Result of the Sunday June 17, 2007 MLS game between Toronto FC and FC Dallas played at BMO Field in Toronto at 1:00pm.

Toronto FC (red socks and shirts, white shorts, names and numbers)

.............................18 Srdjan Djekanovic
16 Marvell Wynne...2 Andrew Boyens...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)...8 Kevin Goldthwaite
5 Ronnie O'Briend...33 Carl Robinson...6 Maurice Edu...7 Andy Welsh
.....................93 Jeff Cunningham...9 Danny Dichio

Subs:...1 Greg Sutton (gk)...15 David Guzman (mid)...17 Joey Melo (mid)...20 Andrea Lombardo (fwd)...23 Miguel Canizalez (def)...27 Gabe Gala (def)
team officials:...head coach Mo Johnston

FC Dallas (gray socks and shorts, gray & white hooped shirts, black names and numbers, red trim)

...........................48 Dario Sala
14 Drew Moor...21 Alex Yi...11 Clarence Goodson...4 Chris Gbandi (cpt)
5 Marcelo Saragosa...13 Dax McCarty...8 Juan Toja...12 Arturo Alvarez
.....................25 Dominic Oduro...7 Abe Thompson

Subs:...30 Ray Burse (gk)...10 Ramon Nunez (mid)...16 David Wagenfuhr (def)...19 Bobby Rhine (def)...20 Carlos Ruiz (fwd)...26 Anthony Wallace (mid)...-- Aaron Pitchkolan (??)
team officials:...head coach Steve Morrow

Game officials:...referee Silviu Petrescu...referee's assistants Amato DeLuca and Daniel Belleau...fourth official Jonathan Lavergne...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 1:09pm...TFC defend south end on this very hot and humid afternoon with the sun in the south.
4 min...Dal Alvarez freekick from 20 yards on right has charging Dal Moor head wide right from 10 yards.
6 min...Dal Toja pushes pass that's deflected on edge of box by TFC Wynne and ball rolls back to goalie to pick up.
8 min...Dal Oduro dribbles up middle 20 yards through defenders but shot blocked in TFC box off TFC Goldthwaite's hand.
11 min...Dal Oduro run into box on right and low cross deflects off TFC Brennan. Dal Alvarez blasts partial clearance wide right from 15 yards.
12 min...TFC Dichio rush on left and cross to charging TFC Cunningham caught by goalie.
13 min...TFC Welsh rush down left wing and cross from near end line deflects off Dal Moor for cornerkick.
13 min...TFC O'Brien cornerkick from left over players headed by Dal Moor on right side of net for cornerkick.
14 min...TFC Robinson cornerkick from right over head of leaping TFC Cunningham and TFC Goldthwaite misses bicycle kick from 15 yards defender clears.
15 min...TFC Cunningham gets pass up middle at Dal 40 yards called back for hand ball.
16 min...TFC Goldthwaite rush on left and bends cross into box to goalie ahead of TFC Cunningham.
17 min...Dal Toja cross from 25 yards on left deflected off TFC Wynne shoulder for cornerkick.
18 min...Dal Alvarez cornerkick from left caught by goalie in crowd of players. Fans in the corner had thrown piles of streamers while he was setting up cross.
19 min...TFC Dichio pops up long throw-in from right by TFC Wynne but play whistled down.
21 min...TFC Maurice Edu GOAL...TFC Goldthwaite rushes to play ball down left wing and dekes sliding defender on end line to cut in cross from left edge of box and flying TFC Edu misses ball from 6 yards on left but TFC Dichio one touches 6 yarder from even with right post but sprawling defender blocks on line. Dichio kicks rebound from 4 yards that flying goalie stops and ball pops over to left where Edu blasts in from 2 yards into right corner just under bar.
21 min...TFC YELLOW card...Edu gets card for pulling off his shirt and waving it around celebrating goal.
22 min...TFC O'Brien injured on sideline when crunched by Dal Gbandi and Dal Toja near center line.
24 min...TFC Danny Dichio GOAL...TFC Carl Robinson floats 35 yard freekick from right that has Dichio head ball in from left from 8 yards to right side of net.
27 min...TFC Welsh rush on left to get long upfield cross from TFC Robinson and 20 yard shot is just wide right.
28 min...TFC O'Brien 40 yard blast up middle has goalie palm ball wide left and ball cleared from box by defender.
30 min...Dal McCarty chip down middle from 35 yards has flying Dal Thompson head ball wide right from 10 yards but play called offside anyway.
31 min...TFC Wynne 40 yard 1 on 3 rush up right has him checked off ball at Dal 30 yards.
32 min...TFC Dichio injured when freekick called against him for pushing off Dal Goodson near centerline sideline. He has to be helped to sideline and TFC play shorthanded.
34 min...Dal Toja cross from just outside right side of box has defender clear.
35 min...TFC Brennan slides to block low cross from right. TFC Dichio returns to game.
36 min...Dal Toja touched ball on freekick and his 25 yards shot on right is low and smothered by goalie.
37 min...TFC O'Brien 35 yard freekick rolled downfield to left and TFC Goldthwaite blasts 15 yard shot wide left but goalie gets hand to it to so cornerkick is called.
38 min...Dal defender heads away recross from left after TFC O'Brien recovers ball from his cornerkick from left.
39 min...TFC YELLOW card...TFC Cunningham called offside near edge of Dal box after TFC Brennan's foul on Dal Oduro at Dal 30 yard line. He then earned the card because it was the second time he'd kicked the ball into the net after the whistle had blown.
39 min...TFC goalie charges forward to edge of box to catch bounced through ball sent in by Dal Moor from center line on right.
41 min...TFC goalie slides out grab through ball with Dal Oduro tumbles over him and ball is wide for goalkick. Lucky to not be a Penalty kick.
43 min...TFC Goldthwaite long throw-in from left has goalie punch ball away for clearance.
45 min...Dal YELLOW card...Saragoza for knocking down TFC Goldthwaite just outside center circle for throwing elbow injurying him.
47 min...half ends 1:56pm.

2nd Half:
halftime subs:...TFC Lombardo replaces still injured Dichio.
................Dal Ruiz replaces McCarty.
................Dal Nunez replaces Thompson.
45 min...TFC Welsh cross from left after run up wing just outside box is cleared by defender.
49 min...Dal Ruiz run to get to through ball inside TFC box and checked off ball by TFC Wynne on end line.
50 min...Dal Ruiz 30 yard freekick up middle is caught by goalie by stepping to right.
51 min...TFC Welsh cross from left after run is caught one handed by leaping goalie.
52 min...Dal YELLOW card...Oduro for throwing ball at TFC goalie after whistle outside box.
53 min...Dal YELLOW card...Ruiz for argueing Oduro's call.
54 min...Dal Oduro spins and shot blocked and deflected of TFC Wynne for cornerkick from left.
54 min...Dal Alvarez blasts partial clearance after cornerkick wide right of post just missing from 15 yards.
55 min...Dal Toja cross from 20 yards from right has TFC Boyens at 12 yards in box head away to clear ball.
56 min...TFC Cunningham on 2 on 1 break with TFC Lombardo runs up middle and takes shot himself from 18 yards off crossbar.
The video screen shows Toronto Raptor's Chris Bosh waving to fans at the game.
59 min...Dal YELLOW card...Gbandi for bump on TFC Lombardo at center line.
59 min...TFC Cunningham shot from 10 yards on right end line is smothered by falling goalie.
61 min...TFC Cunningham cross from 10 yard end line is deflected for cornerkick.
61 min...TFC O'Brien cornerkick from right side has ball deflect off TFC player wide left for goalkick.
63 min...TFC player heads through ball back to goalie to break up Dal rush.
63 min...TFC Cunningham shot from 18 yards deflects off defender in box and goalie picks up ball.
64 min...TFC Carl Robinson GOAL...TFC Lombardo run down right and crossed right well over box. TFC Andy Welsh at left cornerflag passes back to TFC Marvel Wynne who crosses over from left sideline and leaping Robinson between four defenders heads ball in from 10 yards just under bar.
67 min...TFC goalie charges right to grab through ball from left.
70 min...Dal sub...Rhine replaces Yi.
71 min...Dal Rhine 30 yard shot up middle through crowd of players is low and wide left.
72 min...TFC Lombardo knocked on edge of box and ball rolls to goalie.
73 min...TFC sub...Gala replaces Welsh.
75 min...Dal Alvarez 20 yard cross from near left end line has TFC Wynne head out for cornerkick.
76 min...Dal Alvarez cornerkick from left low and TFC O'Brien chests ball down and clears.
77 min...Dal Rhine cross to left post from 25 yards in middle has Dal Ruiz flying header just wide left from 5 yards.
78 min...TFC goalie smothers low 20 yard shot from Dal Luiz up middle.
80 min...Dal Nunez 22 yard freekick from left is into player wall hitting TFC Edu.
81 min...Dal Nunez 20 yard shot from right is wide left.
82 min...Dal Rhine 25 yard shot up middle is over net.
84 min...TFC Cunningham gets ball in alone rounded by goalie and defender catches him before his shot, TFC Cunningham gets back in play and crosses to TFC Lombardo whose 12 yard shot has goalie get hand to and defender get possession. Lombardo pushes him over and play whistled down.
86 min...Dal goalie clears through ball before TFC Edu gets to it.
87 min...Dal Alvarez gets pass on edge of box and his hard 8 yard shot from left caught by sprawling goalie injurying him. He's down for 3 minutes.
91 min...TFC Robinson cornerkick from left 91 min...TFC Jeff Cunningham GOAL...TFC Robinson short cornerkick from left has TFC O'Brien cross 25 yard ball from left that TFC Cunningham gets leaping header from 4 yards that goalie gets piece of but ball spins into right corner of net.
93 min...game ends 3:00pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto FC...........4............FC Dallas.........0.........

Carlsberg Man of The Match was given to Carl Robinson.

Carlos Ruiz had just played for Guatemala in their 3-0 loss against Canada the night before. He was subbed on at halftime. TFC players Chris Pozniak and Adam Braz stayed with the Canadian team for their semi-final game scheduled for Thurday.

"It's all your fault" was the chant sung to the Dallas goalkeeper during the second half of the game when he had to stand at the south goal in front of the TFC supporters groups.

This was a very important confidence booster to Toronto FC who will be on the road for their next six games while BMO Field is used as one of the stadiums cohosting the FIFA Under 20 Finals. FC Dallas was the first place team in the West (much the same as when Colorado was here and beaten by TFC) so it shows the parity of the league that on any given day, any of the teams can win.

This was the first time I'd driven to a game and not taken the TTC. Traffic wasn't bad because it was a Sunday afternoon. I found a place to park a short walk away for only $3.00. I wanted to make a quick escape after the game and drive to Scarborough to watch a CSL game.

FC Dallas (7-6-1) vs. Toronto FC (4-6-1) 
June 17, 2007 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
TOR -- Maurice Edu 2 (unassisted) 22
TOR -- Danny Dichio 4 (Carl Robinson 2) 25
TOR -- Carl Robinson 1 (Kevin Goldthwaite 1, Andy Welsh 3) 65
TOR -- Jeff Cunningham 5 (Carl Robinson 3, Ronnie O'Brien 3) 92+

FC Dallas -- Dario Sala, Drew Moor, Clarence Goodson, Alex Yi (Bobby Rhine 71), Chris Gbandi, 
Dax McCarty (Carlos Ruiz 46), Marcelo Saragosa, Juan Toja, Arturo Alvarez, Dominic Oduro, 
Abe Thompson (Ramon Nunez 46).

Substitutes Not Used: Ray Burse, Aaron Pitchkolan, David Wagenfuhr, Anthony Wallace

Toronto FC -- Srdjan Djekanovic, Andrew Boyens, Jim Brennan, Kevin Goldthwaite, Ronnie O'Brien (Joey Melo 92+), 
Maurice Edu, Carl Robinson, Marvell Wynne, Andy Welsh (Gabe Gala 74), Danny Dichio (Andrea Lombardo 46), 
Jeff Cunningham.

Substitutes Not Used: Miguel Canizalez, David Guzman, Greg Sutton

 Toronto FC FC Dallas 
total shots: 13 (Jeff Cunningham 4)  10 (Arturo Alvarez 3)  
shots on goal: 10 (Danny Dichio 3)  4 (4 tied with 1)  
fouls: 21 (Ronnie O'Brien 4,
 Andrea Lombardo 4)  18 (Marcelo Saragosa 4)  
offsides: 7 (Jeff Cunningham 5)  8 (Dominic Oduro 4)  
corner kicks: 5 (Ronnie O'Brien 3)  3 (Arturo Alvarez 2)  
saves: 4 (Srdjan Djekanovic 4)  6 (Dario Sala 6)  

Misconduct Summary: 
TOR -- Maurice Edu (caution; Game Disrepute) 23
TOR -- Jeff Cunningham (caution; Professional Foul) 39
DAL -- Marcelo Saragosa (caution; Reckless Foul) 46+
DAL -- Dominic Oduro (caution; Professional Foul) 53
DAL -- Carlos Ruiz (caution; Dissent) 54
DAL -- Chris Gbandi (caution; Reckless Foul) 60

referee: Silviu Petrescu
Referee's Assistants: Amato DeLuca; Daniel Belleau
4th official: Jonathon Lavergne
time of game: 1:52
attendance: 20,156
weather: Partly Cloudy -and- 78 degrees

All statistics contained in this boxscore are unofficial 

FC Dallas starters

Toronto FC starters

Jeff Cunningham and Andrea Lombardi ready to take the second half kickoff.

Jeff Cunningham getting away shot on edge of Dallas box.

Ronnie O'Brien ready to cross into Dallas box.

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