Result of the Sunday July 29, 2007 MLS game between Toronto FC and Chicago Fire played at BMO Field in Toronto at 3:00pm.

Toronto FC (red socks and shirts, whte shorts, names and numbers)

........................22 David Monsalve
13 Chris Pozniak...2 Andrew Boyens...14 Tyrone Marshall...12 Todd Dunivant
7 Andy Welsh...6 Maurice Edu...33 Carl Robinson...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)
...................21 Collin Samuel...9 Danny Dichio

Subs:...18 Srdjan Djekanovic (gk)...3 Adam Braz (def)...4 Marco Reda (def)...17 Joey Melo (mid)...20 Andrea Lombardo (fwd)...27 Gabe Gala (mid)...29 Nana Attakora-Gyan (def)
head coach Mo Johnston

Chicago Fire (all white, black names and numbers, red trim)

........................18 Matt Pickens
............32 Dasan Robinson...2 CJ Brown...25 Gonzalo Segares
7 Logan Pause...14 Chris Armas (cpt)...8 Diego Gutierrez...23 Ivan Guerrero
................10 Cuauhtemoc Blanco...3 Calen Carr...9 Chad Barrett

Subs:...1 Jon Busch (gk)...11 Thiago...16 Brian Plotkin...19 Jeff Curtin...31 Floyd Franks...35 Bruno Menezes...37 Daniel Woolard head coach Juan Carlos Osario

Game officials:...referee Jair Marrufo...referee's assistants Rob Fereday and George Vergara...fourth official Mark Geiger...(all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 3:08pm...TFC defend north end on this hot, humid afternoon with the bright sun in the south.
55 sec...TFC goalie charges out to catch popped up shot.
1 min...CF Carr gets 5 yard header that flying goalie pushes wide left of post.
3 min...CF Barrett eludes defender on right end line and his 7 yard shot stopped by sliding goalie.
4 min...CF Armas injured at TFC 45 yard line.
8 min...TFC Edu held back in CF box and can't get away shot.
8 min...CF Barrett has goalie beat him to bouncing through ball.
9 min...TFC YELLOW card...Welsh for ppulling down CF Guerrero at TFC 40 yards.
10 min...TFC Carl Robinson comes back to leg scissor ball away in box from CF forward.
10 min...CF Barrett leaping header from 10 yards has goalie palm over net.
11 min...CF Gutierrez heads partially cleared ball from 20 yards that goalie catches.
11 min...CF YELLOW card...Carr for knocking into TFC goalie after he cleared ball.
15 min...TFC Dunivant has cross deflected for cornerkick on sliding tackles.
15 min...TFC Carl Robinson cornekick from left has defender clear.
15 min...TFC Welsh cross from 20 yards on left well high and left of net.
16 min...TFC Brennan cross from 30 yards on left has TFC Dichio header twist from 20 yards but goalie catches.
17 min...TFC goalie charges to left to clear cross from 45 yards.
18 min...CF Barrett long dribble in for 50 yards but shot blocked.
19 min...CF Dasan Robinson knocks over TFC Welsh near left cornerflag for freekick.
20 min...TFC Carl Robinson 20 yard freekick from left is over players in box wide right.
21 min...CF Blanco cornerkick from left has slow rolls and defender clears.
23 min...TFC Dunivant rush on left and crosses through box and TFC Dicchio just misses connecting on 8 yarder.
25 min...TFC Dunivant roller of 25 yard shot through crowd to goalie.
27 min...CF Gutierrez 40 yard shot up middle in crowd is bounced wide right.
29 min...CF defender heads ball away from edge of box.
30 min...TFC Edu rolls 12 yarder into center of goal but flagged down for offside.
32 min...TFC Brennan cornerkick from left is high over players in box and out right side of box.
34 min...TFC player earns freekick when TFC Samuel pulled over.
35 min...TFC players freekick 22 yards blocked and then rolled to goalie.
36 min...Fire Ivan Guerrero GOAL...Fire Cuauhtemoc Blanco passes upfield from 30 yards to Guerrero on left and from 7 yards but sends ball into top right corner of net past TFC goalie David Monsavle from a tough angle.
37 min...TFC Dichio held back in CF box.
38 min...CF Pause rolls ball through defender's legs but goalie picks up ball.
41 min...TFC YELLOW card...Samuel for tackle on CF Segares.
42 min...CF YELLOW card...Barrett for scoring from 18 yards after whistle after knocking ball down with hand and complaining to referee's assistant.
43 min...CF Blanco 20 yard chip caught by goalie under bar.
44 min...CF Carr kicks ball after whistle and was lucky not to pick up his second yellow card.
44 min...TFC players wast 22 yard freekick up middle tapping ball quickly but right to CF defender.
46 min...game ends 3:54pm.

2nd Half:...starts 4:11pm...the weather is the same.
halftime sub...TFC Lombardo replaces Boyens.
46 min...CF Blanco pushes ball forward on left to CF Armas who crosses but defender clears.
51 min...CF player's throw-in from left cleared by defender on edge of box.
53 min...CF Blanco 30 yard freekick up middle is off head in player wall and ball cleared.
55 min...TFC Brennan clears ball off CF Barrett in box for goalkick after he'd broken in.
57 min...TFC Edu 25 yard shot up middle deflects and stopped by defender.
57 min...Fire Calen Carr GOAL...Carr low 17 yard shot deflects off sliding defender Jim Brennan and pops up and into top right corner of net over flying goalie.
59 min...CF Guerrero run up left and cross deflects off defender TFC Pozniak for cornerkick.
60 min...CF Blanco gets away cornerkick after being buried in streamers thrown by fans but kick knocked down and play whistled down.
61 min...CF Barrett injured at TFC 40 yard slideline.
63 min...TFC Dicchio has goalie beat him in box to header and TFC player pops rebound that CF defender heads ball off line to prevent goal.
64 min...CF Blanco 25 yard lob up middle is wide right.
65 min...CF sub...Franks replaces Barrett.
65 min...CF Gutierrez injured when TFC Lombardo hits him from behind after losing possession.
66 min...CF Blanco curves in 25 yarder from left that two CF players can't connect of right post.
66 min...TFC sub...Melo replaces Dichio.
70 min...TFC Pozniak rolls 40 yard pass that TFC Lombardo knocks over end line for goalkick on right.
71 min...CF Dasan Robinson leaps over sign board behind own end line to avoid collision with it.
71 min...CF defender heads ball back to goalie from 22 yards.
73 min...CF Carr 15 yard shot has goalie fly to palm ball onto own bar and he catches it on rebound off post.
74 min...CF Guerrero injured at 45 yards of TFC.
75 min...Fire Floyd Franks GOAL...Fire Chris Armas freekick from 35 yards on right finds Fire Calen Carr in alone on right. He crosses from right from 15 yards and has Franks pound in 4 yard shot on left post.
79 min...CF Guerrero has great shot that goalie flies and stops and defender finally clears.
80 min...TFC Melo 40 yard shot over crowd of players has goalie bat down ball and stop.
81 min...CF sub...Thiago replaces Blanco.
82 min...CF Franks rush on left and cross from 20 yards has CF Thiago take 10 yard shot from left caught by goalie.
83 min...CF goalie catches TFC Carl Robinson flick header from 18 yards.
84 min...TFC Welsh cross from right has defender knock ball down and clear.
85 min...TFC Welsh cornerkick from right is over players in box and out left side.
86 min...CF sub...Plotkin replaces Gutierrez.
88 min...TFC player on delayed charges out to prevent CF Carr from getting to through ball.
89 min...TFC Melo 20 yard cross along end line bounces to goalie.
90 min...game ends 4:56pm.

Final Score:.............Toronto FC.........0..........Chicago Fire......3...........

Attendance wasn't announced at the game but was another sellout with the league listing 20322. 300 seats were added by placing folding chairs in the north end endzone. Mini soft soccer balls were given out AFTER the game as fans were leaving. This prevented a deluge of thrown balls during play like the seat cushion day rainstorm on the Fire's first visit to BMO Field which was Toronto's first ever win. A 3-1 score. This game had Floyd Franks moving up from the reserves to be a sub in this game and scoring a goal.

The injury bug has hurt Toronto FC bad. Goalie Greg Sutton, midfielder Ronnie O'Brien, defender Marvell Wynne , and forward Jeff Cunningham were injured. During this game Danny Dichio, Andrew Boyens and Jim Brennan were added to the injury list after today's game.

The Man of The Match (which is always a TFC player) was announced as Carl Robinson.

Fans were not pleased with the Toronto FC effort today. A huge exodus happened at 75 minutes after the third goal to join the few that have left earlier. Toronto wasn't getting any dangerous shots on goal this game.

Chicago Fire (5-8-4) vs. Toronto FC (5-9-4) 
July 29, 2007 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
CHI -- Ivan Guerrero 1 (Cuauhtemoc Blanco 1) 37
CHI -- Calen Carr 2 (unassisted) 58
CHI -- Floyd Franks 1 (Calen Carr 1) 75

Chicago Fire -- Matt Pickens, C.J. Brown, Diego Gutierrez (Brian Plotkin 87), Gonzalo Segares, Calen Carr, Chris Armas, 
Logan Pause, Dasan Robinson, Ivan Guerrero, Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Thiago 82), Chad Barrett (Floyd Franks 66).

Substitutes Not Used: Jon Busch, Jeff Curtin, Bruno Menezes, Daniel Woolard

Toronto FC -- David Monsalve, Andrew Boyens (Andrea Lombardo 46), Tyrone Marshall, Todd Dunivant, Chris Pozniak, 
Jim Brennan, Maurice Edu, Carl Robinson, Andy Welsh, Danny Dichio (Joey Melo 67), Collin Samuel.

Substitutes Not Used: Nana Attakora-Gyan, Adam Braz, Srdjan Djekanovic, Gabe Gala, Marco Reda

 Toronto FC Chicago Fire 
total shots: 5 (Todd Dunivant 2)  14 (Chad Barrett 5)  
shots on goal: 3 (3 tied with 1)  10 (Chad Barrett 3,
 Calen Carr 3)  
fouls: 14 (Andrea Lombardo 4)  12 (Chris Armas 3,
 Dasan Robinson 3)  
offsides: 2 (Jim Brennan 1,
 Andrea Lombardo 1)  4 (Calen Carr 2)  
corner kicks: 3 (3 tied with 1)  3 (Cuauhtemoc Blanco 3)  
saves: 7 (David Monsalve 7)  3 (Matt Pickens 3)  

Misconduct Summary: 
TOR -- Andy Welsh (caution; Tackle from Behind) 10
CHI -- Calen Carr (caution; Reckless Foul) 13
TOR -- Collin Samuel (caution; Tackle from Behind) 42
CHI -- Chad Barrett (caution; Deliberate Handball) 44

referee: Jair Marrufo
Referee's Assistants: Rob Fereday; George Vergara
4th official: Mark Geiger
time of game: 1:48
attendance: 20,322
weather: Partly Cloudy -and- 77 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

Toronto FC starters

Chicago Fire starters

Collin Samuel and Danny Dichio ready for kickoff.

Todd Dunivant argues with the referee about a call.

Collin Samuel tries to break through Fire defence.

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