Result of the Saturday April 28, 2007 MLS game between Toronto FC and Kansas City Wizards played at BMO Field in Toronto at 12:30pm.


Toronto FC (red socks and shirts, white shorts, names and numbers)

...........................1 Greg Sutton
16 Marvell Wynne...2 Andrew Boyens...11 Jim Brennan (cpt)...8 Kevin Goldthwaite
...............6 Maurice Edu...33 Carl Robinson...17 Paulo Nagamura
..............10 Alecko Eskandarian...9 Danny Dichio...7 Andy Welsh

Subs:...18 Srdjan Djekanovic (gk)...12 Edson Buddle (fwd)...23 Miguel Canizalez (def)...20 Andrea Lombardo (fwd)...5 Ronnie O'Brien (mid)...13 Chris Pozniak (def)...4 Marco Reda (def)
team officials:...head coach Mo Johnston...assistant coaches Bob Gansler and Mike Matkovic...goalkeeping coach Carmine Issaco

Kansas City Wizards (white socks and shirts, blue shorts, names and numbers)

...........................1 Kevin Hartman
14 Jack Jewsbury...12 Jimmy Conrad (cpt)...3 Nick Garcia...6 Jose Burciaga Jr
9 Sasha Victorine...10 Carlos Marinelli...5 Kevin Zavagnin...2 Michael Harrington
..................22 Davy Arnaud...7 Eddie Johnson

Subs:...24 Eric Kronberg (gk)...15 Aaron Hohlbein (def/mid)...13 Will John (mid/fwd)...11 Kurt Morsink (mid)...29 Ryan Pore (fwd)...26 Ryan Raybould (def/mid)...21 Lance Watson (mid)
team officials:...head coach Curt Onalfo...technical director Peter Vermes...assistant coach Kris Kelderman and Chris Henderson...goalkeeping/fitness coach DAvid Tenney

Game officials:...referee Mauricio Navarro...referee's assistants Amato DeLuca and Hector Vergara...fourth official Abiodun Okulaja...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 12:49pm...TFC defend north end on this overcast and damp afternoon.
1 min...TFC Goldwaithe rolls ball pas Wiz Victorine but over end line.
2 min...TFC YELLOW card...Boyens for knock down on Wiz Johnson at TFC 30 yard line.
3 min...Wiz Marinelli low freekick from 25 yards on left has TFC defender at 6 yards in box boot ball up and away.
4 min...TFC Robinson 30 yard freekick from left is over players in box wide right.
6 min...TFC Dichio pops 12 yard header from right that's caught by goalie.
8 min...Wiz Arnaud is threaded ball through defenders but ridden off and goalie clears ball.
10 min...TFC player's 25 yard freekick from right is blocked as ball is passed outside box.
10 min...TFC Edu breaks around defender on left and shoots wide right from 12 yards.
14 min...TFC Goldthwaite freekick from right has leaping goalie bobble and drop ball but crawl to pick it up with defender protecting on goalline.
15 min...Wiz sub...Pore replaces Marinelli.
16 min...Wiz player's 35 yard freekick from left is blocked and TFC Nagamura is then knocked down.
17 min...Wiz Johnson crosses from right through the box but no one gets it from 15 yards.
19 min...Wiz Pore on right rolls cross for Wiz Conrad to blast 20 yarder just over bar.
20 min...Wiz Johnson rush on left has sliding goalie make point blank save. TFC defender heads rebound shot over bar.
21 min...TFC goalie catches cross after cornerkick from right.
22 min...TFC YELLOW card...Dichio for bumping goalie as both players are outside box.
25 min...Wiz Pore rush on left but cross to Wiz Victorine who can't get away shot.
28 min...Wiz Jewsbury cross from right has defender head ball away.
30 min...TFC Dichio chests down ball for TFC Eskandarian who has shot blocked by Wiz Conrad on edge of box.
31 min...TFC Dichio bashes over Wiz bashes over Wiz Burciaga inside Wiz box injuring him.
32 min...TFC Eskandarian rolls cross from right through two defenders. TFC Welsh shot saved on goalline by defender and TFC Goldwaithe 20 yard rebound low blast saved by goalie through traffic.
34 min...Wiz player's 25 yard freekick from right is rolled centering pass and Wiz Conrad blasts shot well over net.
35 min...TFC Goldwaithe long throw-in from left worked back to him and 25 yard cross through players in box.
37 min...TFC players can't get through defender for shot on net near edge of box.
39 min...Wiz Victorine hurt near center line.
40 min...Wiz Victorine pass through middle and Wiz Johnson has ball checked from behind on sliding tackle.
41 min...TFC Wynne throw-in from right has defender clear.
41 min...Wiz goalie catches cross from right.
43 min...Wiz YELLOW card...Burciaga for knocking over TFC Nagamura.
43 min...asldffkjasa;dkjs;ldfkj defender clears over end line.
44 min...Wiz goalie leaps in crowd of players to catch TFC Robinson cornerkick from left.
46:15 min...half ends 1:35pm.

Halftime entertainment included ethnic folk dancers from Ireland, Russia, China, and Africa or Polynesia. About half of this I missed lining up for a washroom. Toronto Lynx always took flak from internet message boards for this kind of entertainment but TFC outdoes them with four times the fun.

2nd Half:...starts 1:53pm.
46 min...Wiz Burciaga 50 yard freekick from left curves wide right of box.
46 min...TFC Nagamura turns and fires 22 yard shot wide left as he falls over.
47 min...Wiz Garcia knocks over TFC Eskandarian for freekick call on edge of Wiz box.
48 min...TFC player's 22 yard freekick is a tapper after a fake kick and has Wiz defender in wall clear.
49 min...Wiz Johnson dekes by TFC Wynne but has shot deflected for cornerkick.
50 min...Wiz Burciaga cornerkick from left has TFC Robinson head away.
51 min...Wiz Burciaga threads ball over defender just too far for charging Wiz Johnson.
52 min...Wiz Burciaga 45 yard freekick has defender clear.
57 min...TFC goalie leaps in crowd of players to catch freekick cross from 35 yards.
57 min...TFC Eskandarian and Wiz player injured in collision at TFC 30 yard line.
58 min...Wiz Pore eludes sliding goalie and gets to ball on right side of net but his 5 yard kick is into webbing of net with defender closing in.
59 min...Wiz Johnson wins cornerkick on 1 on 2 rush on left edge of box.
60 min...Wiz Burciaga cornerkick from left has ball headed over net injuring Wiz Conrad and TFC Edu who knocked heads. Conrad is ordered over to the sidelines.
62 min...Wiz Burciaga cornerkick from left has Wiz Jewsbury leap and pop 10 yard header wide left of net.
65 min...Wiz Johnson given ball through middle and defender makes save on his 10 yard blast.
65 min...Wiz Burciaga low 20 yard blast from left just into webbing of net.
67 min...TFC sub...Canizalez replaces Welsh.
67 min...TFC Wynne on rush on right slides centering ball which Wiz defender kicks away for cornekick.
68 min...Wiz goalie catches TFC Goldwaithe cornerkick from right.
68 min...Wiz Johnson cross from left end line has defender head away.
69 min...Wiz YELLOW card...Zavagnin for hand in face of TFC Eskandarian at TFC 40 yards after Eskandarian deked two guys.
69 min...TFC Goldwaithe 35 yard freekick has ball knocked around and TFC player blast ball over net but offside flag is up.
71 min...Wiz Arnaud 30 yard shot is wide right of net.
72 min...Wiz YELLOW card...Arnaud for tackle on TFC Edu at Wiz 40 yard line.
73 min...TFC Robinson 40 yard freekick has goalie catch ball in crowd with offside flag up.
74 min...Wiz Johnson gets ball on left and sliding goalie stops point blank 8 yard shot.
75 min...Wiz Burciaga cornerkick from left has goalie catch popped up header.
76 min...TFC goalie dives to grab 20 yard roller from Wiz Burciaga.
78 min...Wiz Arnaud cross from right is over players in TFC box.
78 min...Wiz Zavagnin 30 yard shot through crowd of players is just wide.
79 min...TFC Goldwaithe pass into box from 30 yards is lofted to goalie who drifts right to catch.
80 min...Wiz Eddie Johnson GOAL...Wiz Harrington on rush through middle passes over defenders and Johnson is in alone on right pursued by TFC Brennan and Goldthwaite. Johnson pulls up on left to reposition for better shot as Goldthwaite runs by missing him. He cuts back and pushes ball from right over to take a left foot shot and Brennan and Goldthwaite slide to make stop but his 10 yard low shot catches short inside corner of right side of net as goalie's dive can't get over far enough to make save.
83 min...Wiz Johnson gets centering crossed pass from left and shot from 15 yards is low and just wide of right post.
83 min...TFC sub...Buddle replaces Nagamura.
84 min...Wiz Pore shot on edge of TFC box is blocked by TFC Boyens.
85 min...TFC Dichio leaps to flick 15 yard header to Wiz goalie.
87 min...TFC Robinson pops 12 yard header over net when he's crossed ball from left by TFC Goldthwaite.
88 min...TFC Wynne crosses ball in from right sideline that defender in front of net heads out of box.
89 min...TFC Goldthwaite cornerkick from right has defender in crowd of players pop up header and another defender boot out of box.
89 min...Wiz sub...Morsink replaces Pore.
90 min...Wiz player blocks TFC Goldthwaite cross on edge of the box. Wiz defender chests away TFC Escandarian cross from right edge of box conceding cornerkick.
90 min...TFC Goldwaithe cornerkick from right has Wiz goalie palm ball upward and Wiz defender head ball away but play was whistled down anyway. Even TFC goalie was up in the Wiz box for this one.
92 min...TFC Goldwaithe freekick from 30 yards on right is around two man wall but low and closest defender in box easily clears ball away.
92 ends 2:40pm.

Final Result:..............Toronto FC.........0.................Kansas City Wizards.............1.............

MLS stats:
Scoring Summary: 
KC -- Eddie Johnson 3 (Michael Harrington 2) 81

 Toronto FC Kansas City Wizards 
total shots: 7 (5 tied with 1)  12 (Eddie Johnson 5)  
shots on goal: 3 (3 tied with 1)  4 (Eddie Johnson 3)  
fouls: 27 (Maurice Edu 8)  17 (Jose Burciaga Jr. 4)  
offsides: 1 (Maurice Edu 1)  3 (Eddie Johnson 3)  
corner kicks: 5 (Kevin Goldthwaite 4)  5 (Jose Burciaga Jr. 5)  
saves: 3 (Greg Sutton 3)  3 (Kevin Hartman 3)  

Misconduct Summary: 
TOR -- Andrew Boyens (caution; Reckless Foul) 3
TOR -- Danny Dichio (caution; Reckless Foul) 23
KC -- Jose Burciaga Jr. (caution; Professional Foul) 44
KC -- Kerry Zavagnin (caution; Reckless Foul) 70
KC -- Davy Arnaud (caution; Tackle from Behind) 73

time of game: 1:52
attendance: 20,148
weather: Cloudy -and- 50 degrees

Attendance was announced as 20,148 for this first home game of Toronto FC. The game was a sellout. Scalpers were outside selling tickets. I wonder how many got their tickets from the 999 unsuccessful tryout candidates from Toronto FC open tryouts where one out of 1000 was offered a contract but were given a t-shirt and a ticket for their time.

Toronto FC's Greg Sutton was named Man of The Match and although he was good I was impressed by the Wizards goalie Kevin Hartman who had to stay cool being bumped around by players and the constant booing of the Toronto fans. Also US national team player Eddie Johnson who scored the lone goal and was dangerous all night.

Rocket Robin

Here's a view of the stadium different than my walk in from Wednesday as this is the North side.

These are the officials warming up. I've known Amato DeLuca (on the right) from watching him officiate CPSL/CSL, USL, and national team games. Thanks for waving hello.

Toronto FC players during their opening warm-up.

Photographers take pictures of the teams walking out to the field and a ceremony honouring sports writer George Gross. Wow no wonder their media department wants nothing to do with me.

Yvan Pedneault from the musical 'We Will Rock You' sang the national anthems but flubbed or paused during the Star Spangled Banner.

Toronto FC starters.

Kansas City Wizards starters.

Here's fans in the end zone throwing streamers. The team had a short fireworks display before the game but the Red Patch Boys added to the entertainment.

This is Kansas City kicking off in the first half.

Alecko Eskandarian and Danny Dichio wait to take the 2nd half kickoff.

Eddie Johnson has just scored for Kansas City and he and the subs (green jackets) were just soaked by beer when they cheered near the end line.

Last minute chance for Toronto FC with everybody up in the box for this cornerkick including TFC goalie Greg Sutton.

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