April 26, 2007 Toronto FC vs Kansas City pregame (from MLSnet.com)

04/26/2007 12:39AM
TFC hope to right ship at BMO Field
By Thomas Foote / MLSnet.com Staff

KANSAS CITY - Toronto FC are trying to find some answers. The club's maiden voyage in Major League Soccer has resulted in three consecutive losses in its first three games, the latest loss coming Wednesday, 3-0 to the Kansas City Wizards.

Now they're heading home for the grand opening of BMO Field on Saturday. They're hoping that the chances they're getting will finally result in not only the first goal ever for the club, but also the offense necessary for a win.

"We had several chances at 1-0," said Toronto FC coach Mo Johnston. "Then we kicked the ball away and they get an easy goal."

An easy goal would be nice right now for Toronto FC. A win to open BMO Field would be even better for the expansion club.

"We have to be strong, in terms of mentally," Johnston said. "We had three games away from home which was tough. Hopefully when we go home, we need to pick ourselves up."

What is important is that Toronto FC can get a lead, and the confidence that goes along with that lead.

"We have to get the simple chance -- the one that puts you in front and gives you the easy path," Johnston said.

The struggles of the opening games have the team reflecting on its play early into its first season.

"There's times when it seems like it's going for us," said defender Jim Brennan. "We had a strategy that everyone developed and it didn't come out good."

Some players may be trying too hard, if such a thing is possible with a team trying to find itself.

"You lose two games and the third game you come out and try to do a little extra and try to make things happen for you," Brennan said.

The next opponent for Toronto FC will be the same Wizards. And it's apparently easy to find incentive after a loss like Wednesday's -- let alone any loss still fresh in a team's mind.

"Obviously we play the Wizards this weekend, and there are going to be changes," Johnston said. "Hopefully the changes will be for the better of the team." Said Brennan: "It's good for us, because when you lose three-nil it gives you something. We want to get back at them in the next game."

Toronto FC are expecting a sellout for the match against the Wizards. The goal is to use the loss as fuel, combined with the backing of a packed stadium, to cook up a win.

"It's frustrating at the moment, but we only have ourselves to blame," Brennan said.

Thomas Foote is a contributor to MLSnet.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Soccer or its clubs.

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