn't make a difference so they just risked reinjurying themselves.

Chivas USA (9-6-3) vs. Toronto FC (5-11-5) 
August 18, 2007 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
CHV -- Maykel Galindo 8 (Jesse Marsch 4) 57
CHV -- Sacha Kljestan 3 (Paulo Nagamura 2, Ramon Nunez 3) 89

Chivas USA -- Brad Guzan, Alex Zotinca, Jason Hernandez, Shavar Thomas, Orlando Perez (Francisco Mendoza 46), 
Sacha Kljestan, Jesse Marsch, Lawson Vaughn, Jonathan Bornstein, Maykel Galindo (Paulo Nagamura 81), 
Ante Razov (Ramon Nunez 86).

Substitutes Not Used: Desmond Brooks, Preston Burpo, John Cunliffe, Laurent Merlin

Toronto FC -- Kenny Stamatopoulos, Jim Brennan, Tyrone Marshall, Andrew Boyens, Adam Braz, 
Todd Dunivant (Jeff Cunningham 70), Maurice Edu, Carl Robinson, Andy Welsh (Marvell Wynne 63), Collin Samuel, 
Andrea Lombardo (Danny Dichio 46).

Substitutes Not Used: Nana Attakora-Gyan, Joey Melo, David Monsalve, Marco Reda

 Toronto FC Chivas USA 
total shots: 11 (Jim Brennan 3)  12 (Ante Razov 6)  
shots on goal: 3 (3 tied with 1)  6 (Sacha Kljestan 2,
 Ante Razov 2)  
fouls: 18 (Tyrone Marshall 3,
 Danny Dichio 3)  17 (Jesse Marsch 4,
 Ante Razov 4)  
offsides: 3 (3 tied with 1)  7 (Ante Razov 4)  
corner kicks: 3 (Carl Robinson 2)  0  
saves: 4 (Kenny Stamatopoulos 4)  3 (Brad Guzan 3)  

Misconduct Summary: 
CHV -- Jason Hernandez (caution; Delaying a Restart) 81
CHV -- Brad Guzan (caution; Delaying a Restart) 92+

referee: Brian Hall
Referee's Assistants: Adam Wienckowski; Rob Fereday
4th official: Alex Prus
time of game: 1:50
attendance: 20,178
weather: Partly Cloudy -and- 70 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

Toronto FC starters

Chivas starters

TFC's Andrea Lombardo and Collin Samuel ready to kick off the game.

Chivas players ready to break out. Note how difficult it is to read gold numbers on red and white stripes.

Halftime pizza spinning as part of the entertainment.

TFC goalie Kenny Stamatopoulos ready to catch this low bouncer.

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