February 15, 2007 Toronto FC training: Quotes from camp (from TorontoFC.ca)

02/15/2007 2:30PM
Toronto FC training: Quotes from camp

How are you finding camp so far? 
Edson Buddle: "It's going well so far. I'm injury free, working hard and enjoying myself." 
Ronnie O'Brien: "It's nice to get in and get going. (I've) met everybody; so far, I'm enjoying myself." 
Adam Braz: "It's going well, I'm working hard. Training is obviously tough and intense, but you have 
got to expect that in preseason." 
Jim Brennan: "It's been good getting to know the lads,and now we're outside training so it's a lot better." 
Alecko Eskandarian: "I'm doing OK. Obviously, I'm rehabbing because I've had surgery [knee] and 
haven't really done anything in two months. So (I'm) just trying to get stronger." 

On strength and conditioning coach Paul Winsper: 
Buddle: "He's brought a lot of professionalism into camp and drills he does everyday. I've never 
seen anyone like him." 
O'Brien: "I have to admit, I've never been a fan of fitness coaches, but he's pretty good. Whatever 
helps us out." 
Braz: "I think he's great. He does a great warm-up and the fitness stuff he has us doing is really 
good. He's on another level." 
Brennan: "Paul's good. He's worked with Newcastle, so he's done the preseason. He knows 
how to get guys fit and what works." 
Eskandarian: "He's been awesome. I can't say enough about him. I really appreciate the work 
he's doing so I can come back fit and stronger than before." 

What's the best part of camp? 
Buddle: "Lunch time and after training, but I do enjoy actually playing." 
O'Brien: "Bed time." 
Braz: "Not the cookies! No, really, putting in the work and getting to meet the guys." 
Brennan: "The dinner's alone with the lads." 
Eskandarian: "Meeting everyone. A lot of new faces for me, so it's good to meet everyone." 

And the worst? 
Buddle: "The long distance running." 
O'Brien: "Morning and after lunch. We usually run in the afternoon so you know you have to lie down." 
Braz: "Definitely the sore legs and body." 
Brennan: "The training. I hate preseason." 
Eskandarian: "I don't know -- there hasn't been a worst part yet. I'm an optimistic guy." 

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