February 21, 2007 Toronto FC training (from Globe and Mail)

Posted AT 3:17 PM EST ON 21/02/07
Toronto FC's trip to the beach doesn't go well

Globe and Mail Update

SUNRISE, FLA. Toronto FC took its training session to the beach on Wednesday morning but it didn't work out quite as anticipated.

Instead of working out on the field that is adjacent to its hotel as they have been, the Major League Soccer expansion team tried to get in some running on a nearby beach. But conditions on the beach were too soft and it was a strain for the calf muscles. They tried all different parts of the beach to no avail.

After about 10 minutes, the running was abandoned for fast walking for about 35 minutes and stretching. Then the team had the afternoon off. Since arriving in Sunrise on Feb. 13 the team has been putting in two or three sessions a day.

"They've only had one day off and this has been the second afternoon off," coach Mo Johnston said on Wednesday. "The grounds are hard. We've played a lot of games."

The team took Sunday off and also had Saturday afternoon off after defeating Canada's under-20 team 3-0 on Saturday morning.

"I'm never satisfied but I'm pleased with what I see of us coming together as a group," Johnston said. "We're gelling together with people getting on with each other, I'm pleased with that part. As a team, there's a lot of work to be done."

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